DIY Destinations (4K) – Peru Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

DIY Destinations (4K) – Peru Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

Hola! I am going to to Peru all alone, with almost no money no film crew, or friends, except for the ones I met Just myself conquering world famous Machu Picchu try to solve mysteries of Nazca Lines visiting the ‘poor man’s Galapagos and, going off the beaten path to Rain Mountain Not to mention experiencing cultures and tasty local cuisines All done, safely, inexpensive and easily… Anything I can do, you can do! DIY Destinations – Peru and you are invited… We are so fortunately to live in a small world with so many cultures so much beauty and so much diversity the world waits for no one… it’s up to each of us to discover its magnificent destinations I want to make travel accessible to all of us to showing how it can be done safely and inexpensively Located in the heart of South America, Peru is believed to the first civilization in the Americas and today home to a population of 33 million There are few places where I visited twice, but Peru is exception as it is has so many natural and cultural treasures that have fascinated people for hundreds of years and still fascinates us today That why I am here, to experience the pre-hispanic cultures; the Inca Empire; the fusion between the Inca and hispanic worlds, its diverse influence from Asia and Africa, and their wide variety of cultural expressions; the deserts, mountains, forests, and the sea. And off course, to have fun… and be little silly! Most visitors begin their journey here at the Lima International Airport Lima is the capital and the largest city in Peru with a population of 10 million that is lot of friends waiting for me to meet! So finally I arrived at the Lima International Airport and there is many ways to get down to Miraflores either you can take the colectivos or shared taxis I don’t recommended it personally at night this area is not the safest the second option is this one here, a direct us to down there it has USB hookup with wifi and all that gadgets inside that you probably need for a short ride alright, so I safely arrived here in Lima, the Miraflores and the bus just left its time to check out my hostel I stayed in Eurobackpackers Hostels for the first night since its only few blocks away from the main square The President Kennedy Park and Sea side But nothing can keep me in since I have no local money in pocket if you are from the good old USA you can withdrawal dollar and convert them at local exchanges houses call Cambio at better rates than banks Even better is if your bank is part of Global ATM Alliance including Bank of America… Barclay’s, Scotiabank, Westpac, BNP… there is no fee for withdrawal As long as the machine works Our first official stop is the President Kennedy Park formally known as the Parque Central prior to 1960s consisting of a Church and an open area and became two separate public areas: the Parque 7 de Junio commemorating one of the most important battles of Peruvian history and Parque Kennedy, honoring U.S. President who initiated the Alliance for Progress aimed to establish economic cooperation between the U.S. and Latin America For those of you who need to confess your sins the oldest Roman Catholic Cathedral still stand tall, and here is the proof! Built in the last century, it stands on the site of an older church, San Miguel de Miraflores Though the beauty of its grand colonial exterior clearly outshines the interior the interesting stained glass detailing the scenes of life and miracles of Jesus and the image of the Miraculous Virgin, from which its name is derived But of those of us who wants to get a fresh breath of air just 15 minutes walk away you’ll find the bike path boardwalk with the most breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean during the day This is where you can find the most expensive and exclusive upscale western style mall in all of Peru It’s called, Larcomar but I don’t have the budget for $8 coffee so let’s get back the free stuff! Although, its safe to come at night I suggest you come during daytime unless you want to see couples at the Amor Park or the Love Park There is lots of people making out especially this time at night close to midnight I think its time to give some of these people some privacy because I still see some people having fun! One of the most famous and most visited active lighthouse is also located along the path Built in 1900 it was dismantled in 1973 and reconstructed in this parkland above the high cliffs and named Parque el Faro which commemorates a century of Peruvian navigation Yes, there is free yoga classes here with lots of energetic youthful souls On the way back to center I suggest you take the under path from the Juan Carosio Park to get little closer the sea But by this point, I have seen enough of new modern Miraflores so its time for the old I walked to Huaca Pucllana a historical site consist of the great adobe and clay pyramid built from seven staggered platforms Bring your student card and come on Sunday, and admission will be FREE! The site served as an important ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of the Lima Culture a society which developed in the Peruvian Central Coast between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD Other remains have been uncovered belonging to the Wari Culture existed between 500 AD-900 AD which has a direct influence on the Lima Culture society towards the ends of its time period Of particular note are the remains of the The Lord of the Unkus which belonged to the first tomb holding three separate burial shrouds containing the remains of three adults– two of which have masks–and those of a sacrificed child Lima is well connected by an extensive public transportation network and this how I am going to get from Miraflores to city center with the newly built bus rapid transit El Metropolitano you can get one of these cards for around S/. 5 and use top it up and repaid it, it deduct it each time you use it it’s really convenient, it takes you directly from Miraflores to the Main Square Be little careful when you are in a crowded bus because of the pickpocketing situation so always be aware of your surroundings You’ll get off at the Jiron de la Union Station and the Main Square of Lima will only be few minutes walk away So be sure to enjoy the colonial era Spanish architecture leading to the square Located in the Historic Centre of Lima the Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas of Lima, is the birthplace of the city on January 18, 1535 During the colonial era, the plaza served as a market, bull fighting ring, and the city gallows Yakes! So finally, we are at the Main Square of Lima and right behind me is the Presidential Palace and if you come Sunday at noon you get witness the changing of the guards right to my left is the Lima Cathedral and there is a nice water foundation here with that being said… let’s go explore this lovely, lovely square The Government Palace or the House of Pizarro is the seat of the executive branch of the Peruvian Government and the official residence of the President of Peru The Basilica Cathedral of Lima is a Roman Catholic Church dedicated to St John, The Apostle Completed in 1538 the building has undergone many reconstructions and transformations however it retains its colonial structure and façade The heart of the Plaza is the water fountain first constructed in 1578 with a baluster and an elevated bowl A ball at the top of the fountain dispersed water back onto the lower levels The fountain was replaced in 1651 with the seal of the city inscribed on the new ball If you can lucky enough to be here on Sunday afternoon you get to experience the small religious procession of San Martín de Porres the patron saint of mixed-race people, barbers, innkeepers, public health workers, and all those seeking racial harmony Among the many miracles