Diving with a 100+ SHARKS in NASSAU BAHAMAS | Travel and Food | Things To Do in BAHAMAS

Diving with a 100+ SHARKS in NASSAU BAHAMAS | Travel and Food | Things To Do in BAHAMAS

I became the pot washer there ever was. And that’s me, a decade ago in Nassau for
a work conference. Now, I can’t promise an improvement in my
dressing sense but what I can promise is a transformation from a silly tourist to … a
curious wanderer, and I’m taking you with me as I rediscover the capital of the Bahamas,
Nassau Good beat boss, good beat.
Think of Nassau as that edgy cousin at a low- key family BBQ Rough around the edges but sophisticated. A paradise no matter what your poison is,
be it shopping, lush beaches, gambling, cold hard hitting beverages, or the very memorable
cuisine. Take that, welcome, Bahamas 2-4-2, Crabs n Tings,
eh? Well I’m here with the Bahamian flavor. I do food and drinks, all natural smoothies,
I’m rated #1 on TripAdvisor for the newest dish in the Bahamas which is called Conch Balls. And I’m known for the strongest drink which
is called that “Bitch Slap.” It’s very strong and if it is too strong we
put all natural smoothies in it, and we are known for our natural smoothies, and fish,
conch and shrimp. Amazing introduction, she sold me into coming
here. There was no chance we were gonna miss it. And you are on Trip Advisor, so we’ll be finding
you. Fantastic. In a minute, I’m gonna come and record your
conch salad, so come get me. Got Mr. P1 – Welcome to Nassau Bahamas. Nassau Bahamas, P1 – aite, show me what you
do step by step man. So we got some fresh conch eh? out of the
ocean. P1 how long you been doing this man? If I tell you, then you may know how old I
am. You already told me your age. WHAT? Today is my first day. 50? My ass 50. No way no chance. You still in your 40s bro While you cut that I’m gonna enjoy that view
real quick. Say hello to mama. Hi mama
Your name is? Lolita. Lolita! All the way from the Bahamas. Hello Lolita! So conch ceviche is pretty much what this
is. Definitely
There you go and oh tell me about this pepper. Sexiness. Final things to say Mr. P1? Take that. So that’s supposed to be chicken what’s that
supposed to be? This? Fried conch
Alright quite possibly the best conch dish I’ve had Theres chillis in there, just spicy enough, not that chewy, freaking delicious. She’s right, its probably the best dish on
the island, but I’ve only been here for an hour Disqualified? Disqualified. Ok! Why? What did u not like about it? The chop. See that? That’s different. That’s a good sound. Getting close
Open sesame We had a ball at Junkanoo beach but if ur
a fussy traveler, I wouldnt recommend it for you The conversations w the beach crowd, the fresh
food, and intermittent ocean dips stay with you long after you’ve left the island. Well, unless u had way too many bitch slaps. Now, if you’re up for a bit of a walk from
downtown, head over to the Queen’s staircase, also known as 66 steps. A Bahamian landmark carved out of limestone
in the 1790s. It was later named Queen’s Staircase to honor
Queen Victoria since she abolished slavery in 1838. The steps can get slippery so watch out, and
the place can get crowded so come early. Oh and I forgot to tell you, The Queen’s staircase
is free to visit, and so is the water tank you saw earlier, as well as Fort Fincastle
shown here. There’s some decent souvineer shopping in
the area so you may also wanna bring some cash. [Inaudible] but that was under the British
rule then. Britain there was the [inaudible], conquering
the world Spain, Great Britain, France. All those places was conquering. So being so close to the beach, how often
do you find yourself going to the beach? Not often enough. Because of work. What are ur free days? Like Sundays? Sunday to me is a good working day. Unless [inaudible] get up early 4 or 5
in the morning and go get a swim around that time Five minute walk from ur hotel and there is
a Jamaican lady. They’re famous for curry. Curry mutton, curry goat, curry chicken. You will see her. Boiled food, cassava, sweet potatoes, plantain. Over here we have some oxtail, with beans, cooked
with um dough. And over here we have some peas and rice. Right and over in this pot, we have boiled
bananas …. Green banana boiled. And in this pot there is some steamed cabbage
with carrots. Is this a Thanksgiving meal or something or
what? No, We have turkey and ham on the outside. And right here oh is some nice tasty curry
mutton. Alright Miss Sonia, how long you been doing
this? Over 20 years. Same shop? Well yes we move around sometimes in the early
times. Now I’m stationed right here. God bless you. That’s some chicken. Alright so we got chicken. That’s looks amazing. Oh the ribs look good Sonia! This is Sonia’s chicken. She gave us two hot sauces. Mild and hot, the hot is very hot but am gonna
go for it anyway. For chicken standards, it’s very, very good. Now we have ribs, it’s been cooked so thoroughly
so that as you can tell it’s moist. Yet the bones are super chewy. So I can chew the bones. Smoked with Caribbean jerk spices, crisp on
the top, and super charcoaly, it’s delicious. Now my nose is running so I gotta go. So we got another half order, this thing just
breaks. Oxtail that Sonia hooked us up with. Sorry about the shadow. That’s that goat curry that has been mesmerizing. But it’s amazing. You guys need to try it. You guys come to Fish Fry. Come to Sonia’s. Sonia’s Jerk. You won’t, you can’t miss it. Wasssup?! Sky juice. Thank you ma’m. My restaurant, is the #1 restaurant in Fish
Fry because we did a lot of preparation, we make sure we pay attention to details. Our food is the absolute best. Our service is the absolute best. And I’m telling you when you eat from Curly’s it’s like coming at grandma’s kitchen. Grouper fish stew with some bread. Sauce is peppery, the grouper just fell off. Here we go, conch chowder. Spicy, peppery, it’s saucy, it tastes good,
enough salt, enough garlic maybe some onions. And the conch is just literally melting in
my mouth, I don’t have to chew it too much. Conclusion. That’s it. I was the best pot washer. I literally asked for a front desk clerk,
that wasn’t available. They said a pot washer was available. I said I’ll take that. I took it and I became the best pot washer
there ever was. During that my days of washing pots, I created
an industry out of it. There were guys who had dogs. I created small packages of 5 dollar food,
dog food, the remains coming out of the restaurant. 10 dollar packets and I was coming out of
the hotel as a pot washer with 70 80 dollars a night selling dog food Nobody, nobody could ever beat me at washing
a pot. Six months later because of my initiative…
they sent me to hotel training college where the hotel paid for it because during my lunch
break I never took a lunch break. I ran into the kitchen, helped the cooks cut
up herbs. I helped the baker mix flour, I learned every
aspect of the business so that one day when I became my own owner, I would’ve known everything
about the hotel industry. Earlier I had mentioned that I’m revisiting Nassau
after a decade. It was obvious to me that I had missed something
profound last time, and evidently it was the people piece and the day to day success stories
that take place on this island. It is the stories, like Mr. Curly’s and Miss
Sonia’s, that make Nassau what it is today: A bustling metropolis with people just as
beautiful & persevering as the ocean waves of their very own bahamian shores.

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