DIY Destinations (4K) – Costa Rica Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

DIY Destinations (4K) – Costa Rica Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

Hola! I am going to Costa Rica all alone with almost no money, no film crew, no make up or friends, except for the one I met. Just myself experiencing it’s breathtaking natural beauties, the famous volcanoes, sightseeing many of its national parks, waterfalls and gorgeous beaches…. Not to forget learning about its proud history and the diverse culture, as well paying to see the most expensive landfill on earth! Experiencing hitchhiking for the first time and getting around the local way. Off course, eating cheap, and soaking in the warm hospitality of the Costa Rican people. Along with a bit of rain… All done, safely, inexpensively and easily. Anything I can do, you can do, DIY Destinations – Costa Rica and you are invited! We are so fortunate to live in a small world with so many cultures so much beauty, and so much diversity the world waits for no one it’s up to each of us to discover its magnificent destinations I want to make travel accessible to all of us by showing how it can be done safely and inexpensively Officially called the Republic of Costa Rica meaning Rich Coast a country of speculator nature, incredible biodiversity, rich history and colorful cultures. Today it is home to a population of 4.9 million with 330,000 living in the capital city of San Jose and this is where we’ll touchdown and beginning our journey so I just arrived from San Jose International Airport and we are going downtown there is many options the most expensive way is by taxi and it cost $30 U.S. Dollars but being on budget I think I am going to try the local, easy and inexpensive way which is… you guess it! by a bus… it cost only $1.00 U.S. Dollars but the catch is you have to get the local currency to pay the bus driver so how do you do that without being ripped off at the airport with their horrible exchange rate? just go to the arrival lounge and ask for the local Costa Rican who is waiting to pick up their relatives Whoa… so welcome to downtown San Jose from here I am just going to walk to my accommodation so with that being said… let’s go! And this is where I’ll welcome you to heart of San Jose and recommend you to stay as it is walking distance to all the transportation and major attractions It is also where my generous accommodation sponsor La Rosa Del Paseo are located They offer extremely comfortable rooms, breakfast buffet, high-speed internet and tour service and airport transfers all at great price Along with friendly staff thanks guys! Oh right! Let’s talk about money… Skip the airport ATM as they are total ripped off with the $100 withdrawal limit and high fees. I recommend you withdrawal it from a local bank machine once getting in to downtown, do not ever accept pre-determine dynamic currency conversion rate, it has 18% markup… just go with the flow. Alternatively, you can rob a bank okay… just joking… At the time of the filming, the National Bank of Costa Rica and Bank of Costa Rica offers the best exchange rate for over the counter but there is a catch! just want to let you know… exchanging money at a bank the line up can be pretty long so honestly… I think I have another 20, 30 minutes to go… Now… let’s go and get some shopping done! First stop, Central Market of San Jose, it is the largest market in the city. It occupies an entire block on Central Avenue. With over 200 shops, this is where the locals come to shop, you’ll find everything from cheap restaurants called sodas to stalls selling coffee beans, souvenirs, local handcrafts and flowers for your dates. But there is one rule, bargain and bargain hard… this is part of the local experience. But if you got expensive taste for shining things and gold An four minutes walk will take you to the National Theatre of Costa Rica and underneath it, you’ll find a steel vault of the National Bank Museum or commonly referred to as Pre-Columbian Gold Museum The museum has a substantial collection of over 1600 artifacts from Pre-Columbian gold dating back to 500 AD The collection includes Costa Rica’s first coin, the Media Escudo which was minted in 1825 As well many exhibits featuring socio-cultural evolution of pre-Columbian cultures and the evolution stages and styles of metal smithing in Costa Rica Along the way to our next attraction, you got a great opportunity to confess your sins at one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Church of Our Lady of La Soledad, built between 1682 and 1690 and should be a must visit if you are looking forward to meet one of the most appreciated and beloved virgins for the locals Inside this stunningly beautiful church, you can find a blue dome that simulates the Costa Rican beautiful sky. Also nearby… the National Craft Market, where you’ll find more local handmade craft… so if you also want to support the local economy and come to places like this… and I love it! most of the stuff here are handmade locally and the best of all… everything is up for negotiations the prices… so make sure you bargain hard! if the merchant compliants blame it on me because I said so… After shopping, it’s time get to know about this country, its colourful history, that is… now this is located right behind the Blue House and right over there on that side is the National Assembly of Costa Rica that’s why this park is call the National Park because its dedicated to the people of Costa Rica Located at the opposite of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, The National Museum of Costa Rica is situated inside a Bellavista Fortress, originally built in 1917 as a military barracks the exterior walls still have many bullets lodged in them from the country’s 1948 civil war. It became the site of the museum in 1950 If you love butterfly, you are in for a treat, the entrance is the section featuring the Department of Natural History, where you can get up close and experience Costa Rica’s diverse botany, insects especially butterfly, The museum has also extensive collection artifacts