attributed to him were those of levitation bilocation miraculous knowledge instantaneous cures and an ability to communicate with animals Wow!!! on the way to Chinatown, I encourage you to try out Lima’s many, many exciting street food from sweets, popcorns, fresh ice-creams to fresh fruits So this is Lima’s Chinatown it’s one of the oldest in the world and the largest in the Latin America and its full of Chinese shops but its famous for its Chinese food called Chifa which is the Peruvian styled Chinese food and we have to go and try it out… with that being said… Chinatown is that way let’s go and take a look! founded in the mid-19th century by Chinese immigrants It was the site of the Central Market in 1850s when Chinese immigrants started to cluster in the area by establishing businesses, schools and temples It was a thriving commercial area until the destruction and looting in 1881-1883 by invading Chilean military forces during the War of the Pacific Today Chinatown has fully recovered with many restoration and renovation in past five decades including an archway, a gift from Taiwan install in 1971 and overhauled being done to Street Calle Capon paved with 30,000 red bricks with the name of donors and benefactors so I am actually settled in to eat the Peruvian Chinese Food and… you’ll see their version of wonton and… let me warn you… it’s not the same one as we have in the U.S. So how it come about is when Chinese first arrived here in Peru they don’t have a lot of original ingredients they use back in China so they have to improvise Due to a lack of ingredients the Chinese immigrants were forced substitute with the local ingredients By 1920, the first Chinese Peruvian restaurants were opened in Lima and were given the name Chifa derived from Cantonese “sick fun” meaning “eat rice” to describe a restaurant where this type of food is served I stayed at the nearby Lima House for the night it’s only a short walking distance from both the Chinatown and Main Square with great public transit right across the street After two days in Lima, its time to explore the other parts of Peru So, next stop Paracas a little resort town famous for its Ballestas Islands marketed as poor man’s Galapagos It’s a four hour bus ride from Lima The best way to get there is by the overnight sleeper’s bus which arrives around 6 in the morning just in time for island tour pickup so, I just got dropped off… in Paracas… and geez… I felt like I am in a war zone right now look at this… it’s like no solid structure here let’s go to our hotel The cost of bus is approximately $20 and $2 taxi ride from Paracas Bus Terminal to the city centre I opted to settled in Kokopelli Hostel famous for being magnetic for hot ladies all right, all right… enough with that! They are famous for lively atmosphere and great party every night Oh yeah, free breakfast… but go easy on the food if you think you’ll be sea sick The tour operators will pick you up at 8:00 am, so don’t be late the cost of tours are between $15 to $20 including the entrance fees but I like to thank our sponsor Pisco Travel offering us a complimentary seat on this trip The Ballestas Islands is a group of small islands composed largely of rock formations covering an estimated area of 0.12 square kilometres On the way to the islands, you will notice El Candelabro on the Paracas Peninsula a large-scale geoglyph that may have served as a beacon to mariners as the figure is 595 feet tall and large enough to be seen 12 miles away in the open sea These islands are an important sanctuary for 200 species of marine fauna like the guanay guano bird, the blue-footed booby and the tendril Other notable species include Humboldt penguins and other mammals including largest sea-lion colonies in the world so we saw a lot of species of birds and sea lions and so on… but no penguin yet, we’ll keep looking and rock formation here is really nice and colorful An hour is spent cruising around the islands’ arches and caves watching large herds of noisy sea lions sprawl on the rocks I return to the dock an hour before the bus taking us to the Paracas National Reserve Included in the tour is a museum showcasing many species of wildlife particularly birds which are largely concentrated at the water’s edge It is the largest concentration of birds on earth The museum also showcase prehistoric sites of the Paracas culture and other ancient civilizations Established 1975 the reserved consists of the Paracas Peninsula, coastal areas and tropical desert extending to the south So if you look carefully over there… there is a face of a demon The landscape is mostly dominated by sandy desert along with many of its beaches the product of the erosion of porphyry rocks that scattered through the hills of the Paracas Peninsula The final leg of the tours included a stop at the Lagunillas Beach for lunch But be warned it’s little pricy, the food will cost about twice the average This is small fishing village dominated by the view of Pacific Ocean in the horizon So, the fresh catches are always everyday So as you can see, its only 6 pm here and the street is deserted there is not much to do I’ll say you don’t need maybe more than two days here especially when sun comes down early along with the many business except for the over priced restaurants in the sea side However, I did found a park filled with kids amazed by a garage can and my video equipment Muchas Gracias! Muchas, muchas gracias! Personally, I am not a fan of fried sweets but when you see all these locals working their butts off do yourself a favour for a dollar or two, support them! it goes a long way! and they got families to feed Next morning, I took four-hour ride to Nazca But the journey on bus can be slower than bicycles at times as it pass by many sharp turns on the mountain cliffs… a little nervous at time… but you can always choose to relax and nap or I prefer to enjoy the view Hey, I didn’t come to Peru to sleep When that got bored, I decided to go on an adventure, on the bus… into the first class cabin this is first class or executive class to be honest with you, there is not much different between two classes let me show you the only difference is this… it reclined little bit more but you get lot better view from up there Once again… the sun goes down early and fast I am heading down to the bus stop, its a short walk from the Plaza d Armas so let’s hope we get there before the sun goes down The city center is just few blocks away and if you aren’t exhausted, just walk… and if you get lost, there is Information Centre right across somebody pointed me that I should come here but as you can see the only thing I can see is bunch of dogs I am very confident is straight because that is what everyone saids I think this might be it… but I still need to ask so apparently I suppose be here right across from the office so finally I found the right bus I got my ticket it looks like this it’s right outside, not inside the station and its headed towards Ica And yes, please learn some Spanish… trust me, your life here will be lot easier And tell the driver to drop you off at the Nasca Lines approximately 30 minutes away and cost about a dollar so the bus drop you off here and this is where you get your ticket it’s S/. 2 if you are a student and S/. 