Do We Want An Endless Summer For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 106

Do We Want An Endless Summer For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 106

– Endless summer, Neil? Good thing? Bad thing? – Put it in the good pile. – Well we’re gonna be discussing that and lots of other things
in the Dirt Shed Show, coming up right now! That’s rubbish. What the hell? – That’s the part I liked.
– I thought it was all right. – Did ya?
– Yeah. – Oh all right we’ll do it, fine. (upbeat rock music) – So I’ve seen all the pros
that are off in New Zealand enjoying the summer weather. They’ve gone from the northern
hemisphere down there. – Lucky beggars. – That sounds pretty good to me. – Don’t it? It looks amazing. I keep seeing all these Instagram posts of everyone just riding
the most amazing places. In literally perfect weather all the time. – I used to be really jealous of the Australian downhill racers
that race all year in Europe. – Yeah.
– Nice and warm. Then they’ll fly home for summer time. Is that the perfect life? – Makes your heart ache
a little bit doesn’t it? Yeah, I mean it got us talking about the amazing seminal surf
film, Endless Summer. Where basically the guys
just chase the waves forever. And is that what’s happening
in mountain biking? Now the top guys are just doing that. – But, do we think riding
in the mud is worthwhile? – See, now I did used to
like a good old sloppy day in the rain on slippery
rocks, getting plastered. And then obviously you’ve got your fat bike riding in the snow, is endless summers the right thing? Maybe not, I don’t know. – Well…
– I don’t know. – I don’t know, I wonder if it was just our positive mental attitude
that got us through that bit of thought, let’s just embrace it. – [Martyn] (laughs) And
maybe because we had to. – [Neil] Well, exactly. – Dunno, endless summer,
right thing, wrong thing? Well, actually, you’re a good man to ask, ’cause you’ve just come back from Chile. – Yeah.
– Where it seems to be summer all the time. – [Neil] Well that was good. February in the UK is pretty grim, so it was really nice
to go there for 10 days, and ride in pure dust and 30 degrees. – [Martyn] But so after that ride, were you ready for the
kind of winter trails, or were you just wishing it to continue? – [Neil] Yes, I was trying
to stay in Chile, yeah. – Well it looks like Neil
wants the endless summer, I’m on the fence, the poll was gonna give you the option to
choose your favourite, endless, stop it right
now, and, I don’t mind, and we’d love to hear
your comments down below. – That’s got me thinking, last week’s poll, we asked about tech. – Yes. – Do you think more tech
is better, or less tech? So surprising results here I think. – Really surprising. – [Neil] 65% of people said
no, I prefer the basics. – Now, just let me, just let
me go through that a second. That means that, how many percent? 65. – 65, yeah. – 65% of you guys thought
we don’t want any more tech. – Yeah. – Ooh, I’m not sure what
that means for the industry. – 18% could give a damn. 16%, yes, I want it all. I mean, we had 3 1/2
thousand people answer this, so a pretty big poll watch. – That is a pretty big poll. And that is not the result I expected. I thought everyone was gonna
be saying, tech, tech, tech. That’s what I thought. But I do love that 18%
of you said don’t care. – Meh, that’s what they say.
– (laughs) Meh. I’m looking forward to
this week’s poll results. – Yeah. – It’s gonna be very interesting. And while you’re here,
Neil, why don’t we have a little bit of a look
at this week’s news? (intense rock music) – Well, as we were talking, New Zealand has been very popular at the moment, There’s been a New Zealand enduro. That was won by Damien Oton. Actually they only
raced two of three days, ’cause the weather was so bad. Talk about endless
summer, it rained so hard they couldn’t race last day.
– Yeah. – In second was Mark Scott.
