So are you just hanging out this summer, super
bored, don’t know what to do with your life? Today I have some really fun craft project
ideas for you, but here’s the thing. I’ve seen a lot of videos like this where
they give you a bunch of ideas but each one is so simple that 20 minutes later you’re
just like, well I made the thing, now I’m bored again. So for this video, I came up with projects
that are easy to do but they’re probably gonna take you all day to finish. But before we get into it, I just want to
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this video, just kind of do everything, you guys know the drill by now. Alright, now that we’re done with that self-promo,
our first project are these fun triangle magnets. This was inspired by Meg’s geometric Christmas
tree video over on HGTV Handmade, so I took her pattern and I scaled it down so that I
could fit nine triangles on each page. I’ll have this pattern linked right down
below, so go ahead and print it out onto colored cardstock. Then cut out each of the shapes. Now do you see all of these lines? We’re actually going to flip it over and
score them on the other side. Once you have all of those lines scored, make
your folds and you can see the shape starting to form. Now you could use a glue stick to glue it
together, but I found that it went faster with wood glue, just like we used for the
papercraft unicorn the other week. Just apply some wood glue with a toothpick
to each of the tabs and fold the triangle into shape. Then repeat that for however many you want
to make in whatever colors you want to use. To make them magnetic, you can buy 100 small
magnets for $10 on Amazon, and I’ll link the ones that I’m using right down below. Use some e6000 to glue a magnet to the back
of each triangle and let them dry. And then you can stick them up onto your fridge
or your locker or any other magnetic surface and it is so fun rearranging them into different
designs and patterns. It’s so simple, but if you make enough of
them, they really make a big impact. Next we’re going to be making another room
decoration – this cute mini tassel garland which is made out of – wait for it – duct
tape. So to make a tassel, cut two pieces of tape
that are four inches long and stick them right on top of each other. Then trim the ends and trim about a quarter
inch off of the bottom, and you should have a shape that looks like this. Now cut fringe into it, leaving about a quarter
inch intact at the top. The fringe doesn’t have to be perfect, just
try to make it fairly even. Now you’ll need an eyepin, which you can
get in the jewelry section of the craft store. Use wire cutters to cut it down. Then cut a small piece of tape and have it
ready to go, and cut another small piece of tape to tape down the eye pin to the top corner
of the fringe. Now is the fun part – go ahead and roll up
the fringe into a little teeny tiny tassel. Wrap your small piece of tape around the top
of the tassel and then kind of fluff out the bottom. And now you have made a tiny tassel out of
duct tape. Make as many of these as you want in as many
different colors as you want, and then grab some string. Tie the string onto the eyepin of each tassel,
trying to keep them evenly spaced. And that’s it. Once you’ve tied them all on, you can hang
it up and I think it is the perfect summertime decoration. Ok guys, this next project took me for-freakin-ever,
but I think it came out so cute. We’re going to make this rug out of pom
poms. You’ll want to start by making a pom pom,
obviously. Take some yarn and wrap it around something
like this ruler which is 2 inches wide. It doesn’t have to be a ruler, you could
cut a piece of cardboard to be about the same size. So once you’ve wrapped a bundle that is
about this big, cut the yarn and also cut another piece of yarn. Then slide the bundle off of the ruler and
place it right on top of that second piece of yarn. Tie the ends into a really tight knot, and
then use scissors to cut through all of the loops on the top and bottom. This part is so satisfying, let me tell you. Oh, and make sure that you’re hanging onto
the ends from that knot that you tied, because you don’t want to cut those. Now kind of fluff all of the ends upwards
away from the knot, and you can give it a little haircut to make it more of a round
shape. And that’s how that’s how you make a pom
pom. Once again, repeat that over and over and
over and over again. So ok, we have all these pom poms, but how
do you make them into a rug? Well, let me tell you. You’re going to need a rug pad. The one I bought is 2” by 3”, and if you’re
super bored, you can totally make enough pom poms to cover that entire thing. But I didn’t have quite that much free time,
so I decided to cut mine down into a circle. So now just take each pom pom, poke the ends
from the knot through the rug pad, and tie them together on the bottom of the rug. Try to really get the pom poms tightly packed
and right on top of each other so that your rug is as fluffy as possible and you don’t
have any empty spaces. Keep doing this until you’ve covered the
entire rug. And now you can put it by your bed and have
a nice fluffy rug to step on every morning. I’d recommend not walking on it in shoes
because you don’t want it to get all dirty, but if you do need to clean it, hand wash
it with gentle detergent so that you don’t ruin all of your hard work making this super
cute rug. But ok, we’ve made enough room decorations,
now let’s make some key chains. I posted this photo of some Perler Bead key
chains that I made the other week, and you guys wanted to know how I did it. Trust me, it’s super easy. Honestly, the hardest part is deciding what
image you want to make. My little trick is to go to Pinterest and
search for Perler Bead patterns, and then hundreds of different ideas will pop up that
you can copy for your own key chain. I searched for Perler Bead cupcake and I found
these adorable designs, and I think it is so relaxing to just sit there placing your
beads just right until you’ve recreated the image. Once you have the beads in place, lay down
a dishtowel and warm up your iron. Place the ironing paper that came with the
beads on top and then iron them until the top layer is nice and melted. Once it’s cooled off a bit, take it off
of the pegboard and flip it over. Iron the other side until it’s melted as
well. And then once it’s cooled down completely,
use a thumbtack to poke a hole into one of the beads. Thread a jump ring into it, and then you can
attach more jump rings and a key chain. And you’re done. I think this is so cute, and it would be a
really fun activity to do with friends in front of the air conditioning when it’s
too hot to go outside. So I hope you guys liked those projects and
I hope they cure your summertime boredom, for at least a couple days. One summer when I was really bored, I put
together a nine thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, so you know, that’s an option too. If that wasn’t enough to hold you over and
you want even more summertime DIY projects, I actually put together an entire playlist
for you. You can learn how to make this papercraft
unicorn, these hot glue pineapple key chains, this monogram made out of coffee stirrers
and so much more. I’m gonna link that playlist right down
below. So remember to sign up for my mailing list
if you want a sneak peek of everything I’m working on next and if you watched all the
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epic high five that has ever existed in the entire world. Happy crafting, I’ll see you guys next time.

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  2. Thanks a lot for helping me pass my summer boredom and actually on may 30 it is my birthday so I am happy that I won't be bored in the summers??

  3. omg i love the mini tassle but the thing is that i did not have duct tape i had clear tape so i took some design paper and put some clear tape over it and i just followed your tutorial and they turned out so awesome i love you crafts

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