Do It Yourself Budget Meal in Europe | Indoor Picnic in our Apartment in Budapest, Hungary

Do It Yourself Budget Meal in Europe | Indoor Picnic in our Apartment in Budapest, Hungary

Well good afternoon. Today we are trying something a little different. So often times we eat out. We love going to restaurants. Yeah. And trying new food. But we figured we should probably showcase
more of like a budget friendly meal for travelers in Europe. Yeah, so to be perfectly honest most of the
time we are preparing our own meals in our AirBNB. Yes. And that is how we save money. That is basically what allows us to stay on
the road. We have budget meals, we eat locally. We have like local deli meats and cheeses
especially if we’re in Europe. We got to the markets and get fresh produce. Stuff like that. So we’re just going to maybe take you on a
little tour to the grocery store. Yes. And then back into the kitchen and then on
to our couch as we have basically. It is basically an indoor picnic. Indoor picnic. Haha. Let’s go. Let’s go shopping. Let’s do it. Haha. Also, this is our apartment. We still need to make an apartment tour. But for now let’s focus on grocery shopping. Our supermarket of choice was closed. We were so excited to show you guys but it
is in a really cool building too. It really is. So you’re missing out. We’re missing out. On to the next Spar. This is our backup Spar. It is much smaller and the vegetable selection
isn’t quite as impressive. But in we go. Spar. Look at all the cheese. All the cheese. You know you’re in Europe when there is cheese. Wonderful cheese selection. There is plenty of salami here in Hungary. Yeah, if you like meat and cheese you will
not go hungry in this country. Believe me. So now that the prep work is done. Thanks to an ever loving wife-y. Isn’t that so? Salut. You did a great job preparing that. We’re going to show you. You know what I was doing? What? I was answering YouTube comments. Ah, so we were both kind of working at the
same time. Yeah. Yeah. So this is what our indoor picnic looks like. Yes. So I really like the presentation. You are welcome. This is a little fancier than normal but ah
it is wonderful. And so I’m going to start off with some wine. I’ll show you the stuff that I bought. Um, this stuff is pretty good. It is the Egri Bikaver. Hopefully I’m saying that right. And they call it here the origin controlled
dry red wine. And it is nickname is the red bull’s blood. Mmmhmm. So this was actually the bottle I was hoping
to find if that other store had been open. This one is really good. Also, really cheap. I think they both are in the 700 something
Forent range. So you’re talking like below 2 Euros. 2 something Euros. That is good for wine. So cheap. Anyways enough ramble ramble. Let’s try it. What do ya think? Aaah. I love that wine. Yeah? I absolutely love that wine. That is the local specialty of Hungary. Mmmhmm. So I will miss it when we go. Yeah. It is dry, full bodied, flavorful and it is
affordable. And I’ve just this is probably what the 4th
bottle we’ve had? I think you’ve had a few more bottles than
that Sam. My gosh. Maybe a little bit more than that. We’ll have to look in the recycling. But anyways going back to the food Sam and
I have different preferences. So our plates are slightly different. You have blue cheese. The difference. Yes, blue cheese. The stinky blue cheese. That is my special ingredient. Yeah. And is everything else the same aside from
that? This time yes. This time yes. What would you normally have different than
me? What would you have different? It is usually the stinky cheese. Or if I were having eggs. Boiled eggs. Oh right. You’d be like ooooh. Yeah, I wouldn’t be up for that. Yeah. Anyways, do you want to give us a tour of
your plate? Yes. Take a look down here. Let’s see if you can name everything. So these are basically are these would you
call these the cracker. The crackers. They are rye bread crackers. Rye sourdough bread crackers and then we have
different types of salami here. Yeah. This one is spicy this one isn’t so much. It is more peppery. We have sliced cheese, blue cheese, cucumber
slices, tomato slices. We have stuffed olives. Olives. And this was a special one that we haven’t
tried yet. So I think this is it is a stuffed pepper. I think with ricotta cheese. Yeah. And apples. And we do tend to mix it up depending on what
is available. Right. Like we wanted to go to this open market where
you can get fresh produce like cherries and berries. Yes. That was closed. So cherries right now and what is it uh it
is early June. Mmmhmm. And cherries are on definitely in season and
like a great price. Yeah. Like we were getting like a half kilo and
