Die neue United Polaris in der 787-10 auf Langstrecke | YourTravel.TV

Die neue United Polaris in der 787-10 auf Langstrecke | YourTravel.TV

Hi guys, it´s again Frankfurt, Germany and we´re not flying LH today but with United and its Polaris business-class in the 787-10 to Newark (EWR) not New York. Yes, it´ll take about 8 hours and i´m excited about the new aircraft .. We first visit the lounge..of course there´s no United Polaris lounge in Frankfurt but we can visit the LH Senator lounge via our status at SAS. United departs from Gate Z and we have to cross several duty free shops..oh it´s october! We have to wait in the line… I desist from walking around. The senator lounge is huge but really crowded. It´s about 9.30AM and this is the time when many flights depart. The business lounge is crowded as well. We can also visit the Air Canada lounge but it won´t be better there. I guess it´s better for you to watch the lounge in one of the other videos and i´ll give you a link. We´re waiting for boarding now.. Document check is done. Everytime you travel the U.S., you have to answer additional questions. Did you pack by your own? Do have any liquids or powder inside? Do you have this or that? Do you have ESTA, what is important.. There were a few who didn´t apply for one thinking to do this at the airport but it´s not possible. This will take at least 72 h to issue the ESTA what means a short-term application doesn´t work. It was possible a few years ago. We´ve been in the bus to the gate and rapidly applied for ESTA. This is the new Polaris, the new business-class from United Airlines in the 787-10 There has been a lot of stuff on my seat..i already put it away Quite a lot: A pillow, another pillow..this is an ergonomic one, automatically contracting and slowly extending. A sheet and a blanket. I´m sitting in last row..11 L on the rigth side with a good view hopefully. The huge power unit is good to see from this point. I guess it´s a Rollce-Royce Trend 1000 one of the most efficient engines at the moment Alrigth, i hope you´re fixed for the moment. This is the polaris seat in a 1-2-1 configuration and each seat was arranged differently. I´m a bit closer to the window and Dominik in front of me a bit closer to the corridor and alltogether they got 44 seats in 11 rows. I´m intentionally sitting in last row for filming, not getting any people in the background and to not disturb anyone but i guess i´m more quiet as the rest. Everything is gonna prepaired at the moment. The galley is next to me in the rear and boarding is still running. Apropos boarding.. it was a little chaos as the aircraft came in late and boarding needs to run quickly. Everybody was waiting at the gate. Nonetheless, they boarded with priority First those with disabilites followed by status and business-class guests and economy is still running. I guess they won´t make it in time. Official departure should be in ten minutes and it´s not looking as if it is completed. While i´m sitting here, the crew gently askes me what to drink. I can either choose sparkling wine, champagne or orange juice. I ordered the champagne and have a look at the menu in the meantime to see what the´re offering today. I´m sure to take the ice-cream.. American airlines always offer the best! With all the toppings, chocolate cream, nuts, whipped cream. A lot of calories but it tastes damn good. The seat is somehow unique. There are controllers with a wheel to the right..like British Airways. They got buttons to scroll, here we got wheels to move the seat from uprigth position into a flat lying position To my left, i got an arm-rest to pull up and down Interesting! Here´s a large, large compartment with som..yes the amenity kid is inside. Here are the ear phones, light and the desktop control for the touch screen in front of me. Socket, USB-connection and the ear phones connection. USB is also in front of me also the table and one little shelf, the foot rest and some space below to put some items like the camara. We furthermore got the overhead bins and some space here.. for an i-pad, cell phone or notebook and for the shoes down here, i´ll show you.. i can put them there, when i´ll take them off later. You get slippers if asking, they´re not outlaid, the same with the blanket. There´s just a thin one right now! Well that´s it, i gave you all the information to this seat. That´s the menu. Quite large. They got 4 main courses to choose I selected the short- rib, it´s probably delicious. There are two starters: a salad and another cold one. But i could also take the express meal if i don´t want to have a big meal and rather like to sleep. This is served quickly, just one plate and it´s fine. For dessert, they serve cheese, the aforementioned ice-cup or some sweets and during the flight, a small self-service snack bar is open in the mid area, in the galley. At last, they get you a Hamburger Wellington, meat within a crust. It is actually quite famous and i´m curious how it will taste at United. Interesting.. 