Discover the Sciences Po Summer School

Discover the Sciences Po Summer School

Everyone wants to go to Paris. Lets just get that out there. I wanted to learn French in Paris and have a challenge in a foreign country. Sciences Po is well known to be one of the best schools in Europe for social sciences. And the opportunity to study abroad was one that I couldn’t not take up, especially in Paris. Sciences Po is an internationally renowed world-class research university which specializes in the social sciences. Wherever they come from, whatever their academic or professional goals, students will find their place at Sciences Po Sciences Po’s Summer School is a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to discover Sciences Po during the summer months. The Summer School is held on our Paris campus, located in the heart of the historic Saint-Germain-des-Près neighbourhood. The reputation of Sciences Po precedes it, especially as a school of social science. Sciences Po has one of the best programmes in international affairs and political sciences and the Summer School really allows you to understand how things work in a really good university. One of the main reasons I came here to Sciences Po is that it is a melting pot of different cultures, people from all over the world; it is like a representation of the world in a “petit” group. It’s just been amazing to hear what they think, especially to talk politics with them I get to learn about what they think about my country and they are passionate about what I am passionate about so we just have amazing conversations. I have been learning French in my university as my second foreign languages I wanted to try my French here and I wanted to have challenge in a foreign country. When I arrived at the Summer School, I was probably just above the level of a complete beginner but in the three weeks I have been here so far I noticed a pretty rapid improvement. I am lot more confident speaking to people in the street, in cafés or restaurants. Coming to the Summer School and seeing how much I could improve with a programme like this has made studying in a foreign country getting a job where I would need to speak fluent French much more accessible. It’s possible. I didn’t know it was possible before. The image I had of Paris before I came here was all the famous world heritage sites like the Musée du Louvre and Notre Dame. Paris is just such a complex and amazing city that, you know, it is an education outside of the classroom to live here And it is definitely a privilege.

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