3 if you are adult and you just wait for people to come down and you can go back up The lines actually makes me have faith there is extraterrestrials Including myself who growing up watching E.T. many believe they are made by aliens but I’ll leave to the expert to debate how it is made or its purpose However, there is no doubt is visible from high above as the arid plateau stretches more than 80 km across the sun is about to go down I am going to fly a drone over it hopefully we’ll get a better view from there there is a full party here Alright, with that being said, let’s go and take a better look from up above One hypothesis is that the Nazca people created them to be seen by their gods in the sky Alright, incredibly good luck I only need to wait like two minutes After getting off the bus I had a emergency… I am freaking hungry and I am preparing to eat anything, as long as it cost less than $3.00 and bingo! I found my calling… Seems like everyone is eating here, I assume its good! I asked them to cook me something, not sure what it is but I know its probably something to do with chicken there is chicken feet eggs… Very good! also another thing is… you can put lime over it I think it is duck Mystery solved! the name of soup is Caldo de Gallina a Peruvian styled chicken soup with boiled eggs, spaghetti, and don’t be surprise if it includes chicken feet all this for a dollar But I am not done yet this is round two of my dinner this is chicken with fried rice served with potatoes I also ordered a arroz con pollo which translate into chicken and rice one of the favourite staples of Peruvian cuisine It’s original traced back to Northern Peru and variation includes duck, all served with seasoned rice and sometimes with potatoes The total damage… This is S/. 5 or about two dollars or so As you can tell, small town means nothing to do, except wondering around in the main square almost in every town here in Peru has a Plaza de Armas or the Main Square its the centre of the town there is one here in Nazca, no exceptions… The majority of Peru’s population is Catholic so its no surprise the second most famous landmark is the Nasca Church or known as Santiago Apóstol church Build shortly after the 1940 earthquake to honour of the Virgin of Guadalupe the patron saint of Nazca I woke up early for my local airport pickup so this is actually a very small airport you be check in with your passport airport tax, something you can’t avoid but at least there is no long line up and we can get going soon, I am sure so we are about to head on to our high above journey to see the Lines I like to thank our friends at Alas Peruanas for giving us a flight on this amazing adventure This is a Cessna 206 and we’ll be join by two pilots The 30 minutes flight typical cost $90 to $100 and as usual in Peru there is always room for bargaining The Nazca Lines were first spotted from the air in 1939 when a pilot flew over the desert The geoglyphs fall into two categories about 70 have been identified in the first category are said to represent natural objects, such as animals, birds and insects and as well as flowers, plants, and trees so next we’ll be seeing a spider and another famous lines A second group consist of lines and more basic shapes such as spirals, triangle and rectangles After landing, I have to find a way to thank my sponsor… so for the rest of next 25 seconds, please enjoy their infomercial Nazca City is very famous for the Nazca Lines C’mon, give me some energy… Take two please! join with us… and from the air, you will see many, many lines and many figures and I invite you to share this great experience with us at Alas Peruanas That’s little bit better! Since Nasca is located nearby coastline I am not leaving here without tasting some fresh catch and one of the famous Peruvian coastal seafood dishes is Ceviche This is definitely fish I just don’t know what types it is but its really refreshing, there is lots of lime in here if that is not enough you can put more Haha the mystery raw fish is commonly trout cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with chili peppers Originated among the Moche, a coastal civilization that began to flourish in the northern Peru nearly 2000 years ago Because of the raw fish I ask not eat it from street stall since there is higher risk of food poisoning without proper refrigeration If you got to the bus station early, no worries! Being close to the center means you’ll find something to entertain yourself, like meeting future Olympians There is also local farmers and art market nearby selling everything from the locally handmade art craft and jewelries to mysterious formula that will you a better man at least a better lover in bed to olive oils, to candies, and shoes… if you need your shinning shoes for luck they got you covered too! The bus ticket cost around $25 and be prepare for another slow ride through the breathtaking valley also be prepared for the heart wrenching sharp cliff along the way and the Peru coastlines So finally, we are in Arequipa we are about half hour late this is the coldest city I have ever being on this trip it’s nice of a change but I a just freezing my ass off right now The taxi to city centre cost about S2.50 to $3.00 so bargain and bargain hard If you are using Uber, the cost about $2.00 but set your pickup point outside the station or else you’ll waiting forever Once again, I chosen to stay near the city centre and thanks to my generous host Hostal Solar I have a roof over my head with comfortable room and complimentary breakfast Arequipa is Peru’s second largest city and was founded in 1540 and surrounded by 3 active volcanoes The site was chosen for its proximity to the coast enabling settlers to trade the products of Cusco and the mines of Potosi with Lima So, we’ll start our morning right here at the San Camilo Market it’s the oldest market in the city and located only three blocks away from the Main Square the reason we are going so early around 10 o’clock or so because this market will get filled up in the afternoon So, it’s better to do it now than later You can get absolutely everything here from food to knifes to juice but my favourite part is… spices and local types of food so my favourite is cinnamon you can just feel it… and honestly… amazing! The breakfast time in this upper level is fun for people watching and very popular with locals such as tables full of police officers and security guards having an inexpensive meal to start off their day Don’t forget to mingle with the locals… you won’t need much luck for strangers to offer you a drink and lots of free samples A Peruvian just offered me a drink right here So… I guess I am going to take it I don’t know what it is , but let’s check it out Very nice… very refreshing actually, you can just taste it The drink is chicha morada a sweet Peruvian beverage made from purple corn After all that food and drinks… let’s visit somewhere familiar This is the Plaza de Armas, the main part of the town as you already know just like other part of Peru there is a water fountain as well as here, there is two important landmarks the museum in the back A very important cathedral to the left of us The square is surrounded by classic colonial architecture as commonly found in Arequipa It is well known for its glistening white buildings made from sillar a white volcanic rock, which gives the city its nickname ‘The White City’ Facing the square is the Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa the most important Catholic Church in the region Free visit are available in most evenings Construction begin on August 15, 1540 the same day Spanish lieutenant Garcí Manuel de Carbajal founded the city of Arequipa Sadly, the earthquake of 1583 reduced the church to rubble and rebuilding began in 1590 and the rebuilding began in 1590 but just before the construction was completed in 1600 the violent eruption of volcano, together with earthquakes and rain of ash destroyed part of the structure The present day cathedral completed in 1656 and despite it suffered many damages from multiple earthquakes and fire the structure has largely remain intact to today Equally as stunning, especially at night, located southeast corner of the Plaza de Armas The Iglesia de la Compañía is small baroque church and a off the beaten path attraction often ignore by visitors Constructed between 1590 to 1698 the facade is an intricately carved in the churrigueresque style and its famous for the elaborate carved facade & an interior chapel with jungle motifs The city is filled with monasteries and church some of them with very expensive admission fee like Santa Catalina So, let’s switch to my favourite topic makes me drool Arequipa features some of the most varieties and flavourful cuisines in the country the best place to experience is the Calle Bolognesi located west of main square This is where the local eats at a bargain She just brought some sort of cake I think I don’t know what it is but I think its going to be really good Actually, its not a cake… It’s a traditional Peruvian dish called Causa made of mashed yellow and white potato mixed with hot pepper and lime juice and filled with corn, peas, carrots mixed with mayonnaise, garnished, eggs and olives The average full meals cost about S/. 