– Yes. – The young Scottish rider who
I tipped the top last year. He didn’t quite preform
quite as well as I’d hoped He was at Andes Pacifico as well. Very fast rider. I’d like to see how he
does in the first EWS. – Yeah, and someone I noticed in those results, Josh Bryceland. – Yeah, was racing enduro. – Well now that really
is interesting, isn’t it? It’s just that his fitness
has got to be great. – Yeah, he’s definitely
an amazing bike handler, you know that for sure.
– Yes, of course, yeah. Very interesting to see him
in there, I really like that. What else has been going on? – Well, there was another mass-start race in New Zealand as well, this is a brilliant video from Ben Deakin including Sam Reynolds of the carnage. It looks like quite a
relaxed race, I must say. And actually one of the
other top Scottish racers, Can Zegali actually
destroys his collar bone, so unfortunately, that’s
come at a very bad time just before race season. – Yeah, and I heard there’s
a new ambassador for Scott. – That is true, Andrew Neethling. – [Martyn] Ooh yes. – [Neil] So we heard about his retirement from racing downhill
but he’s moved over to Scott’s, being an ambassador, so that’s really cool news, actually. – Yeah, very good, very good. Now, while we’re here and
we’re in the news bit, I wanna just go back to
last week’s Dirt Shed Show because, like you said,
we did talk about tech. And we did have some very well-constructed answers to that. One of them, Juandavid Pinto
who’s chatted on the show before, actually.
– He’s a big fan I’d say, yep. – He’s saying yes, no, well. This is what he thinks, Technology has improved
mountain bikes so much by testing and engineering. Just SRAM Eagle, for example, has brought on the bike
technology a whole leap with really perfecting that one-by system and it really being something
that’s beautiful to ride, which, you know, only a few years ago would have been kind of been unheard of, so that’s a good example of how tech really has moved on in a subtle way. – Yeah, it’s funny, we have
actually just done a video about one-by versus two-by. And sort of, it’s almost like
everyone is going towards the one-by, however,
it’s not for everyone. But yeah, definitely a thing. There was a big jump in technology I always seem to remember sort
of around the early 2000s. And now, it feels like
more gradual improvements. – Yep, yeah. And here’s another one here from Freddie Xavier. If you think about technology, we didn’t have disc
brakes back in the day, and when they were first introduced, it seemed like a crazy
idea and that’s true. I remember seeing the first
disc brakes and thinking, Nah, that’s no good.
– But they were so good. – And now, could we
live without disc brakes on our motor bikes?
– No. – We don’t blow our own noses off. – Yep.
– Also last week, we talked about having
Hans Rey in the shed a few weeks back and you
guys started to suggest some more guest people we should have. Guest people? Guest writers, superstars, that
we should have in the shed. I’ve got some great
suggestions here, Neil. What do ya think of this? Oliver Capobianco says, he’s
so hyped to see Scotty Cranmer in the shed, which is who
we mentioned last week. – Yes.
– That would be amazing. I don’t know how we’d do it,
but we’re gonna look into that. We’ve gotta look into it. Juraj Uhlarik, he says
get Wade Simmons in. – Yep, yep.
– Yeah. I don’t know Wade Simmons, actually, but he’d be a very interesting person to talk to.
– Yeah, he’s been around. Seen it all. Ingiro MTB USA says Richie Rude. Danny Macaskill, Duncan
Shaw, Fabio Wibmer and Ali C. Greg Minnaar. Mat Hoffman.
– Oh, one of my heroes. – Mark Webber loves his mountain bike and so does Daniel
Ricciardo, so some F1 fans. Guy Martin. Ed Shear says Cedric Gracia. Good friend of Neil’s and mine. Manon Carpenter or Tracy
Moseley in the shed, maybe make them permanent additions. Emma Trad said Tahnee Seagrave. Danielle Trail, Jenny Rissveds. Chris Ward is saying John Tomac. – I think I’d be too nervous to talk in front of John Tomac.
– Yeah, me too. We don’t want John Tomac in because – Starstruck.
– Yes. – Yeah, we couldn’t do it, basically. – There’s no one bigger.
