DIET CULTURE HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE | How To Stay Body Positive Over The Holidays

DIET CULTURE HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE | How To Stay Body Positive Over The Holidays

Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel and thank you for being
here! So today I thought we could talk about something
that a lot of us are gonna need, in the next month or so… And that is how to deal with the diet culture
shitstorm that is headed our way. The same one that comes around every single
year around Christmas and New Year’s, basically telling us that our bodies are wrong, and we should feel really guilty for every
single thing that we’ve eaten, and that we better hop on the next diet train
pretty quick if we want to be happy this year. Now you guys know I love calling bullshit
on diet culture, but this time of year it just comes at you
so thick and fast from all directions. It’s hard to know how to deal with it, what
to say, how to protect yourself, really. And it could be that you’re worrying about
family members who are gonna come round and attach a load of moral value to every
single thing they eat… “Oh no darling I really can’t have another
mince pie I’ve been so GOOD this week and I have to
be GOOD next week and this would just be BAD, I will be BAD
if I have that mince pie!” Or maybe you’re expecting some body shaming
comments from you know, that one family member who comes round and
just loves to make you feel shit about yourself… “And er… When are we gonna do something about… you
know… because you’d be so pretty… and you know you’ve got such a pretty face…
it’s such a shame. If you could just, you know… lose a bit
of weight?” Or maybe you’re worried about logging onto
social media and being bombarded with all of the diet culture posts… “10 QUICK WAYS TO LOSE CHRISTMAS WEIGHT FAST!” “New Year, New You! Get Your Best Body Yet!” “I’M EVEN THINNER AND HAPPIER THAN I WAS IN
2016 AND YOU CAN BE TOO!” [sigh] It comes around every year, guaranteed. And actually I think most people still don’t
realise how harmful it can be. You know, we live in a world where we are constantly
surrounded by diet culture every single day, whether there’s a holiday or not. We can barely open our phones or go down the
street, or even be anywhere in public, without hearing about calories counted and
pounds lost, and how life would be so much better and easier
and happier, if we looked different. And what all that diet culture does is breed
insecurity, and makes us think that our bodies are wrong,
that our lives are wrong, that we can’t be trusted around food, that
we have to go on the next crash… juice… blend… pill… wrap, whatever. To be happier, to be worthy, to be beautiful. Diet culture makes us insecure, ashamed of
our bodies, and it wrecks our relationship with food as well. And you know, the diet industry knows that
this is the time of year that they can really cash in, they know that we’re gonna be spending time
with our families, eating what we want, maybe we’ll gain some weight and they know
that they can cash in on that, make us feel like failures, and make bank. Which is why diet culture is so rife this
time of year. And this can be especially harmful for people
who are in recovery from eating disorders, or just people who’ve spent their entire lives
falling down the diet culture rabbit hole, and now actually want to make peace with their
bodies and make peace with food and try something different. It can be a really triggering time of year
and it can really set us back in our recoveries, or on our journey to self acceptance. So if you want to get through this month without
being made to feel like the worst person in the world for eating a mince pie… Or like you have to drown in guilt if your
jeans get a little bit tight… Here are some of my tips for fending off diet
culture and staying in your body positive mindset. Number 1: set your boundaries. Decide right now that you deserve a body shame
free holiday, which you do because we all do! So this could look like talking to your family
in advance. If it’s a family event that you’re worried
about, you know maybe sitting around the Christmas dinner table? You can do some damage control before the
day comes, and this might look like talking to your family members, and just explaining the situation, you know, telling them that you have been really struggling
with your relationship with your body, or your relationship with food, and it would be really helpful to you if
everyone could just be mindful of the topics, and not talk about calories, or weight loss,
or what’s wrong with everyone’s bodies. And if they seem receptive to that, you know
maybe you could tell them that you’ve been learning about this thing called body positivity. And it’s really helping you, and it would
be really helpful for you if everyone could be respectful of that and
just keep it in mind for the day. Or it might be that you’re just going along
fine, Christmas day at the table, everything’s cool and then BAM diet culture bomb! And you weren’t expecting it, and you don’t