7 or $2.50 and I proud to announce I got a better bargain at only paid $2.00 Don’t forget the ice-cream desserts it only cost about a quarter You can easily beat the taxis and buses on foot in the city centre as the traffic are pretty crazy But there is many option in getting around to the surrounding area So one of the most inexpensive ways to get around the city is by one of those buses they are called “colectivos” or shared taxi they are about one sole or thirty cents U.S. or so you just need to look at the sign to where they are going and with that being said… let’s give it a shot… it’s a local experience This is how I got to bridge named Puente de Fierro designed by a well known Frenchman, Gustave Eiffel who design the Eiffel Tower This is where you can get breathtaking view of the volcanoes overlooking the city Built in 1882 to be used as a viaduct for the train route to Cusco At 488m long it was the longest in the world at the time Within the walking distance from the main square, there are many public viewpoints for you to enjoy at night Here is one of them If you ask me where you should end your night this is probably it… We are at the Yanahuara site from here you can get a panoramic view of the city there is lots of place you can sit and maybe chat up a conversation with the locals and in front of us, there is a plaza with lots of seating as well so with that being said, let’s take a look what this lovely place is about But I suggest you accompany your visit with some tasty street food along the way If you are hungry at night Don’t you worry… There is street food everywhere for me, I got a chicken skewer It’s amazing! the best part is it only cost S/. 1.30 which is about $0.50 One of most popular street food is anticuchos or meat on a stick now made with beef heart that’s marinated in a mix of garlic, chilli, spices and vinegar Hamburger fans, we got you covered too! There is hamburger made from alpaca, stuff with fried onions Don’t worry about losing weight you can wander it off in many of the city’s market Well, don’t stay too, too late because the tour bus is going to pick us up at 3:00 am actually we are heading off to the Colca Canyon The cost is S/. 40 or about $12 After three hours, I felt like my butt had being sitting cement seat and finally able to get off the tour includes a breakfast in a local hostel this is what we got The tour also includes a bilingual speaking guide and upselling start immediately Chivay is the first main tourist town in the valley and its dominated by the church Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption So our first stop we arrived a Maca the church is the center of the town this church gone through a lot of restoration because the ground beneath is sinking due to the water There is a small market where the locals relies on heavily on the tourist going to Colca Canyon As much as I believe in supporting the local economy the policy of this network is not to take photos with wild animals for tips the reason is wild animal should be left in the wild Our next stop is the checkpoint we are all asked to pay the park entrance fee of S/. 75 or $25, not included in your tour this is not what I expected Ouch! but life goes on! The Colca Valley is a colorful Andean valley with pre-Inca roots, and towns founded in Spanish colonial times still inhabited by people of the Collagua and the Cabana cultures The local people maintain their ancestral traditions and continue to cultivate the pre-Inca stepped terraces One of the highlight is the view point Condor’s Cross situated on top of the steepest sides of the Colca Canyon so to get the best vantage point you need to come right here and the bird will fly right above us if you have a power zoom lense bring it! because if you look close enough in the back of the wing once its open, its actually white This is where you can witness the Andean condor with the second largest wingspan of all living flying birds gliding on thermals These majestic birds can weight up to 33 lb and sadly the species is listed by the World Conservation Union as “vulnerable” Don’t forget to support the local business while you are enjoy the views One of fruit are called dragon fruit or Pitaya It’s said to keep you forever young with its strong antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre many studies even claims it will improve blood pressure and liver function There is also stalls selling handmade souvenirs, hats, mittens and other artworks The tours frequently stops for small museums, food and bathroom breaks but nothings is free in life… at least when it comes to bathrooms and toilet in South America They always cost you around S/. 2 and not all of have toilet paper so be prepared and bring your own Do you remember the time you have girlfriend problems? yeah, the headaches this is what you may experience due to lower level of oxygen at this high altitude My recommendation, chew some coca leafs or nickname “cocaine leafs” I’ll explain more later… But the help is on the way as we stop at the hot springs this is optional but not expensive I decided this will be my cure, if I can safely get through wobbly cable bridge So after crossing the rope bridge, we are here at the hot springs it’s S/. 15 I thought its time for me to unwind, I got my bathing suit ready let’s check it out… they got multiple pools, especially one pool that is away from the sun I am especially excited about the benefits of submerging in the naturally heated water by the surrounding volcanoes with added mineral like sulphur or shall I say rotten eggs but I thank goodness I don’t have date tonight so we are going to lunch right now I am so exhausted… the lack of oxygen is really killing me right now but I am not depress though… don’t get me wrong, I am not depressed Well, it is depressing afterwards that lunch is not included in my tour especially how overpriced it is… It cost almost the same as the tour So, I’ll say if it is not included it… avoid it! Our last stop is the highest viewpoint Mirador de los Andes So finally made it to the highest excavation point You can see four different volcano here there is also a little lake here as well it’s a pretty nice sight This is the last footage I took before I collapse into a coma during the my drive back to Arequipa Once I waken from the coma, its time to get moving The Arequipa’s New Bus Terminal is accessible by bus from the city centre but the taxi only cost between S/. 8 to 10 Arequipa to Cusco overnight bus is very popular and I strongly recommend you pre-book your reservation early online to get the cheaper seats located at the rear Oh yeah, one other thing… You have to pay a departure tax of S/. 3 so make sure to get some change and come a bit earlier so finally I am arrived at Cusco and boy… what a horrible ride! so all the taxi driver tried to charge me S/. 