Divina ‘SLAPPED ON THE FACE’ by The Sundaes Donna Summer cover – All Together Now

Hello. Hi. Oh. OK. We might need a fourth stool. I’m Strawberry Sundae
and I’m a little bit fruity. I am Chocolate Sundae
and I am your guilty pleasure. And I’m Vanilla Sundae. The Sundaes, take one. The group’s been
going for seven years. I was fed up of going to auditions
and basically going on the no pile because I didn’t fit last
year’s costumes. We love being on stage together
and we just love singing. 83. Do you think someone’s
going to beat that? It’s not unachievable, is it? Yeah. 83 is not unassailable at all. We’re out to get the top seats
because, quite honestly, none of us have ever been on top. Do we need to do that again? Oh? Oh! Take a closer look. Oh. Triple threat. Baby, Ginger and Scary. Hi, everybody, we are The Sundaes. This is our gorgeous
Strawberry Sundae. Vanilla Sundae. And I’m your Chocolate Sundae and we are here today to show you
what girls like us can do. Oh, they’re so cute. So cute. GERI WHISPERS: I hope they’re good. # It’s raining # It’s pouring… # Oh, my God! # My love life is boring me
to tears # And we won’t waste… # Big song, no? # Another # Tear… # Come on, everybody, here we go! They’re flying up! # Enough is enough is enough # I can’t go on
I can’t go on no more now # Enough is enough is enough # I want him out # I want him out that door now # Our love
I had to listen to my heart… # Ooh, Chess is looking worried. # Tear us apart # Enough is enough is enough # I can’t go on
I can’t go on no more now # Enough is enough is enough # I want him out
I want him out that door now # Enough is enough is enough # Is enough, is enough, is enough # Is enough, is enough # Is enough. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE MUSIC: Respect
by Aretha Franklin # R-E-S-P-E-C-T,
find out what it means to me # R-E-S-P-E-C-T # Take care, TCB, whoa! # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Whoa, a little respect # Just a little bit. # The Sundaes, amazing 88.
You take the top spot. Well done! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Let’s have a little
shuffle down here to Divina. Girls, the harmonies
at the beginning were SO good. They were so good. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And, I’ll be honest,
Vanilla, before you started… Vanilla, sorry. HE CHUCKLES ..I was waiting for the vocal
not to be on par, and you slapped me around the face
and were like, “No, I can do this!” Yes, girl! Geri, what did you think?
Oh, you made me feel so happy. It was like Spice Girls’
happy cousins. Exactly what this
competition’s been about. Girls, I think you did a great job. This 88 reflects that. You’ve just wiped the board.
Well done. Thank you, Geri. APPLAUSE Now, not everyone liked it,
I’m afraid, The Sundaes. Paulus. AUDIENCE BOOS I think the question on everyone’s
lips is what’s your favourite
ice cream flavour? Pistachio. Ooh, left field! You don’t like The Sundaes, why? What was it that wasn’t
there for you? I don’t know
if there was anything missing. I think it was too much,
to be honest with you. Really? How can you ever have too
much ice cream? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well, I’m lactose intolerant, so…

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