– I would be like. Okay, we’ve got to get on to this, I’ve been trying to ignore it, Beardgate.
– Beardgate. – (scoffs) Oh, can you,
I can’t believe this. – You’re very clean shaven this week. – I’m very clean shaven. – Grizz TV last week, from
Dirt Shed Show last week says, “Where is Martyn and who is
the lady dressed like him?” Ha-ha-ha, very funny. (men laughing)
It’s not funny. The joke was, it’s not funny. (man laughing) – You can’t see your dress from there. – Hunter La Casse says, “Is Martyn going through
a road bike phase?” – You’ve been through one of those before. – I’ve been through one
of those before. (laughs) – I was laughing. (upbeat rock music) – From the present a
challenge video last week, which was hilarious watching you guys battle it out.
– That was so much fun. – Now, I wanna bring something upright. Scott’s on holiday this week, so I feel bad bringing it upright, but I’ve got to bring up the pedalling. – Hashtag pedalling. – Now, just cut to this
clip a moment, right? Of Scott going up the hill climb where you had to roll without pedalling. He definitely pedals, listen. Listen. (gravel crunching)
(chain clicking) – [Man] Oh wait, what, that’s not rolling. – That, that was pedalling. Scott, no, holiday or
not, that was pedalling. – He lost anyway. – Tea, yay, I brought hacks and bodges in. – Thanks.
– And tea, but… (chuckling) – Someone’s hack and bodge
just got some tea on it. – But first off, progression sessions. – Ah, let’s get working.
– Yes. – Now what have you got
for us this week, Blake? – Well I got Bennet. Huh? Exactly. But this guy sending these few clips, he’s from Washington state and
he’s trying to whip his bike and this first clip here
is him attempting it. Look at that, he’s
getting the rear-end out. – That’s good, actually!
– Oh, it’s good, isn’t it? – [Neil] No, I’ve seen worse. – Really nice.
– But– – I’ve never whipped that good. – Then he gets, he gets progressive, because there’s another one. This line he does it on is real good because there’s loads of table tops so he can learn after and
over it over and over again. So like he comes in, he’s whipping it. – [Martyn] Except that
landing wasn’t great. – [Blake] Nope, look at this last one. – Wrap, can you wrap? Yes. We’re through the progression sessions and that leads us on to
Blake’s big moment of the week, his first try Friday. Is there anyone out there
who’s been brave enough to film their first try at something and subsequent goes until they get it? First try Friday club,
anyone in it, Blake? – Yes! – (giggles) Yes! – Yes.
– Yes, Neil. – Good.
– Alex. He sent one in of him doing his first ride on his new bike on a strop. – I’m Alex Marble. This is my first time Friday. (upbeat rock music) – [Cameraman] Yow! (Alex exclaims) (upbeat rock music) – [Blake] So Alex, you just
earned yourself a star. – Ahh, there you go, a new member to the first try Friday club. I wish I could get in that team. – You know the score. – Yeah, I gotta try something. Well, it’s simple, really. First try Friday, we wanna
see that first attempt at something or that
first ride on a new bike, that first go on a new step-down
that you’ve just spotted. Whatever it is, we wanna
see that rare moment, that first try and subsequent goes. – All the fails.