10 but I said five eventually we come to the agreement to seven so that means… we saved $1.00 USD Most hostels will hold your bags while you visit Machu Picchu and I’ll drop mine off at Milhouse run by one of my friends from Argentina By the way, if you constant felt like you got hangover it’s just the high attitude and here is the fix Now, Cusco has one of the higher elevation here in Peru So if high altitude is not your thing I have a solution for you! Take those coca leafs you can chew or put it into a tea the nickname is actually the cocaine leafs because that is dried from but don’t worry you are not going to get high unless you are processing them like a Colombian mafia Another fix is head straight to Machu Picchu which as the lower elevation to help your body acclimatized so only with backpack and camera… that is where I are going next… the more adventure way is hiking We made it here to Quillabamba Station now its time to find the bus that goes to Santa Maria The 10 minute taxi from city centre to station cost about S/. 7 or $2.00 and local bus to Santa Maria cost S/. 20 or $6.00 I recommend you leave early! as this will be one of many rides to come Now there is a half sole depature or terminal fee so that lady is checking everyone to make sure they all paid for the terminal fee Not long after the ride begin, you’ll be welcome to the world of real life shopping channels… no cable TV subscription required… First round… Apparently there is a guy who is coming around to sell some stuff here Second round… fresh fruits vegetables bread and other stuff… honestly I felt like watching a shopping channel like every few stops people come on to sell you stuff when you are on this bus be prepared to look out the window and see the really steep slopes it’s really scary sometimes On the upside you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful Peruvian natural landscapes so be brave! So have reached the Santa Maria right here so the next thing we need to find is a colectivo or a taxi to take us to Santa Teresa He said for S/. 40, he’ll leave at the moment… The driver will wait until the car is full unless you are willing to pay for the empty seats I suggest you not wait if you arrived in the afternoon as it get dark early and it can be dangerous to trek at night And… don’t be surprise, if you need to make room for any humanoids cargo at the back don’t be mad and if you are nice to the proud Peruvian driver he’ll even stop to show you some scenic viewpoints overlooking canyons so our colectivo driver want to show off a very proud jewel of Santa Teresa which is the Cocalmayo hot springs as you can see over there… these are all hot water coming out from the volcanos From Santa Theresa we’ll take another mini bus to Hidroelectrica After 15 minutes of waiting in the van, I decided to pay the extra seats on a smaller car and being on rush I forgot my tripod… but there is no time go back the new driver offer to get it for me and leave at Peru Rail office This is it! So we’ll start walking from here… by the way, that’s my travel buddy for the day I also strongly recommend you meet some new friend and pair up for the hike to help each other by the way, meet David from Germany who will be my cameraman and translator so we’ll walk along this track that will take us directly to Machu Picchu Also, just remember this cheap and adventurist way involved little danger therefore “do it at your own risk” so be warned and watch out for passing trains You also need to always be look out for gaps As you can see this is pure darkness… darkness… honestly… so my advice to everyone is start your journey as early as early as you can… so 7:11 pm right now approximately we walked three hours to get here so welcome everyone to Agua Calientes we are at the foothill of Machu Picchu it’s time to get our ticket before the office closed down follow me… Yes, the first thing you should definitely do is get your Machu Picchu ticket its located right by the Agua Calientes’s Plaza de Armas The square is dominated by a foundation with statue of the ninth mighty Inca of Cusco who transformed this region into the Inca Empire Many archaeologists now believe that the famous Inca site of Machu Picchu was built as an estate for Pachacuti so this is where you get your tickets and remember they only accepts soles, and no credit cards if you are smart enough… I strongly recommend you get one of these guys go to your university and you can get it FREE and guess what??? HALF PRICE! Yay!!! I am filming at Machu Picchu and staying at Hostal New Day it’s a really, really comfortable hostel This is a small family run budget hostel that offers free breakfast, wifi and varieties types of rooms right down there is the Plaza de Armas along the way there is a list of restaurant that is really well priced I am not kidding!!! Everything can be bargained so from up there we were offered a full meal for S/. 25 with drinks and stuff as we walk towards this way the price starts to come down S/. 20 and then S/. 15 and then S/. 12 and free drinks we got one that offered us the food for S/. 12 and we end up with this really good looking food here… so to start off our dinner we are going to have filled avocado with cheese on top and inside filled with beans excellent… really fresh by the way and I can tell this is grilled trout with wings and what’s that? I think she said it was beef it’s like $4.00 I don’t think I want to compliant I think its pretty good value What do you think? yeah, with the starter and now with this… we will get dessert as well Dessert is coming, so stay tune! For those of you who compliant about the prices here come to near the stadium and there is lots of food stalls and you can get some pretty decent deals so this is pancake with honey on top so, let’s give it a shot I am eating a small by the way because I need to lose weight Actually, it’s really good! There is meat on a stick pastries barbecue potatoes and good old American French fries and hot dogs it’s also time to stock up on some natural sugar for tomorrow’s hike Once again… remember to bargain! There is apparently a hot spring up there but my personal review are little mixed alright right now it’s 4:30 am and we just left our hotel room and we are going to do the manly thing… and that is hiking all the way up the Machu Picchu Yes, there is easier way to get up to the mountain… so for those of you who don’t want to hike up like us We are up for a challenge! you can do the lazy way and pay extraordinary amount of money for a half hour ride up the mountain So, this is the line to go up the Machu Picchu They don’t open until five in the morning so if you are thinking about leaving super early forget it! you are going to end up lining up for hours and not do anything rather get a good night of sleep be fuelled up with a nice breakfast and come down This is truly a hour and half grueling hike not a walk in the park So, make sure bring lots of snacks and water so over there say 75 more steps let’s just hope that is true and not some prank Alright David! what’s the bad news? I think we got pranked okay, where is the refund office? Holy shoot! are you kidding me? so finally we are here and… here is the lineup this is hell of a popular attraction for sure By the way, our climb is not over yet there are two mountain which you can climb the Huyana Picchu and Machu Picchu Montana Both are about an hour and half to two hours Huyana Picchu is popular and ticket always sold out months in advance So… so we opt for the second option What are we going to do? we are going to climb Machu Picchu mountain Hell yeah! Mountain next to Machu Picchu So be a man! and drink your protein shake! They said it takes about two hours to reach the top But… but I got to the top right now less than 22 minutes Welcome to Huayna Picchu! The peak of it! Just joking!!! right now I am soaking we because of the rain it’s raining really bad! my friend David which is hiding from the rain ask me to keep going because I have my varsity suit on and make sure listen to what the sign said like this one And guys, please no hike boots from Walmart… So one thing that I do want to emphasis to everyone is that safety comes first if you need to slow down then slow down because high altitude you might end up getting hypoxia meaning less air that can mess around with your brain second thing as you can see… this is really narrow slopes so if you fall, trust me there is no hospital here so safety first I don’t