Disney world VLOG 2016 | Travel day & Epcot

Disney world VLOG 2016 | Travel day & Epcot

Disney World Vlog 2016
Disney World vacation Disney world 2016 Hi everybody welcome back to Itty Bitty Family
Blog. Today we are getting ready to go on our Disney World Vacation. We are doing our
last minute checks. Everything is packed, the girls are ready,
we checked the house. The doggy is fed. Everything is going great. We had to change our flight, because last
night around midnight we found out that our flight that we were originally on was delayed.
So now we are on a much earlier flight hence why we woke up at two. so we only got about
2 hours of sleep hopefully we can sleep on the plane. Well I’ll put that in quotation
mark since we have babies. So hopefully we can sleep on the first flight to disney world.
Then when we land at Atlanta we will be off the plane for an hour and can grab something
to eat. Disney World Vlog 2016 We will landing in Orland flordia at around
10:45 am. Super excited and super tired but I can’t wait. Driving to Richmond International airport.Almost
to the air port. (Taylor swift playing in the background) Hi Jazzy, hwere are we right now? We’re at
the? where do air planes fly out of? Air? Airport. You’re still sleeping huh? uh huh
I think so How about you Emmalyn? Are you still sleeping?
No are you excited to be going to Disney World? Yeah. Disney World Vlog Where are we going? We are going to disney
world. Are you sure? yes. Jazzy, what are we waiting for? The airplane
to take us on our Disney World vacation in Orlando Floridia. Is this our first flight?
yes. what was your first ride of the day though? What were we riding. IT was like a bus. Disney Vlog lets look at may may. Hi may may are you eating
something yummy. And she is wearing her minnie mouse outfit. and they got a stick for being
good during the airport check in process. Jazzy whatcha doing? I got my sticker. you
have your sticker. Hi so we landed in atlanta. where are we?
Atlanta. The girls are here at Orlando. We made it
to Orlando. It was a ong second flight but we made it. Going to Walt Disney world. We
are about to go to Magical express. Itty BittyFamily Blog picture American flag Yea Yea Side b b b b.
Welcome to Orlando Happy Happy Happy Happy. DisneyWorld DisneyWorld
DisneyMagical Express. Magic bands. Epcot. Magic Kingdom. Mickey Mouse. Minnie mouse. Emmalyn has fallen asleep after five minutes
of driving. look. WE are headed to Disney World’s All Star music
resort. Daddy is checking us in to Disney World’s
All star music resort. We are watching a move in this awesome set up Can you say it again.Where are we going? We
are going to epcot. We are on our way to Epcot. We are taking the bus all the way over there.
we are leaving All star Music resort right now. Disney World Vacation Emmy is still a bit on edge. She doens’t like
the bus. Disney world Epcot. Jazzy and Emmy are in their stroller.
Hi girls. using the disney world’s magic bands. We are here at umbrella cafe. We are so hungry.
the girls helped me get everything set up. Now we are off to go see the characters at
the epcot chracter spot. Got ot see mickey mouse. Minnie mouse. Goofy. Walked across the street to go see Baymax.
Emmayln didn’t like baymax. Disney world vlog 2016 tasting the sodas around the world. didn’t
like the beverly. Meet Donald duck at Mexico. He was super sweet Kid cot stations are all over the place in
each of the countries in the world showcase. Norway is the land of Disney Frozen. Disney’s
Elsa and anna are from Norway. here in Disney World’s Epcot Got ot meet mulan. She was such an awesome
princess. we just talked to Mulan and she very kind. We then went to Akershus Dinning hall and
it was wonderful. You are frist greetd by belle and the ushered inside to your table.
Once there you are able to go to the seafood buffet. The buffet also has breads and fruits
and vegetables. The girls were first greeted by Cinderella, then aurora, then snow white
and then airel. They each spoke to the girls and signed autographs. All were very kind. Food wise it was ok. You got to also eat from
the menu. When all of the princesses have visited the
tables the children get asked to come up and go on a little parade around the restaurant.
Each side gets assigned a princess and the children travel with their princess around
the resturant. It is so cute to watch. Disney World vacation vlog. we were able to meet up with the girls’ god
parents and go exploring with them. The boys were able to go on some of the rides
while we stayed back with the kids. Disney World Vlog Disney World Vacation Thank you for watching our “disney world vlog
2016: travel day and Epcot” we hoped you enjoyed it. Come back everyday this week for more
videos here at Itty Bitty Family Blog.

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