12 people decided for the meat, 7 for chicken but only 4 for the fish Of course i keep my clothes on, what does he believe? The table in front of me is easily to pull out I can also put it easily to the front to leave my place or pull it close to me but i can´t turn it around but i can push it forward with all items to get around like this Alrigth, the first service is quickly over, at least the beverages We were asked what to drink.. the selection is shown in the menu i´ll display you inbetween. Which champagne, which red or white wine..you got to ask the cabin crew for that. But the temperature is good. With it, you´ll get a bowl of hot nuts Just almonds and cashew nuts, that´s it. One can get to Newark by huge aircrafts like the 787-10 dreamliner that´s about 7 hours..7h 30min exactly. Or you do it like LaCompagnie or TAP Portugal, using a small aircraft lile the 321 LR to fly Europe-Newark or 321-neo. We already made a video for LaCompagnie getting back from Newark to Paris Orly within 8 hours and a small aircraft with a 2-2 business only configuration. Really comfortable flight. You can watch the video if you like.. or with a threesome configuration and a original business-class, premium economy and economy with TAP Portugal and its A321-LR also the “neo” type but long range. The are able to cross the atlantic what is comfortable. Not everyones thing..just readed a comment. Some, people prefer the bigger ones as the offer more space, a better sense of space, i can understand that but i prefer the smaller ones, crossing the atlantic with a private-jet feeling but watch these two videos if you like. I booked this flight from Paris via Frankfurt, Newark to L.A. for 1.300€. It was deal which might be available sometimes. The prices from Paris are quite low at the moment for whatever reasons. You´ll get those deals on our website. We´ve got daily changing deals with some really good ones. I just mentioned LaCompagnie 1000€ for a Paris – New York return connection in the business-class This is really cheap. Or like this return flight here from Paris to L.A. with more than 12h flight duration. There´s much more on our website, just push the “i” above. Only 5 minutes later, the service for the starters is in progress They offer a selection of tureens, cold chicken and sausage..salad, different kind of bread, garlich bread I just smell it.. Well, United got a new porcelain and it always looks like the death-star at star wars So this salad looks delicious! Oh, it guess it´s gone.. That is the main menu, beef rib with potatoes What´s that? It somehow looks delicious. Mashed potatoes or potatoe gratin. It tastes well and it´s a large portion. Done..i´m actually full but it really tasted well. It tasted well to me and i like boiled meat with potatoe gratin and kind of celery and carots..actually steam vegetables. Perfect. Now it´s time for dessert. I see a lot of cake, glasses and the equipment for the ice-cream all the toppings. Here it comes. She skipped us. Oh my god! The ice-cream is back. We are lucky. This is it. Unfortunately i already ate it..thought the camera was on I´ve got caramel and chocolate sauce and strawberry jam almonds, whipped cream. Believe or not, i was excited about for the whole flight I can´t get enough of it. Oh it´s better. The vanilla ice is much better to eat..not totally frozen any more. Food is done right now and i´m quite full after two bowls of ice cream I quickly show you what´s inside the amenity kid, i need some items out of it to go in one of the four lavatories. Two in the rear and two in the front This is the amentiy kid. Really huge and a lot of creams, this is what i noticed first. A whole box with cremes. Ah, a description! A face cloth, a face creme, a hand creme and lip balm. Handkerchiefs Sleeping mask combined with ear plugs. Socks. Tooth brush and creme, that´s it. And a pen. Perfect! This is the last chance to show you the seat before it´s getting dark There a few ways to set it up. Here i can adjust the food rest. The hardness of the seat. I try the wheel and the seat is moving into a flat position. Already finished and i´m feeling relaxed I´m at the window site and have a little private space, a little suite The seat is soft and haven´t ordered an overlay yet to make it even more soft. I probably would sleep well but i won´t. This is a pure day flight to us. and we´ll arrive at about 2pm at Newark and LA but this is another flight in the 757 fo United. A long used aircraft but rarely used by us in Europe. Only Condor