DIY Crafts: DIY Summer Life Hacks, DIY Room Decor & More

DIY Crafts: DIY Summer Life Hacks, DIY Room Decor & More

Today I’m sharing with you a bunch of epic
DIYs and life hacks, which are perfect for the summer and also all year around! Hey guys! How do you like my new hairstyle? I think it’s pretty awesome. But since summer is just around the corner
I decided to share with you a bunch of super cool summer DIYs. But honestly these ideas are so amazing that
you can totally make them all year around. So make sure you’re subscribed to my channel
because you don’t want to miss epicness like this and let’s get started! There’s no real garden summer party without
the pretty floating balloons, right? Did you know that we can actually make them
at home using only a few household items?! That’s right home DIY helium balloons, without
helium. However these balloons are highly flammable
so you shouldn’t try to make alone. You can ask your parents for help you or just
have fun watching me do the dangerous stuff. We need a glass bottle, drain cleaner, containing
sodium hydroxide, a balloon and a piece of aluminum foil. Take a bottle and then pour in about a deciliter
of drain cleaner solution. Now take small pieces of aluminum foil scrunch
them and make little balls like this. The more aluminum balls we use in the experiment
the larger reaction will be and the bigger our balloon will get. That’s enough for me so let’s pop these little
balls in the bottle. The reaction occurs about 10 seconds after
the aluminum mixes with drain cleaner. This gives us time to attach the balloon over the bottle opening, before the crazy reaction happens. Now check out this magic! As you can see our balloon starts inflating
by itself! So what’s the science behind this? Drain cleaner solution contains substance
called sodium hydroxide. When sodium hydroxide reacts with aluminum,
hydrogen gas is formed. Hydrogen gas accumulates in the balloon and
inflates it. Look at the close up of this reaction. It’s so fascinating! It looks like sodium hydroxide is completely
dissolving the aluminum balls. Both helium and hydrogen have lower densities
than air, making them float. If you don’t hold your helium or hydrogen
balloon tight enough, it escapes up in the sky! That’s why we have to tie our balloon with
a ribbon or a string. Make two tight knots, which will also prevent
hydrogen from escaping out of the balloon. Release your balloon from the bottle and check
out how nicely it floats in the air! Exactly like a helium balloon! Can you believe this? We made amazing floating balloons using drain
cleaner and aluminum foil. It really can’t get more epic than that, right?! However, hydrogen gas is extremely flammable. That’s why you should not try this yourself. At least not without adult supervision. A flame, spark or even hot object getting
near the balloon can cause an explosion! See? Pretty scary! This is why party balloons are always filled
with helium, not hydrogen. Still this DIY experiment is one of the best
I’ve ever seen so I wanted to share it with you! Now let’s continue with a bunch of completely
safe but still amazing DIYs that you need to try this summer. Want to have these amazing colorful sunglasses
too? Well guess what, you can DIY them in less
than a minute! Yup, you heard me right! These glasses are so funky and bright – my
favorite pair for sure. All you need to make them are some inexpensive
sunglasses and nail polish. First you want to pop the lenses out of the
glasses frame. You’re left with cute nerdy glasses, but that’s
not the look we’re going for. Pour some water into a bowl. Take the first nail polish color, I went for
dark blue and pour some of it into the water. As you can see the nail polish spreads and
floats on the water surface. Add more colors making random swirly lines. I also picked pink, white, orange and yellow
colors for my sunglasses. Take the frames and dip one side into the
marbly water. Pull them out and we’re ready to color the
other side. Repeat the process and quickly dip the other
side of the glasses into the water. The polish color will stick to the frame making
a beautiful marbly design on your sunnies. Lastly we need to color the front of the glasses
so dip them in the water with the front frame facing down. Pull them out and wait for the polish to dry
completely. My sunnies are all dry so let’s take a hair
spray and spray them lightly allover. This will protect the color and make sure that our new sunglasses will last us many years. All we got to do now is take the lenses and
pop them back on the frame. There we have them – the most gorgeous sunglasses
I have ever seen! These were seriously so much fun to make and
turned out epic. I love how you can buy a cheap pair of sunglasses