know what to do about it. If you are comfortable enough then you could
kind of do the same thing as before and explain the situation, call them up on
what they’ve just said, this could look something like… “I know you don’t mean anything negative by
it but the way you just spoke about your body or about food that can be really damaging to me because
you know I’ve really struggled to accept myself and to have a good relationship with food,
and now I’m trying this thing where I don’t put myself down, and I don’t obsess about calories, and weight,
and it would just be really helpful for me, and my mental health if you could try and
do that with me?” Or some variation of that! But obviously if you’re at like a family party
and you’re not actually that close to the people there, that’s gonna be a bit intense, and you maybe
just want to change the subject instead, which you are completely allowed to do! Something that could make them think without
getting too far into it would be something like… “Oh I think we’ve got way more interesting
things to talk about than how much weight we’ve lost! Aunt Carol, how’s your… sea monkey collection
going?” Shout out to anyone who actually does have
an Aunt Carol with a sea monkey collection because that sounds pretty interesting to
me. Or you could say… “Hey have you heard of body positivity? It’s this movement that’s about accepting
all of our bodies no matter how they look, and making peace
with food, and it’s actually really been
helping me, I mean I’d be happy to tell you some more
about it if you wanted?” Or a couple of options if you’re feeling kind
of sassy… “Hmmm interesting, yeah… did you know that
95% of diets fail and there’s actually no long term evidence whatsoever to prove that people can lose weight
and keep it off?” Or one option that I have seen my friend Joeley
use in action… [laughs] “WHAT ARE CALORIES?!” You could also do that one without dropping
food down your outfit it’s up to you. Or if you don’t feel like you want to challenge
anyone because, like, I know that level of confrontation, that can be really
anxiety inducing, it’s okay, because you are allowed to just leave. You are allowed to leave conversations and
situations that are bad for your mental health. You’re allowed to get away from the dinner
table, you’re allowed to leave those group of people over there, it’s okay, you are allowed to prioritise yourself
and your mental health. And you’re definitely allowed to prioritise
your mental health over making small talk with distant family members, or being polite to your neighbour Clive. Make an excuse, pretend someone’s calling
you, say you’ve gotta go to the bathroom, or just leave, it’s okay. Your mental health is more important than
that conversation. Guaranteed. [sings] Number 2: Make sure you have a safe space to come back
to away from all of that noise. Which means, drumroll please, cultivating
a social media space that is free from diet culture and full of body positivity instead. Which probably means that this time of year
you’re gonna have to get pretty ruthless with your block button. You know that one friend you have on Facebook
who keeps trying to sell you wraps, or Herbalife or some shit? Get rid of them. If you’re scrolling through Instagram and
you see a celebrity holding up a bag of detox tea, and they’re saying “eugh I indulged so much
over Christmas, time to get it right!”… Get rid of them. If your social media feed is just filled with
people saying how bad they are and how guilty they feel, and how much they’re gonna have to work out
or deprive themselves and restrict their diets, just block, delete, unfriend, mute, do what
you’ve got to do. But for the love of god do it. We don’t get to control what we see and what
we hear every day when we go out into the world but we can at least control what is on our
social media feeds, what we are consuming online. So if you’ve got anything on there that is
detrimental to your mental health, that is making you drown in diet culture and feel like you’re a failure, just get rid
of it. Again, it is more important for you to have
that safe space, than to be polite to a bunch of people on the internet, most of whom you probably never see or have
never even met! So even if you can’t get away from like, how
many calories are in a piece of pastry, in real life… You can come and separate yourself and go
online and have a safe space to come back to Which, sidenote, is why it’s so important
to keep body positivity as a diet culture- free space, because it’s literally the only space, in
real life or on the internet, that you can go to and not be bombarded with all of that. But we can talk more about that another time. Number 3: remind yourself why you quit diet
culture in the first place. At times when you are surrounded by people
who are still in that diet culture mindset, it can be really easy to start doubting yourself,
to start thinking that you’re wrong, and maybe you should go back to that way of