Until you nail it. That’s the caveat that we added on the end but we wanna see it. Send ’em in to [email protected] along with progression sessions, but make sure you’re wearing a helmet. Don’t be a donut. – Now it’s time for tech of the week. But who’s doing it this week? – Well it’s… Scott’s on holiday so. – So you’re doing it. – Whoa, so I’m in the
workshop for this week’s tech of the week and this
week we’re taking a look at these Box Components drive train. Up until now, you’ve really
only had the choice of Shimano or SRAM for your gears, so it’s pretty cool to see
something else on the market. We’ve got this Box One
11-speed rear derailleur and this Box One PushPush shifter. We’ll take a quick look
at this in the second. Also got this wide range
11-speed 11-46 cassette, so let’s take a look at ’em. So the interesting feature
about that PushPush shifter is there’s just one paddle on there so you push like that to go up the block as you would do normally. To come back down to the harder gears, you push in that way, so towards the stem. So quite a neat little gear shifter there. And another really cool feature is you can just take those internals out. They’re really easy to give a
clean, re-lube, stick back in. Most of these shifters,
if you take them apart, they just explode so I like the fact that you can work on it yourself. It’s a big bonus for me. So the rear mech is made of aluminium and nylon
composite and carbon fibre. A really cool feature about this is this Pivot Tech at the back. So that holds your gear cable. If you have any impact from the rear, that just pivots up and out of the way and hopefully prevents your rear mech from getting damaged or even
your hanger on the bike. You’ve also got the
clutch built into there just to give you that chain retention. Really important for
those one-by 11 users. So here’s the massive 11-46, cassette, 11-speed, obviously, again. That’s also compatible with Shimano hubs and Box hubs themselves. Same with the rear mech,
that’s also compatible with Shimano shifters as well as the Box. Keep your eyes peeled on the channel because in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be bolting these onto my bike, taking them for a proper ride, and giving you the full low down. Back to the shed! (men groan) – Nice. I like how you did that. I like how you did that. Good tech, Neil. And this reminds me, actually,
that the POC competition, where you can wear one
of six pairs available of these beautiful glasses, is now closed. – Closed.
– It is closed. – [Martyn] And we’re gonna
be announcing the winners next week.
– Wow. – So if you’ve got in on it, look out for next week’s Dirt Shed Show. We’re gonna be announcing the winners. – Six pairs! – Six, six lucky dudes
are gonna have these? – They are. Oh, that’s a bad throw! That pair–
– Those ones– – That pair’s fine. That pair’s fine. (intense rock music) – First hack and bodge
comes from Matt Glass. He broke his mech hanger, shall I say? On the trail. Zip ties are involved.
– Of course. – [Neil] Bit of a chain tension there. What I don’t get is he’s
also missing the chain ring. – [Blake] Yeah. – Did that break on the trail as well? (men groaning) I don’t think that’s– (Blake and Martyn
speaking over each other) Well, I hopefully that got you home, Matt, but I’m not convinced
that’s gonna work very well ’cause your chain’s gonna bounce around. – Yeah, but it’s a good bodge.
– Bodge, that is a bodge. (picture clattering) – I’m gonna go with this
one from Martin Blakey. Basically, he’s used some– – Martyn, Blakey.
– Martyn, Blakey. This Martin Blakey, he’s
used a couple of GoPro mounts to make a fitting for his head light up there.
– Oh that is– – So he’s got into some night rides. – Good.
– Wicked. – That’s a hack for sure.
– That’s a hack. – That’s a hack. – GoPro mounts do come in
useful and they’ve got those really sticky mounts
that are really awesome. – Ooh, good catch. – Right, I’ve got this wicked one. I love this one. Look at this. – That is a bodge, I’m
telling you that’s a bodge. – But this is a very clever bodge because what happened here was Simon and Michelle,
couple, went out riding on an 85-kilometer ride.
– Whoa, serious. – But only two kilometres in, her bolt fell out of her…
– That’s solved. That’s a Specialised FSR. – [Blake] Yeah, it fell out. – I can tell.
– It is! – And they stuck it all together. Hack and a bodge of the week. – Yeah, very well done. (picture clatters) – Wow. That went through that– – You’re a terrible throw. You’ve got a terrible throw. My glasses throw was better than that. – It went through the
shed window over there. – Oh, terrible. Now while we’re on hacks
and bodges, check this out! – [Blake] Look at this! – [Marty] My god, it’s
the Dirt She Show logo made of bike bits. I absolutely love it. It’s sent in–
– Very cool. – I love it.