and make them look so beautiful only using nail polish. I seriously can’t wait to make more using
different colors. This DIY really got me hooked. With all the bright and happy colors these
sunnies are perfect for the warm summer days, although not gonna lie, I’ll probably wear
them loads all year around. They are just too pretty not to! Whether you already have a pet or not this
gorgeous aquarium will give so much life and coziness to your room. It is hands down my favorite room décor piece. It gives such a nice pop of color and is super
easy to DIY! To make it you will need an artificial plant,
a big jar, blue food coloring, some plastic fish and colorful decoration stones. Take the jar, unscrew the lid and pop in you
colored stones. You can buy them in a store or just go out
and pick them up in the nature. We got to give some greenery to the fishes
so take a glue gun and squeeze a small amount of hot glue on a parchment paper. Cut a little twig from the artificial plant
and stick it in the glue while it’s still hot. Hold it there for a minute or until the glue
hardens and the plant will stand up straight. Make your sea plant as full as you like by
adding more twigs. This one looks perfect for me so it’s time
to put it into the aquarium. The home for our fishes already looks so pretty! But there’s one essential thing missing – water! Grab blue food coloring and squeeze a drop
into the water. You want the water to have a slight tint of
blue, otherwise it can be too overwhelming and everything in the aquarium will look blue. We got the nice blue tint, but the stones
and plant retained the pretty vibrant colors. Time to give some life to the aquarium! First up is a little starfish, which sinks
to the bottom of the sea. This already looks so stunning but there’s
something missing. Hmm, what would that be? The fish of course! Take a piece of transparent thread and tie
it around your fish, sea horses… Any sea animals that you like. Besides the yellow sea horse I also decided
to add a pretty red coral fish. Stick these two buddies on the inner side
of the jar lid with a piece of tape. I can tell how happy these sea cuties are
to get home to their coral reef. Put the lid on the jar and our beautiful aquarium
is all done. What a stunning room decoration, right?! It is perfect for summer but honestly this
one has a permanent spot granted in my room for sure. I’m definitely going to keep it all year around. Next time you’re at the sea side vacation,
instead of buying souvenirs, pick some stones, seashells and sand from the beach. Back home you can put them in an aquarium
like this. This way your aquarium will be much more meaningful
and every time you look at it you will be reminded of the happy summer days. Why settle for a plain and boring chap-stick
when we can have this awesome watermelon tinted lip balm inspired by Aira Tran. There are few things that scream summer to
me more than a watermelon! And you guys know that I am addicted to lip
balm. I got to have it with me wherever I go. Let’s combine my obsession with watermelon
and my addiction to lip balm and make this amazing watermelon EOS. Take a lid of an EOS plus a black nontoxic
crayon and an exacto knife. Carefully cut small chunks of crayon and place
them into the lid. These black pieces will represent the seeds. That’s enough seeds for me so let’s follow
the ducks and cook up our tinted lip balm. Set up a double boiler and have three small
pots ready. Put one teaspoon of coconut oil in one of
the containers. In the other two you can put a smaller amount
– about half a teaspoon of coconut oil. To color up my lip balm mixtures I’ll be using
non toxic crayons. Since we’re making a watermelon, we need red,
white and green crayons. You can also give them a little stir to help
mixing the two ingredients into a smooth mixture. Mine are completely melted so it’s time to
put together the watermelon lip balm. First take the red mixture and pour it into
the lid. Leave the red color to slightly harden. Now, let’s proceed with white. As you can see my red mixture didn’t cool
down completely so it created a marbly design when mixed with white. Take a little plastic wheel that you find
in the middle of every EOS container and screw it on the watermelon lid. Grab the green lip balm mixture and pour it
on top. Leave it to cool down completely. To speed up the process you can pop your watermelon
lip balm in the fridge or the freezer. When it’s all set take the bottom part of
the EOS, pop it on and we’re finally ready to check how this watermelon tinted lip balm
turned out. If that’s not the most epic lip balm you’ve
ever seen then I don’t know! Make sure to use non toxic crayons for this
DIY. If you don’t have them you can color your