thinking. And that happens because diet culture knows
exactly how to play on your insecurities, and make you believe that you’ll be happier
if you go back to dieting. So remember the reasons why you left it behind… Reason 1: dieting doesn’t work! There is a huge body of evidence that proves
that between 92-97% of diets fail, and actually when they fail, it’s not your
fault. It’s not about will power. It’s not about you not being strong enough. It is your body’s biologically programmed
response to deprivation. When we restrict our food intakes our bodies
go into starvation mode, because they think it’s a time of famine, so they’re like “shit, better hold on to my
fat stores”, so they do that, they slow down our metabolism, they increase
our cravings, they do everything they can to get us back to our set point weights. Which means, even if we diet and we lose weight
at first, and we think we’re successful… We will gain the weight back and it will not
be our fault. Reason number 2: because the diet industry
literally makes billions every single year from convincing us that our bodies have flaws
and selling us the solution to these supposed flaws. Solutions that don’t work, but they still
make a tonne of money and go home laughing while we’re left crying standing over our
bathroom scales. And I don’t know about you, but I do not want
to give any more money to that industry. Reason number 2… or 3… I think I… I think I messed up the reasons… the next
reason: [laughs] because the promise of happiness that diet
culture gives you never comes true, you know this, you’ve been there. Has it ever worked before? Have you ever magically become thin and happy
and everything in your life is suddenly perfect? NO! So it’s not gonna work this time either. Reason number 4: it damages your mental health
and screws up your relationship with food. The more diets we go on the more we believe
that we can’t trust our own bodies, and the further away we get from learning
how to eat intuitively. And reason number 5: it stops us from truly
living our lives. Remind yourself why you quit diet culture
in the first place. Number 4: reach out to people! If you have been affected by all the diet
culture, especially if you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, reach out to the people around you who you
trust and let them know. There is no shame in needing extra support
or help this time of year. It’s a really difficult time of year. And you’re allowed to reach out and tell people
that you’re struggling. That does not make you a failure, that does
not make you weak. It’s good to reach out. And you are worthy of help and support and
recovery no matter what. Even if you feel like you shouldn’t have been
affected by all the diet culture, and you’re past that, and it shouldn’t have done anything negative
to you, you have not failed if you need extra support. Diet culture is really insidious and you know
it can get to us even if you’re in the most body positive mindset ever, it can still get to you and bring you down. I still have times when I fall down the diet
culture rabbit hole and end up doubting myself, and I can only pull myself back out because
I talk to people about it, and I do have my safe space to go back to, and that does include online, but also listening
to podcasts or, reading books, or talking to my friends who are also in the body positive community. All of those things are your back-up. They are your go-to when you feel like diet
culture is dragging you back in. So use them, there is no shame in that. And you know, even if your friends aren’t
in the body positive community, or really understand the root of all this diet culture, or what it’s called or anything about it,
chances are they’re still feeling the same way They will still be feeling the negative effects
of the food obsession, of the weight loss obsession, of all that negative self talk. So talk to them about it as well. And you can even make a pact to check in with
each other, and make sure the other one knows that they can come and they can talk to you
and there will be no judgement. And you know what, if I’m around online come
and tell me as well, and if I see it I will do my best to reassure you and help
you see that you are fucking amazing exactly as you are. Most of all remember that you do not deserve
to be shamed or bullied or berated for your body or your food choices this holiday. You deserve a body shame free holiday! You are allowed to enforce that, you are allowed
to stand up for yourself, you are allowed to set boundaries. Because do you know what? Your mental health is that most important
thing. Remember that. Oh! And just a few tips for anyone who’s thinking
of, being critical about other people’s bodies, or policing other people’s food choices, or
going on and on about weight and weight loss… Don’t! Okay everyone, thank you so much for watching. If you liked it, be sure to gimme a thumbs
up and hit subscribe, and I will be back soon with more body positive
goodness. And happy holidays, happy diet culture free
holidays! I love pastry

