Digha food Part 3 | Best Sea Food in Digha | Indian Street Food

Digha food Part 3 | Best Sea Food in Digha | Indian Street Food

Hello everyone welcome to our channel Ride N Bite Now we are at Digha While we are travelling at Old Digha’s Sapua market We have come to ‘Fish Fish Fish centre’ we had seen Fish,fried Fish before,when we came to Digha But today we see something different You just look pure raw Fish Difference between then and now is Earlier the Fishes were fried for many days We were not able to understand that the Fish were fresh or not But now the difference we are looking at That the Fishes are completely raw You have to chose first then they will fry and serve By seeing the difference we also wanted to try So lets try and see whats new What is this? Bhetki And what’s this? Chital This is the batter of Flour mixed with spices Dipping every Fish in the batter Then it will fry in oil Deep frying in hot Oil Deep fried Fish is ready Bhetki,Pomfret and Prawn Lets see how is the taste Salt and Chat masala sprinkled on the top For taste Mouth is already watering I couldn’t eat before,even i wanted to Because it was so difficult to understand That the Fish is fresh or not But now when raw Fish is frying in front of your eyes Then it will taste really good Served along with salad and homemade coriander Chatni Thank you Can not understand what to taste first So lets start with Bhetki At first we are trying Bhetki A decent slice piece of Bhetki meat is fail in front of the piece of Bhetki Ohh wow, What a solid piece Pure and fresh I like fried Fish and then it is pure fresh Bhetki fry Just awesome No,i am not admiring too much Those who came to Digha before and had fried Fish They might cant understand the taste right now Cause Fishes were not that much fresh But now fishes are fried in front of your eyes So obviously the taste has to be good Ohh hoo,what a awesome smell By the way, that is not enough i have to order one more Bhetki Now its time to taste Prawn Lets see how is the Prawn fry taste It feels like i will eat the whole shop Along with coriander Chatni is just awesome Fish lovers please try here Hard to understand it is fish or meat Pure solid piece So if you want to try this fish fry You have to come Sapua market of Old Digha You will see there ‘Fish Fish Fish centre’ The timing of here is You can come any day and taste this delicious Fish From where you brought this fresh Fish? We brought from nehru market You brought Fish regularly? Yes The whole Fish we brought for one day are sold out everyday So we brought Fish regularly They hardly store Fish for one day

100 thoughts on “Digha food Part 3 | Best Sea Food in Digha | Indian Street Food

  1. Ei sob mach fresh noi dada amra khaye6i ei sale(2019)a…. Tarpor er diner pater obostha na bollai noi…😆😆😥😥😫💩…………. Apni kemon 6ilen…????

  2. কি মজা আমরা আসছে সপ্তাহে যাবো,মাছ ভাজা খাবো😋😋😋

  3. Bangladesh a ai concept ta purono Hoya giy6e…but ata valo idea…
    But dam ta thik thaka dorkar….
    Ami Kolkata thake..

  4. Dada pls dont mind apni hoato notun digha gachen karon digha tay prochur agar tik kacha mach e bhajha daya …baja o thak sath a kacha o tha k

  5. I think there is some afterward problem of eating those fish fry…coz the back ground voice is crying ..awah..awaahh…awwaahhh…may be its due to constipation after eating those fish fry..

  6. Basi pacha mal, kukur,, ra,,,o,,, khai,,, na,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kat money ,,r,,, lok jan,,,sob,,, digha te,,,,parjatakder poket,,,,, kate,,,,,,,,,,,!!!

  7. dighar rastay je mach gulo fry kore sell kora hoy ogulo sob pocha mach….fry kore dewa hoy bole bojha jay na r public eo kheye ney,ami ogulo nijeo khai na r kauke kheteo encourage korina

  8. Eta notun???? Btw ami ei same way tei 2003 saale kheychilam … Tarpor ek somoy bondho hoegechilo puro bepartai but notun concept eta na onek bochor aageo erom bhabe raw fish bikri hoto. Vdeo bananor aage ektu research korun

  9. Dada tomar video onek din dhore dekhchhi. Asha kori kichhu mone korbe nah. Ekta suggestion dite chai. Ekta bhalo intro video banao. Sera hobe. Sera intro video with tomar sera vlog.

  10. Darun laglo video ta.. Just 1 week holo digha theke ghure elam, ei stall tao dekhechhilam tobe try korini kemon ki hobe esob vebe… Tomader review ta dekhe akhon vabchhi try korle hoto! Dekhte dekhte jive bonya boye gelo! 😂
    Sundor kore machh gulo sajiye rakha, poribeshon tao motamuti valoi…amio fish lover, tomar vetki khaoar expression ta just awesome! Kintu ekta question, machh gulo ki sotyi e tototai fresh?

  11. ami ai dokan ta takao fish fri khyachi…. khub vlo …. ami vetki r chingri khyachi vetki ta khub vlo….. r ona dr tmr ai video tao dakia chi…… … khub vlo .. thanks dada….

  12. চুদির ভাই। মাছ ভাজা খাবার পর মেট্রজিল O2 খেলি সেটা বল।

  13. Nijer foof posining kore sorir kharap na korte chaile….bhuleo eta khaben na dighai….Dighai 7 bar gachi, experience theke bolchi vai

  14. আপনার ভিডিও নিয়মিত দেখি। Please এই মাছগুলো খাবেন না। সবকটাতে raw chemical inject করা থাকে, ফলে অনেক দিন টাটকা দেখায়। একদম fresh fish নয় এগুলো। এসব অস্বাস্থ্যকর খাদ্য থেকে দূরে থাকুন, পরিচিত'দেরও দূরে রাখুন। অনেক অভিনন্দন আগামী দিনের জন্য, এগিয়ে যাও দাদা.. ❤️🙏 – সৌম্যজিৎ রায় (রাজা), হালিশহর, কলকাতা, পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ।।

  15. Ami recently gechilm .bhetki fry r kakra kheye chilm.khub valo lagche. R jara fresh na bolche tader k boli sob mach ses hoye Jay kichu samanyo bad diye.r normal bajarer mach jegulo roj khai oteo formaline thake.so plz dnt speak vat er chop

  16. Kindly stop promoting chemical infected non veg food .
    All flavour enhancer which are artificially created are source of cancer and various other brain diseases.
    This is one of the reasons there is a huge rise of cancer patients from Bengal region only since last one decade.

  17. কত দিন দিঘা যাননি দাদা?
    আমি তো কয়েক বছর ধরে দেখছি মাছ কাঁচাই থাকে। আর কিছু আদভাজা। আর কোনোটাই টাটকা নয়। আর তেলতো সেই হরপ্পা মহেঞ্জোদারো যুগের।

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