want any one of my view come home in a body bag, and I am mean it I believe this is one of my final step up I think so… Actually few people here… So we made it here… two hours and fifteen minutes the rain really slow us down, but we made it! the full 3061 meters If I can do it, you can do it! so this is not my first expedition here in Machu Picchu it’s actually my second time last time I climb the Huayna Picchu So I also have a view from there So for those of you who wonder how that look like Here it is… Can you call me a taxi? By the end, I am so exhausted and there is one questions in my mind Can you call? so I am on my way back down right now so I asked everyone to be very careful because after rain like this it can be very slippery another thing is… There is no problem with my camera it’s also foggy so make sure you watch your steps basically when the rain stops, you get a lot of viewing site like this make sure you take some time to enjoy it Seriously! finally we made it! so if you are coming here in Machu Picchu you might as well do it because most likely you are not going to come here twice The Machu Picchu’s elevation is 2,430 metres and built during the height of the Incas in their classical style, with polished dry-stone walls most archaeologists believe that it was built as an estate for the Inca emperor but is often mistakenly as the “Lost City of the Incas” so I am staying right in front of the magnificent Machu Picchu It was built around 1450 and was abandoned about a hundred years later Now, its purpose is still debatable and there is many theories Over the centuries, the surrounding jungle overgrew the site, and few outside the immediate area knew of its existence In 1911 American historian, explorer and lecturer from Yale University Hiram Bingham travelled the region looking for the old Inca capital and was led to Machu Picchu by a local farmer Bingham brought Machu Picchu to international attention and organized another expedition in 1912 to undertake major clearing and excavation It was declared a Peruvian Historic Sanctuary in 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 and voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World The site is roughly divided into an urban sector and an agricultural sector and into an upper town and a lower town The temples are in the upper town the warehouses in the lower Even though Machu Picchu is only 80 kilometres away from the Inca capital Cusco The Spaniards never found this place that is why it is still preserved today one of the significance of this site is its craftsmanship those stones are really large we still got many theories on how they got here and how they craft these stones with the tools they have back in 1450 There is many theories but none of them are concrete like these stones It’s also a nice to meet some new friends or new types of friends This is where you can get close and personal with Limas the national animal of Peru Look how cute he is Wait, where are you going? aren’t we suppose be friends? Okay, maybe not! It’s time to go back to Tinder then… Maybe not, but try again! Remember, being a responsible visitors means we leave here with amazing experience, memories and photos to share but not take away any artifacts regardless how small they are After conquering Machu Picchu, it was time to decide to how to get back to Santa Teresa I visit Peru Rail office here and ask if they can check if the tripod is indeed in their office in Santa Teresa With a positive answer I was on cloud nine! and brought the tourist priced ticket for next schedule train next morning to Hydroelectrica So unlike where the tourist go to board the fancy train station there is no train station here basically the locals board right by the tracks so we are waiting for the local train to show up hopefully it will get us there soon! Our train is coming and here it is… The price is $31 USD, instead of $1.00 for locals There is absolutely no way I am going to hike back with broken boots The staff of Peru Rail directed me to the end of the track my assumption is… I will not able to sit with the locals which I hope to do Oh dear! I am getting the fancier version of the train on my first expedition, I took a roundtrip on Inca Rail that is pretty much of a choice well, this time there is not much of a choice I have to return to Santa Teresa to retrieved my video equipments So I have to take a train from here at Machu Picchu to Hidroelectrica basically from there take a share taxi to Santa Teresa I wish… I could travel on local cars They cost around seventy-five cents vs. $31 that Peru Rail force us, the foreigner to pay The difference you know… The leather seats lot cleaner cabin free drinks I guess now… if you want a comparison to Inca Rail Here is a video that I shot on my first expedition to Machu Picchu Boy and girls, I want to give you all a tour of Inca Rail Train It’s really empty today that is the video from the cockpit The bus ride cost S/. 5 or $1.50 and only take about thirty minutes to Santa Teresa Since the Peru Rail office opens at noon the colectivo driver offer take me directly to the hot springs So, I hope I will be impressed by this one So, this is Santa Teresa’s famous, famous hot springs this one… it’s really, really hot! it’s actually warmed up by the volcanos up in the mountain The first thing you need to do here is take a shower so, let’s get right into it the reason they have rocks here is to keep it warm and also to filter the water and also no bottled water necessary Honestly, I think maybe everything happens for a reason I won’t thought about coming to Santa Teresa coming back here if it wasn’t for that fact I need to pickup my tripod I really think you should really do this after Machu Picchu because your feet will be very score but as you can see its now slowly recovering So, I am going to take this kind of taxi back so, this is a motorcycle they put a little carriage in the back here I assume that is the first class seat right here It’s going to be a very… very… bumpy ride get lots of small bills because our driver does not have enough for only a S/. 50 So as you can see Santa Teresa is actually really small small, small city It’s like few blocks that way few blocks that way Few blocks that way and that it! There is really not much to do in this small town unless you are the Coca Cola driver However, I did manage to find the arguably the world’s most dangerous hostel Haha! So the Peru Rail kind of tricked me actually… the tripod is not in their office and I wasted $31 USD I was totally heart broken and angry However within half hour the National Geographic explorer is showing the town and lost the tripod literally half of the town was looking for that taxi driver after calling the driver multiple times with no answer one of the locals offered to take me to his house after reuniting with my tripod I return to town and the proud locals waiting to show me some excitement and dispute about claims there is nothing to do They insist I try out zip lining one of another famous activity in the town… and big thanks to Inka Flyer I am ready to get my dose of excitement I just can’t say no when there is lots of hot babe around Slowly break… break… After 15 minutes of instruction I am ready for to conquer Santa Teresa’s zip line It is claim to be the longest and highest in South America with five lines above jungle canopy where you can fly through up to 90 km a hour… Oh yeah!!! This is my first zip-lining experience Thank you so much! I was really nervous but knowing there is beautiful ladies around… I manned up and rest is history So basically we are heading off to the second line it’s little longer the first one is actually not that scary it will be longer than the previous line so wish me luck! Okay… ready…. go! I think we got some technical difficulties I don’t think it’s a good idea to operate a camera and zip line for that I experience my first rescue… And another rescue… I am so sorry you have to