100 thoughts on “DIET CULTURE HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE | How To Stay Body Positive Over The Holidays

  1. Love this! Having a terrible time in a facebook group right now, where the women are just sharing eating disordered tips with each other. When I speak against these horrible tips (like "drink water so you don't feel hunger pangs" and "take probiotics so you shit more") I'm reacted to horribly, being told to "be nice" and I'm out of line. I think I should just leave the group?

  2. I am heading to my grandmother's house tomorrow and the "diet culture shit-storm" is there every year. It makes me nervous, anxious, and scared to go, but after watching this I feel so empowered! Thank you for helping me relax and be determined to take care of myself and my mental health 🌻💕

  3. I'm not exaggerating when I say you've probably saved my life. My shitty self esteem and relationship with my body was a major reason for me becoming depressed when I was a teenager. Finding the bopo movement has made me view my body in a whole new way and I am so much happier. I still have times where I feel bad but I have a look through your Instagram and see the positive messages and I know I can talk myself down from that negative place. really, you have changed my life ❤🌈❤

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  7. From friend's personal experience i can assure that the point on most diets failing is very true. She went from being overweight to being way thinner than me, and then bounced back to be plumper than me again. It's not youe fault or anything, your body just naturally has an needs a certain amount of fat, and it is different for everyone! As long as you have a kind heart and beautiful soul, you're definitely pretty.

  8. I've just like right now been body shamed my a family member, they shaming me was what drove me to develop an eating disorder in the first place. I came to see this video to feel better 😭😭😭😭😭

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  10. Normally I love ripping on people who take body positivity too far. Like, if your OBVIOUSLY unhealthy, it's not a positive thing to make excuses about it. Don't hate yourself, just be proactive is the gist I try to get across.
    But seriously, if people are always giving you shit about needing to lose weight they are fuckin Crazy! Your a beautiful person, and from what I can see on your channel I don't just mean externally. Not everybody likes rail thin. I'm one of those who don't like seeing ribs, but I don't expect everyone to conform to my concept of beauty. That's ridiculous, and if you are so shallow that you only find the people the tv tells you to find pretty, then your hopelessly lost. So screw those folks. You seem to have healthy skin, clear eyes, a sharp mind, you do what makes you happy and give the finger to anyone who thinks they have a right to tell you otherwise.

  11. "Oh no. Someone in my family said they are going to exercise self control. And there are adds for diet programs that I could ignore easily. I am so oppressed!"

  12. I do need to go on a diet because I'm kinda fat
    If this comment about myself upsets you then your self projecting
    You should not try and control what others say or do especially when it comes to there own body just because it upsets u

  13. Fuck diets! It's a money making "fad" for something that should be a thoughtful lifestyle change. I agree, it messes with your body because they emphasize SPEED of weight loss at the expense of healthy weight loss. I didn't change what I ate, I just ate less. And began exercising which improved my mental health in ways I could never have imagined. I had always thought the "runner's high" people speak of was nothing but BS.

    Funny when she began her "tips" on "staying in a positive body mindset" for the holidays and recommended "set boundaries," I truly believed it would be eating boundaries. Silly me! And I have yet to be at a holiday function where anyone was counting calories as they are stuffing their face. (Nor comments even on excessive drinking, as Uncle Ron goes off on another drunken tirade.) Sounds like a group of people to avoid in general! Such get-togethers are supposed to be a time of enjoying family/friends and food . . . LOTS of food!

    No "long term evidence that people can lose weight and actually keep it off?" Oh c'mon! 35 years for me personally is all the "proof' I need. I can't be the only one in the world?

  14. Yeah, how foolish for people to try to be healthy, fit and strong. How foolish for them to try to minimize the health risks of obesity, and to increase their expected lifespan. How foolish for them to be able to run a mile, or up the stairs, and overall be able to do normal physical activity that should be relatively easy for anybody in a normal fit condition. And how foolish for them to try to have an attractive body.

    Instead, people should be lazy and destroy their health and lower their life expectancy, just so that you can pretend to feel better about yourself by lying to yourself.

  15. Well Fuck them all.
    You are NOT fat.
    You're Hot. People who point out or hint at their personal dislike of your body shape are just Peasant-minded media puppets who don't even really know what they like until they're told by TV, Magazines and other Journalese manipulations.
    Basically, anyone who criticises you over shape or appearance does NOT matter, Their opinion is invalid and thus should be laughed at derisively.
    Don't ever buckle Lass – but also pay no heed to folk yakking about weight etc. It is not important, next time a conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, Laugh, and eat that pie, right in their face.. then say.. ''Well I'm not gonna feel guilt over something that isn't harming others, – You can be led around on a leash by magazines if you like, Peasant, But I'm a free agent, And I feel good without affirmation from You or ''top sante'' ''(or whatever mag they read)
    I have a difficult time convincing my GF that I Love her ''chunky'' and her ''friends'' are bloody manipulative fools.

