DIY Summer Beach Life Hacks YOU MUST TRY!

DIY Summer Beach Life Hacks YOU MUST TRY!

hey everyone it is keith here, your favorite youtuber on the youtubes today we are talking about summer life hacks for the beach these are life hacks that I use personally so leave a comment if you have ever used any of these life hacks I want to know also, we are trying to hit 1 million subscribers by next month if you haven’t subscribe yet, just kind of press the button so without further teasing the monkey, lets get started so for this first life hack we will need turmeric and water so what you are going to do is mix the two together, and apply directly to the skin This is going to give a a kardashian, Simpson, Donald Trump kind of tan. and Honestly I’m just obsessed with how tan it makes my skin look And once it soaks into your skin it doesn’t come off get some duct tape, cut it into any shape you want stick it on your body wait for it to tan, and then… you go yourself you own tan tattoo to make sea salt hairspray, all you are going to need is an empty water bottle, and the ocean first go to the ocean with your empty bottle and fill it up with the ocean water and it also works really well as an all natural deodorant. all you are going to need is some mesh material to throw over your face I happen to have a pretty princess skirt to put over mine and you wont believe how well it works! you will be saying bye bye bugies all day to make a beach ball, first you are going to need to finish eating those chips roll the sides down, get some duct tape and fill it up with some sea stuff. once that is done, you are ready to have a fun time playing ball all you need to do is grab some tinfoil from your moms drawer and aim it at your face I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of having my things stolen. that’s why I bought myself a pregnancy test A pregnancy test is by far the scariest thing to any thief so put you phone put you money put you keys inside the box and no one, I mean no one is going to steal it I guarantee it. first get yourself a tissue box, take the tissues out, put your phone in, and boom! you got a speaker that may or may not sound just as good as your phone does alone get a ziplock bag and put your phone in it make sure to properly seal it though now that’s waterproof get those silly glasses with the nose on it and put it right on top of your face and for added extra protection add some sunblock to the nose and boom you are super protected from the nose….to the nose…. after your dad drinks to bottles of coke grab the little bottle caps and put them right on top of your eyes that will be perfect to keep the sun right out and for a little bit of added protection add some duct tape right to your face so they won’t move, and you are good to go ask a nearby friendly pedestrian to stand and block the sun for you this method is super natural and Eco friendly making you an all around awesome person with your brand new sun-block apparently vinegar is really good for soothing the pain of sunburns so get all the vinegar you got a pour away a lint roller is a cheap and easy way to get that pesky beach sand right off of you so keep rolling and rolling until you get that pesky beach sand off whether if its on your chest you arm or even your…. leg it works the beach just radiates with heat, the sun is always on you so the best thing for you to do is get up off your feet. and run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run until you get yourself into a nice air conditioned car that’s right, the car is super ACed and you didn’t even know it.

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  1. By the way, the pregnancy test is actually a good idea! I used to put my phone inside a box of crayons so nobody really paid attention to it.

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