Discover a fairy tale Romania!

Discover a fairy tale Romania!

100 thoughts on “Discover a fairy tale Romania!

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  2. Such a stupid video. You show those people in traditional costumes as if they are actually wearing them anymore. Trololol. They are only wearing them at festivals and only for the show. Also, you show a lot of pictures from nature. Well, of course nature is beautiful everywhere. Why don't you show pictures from the ugly communist cities ? Romania overall is an ugly country that should be avoided.

  3. De ce or fi dat 21 de pampalai dislike???Oare ce i-o fi ofensat?Niste imagini cu peisaje mirifice?Sau poate ura aia tampita impotriva romanilor?

  4. Romania is a beatiful country, but this country has thieves and corrupt people that rule us

  5. Ceausescu, Vlad Tepes, rusty Dacia 😀 great nation!
    Stolen country, stolen French flag, black Albanian hair and round slavic head, poor eastern orthodoxia.
    The end of civilisation.
    National coloured trash bins 😀 and playgrounds 😀 so Balkan!
    Traianus hated them and got them to slave and killed Decebal and they think they are romans 😀
    Italian thinks they are thiefs 😀

  6. Superb….frumos toate…truly beautiful country…I fell in love with it and the people. Some do it hard but everybody still manages to be friendly and open and I admire 100% the national spirit and people who love their country. Real sense of tradition and togetherness.

  7. Si cand ma gandesc ca multi compatrioti au plecat din tara cea mai frumoasa …… Ce frumusete de tara au lasat in urma….Suntem cotati pe locul 2 in europa ca find cea mai frumoasa tara.

  8. Romania is still a fascist country. Rules occupied regions from his neighbors like Moldavia and Transylvania and with 5 million Gypsy population who are totally discriminated.

  9. Exccellent, the film it really does the justice! We loe Romania too, see our images from our photorgaphy holiday in Transylvania!

  10. Wonderful place !! One of my favourite place in Europe !! Romania see U soon.. love from India.. btw your voice n bgm r soothing..

  11. Ce țară frumoasă avem…..Doamne…#mandrucasuntroman. Te iubesc Romania, tara noastra scumpa ??????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Romania such a beautiful country with great culture and tradition. I would love to travel with the narrator you make me want to listen to u the whole day.

  13. I want to use this video to compliment a video am producing, it had the romanian ambassador as the guest and I think this video will compliment the interview. Reach me back as soon as possible as I am to broadcast in few days from now.

  14. nice place to visit for max one week, but horrible place to live , full of corruption , no medical system, no infrastructure, average salary is 450 EUR per month

  15. Fairytale? looking at European history I wager there isnt such a place .. Only a place void of humans can there be a fairytale appearance in the remotest parts of the world… Tis pretty in places though..

  16. Must say though I work with some Romanians I really love working with them more than my own…. They dont bitch throw a wobbler as much as my people do.. Work with them any day..

  17. The main memory I have of anything Romanian is this girl who entered my Middle School. I grew up in Toronto. For some reason, she was popular. I hope it wasn’t because she was an alcoholic. I heard that she had to get a kidney dialysis when she was in Secondary School. Nevertheless, it just might be fascinating that Romanian is a Latin language – when it is surrounded by non-Latin speaking countries. I also applaud Romania for preserving its primeaval European forests. SUBSCRIBE.

  18. As an avid motorcycle rider, I’ll be experiencing your TransAlpina & Transfagarasan passes (along with a plethora other sites) this summer. Can’t wait.

  19. Romania dar peste tot in documentare arată doar Transilvania București si delta nimic din alte părți păcat, în așa mod Oltenia Muntenia Moldova să nu aibă turiști.

  20. Obviously, Romania should wake up, though that would not happen very soon… It has now a very low economic level because it was forced by the Western Europeans to destroy its own industrial and agriculture facilities, so that Romanians should buy everything from them. That was the price of being admitted in the EU. Now we, Romanians, pay thousand times that price, it is worse and worse for us because there are no more jobs, and it is better and better for the Western capital, which is always increasing by selling to us products with beautiful labels and very low quality level inside the packages. Fair enough, huh?!?!?!