related to Pre-Colombian History, including more than 800 objects, such as arrowheads, pottery, burials, necklaces, and other artifacts of personal and ceremonial decoration This is where you can see the life way of the ancient cultures in a chronological journey, from the twelve thousand years BC until the arrival of the Spaniards Now what’s behind me is a Noble Peace Prize belong to someone from Costa Rica who help end the civil war across Central America particularly in Guatemala The Homeland History presents the development of Costa Rica, since the arrival of the Spaniards until toda Photographs, drawings and historical objects recall the colonial era, independence, social and economic contribution of coffee, bananas and railway, among other topics. The Central Avenue is a pedestrian street which is several blocks long and made up of huge variety of shops, street sellers as well as cafes and restaurants, a fantastic opportunity to people watch For those who want to feel young again, the University of Costa Rica is a must visit It’s not crowded with tourist and surrounded with cheap eats, especially if you like fried rice By the way, this is where the not so rich student like myself eats… at the Plaza Chou Yes, Chinese are conquering over this country with one bowl of noodles at a time Another solid evidence, a warning, the Chinese Confucius Institute is proudly grounded here And if you like to stay near here, In the Wind Hostel is right place for you. They offer different rooms at a great price, full kitchen, with in-house pub, comfortable lounge area and also relaxing backyard for you to chill out San Jose is full of beautiful large parks, and here is two of the must see parks. First is Parque de la Paz or the Peace Park, one of the biggest parks at the outskirts of San José and it is located in the southern part of the San Sebastián District. It is a wonderful, quiet place to take a break from the noisy traffic of the downtown The second park is the La Sabana Park, located in downtown San José. It is the country’s largest and most significant urban park. Officially inaugurated in 1977, its origins date back two centuries Now… a lot of people compliant that everything here in Costa Rica cost so much but they don’t go to free places like… you know many of the wonderful parks they have in the city but this is definitely one of them For more than 150 years the park developed its characteristic vegetation, spurred by planting campaigns from the citizens. In 1930 this project was halted when the government decided to locate the country’s first international airport within the park area The International Airport functioned for 44 years, until the opening of the current airport Now there is a Chinatown here in San Jose it’s actually not really big there is probably only couples of shop here but at least you know… it’s true… the Chinese are taking over the world even here… in Costa Rica! Next day… its’ time to say good bye to San Jose and take bus to La Fortuna so I am in a taxi cab it’s five in the morning and I am heading off to the bus terminal to take bus to La Fortuna The reason I am taking the taxi is that part of the town is not that safe so here in the third floor I finally got my ticket and it cost 2,500 local currency it’s about $4.50 U.S. but the buses are downstairs so let’s go down and lineup like everyone else Oh, don’t fuel up too much on the coffee because is no toilet on the bus in this four and half ride and there is only one piss stop in between. So be warned! Most of the people are actually getting off… I think a lot of them are getting a air break but… I am just really exhausted to get off at this stop so with that being said… I am going to go back up sleep… and sleep more! La Fortuna means “The Fortune” in Spanish and was named for the fertile lands where it is located. It’s is a small cute town of 16,000 and known as a gateway to Arenal Volcano National Park The entire town is only a few block wide so everything is within walking distance Once again… I like to thank my sponsor Hotel Las Colinas and this generous owner for providing me with accommodation and lots of great advice They offer amazing air condition rooms for both couples and families, along with in-house bar, great breakfast and best of all… just a minutes walk away from the town centre The Fortuna Park is the town centre and where locals met and hang out, or sleep, haha! During the day it’s dominated by the Saint John Bosco Church in the background with the breathtaking view of Arenal Volcano But I got no time to waste, there is so much to see The downside, all the attractions are spread apart, so unless you have the teleportation abilities, the taxi is pretty much your main option and it’s pretty expensive. However… let’s think outside box, scooters rental are available for $20 to $30 a day and off course hitchhiking if you are adventurist By the way, bring your sunscreen and bathing suit! First… we’ll visit a little known private ecological reserve Ecocentro Danaus. It’s about 45 minutes walk or 10 minutes and $5.00 by taxi This is the first off the beaten path attraction I am going to introduce to you here is Costa Rica this is actually a reserve located in La Fortuna it has birds it has butterflies and various species it actually got started 20 years ago by locals so it still owns by the locals all the money you spent here stay locally apparently there is a really nice lake along the way the whole trails is only 700 meters long not big! you can do quite a bit with little time here so let’s go and check it out Through the trails you can be observed in their natural habitat of wide variety of plants and wildlife along with a natural water spring to observe of aquatic birds and if you like butterflies you are in for a treat! Whoaa! so we are finally surrounded by butterflies I am sure you guys would like to take a closer look thanks to my zoom lens by the way so let’s get all the juicy details Reproduction of native tree species is one of the main objectives as well as the conservation and rescue of indigenous culture Maleku who exhibit their