– By Lib Sibley. – [Neil] That’s a lot of work, isn’t it? – [Blake] It is a lot
of work gone into it. – They’ve done a fantastic bit of artwork. It’s so impressive. And we’re gonna find a pretty cool spot here in the shed to hang it up permanent. (rock music) Time for the caption contest. See which one of you guys out there has come up for the best
thing for this photo of Blake asleep on the train. It’s a good shot by Scotty there. – I was catching some Zs. – What you got? What you got? What’s your favourite? – I’m going for, well I’m
going for Michelle Moore. She said Blake’s dreaming
of water features in first try Friday while
Scotty dabs his fingers in a water bottle. – Oh yeah, nasty trick to play. Nasty trick to play. – Does that mean I’m gonna… – Yes. Dhanesh says, “When
you watch a GCN video.” (laughter) – That could be a winner.
– Yeah. – That could be a winner.
– That was a good one. – Wait, I’ve got another
one here from Josh Squires. He said, “Should have written,” sorry, “Should have written
pedalling on Blake’s forehead, “then snuck your way into
his first try Fridays.” – Nice.
– Oh that’s a good one. – Is that an innuendo at the end there? I think, I think, can we go with that one? – Yes, John Squires you’re a winner. And now you win a POC
Pack GMBN phone case, so that’ll be winging its way to you. – Nice!
– Nice! – I haven’t got one of those. That was the most amazing throw. – That was literally,
look how he caught it! – Max’s nail… (item clatters) – It came straight back
through that window again. What… – [Man] Help! – This week’s caption contest
– Help! – is a picture of this guy here. – [Neil] Look at me,
messing around as usual. – I think what you can see in the shed is how, who’s silliest in the shed by how many photos
there are of that person – That’s true.
– In the caption contest. (laughter) – Leave your captions down
below for a chance to win a POC Pack.
– Get one of these. Made in South Africa, as well. (rock music) – Okay, it’s the serious point in the week where we make movie stars
of people in viewer edits. This is serious. You guys can go and watch these films. The links are in the
description down below and basically, once the
millions of you go and watch it, I presume millions of people will go. – Massive amounts.
– Tonnes, yeah. – Then it goes crazy and
it’s called a viral video. So let’s make that happen. First one, Paul Shaw, sick header. His nine-year-old son’s with him. And it’s a really cool video. Lots of mates out riding,
but I really like the bits where he’s riding with his son. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] A little bit of a
crash but that’s all right, we all do that all the time. (laughter) – [Blake] Oh look, there he does, yeah. – We’ve all had a bit of a
bull rider, but there we go. (men groan) But some really cool, really gets the vibe of a day out with your mates. Love that edit and some great
jumps, big hugs in there. Nice video, Paul, thanks
for sending it in. It is a sick edit. – The next one comes to Mathieu Lavallee. He says, “Pardon my strange Engrish.” He’s from Quebecois, I
think that’s how you say it, that’s French Canada.
– Whoa. – So it’d be Frenglish, surely. – Frenglish, yeah.
– And he’s riding in the snow so check this one out.
– Oh I love it. – Love it. – [Neil] With his trail dog as well. – Ah, trail dog’s–
– Oh, trail dogs everywhere. – [Martyn] I love a bit of trail dogs. – [Neil] Got a super nice flat. – Good video. Love to see a trail dog. Great fun, great fun. And what have you got, Blake? – Well my English is not very good. So Cameron Litvick? Litvick?
– Litvick? – [Martyn] This was your moment and thankfully we gave
it to Blake to deliver. But there we are. – [Blake] He’s from West Virginia. Basically, he’s also go trail dog. – Oh yes!
– Check it out! Look at that!
– Scrub it over the… – [Martyn] Slow-mo trail dog. – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. – [Martyn] Bit of a tree come up. Over he goes.