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    I tried working out/different diets for years and nothing worked until I went on an all plant based diet. cutting animal products out of my diet I lost 45 lbs and have remained this way for over 2 years now.
    I am happier than ever and feel amazing 😀

    Again not here to make anyone feel bad at ALL. Just sharing my story and positivity 😀 ♡

  18. I think you have some deep insecurities about your weight and it causes you to project onto the world. Honestly I don't even remember the last diet advert I've seen and to suggest we have some kind of diet obsessed culture even though society is getting fatter and fatter . . . is kind of strange. Also, not only are we getting fatter and fatter, we are getting more and more unhealthy because of it. With things like diabetes becoming more common. I think people like you make some good points about not being assholes to people for their weight, but you lose me when you start to try and claim that losing weight isn't going to help your health or that there is no evidence that people can reliably lose weight and keep it off. These things are clearly and demonstrably wrong. The idea we should all just eat whatever we want and not ever worry about our health is insane and unhealthy. We need to be considerate of reality regardless of how it may or may not make you feel.

  19. Could you maybe make a video talking about the insane pressure that comes along with warmer weather. All the "swimsuit/summer body" stuff is…hard to be bombarded with

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  25. Im male, 1,83 cm big and had 103 kg and i NEVER thought "everyone is fat shaming me because they say that i did get a little weight" because it was the truth. And i dont even start losing weight because of that (it was because i dont want to buy new cloth every 3 month because they dont fit anymore). If you feel bad about yourself then thats YOUR fault and not that of others. Im a male and have long hair. I had long hair even befor it was common where i life. Some people like it, some dont so whats the fucking deal? xD

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  28. I am sorry for your experience.
    I've never underwent a situation requiring me to divert the conversation away from my body. I did for a handful of years, sick with anorexia and having to visit nutritionists and doctors. But once I accepted that food was not the enemy, guess what I did? I didn't eat myself into the grave and accept my tightening jeans as I became a normal MAINTAINABLE body size again. I transitioned my mindset to health and joined a gym. I began putting my energy into new body goals rather than the goal of throwing up my dinner later, or being skinny enough for a night out next weekend.
    The thing I want to point out that I don't think those on either side understand (fat and fit), everything is good in moderation but everything CAN ALSO BECOME A SICKNESS. So I want to say that fitness is my scape goat, but it can also become a sickness. So someone who started out as an overweight person can develop an unhealthy relationship with the treadmill and weight room and calorie counting. See what I mean?
    BUT that doesn't mean to glorify either side 100% you need a combination of both. You can't sit there with excess fat complaining about knee pains and having a hard time breathing, and say you love your body. You can't sit there and complain about how you can't have that brownie because you've already eaten the max of carbs and fats in your macros for that day, and say you're happy. You can't sit there and say you feel stable when you cry in the mirror.

    BODY POSITIVITY IS SUBJECTIVE AND YOUR OWN NARRATIVE SHOULD NOT BE PROJECTED ONTO OTHER PEOPLE. You may help some people that are experiencing the same journey, but I guarantee you will not appeal to a larger audience. It's just how it is.

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  41. Diets don’t work. A fixed lifestyle will. Changing habits and making newer healthier ones will help you loose weight. I have continuously changed old habits to make new ones. I have recently changed making a sandwich for my lunch at school to making tofu stir fry. small changes will help in making big improvements.

  42. Wow. I can't believe how negative you are in this video. Why on earth would you be so rude or judge someone who doesn't want to have another mince pie? How about being encouraging and saying something like, good for you. Also, telling people that 90% of diets fail is really awful. Why bring someone else down who is having a go. When my brother was diagnosed with diabetes and had to change his whole diet in order to not die we encouraged him. We certainly didn't just tell him he was going to fail. How about we all just encourage one another towards health. Real body positivity is not depriving our bodies by under eating or starving ourselves and not abusing our bodies by over eating! If you see someone having a go at trying to achieve this goal, get behind them and cheer them on. That's real positivity!

  43. You need to grow the fuck up. I'm a 350lbs fat ass. I wouldn't mind losing weight, but I don't stress about it. I am enough of an adult to know that what other people think about me, doesn't mean jack shit. If you are "triggered" by this shit, then you need to grow the fuck up and accept that you are responsible for everything about you. It is not anyone else's fault if you think you are fat, it is yours. Own your shit, and move on in your life.

  44. The faces you made while giving examples of criticisms and diet culture conversations are a MOOD. Late to the party, but I'm here for it!