crafts, provide information to visitors about their culture and perform their ceremonies within the Ecological Reserve there is also a gallery inside the reserve where you can pick up some local souvenirs these are all hand painted and done guys it is really, really humid and hot here but at least you are under the shade which is really nice or else I probably end up dying… To stay to cool… I think I got a nice place in mind! It’s about 15 minutes away by taxi or two hour walk so don’t try! Alright boy and girls! welcome to La Fortuna Waterfalls to get a big splash you need to get down there it’s about 10 minutes hike don’t forget to bring your bathing suit with that being said… let’s go and get wet! The hike down to the waterfall is short and arduous, along a staircase carved into the hillside We are almost there so keep walking c’mon… The waterfall drops about 75 meters and located at the base of the dormant Chato volcano, about 5.5 km outside of the town of La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volcano. It is fed by the Arenal River which travels through the rain forest in the Arenal Mountain range until it plunges over the cliff forming this waterfall Alright! I think it’s my turn to go for a dip let’s do it! time to show off my non-existence six-pack Alright! so after getting out… out of the waterfall it’s amazing…! the water actually taste like spring water the bottled water you get literally! so this is definitely a must-see! how there is one safety precaution I must warn you the rock is extremely slippery and other thing is there is a lot of algae which make it even worse so make sure you look ahead try to walk on the rock that is flat! Oh yeah, it’s also a really great place to babe watching, serious! Okay… Just joking…! But in case, you are not ready to get wet or met the beautiful women, I got you covered! so for those of you who are too scared or too chicken to get in but still want a nice shot come right here this is the lookout pavilion This is where I ended my day by hitchhiking back to the hotel But I am not done yet, I am hungry and need to look for cheap eats At the night time there is really nothing to do here except there is foreign catered pubs foreign tourist priced restaurants and so on… honestly… I can’t tell you where to eat inexpensively! because I can’t find any myself unless you want to go eat like 4 kilograms of mangos at the supermarket but let’s go and take a look with a comedic twist… I actually found bananas they only 40 colón each so two for 80 colón or tweety five cents Don’t count on Chinese food even that aren’t cheap But I am going not give up… and my persistence paid off by going off the main road I think I found the best option in town in term of budget wise it look good on paper when I ordered let me show you so this place is called Re-Chicken and this… is what I got! so as you can see its about $3.00 U.S. Dollars and it comes with… and it comes with salad and soft tortilla once again… the moment of truth! when I saved all those airline forks and knifes I should have brought it with me there is technical difficulties it’s actually not bad it’s actually chicken breast if you ask me if it is worth three bucks I’ll say yeah! In Costa Rica, you need at least $20 a day for food unless you want to lose weight, seriously! But once again thanks to Las Colinas, I got fed really well for breakfast and ready to conquered Arenal Volcano. By the way, don’t forget to tip the hard working staff, they really, really deserve it! To get to the volcano by taxi it’s like $25.00 oh my goodness! so… oh I think that is my bus the cheaper way is by bus right here… Hello!!! How are you? I didn’t finish my sentence but… to get to the park it’s like $25 U.S. Dollars but what you can do is to take the bus there and take the taxi back or you can do exactly what I did yesterday which is hitch a ride with someone on the way back But not only taxi and food are expensive, the National Park admission cost $15, get ready for an four kilometre long hike up to scenic point so make sure you have proper hiking shoes the ticket collector said it takes about two to three hours I don’t think it will take that long I think I am a pretty fit guy I already eaten lots of breakfast so with that being said… let’s get going! I am still hiking… it’s about… it’s about 35 minutes into the hike shouldn’t be much longer maybe another half hour or so it’s two kilometres or so so once you get here you get two choices you want to visit the old lava field or… you want to get some nature and see some old trees and different kind of vegetation So… they said it takes about two to three hours to get here Nope! I got here in less than 45 minutes so don’t be scared! and once again that is the reward you get a magnificent view from the volcano Arenal Volcano is active, measures at least 1,633 metres and is considered a young volcano and it is estimated to be less than 7,500 years old. This area is an important watershed for the Arenal Lake Reservoir. The reservoir’s water is used for hydroelectric power connected to the national system As you walk, you will be able to see how the forest has recovered from prior eruptions Although much of this is secondary growth as most plants and trees were destroyed, miraculously, some things managed to survive. Of note are four large fig trees and a giant Ceiba tree Don’t be surprise if you end up making some new friends including white faced capuchin monkeys, green basilisk lizards, bats, a variety of insects, Your visit to the park is not over even when you reached the entrance, about one and half kilometers away is La Peninsula Sector of Arenal Volcano National Park Oh yeah, I am going to lose some more weight! a car just pass by and said three hundred metres more but I felt like I just walked ten kilometres Alright! it’s here after 45 minutes hike up here we reach the new area of the park which they just opened and as you can see… there is so many parking spot and only one car so no one knows about it and this is really off the beaten path it also is included in your $15 admission so make sure it counts