paying I don’t know maybe roughly. No less than 2 Euros for sure for that. A Euro fifty. Something like that maybe. So anyways enough rambling about currency
and prices. Let’s try it. Let’s dig in. So I’ll try a bit of cheese on my cracker. And I want to have a slice of cucumber too. There. Mmmm. Nice. And the thing I like about this too is that
this is a bit of a lower carb meal. So trying to lose a little weight and that
is great. So we really appreciate all the hard work
you put into this. Mmmhmm. Now you get to try it. We’re going to try the thing. You’re going to try the thing that we haven’t
had before. The stuffed pepper. Yeah, this is our first time getting it so
we’ll see if it is good or not. Yeah. Mmmm. Is it nice? Mmmhmmm. Yeah? Oooh. Okay. Spicy? Not really spicy. Actually yes I just swallowed it. It is is spicy. Haha. But the cheese is very creamy and smooth. Ooh. I think you’ll like it because it has a strong
flavor. That is nice. Mmmhmmm. Some apple. But yeah. Some apple to cool it down. Woah. So delayed onset spiciness. That is actually spicy. Yeah. I feel like my eyes are going red from one
bite. Haha. So what is the one must have food on your
plate? That is your favorite. You know I really enjoy my crackers. Mmhmm. I feel like I have to have crackers and cheese
all of the time. Yeah, that is my favorite thing too. So I always eat the vegetables and fruit first. Mmmhmm. And then I leave the salty stuff for the end
with my wine. The best for last. The best for last. So another go to favorite meal that we have,
and this is not just here in Hungary, but this is actually like almost all throughout
Europe is we find that pasta and tomato based pasta sauce is almost always really cheap. Yeah. So that is a favorite and then sometimes we’ll
just enhance it by throwing in some like deli meat slices or cut up some peppers or mushrooms
if they’re available. Throw it into the sauce and yeah that is another
really really cheap economical meal. And of course it goes great with red wine. And it just it is awesome. That is one of our most typical meals that
we have in Europe. (Fridge door opening) Also our chocolate had kind of melted on the
walk over because it is really warm out but it should be good now. (Fridge door closing) And we don’t normally have a little dessert
plate but we wanted to keep things interesting for this video so we grabbed a few little
treats. Yeah, this is a nice treat. So this is apparently this is kind of a coconut
chocolate. You can actually see the coconut bits there. And is this chocolate or hazelnut? I got chocolate. Oh, chocolate. Okay. I’ll try a bit of biscuit first. That is nice and light. It is chocolate-y. And there is just a couple of small little
double layers. Double layer. Oh la lah. And on to the actual chocolate. Mmmm. Mmmm. Ohh. Is it coconut? Oh yeah. Yeah. And it is real nice thick chunks of coconut. Ooh. Real coconut. That sounds good. This is really nice. Normally when you have coconut it is kind
of like as a filling inside like a Ritter Sport or a Bounty Bar but this is different. This is kind of just like mixed within the
chocolate. I don’t know if you can see the whiteness
there? Yeah. That is pretty good. Actually it is really good. I have a favorite. Alright. Definitely going for this. Enjoy. So that is a wrap for our indoor picnic. I think we’re both pretty stuffed. Yeah. That was pretty good. It looks like a small light meal but honestly
it is pretty filling. Especially when you tack on dessert. Yeah, with the wine and dessert that ended
up being definitely a meal. Definitely a meal more than a snack and yeah
that was awesome. Yeah. It was just nice to be able to eat at home
and to have nice variety of food like that. And you know what? This is a meal that you can modify wherever
you are in Europe. Obviously you’re going to find different things. We find that when we are in Germany we like
to buy smoked salmon. Yeah. Which is pretty good. Or like different types of fruits. Um or muesli. Or yogurt. You can really mix it up and create like a
lot of simple meals. Yeah, exactly. That are budget friendly. Exactly and the same thing with pasta too. You can use your leftover vegetables, cheeses
and meats. Throw it in your pasta sauce. So there is a lot of ways you can be creative
to save money while you’re in Europe. And definitely the biggest budget tip we have
is to have quite a few of your meals at home because yes whenever you go to a restaurant
you always pay a lot of money. There is tips, there is drinks and so by eating
at home you can save a lot. So that is it for now. And see you next time. Bye. Bye.

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