do that… Alright… I did have better luck the fourth time I already got rescued embarrassingly twice in last four times I don’t think I should be going solo They are going to tied me up with him and we are going to go down as a superman while I can play with my camera while you get to enjoy the beautiful view Free hands… Free hands… I’ll wait for you… It’s amazing! you should try it! What’s the name of this company? Inka Flyer! Inka Flyer! After my excitement and sun going down its time to pay my farewell to this lovely town and on my way to Santa Maria for the ride to Cusco. With the colectivo the usual wait Fingers cross… its going to be nice and fast! So we are finally on the road I am heading to Santa Maria for a bus or colectivo to Cusco Don’t surprise if something funny like this happen… treat it as part of journey and enjoy the experience! I think the driver is driving really slow to pick up more passengers because he is calling out the name of… Quillabamba and Santa Maria apparently we have not departure yet because missing one person Finally on our way… I am so excited! Man… that was a scary ride from Santa Teresa the problem right now is there is not enough people inside the mini-van alright, the good news is one extra lady showed up and need just three more to go! I am really pissed off… After waiting and waiting for over two hours the unofficial mini-bus owners told everyone except for me and new friend Elizabeth that the bus is cancelled due to lack of passengers We only told after asking again, and only after all other passenger have left So what happen is someone sold us a faked ticket and they cancelled the bus one the last minute and we tried to get other buses to Cusco and there is no other buses So what happen right now is… this bus company is doing us a favour by allowing us to stand here So, once again… if you have a choice go with regular schedule bus The first hour of standing is not that bad… after all, you can catch up on your shopping By the way, they do not accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Checks Cash only please… Or be a witness to a narcotic drug raid on the bus Boy and girls, we got breaking news… there is a coca plant on this bus and it is illegal and you are looking at live search right now the special coverage continues… by divine intervention… we are able to find a seat! ops… let’s perfect that is dark right now what happens in the dark, stays in the dark! After long and difficult rides at 4:00 am we finally arrived there is not much option except taxing Elizabeth back to her hotel room for some intense hookup Okay, Okay… that didn’t happened… I checked in to my hostel and felt so bad waking up the staff at Hostal Atlantis at 5:00 am It’s a nice hostel that offers, double, twin and family rooms and this is where I wake up for the next days The breakfast is included in your stay… so after fuelling up, I start my day by heading to bus terminal for a hour long collective ride to Pisac So this is one of the two stations that goes to Pisac they wait until all the seats are full before the driver heads off sometimes it can be five minutes, ten minutes and sometimes it can be few hours Pisac is village in the Sacred Valley with a population of 10,000 It is most well known for its large market every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday This is pretty much the center square and only few minutes walk from the bus station to here the market is basically its main feature A large section of the market is dedicated to tourist-oriented souvenir stalls where you can find weavings, jewellery, ponchos, hats, Andean instruments, ceramics, alpaca products and a whole range of other gifts and souvenirs to take home with you The handcraft market is open every day from 9am to 4.30pm and is a good place to pick up some gifts all in the one place However, if you want a more authentic and colourful experience try and plan your trip to visit the market on a Sunday when the local Quechua communities set up shop on the main square to sell their produce and stock up on supplies for the week Dressed in their colourful clothing, they sit cross-legged with their wares laid out giving the market an authentic feel There is children on the street taking photo with tourist instead of going to school their short-term financial gain over the long-term future of these children So… I’ll use my star power once again… do not take photos with children After exploring the market, I went off the beaten path… by getting away from the tourist areas and just see how locals live I guess this is the real Peru you get to see these little villages both man, women and children cultivating their crops I heard some music nearby cemetery and decided to check it out It was actually end of funeral but in happier tone Rather than morning, the locals are celebrating the life of the deceased By this point, I was hungry… and by the act of god there is advertisement for empanadas everywhere so my food craving kick in and give in to my temptation With a satisfied stomach… it’s time to head home So tonight I like to be little adventurous after the bus ride back here right across from the bus station there is bunch of local restaurants and there is no foreigner at all it’s all locals and the reason is… and the reason is all foreigners took those tourist, tourist buses I told the boss, I don’t speak Spanish Just cook for me whatever you have We begin with a soup this is definitely local it’s actually beef, I tasted it and also… it has potatoes The main course, fried chicken served with fried rice and potatoes Other local dishes available includes lama strew on rice Alright, now comes the desserts and this is what we got… I don’t know what it is… but let’s check it out it’s a pear pudding I think that is the best $1.50 I ever spend on a meal The experience of eating with locals… FREE! One of the newly discover attractions is Vinicunca or nicknamed Rainbow Mountain and it’s quite a off the beaten path as very few tourist knew of its existence As with most day tours you need to bargain for the price typical the cost is between cost S/. 60 to S/. 80 and the hotel pickup is approximately 3:30 in the morning so really cold and bring some warm clothing sunscreen and you’ll definitely need a good hiking boot for the climb but the good news is breakfast is included so I think they are giving us some proteins for the day egg omelettes with green onions So I think we are ready to go! there is our van and the… one last look of our beautiful surroundings Finally, we reach community of Hanchipata-Quesuno and here is where I start my hike toward Rainbow Mountain itself I am already out of breath even though… I have barely gotten started yet one of the mission is to support the local economies and there is many ways to make your life easier and to that at the same time here first you can rent one of these for only S/. 5 that will make it easier for you to walk or if you like… you can actually rent a horse it’s not that much… but price subject to change… as usual… inflations! And please, also don’t forget to bring some cocaine leaf I mean coca leaf to chew as altitude in this region is higher than of Cusco… and this is 3 hour hike by foot each way Well, it’s really cool that I met lots of new friends even though they don’t speak English and maybe that is the problem I can’t tell them to stop helping themselves on the road so you got to be careful Okay, I am going to try to speak Spanish… We are right in front of the ticket control office but there is no one here for us to pay So I guess it’s free today!!! Haha! Not so fast… if there is money to be collected there is always someone there but its only S/. 10 not bad… Two hours??? Yeah! One hour??? Maybe two hours? depending how slow you go… Another reminder, you can always bargain… So finally we agreed to S/. 