and always it’s 1.2 kilometres that way and that lady in the ticket office said its going to be amazing Although the trail is paved, it is narrow and feels immersed in the jungle and has few handicap-accessible trails. About halfway through, you come to a lofty viewing tower. A climb up the few sets of metal stairs to the top will earn you a nice view of the lake and Arenal Volcano okay we are coming to the end of the trail thank goodness because my feet are killing me So, welcome to Lake Nicaragua I think so excuse my pronunciations I think this is it! So whoaa! the end of the trail! it’s really, really nice here you get the volcanos in the background and Lake Nicaragua excuse my pronunciation but let’s give you a 360 view here you go! However, its time to head back to town, somehow… there was a really nice couple that just stopped and I asked… I open their door and I asked they said they are not going to La Fortuna So… at least they were really nice! it’s really, really strange and awkward actually asking people for rides okay I forgot to turn the microphone on So I guess… the answer is no! But… let me just do this one more time if it doesn’t work out I will call a taxi I just have to suck it up and pay the $25 I have to admit it does take a bit effort… but it paid off with a ride back to town, well almost! Well I have a very good luck today so I have two French couple French couple that is going to take me to one town before La Fortuna From there… I’ll just take a taxi home So I am really excited I got left off again which is fine at the nearby hotel which they are staying at I am going to wait for five minutes if it doesn’t work out taxi time really, I want to go back However… don’t count hitchhiking all the way to our next city… sometimes getting around this little country can take a little bit of work I have a little dilemma here the bus schedule on the internet is not correct apparently there is a bus leading at four o’clock bus to Tilarán and from Tilarán there is connection to Cañas from Cañas to Liberia that is not correct! today’s bus leave at 5:30 I decide to hop on even though I may or may not get the corresponding bus to the next connection I may have on the street So… let’s hope that doesn’t happen! so what’s happening right now is… the bus goes back and forward it’s almost like I am on the roller coaster The total ride takes only three and half hours, but there is multiple transfers, You’ll see… I finally made to… can’t even remember the name of the city actually but apparently the bus hasn’t left yet so we are going to Cañas and from there I can get to Liberia I am really, really hope to get there By the way, sometimes there will be travel agent that will lied to you that bus is either cancelled or not connect to Liberia Ignore it, this is how they tried to sell hotel rooms, so do your own research to make sure you the most up to date bus schedule. Also, don’t worry if the bus is completed pitch dark during most of your journey. So feel free to fool around if you got partner, So after all… I will be able to go to Liberia tonight I am so happy everything tour agent told me is bullshit I am just so happy, I don’t want to say anything bad anymore I just don’t want to curse them I am able to go to Liberia tonight! let’s enjoy the ride Finally, I reached my sponsor hotel which generously offers me very comfortable accommodations They are just ten minutes bus ride from the downtown with easy access to many local attractions, including the shopping district. The best of all, the parking is free along with large ranch area for those who loves nature and pool for you to relax Off course, extremely comfortable rooms at a great price! So, have a good night of because I definitely will Next day… get your bathing suite ready because we are going to two nearby National Parks. First Santa Rosa National Park and if you got time, the most inexpensive option is by bus from Liberia So this is where you get a bus ticket to go to Santa Rosa now what’s it call… the schedule are up there but remember this… also ask when is the returning bus or else you’ll be sleeping there or ending up hitchhiking with that being said let’s get going! But for most of us I recommend you book a driver for a day it’s cost about $100 through most hotels, but you always bargain and yes, bargain hard! The main entrance of Santa Rosa National Park is 36 kilometres away, covering 38,000 hectares and was the first national park established in Costa Rica, created in 1971 The park protects some of the last remaining tropical dry forest in the world, meaning that most trees lose their leaves in the dry season, the park stretches from Highway 1 all the way to the Pacific Coast. Within this area are several other habitats, including oak forests, beaches, swamps, and mangroves. So I am really happy because today we can just go right in the park office is closed so I guess we have no one to pay That is what we thought… but no its $15 admission for foreigners and I absolutely hate it! This park also hosts the site of Costa Rica’s most famous historic battle. The La Casona, this building was the site of the famous 1856 battle of Santa Rosa, where a Costa Rican army blindsided a resting militia and sent them retreating back to Nicaragua. The intruders were under the orders of William Walker, a power-hungry lawyer and doctor from the United States who had plans to take over five Central American countries, including Costa Rica so most of the things here are reproductions because this building was burnt down But its time to continued to our next attraction, however let’s take our time to drop by many of beautiful sites along the way along with the next attraction we drop by here at the Rio Cruwonde it’s actually a river inside a canyon Also to keep cool, a bathing suite will definitely come handy at times. If you lucky enough, you may able to meet some new friends before you head the park you can actually come here and swim I am training for the next Olympics guys Your Santa Rosa ticket also grant you same day admission to Rincon de la Vieja National Park so make sure to