lip balm using lipstick shavings, pigment or food coloring. You know I’m not a fan of plain lip balms
so this watermelon one makes me so happy. It makes your lips super soft, gives them a pretty red tint and looks like a delicious watermelon. What more could you ask from a lip balm!? For the next epic DIY we need a bunch of cork
stoppers. Wondering why? Well that’s because we’re going to make super
cool sailboats using three objects that you already have at home! They are so much fun to play with or you can
have them as pretty summer decoration in your room. You’ll need a piece of a paper, a toothpick
and some cork stoppers. To make the hull of our sailing boat, I’m
going to stick nine corks together. Grab a glue gun and stick three corks on top
of each other to get sort of a cork tower. Wait till the glue sets and it’s time to build
the cork tower number two. As said I’m using nine corks for my boat. But if you want to make a smaller boat or
you have larger cork stoppers, three or four may be enough. To finish up the body of our ship we need
to glue the three cork sticks together. Apply a long stripe of glue and press together
the first two cork sticks. Do the same with the third one and the body
of our boat is ready. But since we’re making a sailboat, we also
need a sail. Take a piece of a cardboard paper and cut
out a triangle shape with scissors. Then grab a hole puncher and make two little
holes on two of the triangle corners. Take a toothpick, slide it through the holes
and the sail for our boat is finished. All that’s left to do is to stick it in the
middle of the boat’s body and our sailboat is ready to sail the seas of the world. No but seriously, this sailboat is so exciting
and fun to play with. I also made some colorful boats by spray painting
the body! They turned out so cute – Of course I got
obsessed and had to make them in pink, yellow and green. I always want to try out all the colors. Have these cool sailboats as gorgeous room
decorations or have fun playing in the water. You can even make them with friends, put them
in a river and see who’s boat is the fastest and wins the race. With these sailboats your summer days will
never get boring, guaranteed! If you have a problem keeping your room tidy,
this life hack will help you out for sure! We’ll make an awesome sunglasses display in
just a few seconds. Take a clothes hanger. I decided to go for the pink one because what
else, right? Here you can stack all your favorite sunglasses. Take the glasses and hang them on. To make your hanger even cuter you can decorate
it with ribbon, pom poms or stickers. I decided to add this fluffy pom pom. Now that’s what we’re talking about! Hang it on the wall and voila – your favorite
sunglasses are always on hand and neatly organized. This honestly looks so pretty – a storage
idea and a gorgeous room decor piece in one. Who remembers my candy glasses from the Halloween
video? Yup they are one of my faves. I’m super happy with how this glasses organizer
turned out and most importantly I’m glad that from now on I’ll always know where my sunnies
are! There’s no real summer without beautiful summer
clothes in our closet, right? I’ll show you how to recycle an old pair of
jeans using bleach. That’s right – you can write, draw and make
gorgeous colorful designs using bleach! You’ll need an old dark pair of jeans, bleach,
water, corn starch, bright colored fabric markers and scissors. Unfold your jeans and cut them into shorts. You can make yours as long or as short as
you like. I’m cutting mine quite low as I want to make
cuffed shorts so I need a couple of inches of extra fabric. When both sides are cut, roll the edges up
two or three times. There we go – brand new shorts out of jeans
in less than a minute! But we need to make them way cuter so it’s
time to decorate with bleach. Let’s prepare some bleach gel. Make a double boiler by pouring some water
into the pan and place in a smaller heat proof pot. Pour in half a cup of water and add a tablespoon
of corn starch. Mix well to combine the ingredients. Keep stirring and after a minute or two the
mixture will start to thicken up. When you get that gel like consistency, remove
it from the heat and add about two tablespoons of bleach. Mix well to combine and pour your bleach gel
into a squeeze tube or a plastic bag. Make a knot or secure it with an elastic like
me and snip away the corner. The DIY bleach gel pen is ready so let’s decorate
our shorts! I decided to draw pretty hearts allover mine. Drawing with bleach gel is super easy, just
squeeze the plastic bag slightly to release some gel. When you are happy with your design wait for
the bleach to set. This takes about one hour, but the longer
you wait, the whiter your fabric will get. Take a piece of a cardboard paper and scoop