maybe..they got a 757. Alright, this the overlay..making it more softly, together with this strange blue pillow. But i like it..you squeeze it and it comes back slowly..like a neck pillow. Finally, the slippers.. for not putting on and off my shoes when using the lavatories Ah, this is a huge toilet, huge washing room. One could dance in here. There are some ways to lay down your feet, to tie your shoestrings A table .. and a lot of refreshing tools, hand creme, a room spray, a spot cleaner A kind of room spray. Soap..no cups and towels That´s it. Looks good and you got a lot of space and not that restricted like the one on the opposite. The light doesn´t work over there and i couldn´t film. They already make fun of me..Oh, that´s hot! I have to taste everything..There´s a little area within the galley, offering sweets, water and cookies I helped myself. And then the perser got us a warm chocolate brownie And you can order a veggy curry They asked me, how much i could eat what i´m wondering about as well but i always got to try.. It´s only 44minutes to go but they are still serving.. like the so called arrival meal, maccharoni cheese which Dominik really likes or the Hamburger Wellington I don´t know how they want to manage this but ah..it´s already beeing served. Alright, i begin packing up before landing totally relaxed in Newark. We have a 5h lay-over before departing to LA, quite long but there´s the new polaris lounge. I´m excited but this is another video you can watch if waiting till the end. I will suggest you 2 videos to watch if you like. It looks like a burger with hided beef in it and a lot of ketchup and mustard..looks delicious! If i´m allowed to say something..Stefan was talking all the time and if we´re not sitting next to each other, it´s always a bit hard to me.. He´s still packing up behind me! I´ve nothing to complain about. Why? I knew what to expect. There was a reactive service at United, i liked the seat although feet space is a little bit limited if taller than 5´90″ but this is high level complaining Beside that, seat adjustment is really nice including that space to my right and the little light It´s a matter of taste You already see a bit of privacy around here. A lot of people are mh.. not put together! But it´s maybe efficacy and tried to use little gimmicks like these dividers to keep privacy on a good level although i can see what my neighbour is eating or watching Well that´s it. I was happy with this flight. Reactive service as always. If you´d like to get something you have to talk to the stuff About the food. A bit sad for us, flying from Germany. The LSG service was good. The beef was good, Mac n Cheese (not everybody likes it), i love it and it was delicious and ice-cream as well, what else should i say. Yes, my time is over, that´s it! That was a nice crew in this dreamliner. Now we have to go to the immigration. In the US you have to hand over your luggage at the first airport. I mean you have to pick up your luggage and immigrate. That might take a while. There she was again. The bandnew aircraft. 787-10 Alright, i liked it. Nice crew. The seat is a habituation thing. I had enough space, Dominik had a bit less. Maybe one got to choose the seat at the window site but you need to climb in there Food was good. Service good. Nothing to complain about. We´re on time. It´s all good. Thanks for watching. Ciao!

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  1. Wirkt ja wirklich wie ein tolles Produkt. Wobei ich kein Fan der 787 bin, da man leider das Flugzeug nicht komplett abdunkeln kann / die Crew auch zu viel Einfluss auf die Fenstersteuerung hat.

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  9. Ich wollte mal fragen wie ihr euch die ganzen Flüge Leisten könnt und was ihr für ein Beruf habt !? Weil auch gerne fliege aber mehr als zwei mal im Jahr könnte ich es mir nicht leisten !😂

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    Und wieder nimmt Stefan die Rippchen, wie damals nach SFO 😁😁😉

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    Aber das bieder war wie immer sehr gut.

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    Gruß von Tom

  18. frage an dominic. kann man eigentlich gescheit aus dem fenster schauen, wenn man so weit weg sitzt? stefan sitzt ja deutlich näher dran.

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  20. United verwndet bei allen ihren 787 Modellen die GEnx Triebwerke von General Electric und keine Rolls Royce Triebwerke! Die zwei Produkte sind optisch auch kaum zu unterscheiden!

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    Polaris ist natuerlich ein viel besseres Produkt. Aber wie schlaeft es sich auf dem neuen Sitz?

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