keep your ticket! Strangely, they’ll be inspected by the lovely staff from Korea National Park But first, you’ll get a dose of snakes! No joking… It showcase all the different types of species living in the park If you are afraid of snake, don’t worry… there nice long trial for run away and gigantic roots for you climb The shorter Las Pailas Trail is a 3 km loop that passes through thick rainforest and some open fields. This is the most used trail because you can see volcanic features. The first part of the trail is also very scenic, with a short hanging bridge that crosses a river, a small waterfall, and really thick rainforest The Las Pailas trail leads to one of the most impressive features of the park steam vents also called fumaroles Rincon de la Vieja National Park is a special place because it sits in a part of Guanacaste where the flat plains meet the jungle-filled mountains, and encompasses the Rincón de la Vieja and Santa María volcanoes, as well as the dormant Cerro Von Seebach So this is the first of the many active volcanos you can see the steams coming out and if you can smell the sulphur you are at the right place Farther on the trail, the forest thins out and there are more volcanic features to discover, including the mini mud volcano. Tiny bubbles from underground heat and gases constantly churned the thick, grey mud to make it silky smooth This volcanic mud is the same kind that is used for body and facial masks this is another one of the attraction this is a laguna located at the smaller and shorter trail please do not go down and swim! I warn you! This is another laguna look how lovely it is you can see the bubble that is coming up that mean it is active The park has a variety of wildlife, such as over 300 species of birds, mammals seen in the park include cougars, monkeys, kinkajous, jaguars and many more After all that hike, its time to enjoy some traditional Costa Rican cuisine… and there is no shortage of cheap eats if comes to local, non-tourist restaurant call sodas In Costa Rica, they are famous for one thing Pineapples and this is a pineapple drink super refreshing! The typical meals along with a drink cost less than $2.50, and eating with local… FREE! So what I am having right now today look absolutely delicious this is rice beans really traditional Costa Rican food and also that is sweet potato I believe and that is chicken and with that being said… delicious! The tour took the entire morning and big part of the afternoon and I asked my driver to drop me off at the town centre. The city of Liberia is well maintained, with a nice central park and several old houses that illustrate its colonial history But the daylight ends early and if you ask me what to do… this is my answer so in term of what is here in Liberia this is pretty much it there is a park and there is a church and nothing else This stunning church dates back to 1866. It is blindingly white on a sunny day, typifying the whitewashed fashion that earns Liberia’s nickname of The White City. The building’s museum includes the exhibit that illustrates Liberian art, culture, and daily life through the antique sculptures, cloths, books and the furnitures Surrounding the park there is many trendy café, pubs and where you can meet some lovely Costa Rican ladies… the older ones, just joking. If you are hungry, there is more cheap eats. One of the most popular dishes in Costa Rica is fried chicken served in sodas so I am not a big fan of fried chicken but apparently everything is closed right now and I have not had a KFC for a long time so this is what I got… so its 1,700 which is roughly about $3.50 U.S. Dollar or so it’s not bad I ended my night by taking a bus back to the hotel for long deserved rest Because I’ll be waking up early and prepare to get wet, again! I’ll be hoping on a bus to towards Bagaces and by the way, take this advice if you don’t want to be oven roasted No matter how much you hate sunscreens make sure, make sure you wear them or else… prepare to be roasted Ask the driver to let you off at the at the entrance of the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall, its only a 20 minutes ride and the best of all its FREE! But that is catch… so the bus driver drop us off here right at the entrance of the waterfall which is great! it’s only 800 metre in… let’s go in and check out the magnificent waterfall we are already here right… I think I can hear some noise and sound of the waterfall man its like horribly exhausting hot hike here you go! One of the best things about visiting this waterfall is that your visit helps support the local community. On your way to the falls, you will come to a small group of people asking for a donation, all donations go directly to the local school, as rural areas like this one have some of the highest poverty rates in the country alright its time for some selfie… how cool is this? but unfortunately I can’t get closer because I don’t want to wet my camera that is the only one I have sorry guys Another way to support the local people is by buying some local handcrafted souvenirs and keeping hydrated… now as you can see I am so freaking hot right now I have to put a towel all over me nope, I didn’t just convert myself to a Muslim it is just really, really hot! it is really, really refreshing! so strongly recommended a great way to be hydrated! For doing that the locals will love to death, so I am here with a group of Costa Ricans that offered me a ride they are really nice if it wasn’t for them I would have to walk one kilometres this way After checking out from my hotel, it’s another ride back to Liberia bus terminal and heading off to somewhere with lots of nature. Once again… brace yourself for some complicated bus ride Unfortunately our bus going to Puntarenas just left about few minutes ago so we are about two to three minutes too late nonetheless the next bus is going to be 1:30 so its not too bad in the meanwhile I think I might grab something to eat first because this is going to be really, really long ride while you are waiting for your bus why not support the local economy as well and the… I