the bleach off to reveal the beautiful white hearts underneath. These shorts already look stunning but we’re
going make them even more gorgeous by adding some color. Grab a bunch of fabric markers! I’m going for the yellow, pink plus orange
one and I decided to color the first heart in yellow. All we got to do now is color the hearts,
just like you do in the coloring books. The best part is that fabric markers are only
visible on light fabrics. Therefore you don’t have to be too neat and
precise, because the color won’t show up if you color outside the heart lines. Turn your shorts around and color the hearts
on the back as well. How flipping cute are these colorful heart
shorts right? I love the bleach gel technique as it allows
you to up-cycle old shirts and pants into completely new and unique pieces. Have fun drawing or writing on your clothes
and be creative with your designs! I think it’s so difficult to find cute and
unique clothes like this in stores. But that’s not a problem for us, because we
can simply diy them! We are not completely summer ready, without
beautiful summer nails, right?! I’ll show you how to make these stunning beach
nail art inspired by Janelle. And don’t worry, it is so easy to make! You should give it a go even if you never
tried nail art before. Start by painting all your nails in white. I like to apply two coats for a fully opaque
result. White nails already look super summery to
me but we will make them way more epic! A pure summer vacation on the nails. Grab a sand colored nail polish and apply
it on the ring finger and the thumb. It will represent a sandy beach so any kind
of beige nail polish will work. To make our tropical beach all pretty and
sparkly we have to apply a layer of golden glitter polish on top. One or two layers are more than enough as
we still want lots of that sand color to show up. On the remaining three fingers we are creating
the moment when beautiful turquoise waves hit the shore. Grab a sponge and apply a stripe of beige
polish, followed by a light blue stripe and lastly a medium blue nail polish. Quickly dab the sponge on the nail to create
a beautiful beachy gradient. You can repeat the step to make the colors
more vibrant and opaque. I love how mine turned out so it’s time for
a clean up. Soak a q-tip in acetone and clean the skin
around the nail. Apply a small amount of gold glitter polish on the top part of the nail, where we have the sand. To create the white foam, which forms when
waves crash on the beach, we’ll be using water spotted technique. Fill a glass with room temperature water. Take a white nail polish and drip one to two
drops in the glass. The polish should spread on the water surface
like that. Quickly grab a hairspray and spray on the
water surface. The alcohol in the spray breaks up the polish
layer and creates a spotty design. Dip your finger into the are you like best. Grab a toothpick and clean the remaining nail
polish from the water surface. Pull the finger out of the water and reveal
this cool beach waves inspired design. Since we don’t want to have that sea foam
allover the finger, clean it up with a q-tip soaked in acetone. Time to repeat the water spotted technique
on the other two nails as well. Instead of a hairspray you can also use body mist, perfume or any other product which contains alcohol. As you can see this nail art is so easy to
make. There’s no freehand drawing, dotting or anything
like that. Lastly, we need to apply a layer of a fast
drying top coat to seal the design and protect the polish from chipping. These nails turned out absolutely amazing! A perfect summer manicure for sure. I love how fun they were to make, with the
sponge gradient and water spotted marbling. Looking at these I really wish I’d be on a
tropical sunny beach right now. But oh well having this paradise on my nails
will have to do it for now. Anyway, I’ll probably wear this design all
summer long… new obsession on the rise? Yup, I’m pretty sure about that! You don’t have to travel to exotic places
to make your summer amazing! Be creative, try out new things and every
day will become an exciting adventure! Now you guys are all ready for summer! But I know that some of you are actually going
towards winter. So I really want to know where do you guys
live? Let me know in the comments in which country
you are right now. It would be so interesting to see where all
the #sarties are located! OK, thank you so much for watching guys, don’t
forget to thumbs up the video if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you soon. Bye! Whether you spend your summer on a tropical
sandy beach or at home, remember that tan lines will fade but the memories will last
forever. Wish you all an unforgettable summer!

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