Disney Vacation House Tour!

Disney Vacation House Tour!

100 thoughts on “Disney Vacation House Tour!

  1. Amazing family!!! Can't wait for the next video!! aaaaaah!! an ultrasound…? new baby?!?!?! Hopefully nothing bad if it's not a baby

  2. Y’all are so fun to watch! Love all the kids personalities.. the what we learned at the end is the best Chris.. love it !! Lol

  3. I STAYED IN THE SAME HOUSE COMPLEX AS YOU GUYS AND STAYD WITH MY CUSINS R HOUSE WAS MICKY AND DISNEY MOVIE THEMED EACH ROOM IN MINE WAS THEMED TO A SERTUN DISNEY MOVIE!!! Here’s a tip they have gift shops on the way to the theme parks and they sell Disney merchandise for much lower prices like one is a giant wizard shop it has a giant wizard on top and they have mini golf!!! Sorry for the really long comment! Love u guys!!!

  4. Your house is so cool I love how big it is and I love how there so many Mickey and Mini every that awesome and glad you guys like the house you guys are staying in

  5. Wow!! Jacob and Bailey are soo mature!! They did a great job going around and showing us the house!!
    Definitely gonna look into renting a house when I take my son down to Disney! You get a lot more with a house then with a hotel room!!

  6. Im jealous of Bailey swimsuit! R2D2 sometime i miss being a kid! But watching your video make me feel young again! ❤️ im just 20 but anyway…😂

  7. “There’s a fire hydrant in here. And some shelves.”

    Never knew that the hot water heater was a fire hydrant. 😂😂😂😂

  8. hey ily guys sm but… i have misophonia and parker drinking that water is triggering me

    he is so frickin cute tho so it’s ok lol

  9. I love when kids do house tours. They always have different priorities and things they find special or important than an adult would. It’s fun!

  10. Chris I absolutely love your fun quick recaps of what we learned at the end XD it's so funny and great 😀
    Such a cool rental house!!

  11. We are glad that you enjoyed the vacation house « The Dreamers Villa » with your whole family. Looking forward to seeing you again in one of our homes for a future trip to Orlando Florida.

  12. Hit All. TY for this wonderful home insight. Could I ask how you came across this holiday rental. IE: AirBnb?

  13. My dad rented a house for my family my cousins family and my friends family in Alabama. I am going to Orlando in June to Disney world and sea world.

  14. im going to disney TODAY and i got a fancy sweet but i have a gymnastics thing and AAU payed for it . YAY!!!!!!!

  15. Why doesn’t bailey sleep in the master bedroom with the chair? Why is she sharing when she loves that room so much? Plz comment below why and did anyone see where Parker slept?

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