am not good at doing this… for only a dollar or so you get try out the coconut water it’s super refreshing just remember once you get on the bus that’s a long ride you might as hydrate now I totally recommend it! really good! Yes, you should be hydrated and should support the local economy by eating up, but please keep in mind there is no toilet on this two hours long bus ride, so if you have to piss very bad, it might feel like a hundred hours. So, no beer or coffee please! Also, there is something else if you don’t want to be cooked Alright so I am finally heading to Puntarenas and the… I am going to switch a seat because… this thing does not open it feel so much better after the bus started when the wind come in cools me down oh this feels so good! as you can see I am really bloody, bloody hot But what I did was there is people coming on to the bus selling drinks and stuff and this is actually ice I don’t know what is inside there probably some sort of juice I think that is how I am going to eat it it’s pretty crazy how hot it is… anything that can cool me down I’ll take it I am actually arrive at… the Puntarenas I can’t even pronounce this city’s name so right now there is a bus stop right here doesn’t even look like a terminal station but nonetheless the bus is going to be here soon and we’ll head off to our next stop while you wait… don’t be a loner it’s a good chance to meet some locals and practice your Spanish so we are finally on the bus towards Quepos and from Quepos there is another bus we are going to take which is about 15 minutes, not so bad one of the locals told me that despite the fact that today is a holiday the bus schedule is the same which is nice! because we are going to get there on time tonight with that being said, as usual enjoy the ride so we are finally here at the Quepos bus station and I am going to show you how it looks like and now we are going to Manuel Antonio once again… we have to wait! wait.. and wait… but I hope is going to come soon because I really want to get a good night of sleep I promise this is going to be the last ride, before reaching my sponsor Hostel Vista Serena. They are just few steps from the bus stop and offers both comfortable budget dorms and private suites, along with a full kitchen, lounge and free high speed WIFI. In the morning, a simple breakfast is on the house! Yay! as you can see the rain is relentless and I do not want to wait anymore so I ask the hostel to give me a umbra so I can go and just roam but the rain is not going to stop me we are taking a direct us to Manuel Antonio National Park and within twenty minutes, you’ll be dropped off at the local beach where you can relax and chill out But let’s focus on the park for now and the entrance is right across. Make sure you $3.00 entrance admission fee… okay, damn it! That’s now much locals pay, the $16 for foreigners. I know, its really suck! Established in 1972, with a land area covering 2,000 hectare, you won’t have to look hard to find wildlife here. The Manuel Antonio National Park is famous with sloths, monkeys, and exotic birds along even the well-maintained main hiking trail lead to spectacular viewpoints, there is also small waterfalls and a secluded beaches. This is where we are heading off first! this one goes to the beach everyone said it’s pretty nice so we are going to check it out it is $16 dollar after all let’s make it worth it let’s check it out! so right here we are at the beach we walked all the way down and it’s not that far most of the trail is really, really flat and easy to get to So… I am contemplating right now if I should jump in because I still have a open sore on my feet as much as I like it as sweaty today I think… what the fuck let’s do it! Now there is another beach here unlike last time I am not going for another dip because my feet is still in pain from the salt waters with the open wound but at least we should go and check it out to make our $15 worthwhile or $16 worthwhile Yes, along the way, you’ll see more prime mates… by the way, I am going brag I also have degree in anthropology and I’ll like to warn you not to feed them. You could end up signing their death warranty by doing so, when they are used to us bring them food, they could be aggressive to those did not, and they needed to be destroyed once they post danger to humans. So… enjoy them from a far. With that being said, welcome to beach number 2 Boy and girls we are going to walk to our final it’s actually located near the entrance so… the last place I go before heading back if you are looking for a nice workout you come to a the right place especially if you are hiking up this… and carrying this… Alright! after a… 15 minutes hike we got to this waterfall I recommend you come in first check this out you’ll have lot more energy in the beginning to hike all those slops and then go back out and explore rest of the park with that being said… this is my last stop and I hope you think the $16 you paid is worth it Finally its time to head back, I definitely know by now you are exhausted, thirsty I got you cover, you can grab water near the entrance, inside the supermarket for really cheap, or grab a freshly cut coconut. For dealing with your hunger issue… there is lots of free mangos up for grab, literally So I know its really silly but… C’mon… This… is free food! its included in the cost of your plane ticket so make sure… you get to try the all nature Costa Rican mangos On the way back, there is something that caught my eye, did I tell you that I am also pilot… so on the way back to my hostel I bump into this place right here this airplane it’s actually a pub and the… the funny thing is I own a ice-cream store called Evalion back home if you don’t believe me, just Google it! Evalion Ice-Cream so let’s go and check it out I hope they serve excellent first class meals because I am so tired of economy class tiny dishes This Fairchild C-123 was a part of one of the biggest scandals in the 1980’s. The Reagan Administration set up a bizarre network of arms sales to Iran designed to win release of US hostages held in Lebanon and raise