  45. Ok but, if you keep up a healthy diet and stay active, then yes, you can keep off weight that you've lost. There's nothing wrong with losing weight and keeping it off.

  46. The fatty unhealthy foods we eat during the holidays are much more harmful than “diet culture”. I’ve had horrible food shoved in my face way more than I’ve ever encountered diet culture .

  47. I was shocked to hear you talk about will power like that. Hell, you even need freeking willpower to get up, get dressed and go get a cheeseburger, for crying out loud! But I can understand where you're coming from, if I had given up as well and felt as crappy as you do (all that body positivity talk is just a cover-up for depression), then I would also be super sensitive to what people say and write online and I would be searching for support…. I just hope you realize one day the amount of harm you're causing to the followers who agree with you and decide to give up and stay the way they are. When you could actually be using your "fame" to inspire people to do better and NOT give up and FIND that motivation to be healthy and active, instead of sitting and whining how the world around you is so damn cruel and how DIETS don't work. If you knew the difference between a diet and a FAD diet, you wouldn't be making this video. Because having a healthy diet as a LIFESTYLE, not something you do for a week actually works, just so you know and there are millions of people who are body positive and FIT who will tell u the same.

  48. Recently I was at an event and I saw refreshments (cake 😂😋) and naturally was like 'yayy' but then a certain family member said 'but you've lost weight haven't you?' I remembered this video and just walked away. Thank you ❤️
    Ps I ate a nice big slice of chocolate cake 😋 (in front of the person)

  49. I had an Advert for "Anna the movie" right before this………….. I guess that's how today is gonna go

  50. Oh yes it's all so obvious now, morbid obesity is sooo much healthier than accepting the fact that your beautiful body is killing you. Facts are facts, and you know none of them or are blatantly lying about it. You can love yourself and still decide that you have a horrid relationship with food that needs to change. No proof that dieting doesn't work in the long room? How stupid can you be? If you're referring to fad or crash diets, of course those don't work. If you're talking about a healthy long term plan, those work literally 100% if they're adhered to. If you don't have the willpower to follow the diet, than of course it won't work. It comes down to pure mathematics; if you expend more calories than you consume, you WILL lose weight. Your body cannot go around physics. Panda lady, YOU are entirely responsible for your body. You lack discipline.

  51. There are a lot of things that other people could do or could not do that would benefit my mental health. This does not mean that the world does, or even should, revolve around me, because it doesn't, and shouldn't. You're effectively telling other fucking people what they get to talk about, and what not to talk about. You are not that special. You do not get to decide what I talk about just because talking about food triggers you. I honestly don't care about your feefees, nor does anyone else. If I cared, I'd ask. Only then may you ask me to do or not do something.

    For everyone that has body positive issues; I actually do feel you. Believe me, I do. But you can't go around telling other people what they can and cannot do around you, that is going to make them just wish you were hit by a bus next time they have to spend any time with you. Instead, consider this quote: you'll worry less about what people think of you, when you realize how seldom they do. No one cares about what you look like. If they do, they're not worth your time anyway. As hard as it is to hear, you need to hear it: no one cares about your problems. If they did, they would ask. You really need to get a grip of how the world works, because living in a delusion where unicorns exist and fat shaming isn't a thing might be all well and good, you're gonna get a huge dose of reality when someone tells you to get into the sea because you impose your will onto them.

    You can't go through life with this attitude. You're gonna get punched in the face if you do.

  52. I wouldn't police what people are allowed to talk about.
    Grow up. Diet culture doesn't apply to you if you don't want it to.

  53. lmao… putting a label on every fucking thing. Diet culture? you mean eating healty so that you dont have a heart attack and get diabetes later . Science dont care about your feelings. My heart got enlarged when i gained weight. the doctor told me to stop being fat. I was not offended and changed my way of eating. Fuck… people are so weird nowadays…. Diet culture? ?? WTF I call bullshit on your reasoning for body positivity.

  54. I’m over weight myself and watching this got me so angry. Stop spreading UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE! If your body positive you should care about your body. Not just shove down empty calories bc you have no self control. I recently lost 20 pounds and feel so much better and my mental health has helped tremendously. What your spewing is bullshit

  55. Wow, the spoiled brats of today make me cringe. She blames everyone else for how SHE lets things make her feel. She feels that she can tell people what they can and cant talk about. "You can only talk about things I like" Oh my God woman take responsibility for yourself. My God!