40 I guess this is my ride Let’s hop on… the suffering is over… There is already people heading down it’s not easy doing this… it’s a lot of hard work So as you can see… the indigenous with the horses drop you off there but you still need to hike all the way up this way So…. It’s another 15 minutes or so… With that being said… let’s not waste time! I don’t know if I can do this ever again… If there is something call near death experience I am having one right now It’s beautiful! Finally I made it to the top so I thought… it’s truly breathtaking I am so proud and felt like I am on cloud nine until my new gorgeous friend Hannah spoiled my moment of triumph So we made it! This is the highest point… As you can see how beautiful this is… It’s all worth it! What??? The top is over there… NO!!! Triathlon for both of us… With my pride and manhood on the line the only option is to continue… But safety comes first be extremely careful here as it is extremely muddy from the melting snows Yes… look at this… just look at this… I am the King of the World!!! Oh yeah… you probably going to be here once… so let’s be silly again and retake the shot from another angle The great view!!! That’s my celebration people… I am the Real King of the World!!! The peak has altitude of 5,100 metres and you’ll able to see one of the most holy mountain in Peru The “Ausangate Mountain” and surrounded with other mountains consisting of layers of seven colours Now, that is what you call amazing, magnificent selfie… Oh… I am have to be in it right??? That is what you called selfie… Okay… Let’s get back down… Look who do we have here… Haha… By the way, I forgive her… We need more love than anything… Especially she is going to be amazing doctor in the future! On the way down… the familiar chore bargaining for a ride There is one thing I do want to emphasized before you ride any horse check to see if it has being mistreated I will not ride a horse that shows a sign of abuse This lady right here… she is going to give me a ride back for S/. 30 One advantage of riding a horse is it allows me to truly take in and enjoy the scenery until the pain in the butt eventually emerges from all the bumps along the way But hey, its all apart of experience! So right now I actually on a back of a horse and… I’ll show you… this is what the view is… it’s beautiful… absolutely gorgeous… I have to get off the horse here because too much of a slope so once we get down… I’ll get back on the horse Our next stop will be a buffet lunch and yes, its included this time its really good seriously!!! So, to be begin off… I think their apologies comes with a soup! So you want to see how their local buffet look like? Here you go! So, this is my lunch plus dinner combined together After coming back home, I crashed like Tomahawk Missile into bed… so for the next 25 seconds here is few words from our tour sponsor Hi, I am Ruban I am the owner of South Adventure Peru Tours one of the best travel agencies in Peru We offer the daily tour to the Rainbow Mountain City Tours Sacred Vally Classic Tour to Machu Picchu and Inca Trail we also offer extended trips Okay… time up for the infomercial but you can find their contact on the screen Ohhh… I stayed at the Dragonfly Hostel for the final night closer to the city centre they offer both dorms and private rooms and as usual breakfast is included with a great atmosphere It’s time to explore my southeastern base here in Cusco for the last day in Peru Located on the eastern end the site is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas and the historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th until the 16th-century Spanish conquest The Constitution of Peru designates it as the Historical Capital of Peru In 1983 Cusco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO I started off from the Plaza de Armas, the heart of Cusco from the time of the Inca Empire The cathedral, on the northeast side of the Plaza de Armas is the main attraction and you’ll often find both locals and tourists relaxing on its steps On one side of the cathedral is the church of Jesus Maria and on the other is El Triunfo The southeastern side of the main square is dominated by the church of La Compania which is easily mistaken for the cathedral because of its ornate façade But let’s get high… I mean get a little higher… I am little addicted, to taking panoramic photos and there is no better plan than visiting the Iglesia San Cristobal For those of you who don’t want to hike up to the White Christ you can just hike up here from the Main Square which I pointing to it actually only takes about 10 minutes so you still get the nice panoramic view of the city Pretty nice up here… It’s a short walk away and during Inca times, this area was the high Cusco The church was built in the early years of the conquest by the Indian chief Christopher Paulla lord of Qolqanpata to show their devotion to Christianity Leading up the paved road I bump into another attraction the Saqsaywaman or Women Falcon a 3,000 hectares archaeological complex and a UNESCO site The tickets are little pricy so I decided to get view from above with my lovely drone Wingsland’s S6 First built by the Killke culture around 1100 the construction was planned and executed by the Andean Man The Incas called it the House of the Sun The dry stone walls were constructed of huge stones The workers carefully cut the boulders to fit them together tightly without mortar It serve as important military complex for maintaining control over Cusco and today, its used as the site where Peruvians celebrate Inti Raymi the annual Inca festival of the winter solstice and new year Right across is another road leading to Pukamuqu or the red hill the home to the statue called Cristo Blanco, or the White Christ So this is the perfect places to get a panoramic view of Cusco as you can see right there is the Plaza de Armas There is no better way to spend your leftover Peruvian Sol by supporting the local economy at the Mercado San Pedro its few just blocks from the Arch Santa Clara at the Plaza San Francisco The arch was built to celebrate Peru’s short-lived federation with Bolivia in 1835 The San Pedro Market is a huge food market, open seven days a week The building itself is one block long and three blocks wide The large exterior settings host many activities and many indigenous women and children sell foods and herbs they lay out on the blankets So the last place I’ll visit here in Peru is the San Pedro’s Market after all if you exchange your soles back to dollars, the rate is just terrible The vendors are packed into every bit of space inside My first quest, in a mood to discover the typical dishes of the valley a simple meal of trout ceviche, fried pork and chicken soup This is where you will find all the locals at lunchtime but be aware that service is basic prices are low and we can’t guarantee you won’t leave with a nasty stomach upset! So anywhere in the planet you see a planet like this… you need to bargain… and bargain hard! This is part of the local experience… I am very serious about able to find anything in this market… including the natural performance enhancing things…. with a great potential to improve your love life Cusco has very well developed bus system it only cost one or two sol to get around, including to the airport It’s about half hour by bus and ten minutes by taxi Since I am late! I opt for the taxi option which cost between S/. 5 to S/. 8 There are also frequent buses leaving for Puno for Lake Titicaca and Copacabana in Bolivia And is how I ended my incredible journey in the magnificent country of Peru I came to Peru to see its famous tourist attractions but ending up discovering its speculator nature feeling the impressive achievement of Incas and its triumph cultures I have being touched by amazing mixed of people with amazing past all lived in harmony Peru is truly a magnificent country with proud people awaits for all of us to discover with open hospitality and more importantly the spirit and soul of the nation…

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