money to fund the Nicaraguan counter-revolutionary guerilla fighters, commonly referred to as the “Contras” With the CIA’s help, they purchased several items, including two C-123 cargo planes, built a secret airstrip on an American-owned, 30,000 acre ranch in northwest Costa Rica. On October 5,1986, a US cargo plane, the twin sister, of El Avion was shot down over Nicaragua and it’s crew member was captured and led out of the jungle at gun point. This event set in motion an incredible chain of cover-ups and lies that would mushroom into one of the biggest scandals in American political history known as the Iran-Contra Affair The Fairchild’s sister plane used in the cargo operation was suspended and abandoned at the International Airport in San José until August 2000, when it was purchased and shipped here and retired to less risqué endeavors as a restaurant, bar and an enduring Cold War relic So boys and girls… just want to let you know do you know… that I am also a pilot and I’ll tell you from this condition it is never going to fly again you got that right! After looking the menu, the price here is really out of my range. So, let’s take a bus down to Quepos, the gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park. let’s going and see if there is any inexpensive food we can eat because everywhere is tourist price some place is so expensive… Costa Rican! The city is very tourism-oriented, having many vivacious night-life, bars and cheap soda restaurants. So… let’s our options for cheap eats. First stop bakeries… you find lots of inexpensive baked goods under a dollar. Being adventurist myself, I am going try a mystery pastries I am very certain its not going to kill me so don’t worry taste like jelly it’s probably corn bread given I desperately in needed of something hot, let’s check out the Kentucky Fried Chicken, I mean… their version of KFC Gollo, sorry actually that is electronic shop. Its next door. A two piece with fries and drinks costing only $3.50, It’s a total steal! But… for those of you who are want eat bit healthier to keep your six pack, there is the typical Costa Rican meals found in many of the town’s soda for about $4.00 Serve by a lovely, lovely… Wow… look it this… Alright! I decide to call my night early My feet is in so much pain right now tomorrow I have to wake up at 5:30 to catch a bus to San Jose from there, transfer, transfer and transfer afterall… right now there is nothing else in the town absolutely everything is closed after 7:30 The cost of the bus to San Jose cost about $7.50 and takes about four hours, so… if you want to make most of your time in Costa Rica, take the earliest bus possible. Once again, don’t drink too much coffee or else you may have to piss in your pants so the bus is making a quick stop here so people can go to the bathroom and grab something to eat pretty much everything is overpriced here Still… can’t resist grabbing a fresh fruit watermelon is my favorite it’s 400 colón or fifty cents the express left me at a bus station nearby so I am coming to this one which is about five minute walk away and we are designate for Cartago and from there we are going to transfer another bus to Paraiso I think that is the name of the town While death, and taxes are inevitable in the good old USA, in Costa Rica, you can add the traffic jam and perhaps standing on the bus to that list and right now I am in Cartago we are heading off to Paraiso in this bus it’s actually really, really pack both in front of me and back of me so I am hoping for a fast journey I like to once again thank my sponsor Paraiso Orocay Lodge for providing me with the very comfortable accommodation and amazing breakfast. They offer all large varieties of spacious, clean rooms, along with beautiful outdoor patio, hot tub, and high speed WIFI throughout the properties and most importantly, friendly and helpful staff… thanks guys! But let’s get going, since I am so sick of seeing tourist… I am heading off to off the beaten path, a little town called Orosi and there is direct bus every fifteen minutes This is a tranquil and serene community in the province of Cartago. While somewhat undiscovered by travellers, Orosi features an incredibly peaceful setting among the lush forest and towering pine trees. This small town is also home to the country’s most historic landmark, including the Church of San Jose of Orosi, which was built in 1743 and is the oldest church in the country still in use today just like many small villages across Costa Rica the church is the centre of the town and this is no exception so right behind me is the San Jose of Orosi and its a very lovely little church so let’s go in and check it out! The church’s whitewashed walls and classic Spanish-colonial architecture are a testament to the long hours and artistic dedication that went into this church’s design. A visit to Orosi shouldn’t take more than few hours since there is really not much to do, other than the church and to take a break from other tourists. With that being said, let’s go back to Paraiso… Hey! Just because I mention I am going back that does not mean I am going home. Now this lovely town of Paraiso consist mainly of the park and also the church The town’s main church has very long history and very, very long name Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Limpia Concepción del Rescate de Ujarrás Damn it! I can’t speak Spanish, its called Parish Our Lady of the Clean… Okay… its… Parish Our Lady of the Clean Conception of the Rescue of Ujarrás Okay I tried… Honestly, despite looking online for the history of this church… I found absolutely nothing. However, I did found myself becoming increasing hungry. So, let’s eat!!! And yes Chinese are here as well… but the best deals are found in the pizza shops you got to try their crazy local pizzas Man… this is really big! as much as I can multitask there is no way I can operate the camera and eat pizza at the same time but if you want to try something more local I got you covered too! This is tico taco traditional it’s a traditional taco and it’s very simple you have beef inside and