Disaster Tourism: Holidays in Chernobyl | DW Documentary

Disaster Tourism: Holidays in Chernobyl | DW Documentary

53 thoughts on “Disaster Tourism: Holidays in Chernobyl | DW Documentary

  1. The travel brochure says you will come back from your vacation with a healthy green glow that will be the envy of friends and co-workers. Sign me up!

  2. If you are over 70 and radiation levels are low enough for tourist, the chances of getting cancer from plutonium is probably 100 time lower than getting it from old age. The surrounding area would be OK to visit, though I probably would not take the tour of the reactor sight, and would wear shoes and cloth I could take a shower in.

  3. These tourists do not realize that cancer is the last thing that happens when radioactive contamination lodges in your body. Diabetes, auto immune diseases, schizophrenia develops first.
    And there is NO safe level of radioactive contamination. Comparing it to an xray is not accurate because this place has a shopping cart full of radioactive contaminants.
    Its amazing how the nuclear industry is normalizing radioactive contamination and how effective the suppression of medical studies the IAEA has been.
    Humanity will regret this thirst for money.

  4. That's the way the communist party looked after their people, with no care and no responsibility at all. So many have been killed and so many will still die from consequences of such nonsense!

  5. 7:41 Not 2.5 Millisievert per second It¨s Microsievert per hour so about 3.6 million times less than DW claims. For comparison The flight they took to get there probably gave them about 40 Microsieverts, a dental x-ray 100 Microsieverts, a mamogram 3000 Microsieverts. Reports like this is why people are talking about fakenews.

  6. I have to say the whole episode of what happened at Chernobyl fascinates me but no way would I want to put my health at risk by taking a trip there. The reality is that the site and region will be contaminated for centuries.

  7. This is not a good idea. Let that area alone wildlife has taken it back please watch Our Planet on Netflix to understand what I'm talking about.

  8. why on earth anyone in right state of mind would spend money go somewhere a get harm to your body!!!! and 100 000 people a year is seriously so ignorant..!!! If anyone pay me with full body cover in special clothing oxygen I wouldnt go…Why would i put my health into risk??? I cant comprehend ,is just nonsense!!! It should not be permitted , accept scientist with special clothing equipment!! I am just speachless…

  9. So for the tourist. What they learned about the trip in chernobyll? Nuclear is the most cleaner ways if u do it right, but the most dangerous like u already know when it explodes. Sometimes u can do it perfectly right but the terrorist or ur enemys sabotage u. Lolz

  10. Isn't there a heavily-forested region near the exclusion zone called "The Red Forest" by local villagers, government officials, and geologists because it's one of the highest, most heaviest radioactive-affected areas in Chernobyl? It's also got that nickname because either due to the fiery red colors of the specific tree breed or due to the high radioactive contaminations effected it, the forest region is colored with a bright, fiery red colors on it's leaves.

  11. There are many many other Chornobyl's without radiation all over Ukraine. Wastelands of Soviet mismanagement exist everywhere in former USSR.

  12. The one place were wild life has thrived ….. let them be and stay out of there …. I swear Humans are so Selfish … I saw this on tv when it happened and my Heart broke for everyone affected by this disaster now my Heart brakes again for the wild life that live in peace in that Zone

  13. Am I the only one here who has been already to Chernobyl? I don’t understand the comments below, don’t you know that there are thousands of people that work there weeks at a time, for many many years? The tourists stay there for max 2-3 days, I stayed there 2 days and it was already more than enough. By the way, just for the sake of comparison, where I slept (inside the exclusion zone), the radiation levels were below the ones that you’d get on a flight… no worries guys, feel free to visit the place, it’s a cool one off experience.

  14. I can't help thinking that if the disaster happened today, we'd get images and news within minutes thanks to the internet. Back in the 80's, no one knew the magnitude of the accident because the Soviets firmly controlled the information that could be shared with the press. To this day, I think it's a fascinating story and subject.

  15. As always what a beautiful documentary. But I've seen everything in this video already by #JoshtheExplorer. Here on YouTube

  16. 20,0000-50,000 people died from acute and long term effects of radiation exposure, and these Darwin Award Finalists are paying for their chance to get in on the action. Natural selection at its finest.

  17. We need to take all the illegals here and storming American borders. So far over two hundred thousand per month allowed to just walk right in. We need to fly them to russia and drop them off inside Chernobyl. Save America billions and billions per year supporting these illegals

  18. The vodka loving Russians or Ukrainians should have never had access to nuclear technology..
    Tschernobyl is what happens when irresponsible nations use a highly sophisticated technology.
    The radiation from the nuclear catastrophe even contaminated Europe.
    Hitler should have won the war against the Soviet Union for sure..

  19. I think they need to bring a CNC concrete printing machine online over the Chernobyl reactor and basically cast and drop the box of its tune so that there's no more massive radiation leaks in the wildlife and bacteria and such break down the rest of the nuclear waste cuz like Einstein said I believe it was Einstein it has to be an equal and opposite reaction so by leaving it sitting there nuclear waste is not going to break down very quick but if you get attacked by bacteria there's always something that'll eat something

  20. I kind a have feeling that Chernobyl is not as it used to be 10 years ago..however it still seems rather unique and it looks like it still worth to visit it, e.g. , just to learn a bit about past and USSR and the policies and give a tribute to many incontinent people who were killed and crippled by the authorities.

  21. 24:32 "This area is one of the cleanest…." Yeah right man! There are no human beings who dare to venture there. Humans are the greatest polluters of all creatures.

  22. I was a toddler downwind of the above-ground nuclear testing in the USA. I wonder how many of us have cancer and how contaminated the region around the testing site remains today.

  23. I really want to visit Chernobyl,but I am worried that my boyfriend in the future will not allow me to do that 😭

  24. The old woman talking while sitting at 1:00 is actually from a documentary called The Babushkas of Chernobyl.
    She's also shown past 14:38.
    So are the ones at 15:39
    I literally just watched it.

  25. Tourists in the exclusion zone is definitely a remarkable documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  26. Estimates of deaths, both direct and indirect, vary wildly from 4,000 to half a million as the leak was blamed for thousands of cancer cases that developed across swathes of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. bloody idiots who go visit that place…and scammers making money out of brainless tourists…thing was..on the day it happened Russia said nothing about it at all until weeks later..it affected sheep near where I live for 25 years as no farmer could move or sell them…Although the accident occurred 3,000 miles away, it had wide-reaching implications for the Lake District’s sheep farmers until as late as 2012.There were 9,800 UK holdings and more than four million sheep placed under restriction following the accident. Sheep on eight farms in Cumbria and 327 farms in North Wales were still subject to testing until June 2012. Farmers could not sell sheep or lambs in the summer but by the autumn sales, the system was in place. Although no sheep failed a radioactivity test on the farm after 1988, about one-third of the farm's land remained under restrictions until 2012, meaning any sheep that had grazed there had to be monitored before they could be sold. the area affected has since that day had children affected by the accident come over for holidays on the farms and enjoy some fun ….

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