– Ah. – And that dog just comes
pondering ’round the corner. It’s like, hey, guys, what’s going on? I’m just chilling. Some great ones there. We’ve created viral videos right there. That just happened. Felt good, didn’t it? – It did feel good.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I like seeing– – They’re all gonna get a million views. (rock music) – [Neil] Boys, check this one out. – [Martyn] Is this gonna
get me in the mood. – [Neil And Blake] Umm… (all exclaiming) – [Martyn] Oh my god. – [Neil] (laughs) Oh
my god, he couldn’t… That was like a small crash
that just someone turned it up and said no, no, it’s
gonna be a big crash. – Turned that volume up. – I didn’t know there
was a crash volume, wow! – Yep, went to 11 on that one.
– Oh crazy. Have we got anything else
to get us in the mood? Well actually I’ve got this
which I thought might do it. Watch that front just–
– His front wheel’s dropping! (men groaning) (laughter) – [Martyn] Has that got us in the mood? – Yeah. Run VT. (laughter) – Oh dear, hellfire. (intense rock music) (bleeping) (intense rock music) (bleeping) (intense rock music) (bleeping) (intense rock music) – [Man] Ooh! (bleeping) (intense rock music) (bleeping) (intense rock music) – Instabangerz, guys! I’ve got one. Okay, so this one is my
friend, Andrew Neethling. He’s just got a new, like, partnership with Scott bikes. – [Neil] I liked how you come
out of the Zimbo accent there. – [Blake] Well I can carry on if you want. – [Martyn] I don’t mind, I like it. – He is a rad cool guy and you know, that I could follow and like follow his dream riding his bikes. – Nice. – Good one, good one. – Congratulations, Needles. That’s a cool ride.
– He is a good one. – I’m gonna throw you to
Becci Skelton’s Instagram. She’s one of the riders on
the Steve Peat Syndicate. All those guys are amazing
riders, up and coming. Worth a follow. She looks like she’s having
a great time riding her bike. So yeah. You know what to do. – Very cool.
– Go follow ’em. (rock music) Three, two, one. – Shout out. (laughter) You weren’t gonna do it. – No way, that’s…
– Shout outs! – Shout outs.
– Yes. – I’m gonna throw to a Kickstarter. I do love a Kickstarter and
I seen this on Kickstarter. It’s the Prescott Cyclery
Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got this one frame fits all idea, 27.5, it can take 29 wheels. It’s a really cool-looking bike. They’re trying to raise
funds to get it all going. They’ve put a lot of work
into the prototyping already. And yeah, and I just wanna
get ’em a bit of coverage. – Yeah. – You never know, it might not happen. So good luck, guys. Kickstarter, go, go shout out at it. (rock music) Right, it’s time to get in the bike vault and have a party.
– Yes! – Let’s look at what you guys are riding. And we’re gonna start with
this one from Ben Conman. – Dog! – [All] Dog, super nice!
(squeaking) – Good pose.
– Yes, good dog. – Look at that sun in East Yorkshire. – The bike is perfect– (all yelling) – Another dog! – No way!
– Super nice! (squeaking)
– Two super nice dogs. – That’s a nice–
– Two super nice dogs. – Brilliant tongue, yeah.
– That’s a lovely dog. – Love it. – Whoa, hang on a second. – Okay there’s two bikes. – A-hood-am-I-tay, in,
that’s in nor-east– – Bit of surfing going on. – Australia. – I like that, that’s cool. They can’t be both– – They’re very interesting bikes. – Yeah, what’s that, Surly? They’re both Surlys. – Two Surlys.
– Yeah. – Could this be the first super nice bike? – It’s gotta be super nice. It’s a three-peat on the super nice. Straight up hit it.
(squeaking) – Two bikes got super nice. – Oh my word, Gary Locum’s Turner 5.Spot. – Oh I don’t know, it’s very big. – It’s 26 inch wheels, isn’t it? – Big with little wheels. – Nice.