mayonnaise and tomato so nice and simple yeah! I didn’t give you a fork because its against the law of… so… it’s okay… you have to eat with your hand do it with my hands so that’s it! Am I doing it right… yeah! Wow! damn the seasoning… I know it might be messy right now but… but this is good! After dinner its time to head back for nice night of rest since we got busy morning ahead this is Paraiso and we are heading to Cartago so I am really excited to finally get going… and… I think these people are waiting in line as well to… and here you go… The total trip time from Paraiso to Cartago takes about 20 minutes costing $0.50 From Cartago to the Irazu Volcano, its about a hour and half and $7 dollar each way one of my biggest headache here in Costa Rica is sunburn but my even bigger headache is there is so many bus lines and so many bus companies so confusing because most of them goes to same destinations but they drop you off at the different places around the city but I am going to tell you need to be here now as you can see there is no marking there is no marking anywhere so you just need to ask… please if you get loss ask! so finally we are walking towards the volcano right now after you get your ticket at the entrance two kilometres down the bus will take you here still hiking but we are getting there and this is one of the lookout point The Irazú Volcano is an active volcano, in Costa Rica it is known by the name of “El Coloso”, due to the catastrophes that it has provoked in the past The volcano’s summit has several craters, one of which contains Diego de la Haya, a green crater lake of variable depth, it suppose to like this in the tourist guide books. But in reality, it look like a ugly landfill that cost $20 in entrance fee, so I suggest you skip it and do something more worth while. By the way, just like what you expected from a landfill, it smells like shit… I mean sulphur there is nothing to see inside the crater anyways you can’t really glance down because there is nothing inside there so from the volcano down to Cartago I slept basically all the way the hypoxia up there really kick in after a hour or so but any how, I came down here it’s time to fuel up before a nice tour of Cartago the good thing is right here… right across the street there is a big church that is one of the main attractions the bus stops right here in front of the coffee house Once you are awaken by the coffee it’s time to explore Cartago’s main landmark The Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, first built in 1639 and was partially destroyed by an earthquake The basilica has since been restored and constitutes a unique mix of colonial architecture as well as 19th century Byzantine style, the current building dates back to 1939 like many towns and cities where they have a church designated as its centre this is no exception here in Cartago I am standing on the National Santuario Plaza right now and behind me is a very important basilica it’s called Los Angeles it’s the most visited tourist attraction in town let’s go and check it out how magnificent it is inside A small representation of the Virgin Mary carrying the infant Jesus, said to have been discovered by a peasant girl in Cartago. Tradition claims that the little girl found the small statue on a rock and took it home. The next morning she found that the statue was not there but back at the rock, so she took it to the priest and he locked it in a small box. The next morning the statue was back at the rock. During the construction, the church was destroyed by earthquakes so many times, it was finally decided to move it to the location where the statue was found and they were finally able to finish it Today many patrons wash themselves and drink the water from the rock on which the statue was found Scientists have since found this water to be safe to drink even though no filtration or chemicals are used to purify the water Just ten minutes walk away you’ll find the Ruins of the Santiago Apóstol Parish or St. James Apostle According to a popular legend, there were two brothers who lived in colonial Cartago city. One of them was a single, nice and the other a priest. A rivalry arose between them as both fell in love with the same woman, who chose and married the lazy brother. The priest was infuriated, and did everything he could to destroy his brother. Then, in 1577 during the New Year’s mass, he saw his brother in the church and killed him with a knife. In penance for his mortal sin he built a church for the city, but… one year afterwards an earthquake destroyed it. Each time it was rebuilt, another new earthquake destroyed it, until 1910 when it was canceled and thought this site to be cursed That is just about everything to see in town other than surrounded with record number of fried chicken joints No thank you! It’s time to returned back to the Paraiso and for my return to San Jose, marking the beginning of the end for my journey in this country The direct bus between Paraiso and San Jose cost around $1.75 and 30 minutes. From downtown San Jose, the bus stop is right across from La Merced Park and the journey takes about 25 minutes and costing a dollar what a bargain! So I am heading back to the airport right now it’s pretty easy to get to actually so just take this bus and within 30 minutes you’ll be there no need for a taxi really! Finally I am back at the airport so I just need to walk that way a little bit! and there you go! Now this marks the end of my magnificent journey here in this beautiful country of Costa Rica There is so many reason to visit Costa Rica, and everyone has theirs. But for me, its about seeing its magnificent natural beauty which are collectively and jealously protect by its people, a paradise for peace and biodiversity; a green beacon for environmental stewardship. Its rich cultures, a passion for freedom, and a history of democracy, equality, and education for all serve a model in the region where poverty, chaos and conflicts exist. Costa Rica is truly is a magnificent country to everyone to discover…

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