  21. It's a very nice feeling to see that someone appreciates your country and sees the good parts not only the bad ones

  22. The most beautiful country in Europe. With a beautiful history and culture, unfortunately in the XXw. very hurt. Can i ask about name of song? ;p

  23. so much hype about it ,it gives an impression like other places on earth are less important or less beautiful . i am Romanian born i brasov, but i see any place on earth unique and sacred .

  24. DIN PACATE observ multe comentarii de la romani frustrati si indoctrinati politic, ce comenteaza pe langa subiectul clipului, adica acela al promovarii romaniei din punct de vedere cultural, geografic ,religios, traditional, etc. Ei incep cu psd, politica si alte alea….si din pacate sunt multi. Le lipseste educatia, oameni mediocri care isi critica tara si isi spala rufele in public ceea ce altii ca natii nu fac. Si ca sa comentez si eu ceva de clipul asta si de Romania ( care este si subiectul principal al acestei postari), va felicit pentru acest clip si ca un om,ca student care a calatorit prin foarte multe tari ale lumii dar am si studiat in unele dintre ele cu erasmus, m-am asigurat din plin ca Romania este cea mai frumoasa tara europeana si cea mai naturala si fac abstractie ca sunt roman, ci o spun din proprie experienta !

  25. Love Romania, been there ten times now so much to see,Saxon villages,forests ,monasteries.Cluj ,Brasov ,and Maramures beautiful.That narrator is a bit.of a pain.Main problem with Romania is its politicians who are corrupt and fleecing the country of its natural resources

  26. There’s something about Romania that has always fascinated me ever since I was a small kid. Very fairy tale-ish. I cant wait to finally BE THERE later this year

  27. Steps to be romanian:
    1 be proud of your nation
    2 realise that your government is corrupt
    3try not to cry
    4 cry

  28. I hope, I will get a nice person from Romania …who will be my friend… Because I love this country and there loving people…. ??????

  29. Romania – my home , back soon in our amazing country ..miss the winter , sun , mountain , danube delta ., traditions , food from our own garden ..

  30. It would've been awesome if you would've put a text with the name of the locations, like Transfagarasan and Cimitirul Vesel…and some voice about it…the image is dope tho

  31. I have recently returned from a Colloquium in Tbilisi, Georgia. There was a cultural evening at the end of the academic sessions, each country with its own presentation film. I played this video and I couldn't stop from crying until the end. The impact was huge, among both the Romanian group and the other forein participants. When you are far from your native place you realise that your roots are back there, wherever you may be. The music is divine, like the heart of the composer, of course, a kindhearted Romanian girl. Thank you!

  32. I'm from Guatemala and most Guatemalans travel to Spain and Germany. I really am so interested in traveling to Romania. It looks so special, magic and beautiful.

  33. Romania: the place where all your dreams become nightmares <3

    Romania: where nothing is actually a thing <3

    Now seriously, i live in romania and sincerely it sucks, in other countries by the age of 20 you already have your own house, in romania you can get that by the age of 50 when your parents die and you take their house, well it doesn't take long before you die but at least you kinda had your home, in other countries you can travel between cities by car (on motorways) or by train, well in romania we don't have motorways, so dangerous overcrowded country roads are the way to go or by train which is moving very slow on very worn out tracks risking to derail at any moment, in other countries in hospitals you recover well, in romania in hospitals you come with a problem and die from a disease you get in the hospital because they are dirty well it would be more to say about this shithole but i may get boring and i don't like that.
    In other words, try to avoid romania, it ain't worth the risk

  34. Votam si noi sa avem o tara normala din care nu se mai pleaca? Este primul pas logic. Altfel disparem ca natie si este PACAT…

  35. … Thanks for video whit my country, Sir, it's amazing but, Because the government is too corrupt…. So much people leave this country, this home, and go..

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