DIY Coffee Pods Bags For Camping Coffee Without Electricity Hack

DIY Coffee Pods Bags For Camping  Coffee Without Electricity Hack

diy coffee bags pods for camping off grid bug out how to make your own coffee bags no coffee pot coffee recipe how to make coffee without power hi it’s AlaskaGranny did you wake up at camp and want your coffeee how to make coffee without power diy coffee bags for camping off grid hunting camp here’s a trick to how to have good tasting coffee make your own single serve coffee bags pods when you’re at camp making coffee bags starts before you go to camp you take a coffee filter and dental floss then you push the coffee filter down into a measuring cup just to hold it in place while you make your single serve coffee pod scoop in your 2 tablespoons or
however much you like tying up with dental floss and you have
a little pod or a little coffee bag like a tea bag then once you get to camp or your remote Alaska cabin you heat up your
water with a camp stove make coffee without power you put your coffee bag into your cup pour your hot water over the coffee put on the lid to your pot for camping coffee for coffee with a DIY coffee pod and let your DIY coffee pod brew for a while brew coffee without power your camp coffee is getting made for you how to make coffee at camp how to make your own coffee filter pods make single serve coffee pods please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

11 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Pods Bags For Camping Coffee Without Electricity Hack

  1. I do exactly that except that I use twist ties instead of floss. I do this because I like strong coffee and the store bought coffee bags are weak.

  2. Brilliant. I think you just put all those steeping strainer manufacturers out of business. Was seriously considering buying a stainless filter to do a pour over. But with this idea, I dont see why I should anymore. Thank you.
    Is the only reason you recommend to use dental floss because of its inherent strength? I was thinking of switching the thread to pure cotton so that I can just dump it in the camp fire and burn up the lot with no ill effects. Have you tried cotton before and found it inadequate? I don't want to have to make cowboy coffee when all my pods start falling apart 🙁 lol

  3. What size coffee filters do you use? Saw a few different sizes on the shelf. I want to make single cup pods (2 tbps/pod). As I generally use a french press for my home brews, my knowledge of filter sizes and types is next to zero. I also saw white and brown. Any particular benefit of getting one type over the other? Thank you.

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