  56. When someone has no control and constantly pigs out they kind of have to expect they'll be judged for it or in the least be self conscious and paranoid right? Someone with that issue probably shouldn't dress up to compete with a neon billboard then blame others for looking in their fat direction. Or overcome their own insecurity or paranoia. Ruining it for everyone else…

  57. Or you could learn to love yourself and want to better yourself for you instead of blaming others for having a diet or a different lifestyle than you. 🙄

  58. alot of the things you said are not accurate… can you encourage body fat?….diets don't work because they are not used a a way of life but a ''quick fix" miraculous diet…..when you eat healthy you don't need to starve yourself….and yes, it is that person's fault if they eat like a pig and look like it…..don't expect people around to be sympathetic to you if you are morbid overweight because you eat for 3. I'm sorry. I gained a few pounds in time and it was definitely my fault. But instead of accepting my new habits as ''oh well….love yourself as you are(a fat cow)" I actually did something about it and changed my eating habits. It not all about how you look but there are health consequences to being overweight. Stop preaching that it's ok to be fat…coz it's not… being the first reason.

  59. I'm sorry, but if no one is allowed to comment on your food choices when you overeat, then don't you think it's completely hypocritical to comment on someone else's food choices if they're trying to lose weight and thus eating less unhealthy food? I can't wrap my head arou- oh right because it doesn't make any damn sense.

    You can't control other peoples casual actions for your own mental health. I don't think I should be allowed to call someone out for their choices at the table, I also don't think ANYONE should be commenting on my options because I'm eating an amount in line with a lifestyle change

  60. Realtionship with food is the same as any healthy relationship ship, give what you get and get what you give. How does the food make you feel physically and emotionally and cognitively. If it's a positive return put more effort into preparing the food that makes you feel the best. Also don't be a xenophobia or racist and be scared to try different foods and diets or think one is superior to the other, you'd be surprised which foods your BODY AND MIND prefer. Listen to how your body feels and what your mind think about the food and do your back round research and how they've treated their exes.

    Lastly just like any relationship, it might not last a life time. When you stop seeing the benefits move on, don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. exploring until you find your soul plate…mate.

  61. No one has too change themselves too fit your needs they are them and you are you and real body positivity is understanding that yeah I’m big and I love my self and no matter what people say I will continue someone refusing cake or something isn’t a them problem it’s a you problem real self love is saying ok yeah they don’t want cake but I do so fuck that ima have a piece you are literally putting that pressure on yourself and you don’t need to love yourself and your body and let others work towards their ideals ❤️❤️❤️ There should be no shamming or putting people down for losing or gaining weight it works both ways❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. As a person who has struggled with my weight but in a different way if someone is saying stuff about feeling gross and saying they don't want to eat its extremely selfish to tell them to stop saying stuff about it. And you think that that it will destroy your relationship with food how about the people who are starving themselves because they cant handle it because they feel gross and they are incredibly insecure about their body
    And if someone says something about their own body how dare you say they should turn it around and make it about themselves

    I have been in the position where I was starving myself and I dont think you understand how bad these tips are for people's mental health

  63. it's just food it's not that serious 😑 If you eat too much and people see that youre on the path to becoming obese ofc they're gonna tell you, diet culture is not a bad thing, it just you seeing it as that cause there are people out there who succeeded in their diets and you cant do the same, if people wanna go on a diet let them, if they don't wanna eat an extra piece of food to not put on weight u shouldn't judge them.Also diets do work, again they just dont work for you. 😑

  64. Whatever happened to "Mental strength"; Also respecting other's boundaries and not censor other's speech just bcz I'm a whiney ass snowflake bitch and got hurt from a comment… 🤣😂

  65. I searched 'body positivity' on YouTube as I was feeling rubbish and attempting some self care. It was a HUGE mistake. It was largely people bashing it. Even several comments on here were terrible. All the same, I'm beyond grateful for you, this video, and the helpful comments. Diet culture can fuck right on off. 💕

  66. In the US it's quite the opposite. Everybody's trying to force friends family, and coworkers to eat all kinds of trash and get wasted over the holidays. It's anathema to actually have a healthy eating pattern.

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