– I like it. But it’s nice. Okay, next we’re– (men exclaim) – Oh my, he’s gone the full effort.
– Too much filter? – No.
– No! He’s gone for a border. – Forest Dean, we ride that occasionally. – I love the Forest Dean, it’s super nice! – Super nice!
(squeaking) – Yep.
– Yes. (men groan) Oh, look at that, nice shot.
– Where is he? – Is that a Trek or is that–
– John de George. It’s his Trek Fuel. (Blake mumbles) – Yeah, yeah, this one’s really, really… – That one’s nice. – I like it where it is in the cave. – I think we’re gonna call that a nice. – Yeah, because look at his cranks. – Yeah, you can’t see from those cranks– – But that’s a very nice bike. – Very nice bike.
– It’s a nice bike. – It’s a super nice. – Oh go ahead. – Hang on a minute. This is sent by John de
George, John de Gorge, John de George as well.
– Same place! – It’s his wife! – It’s his wife’s bike. – Oh, we’ve got to give her a super nice. – Well if you’ve–
– I think, yeah. I think, yep.
(squeaking) He’s gone for it. He’s gone for a nice two bikes. – We’ve given out an awful
lot of super nices here. – Come back on–
– Uh oh, Wicker Man! – I know, I know this place. – Wicker Man alert. – I’ve been there.
– Where is that? That looks like Llangollen. – It looks like he’s about
to set the bike on fire. – No, that, it’s that new
bike park, what is it called? – It’s a nice, we’re moving on. – [All] Dog! – But there’s two bikes. – Yeah, but the dog makes up for it. – True. – Two bikes and a dog equals. – Super nice!
– Super nice. (squeaking) – Like that, where is that? That’s in County Wicklow in Ireland. – [Neil] Trail dog, love it. – If you wanna get in the bike
vault, and why wouldn’t you? It’s one of the best places to be. If you’ve ever been in there,
the champagne is unbelievable. – Yeah, well everything in there. – Send your bike to [email protected] It’s just down there. Something for you to do. – You could–
– Yes! Now, send ’em in and we
will look at ’em next week. We’ll try and get it in there. We’ve got people sending
their bikes five or six times. You’ve gotta try hard. Unless it happens to be
the email that comes up when I look at them and
then you get in scott free! – You’re gonna hit me on the head. That hit me on the head! (laughter) (rock music) Coming up on the channel next week. – Well, tomorrow we’ve got a game of bike with the one and only Hans Rey. (Blake groans) – That’s… – Where we competed with him.
– That’s a bit good. – We did. – How well did we do? You’ll have to wait and see tomorrow. And then on Sunday we’ve got a video one-by versus two-by. – Nice. On Monday, we’re gonna
be jargon busting a wheel and then on Tuesday,
we’ve got five challenges for downhill, that’s a really cool vid, and we’ve got a bonus from Blake here, what is a slope style
bike, as if you’d know. It’s good for you, it’s
good for you, watch it. – On Wednesday, had to
plan an epic adventure with Hans Rey himself. – Cool. – Wow. And then on Thursday,
ask GMBN, where we answer any of your questions that you’ve sent us. – Nice. Friday, what’s on Friday? – [All] It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – That has been a very fun show. (squeaking) It was super nice. – It was.
– Super nice. – Thanks, guys.
– It’s always good. – Loved it, loved it. Innit?
– It’s always good. – Whilst you’re still on YouTube, you should go check out my
pro bike, my Scott Genius LT. – Oh, and don’t forget to go
and watch presenter challenge. It’s a good one. – It is a very funny video. We had a lot of fun with that one. And you can hit this. It’s very heavy. It’s the subscribe button. Please press it before I drop it. – Oh and don’t forget to
give us a thumbs up, like, and leave any comments below. – What’s weird is I’m
not holding anything. – It is weird. – There’s nothing there.
– There’s nothing there. I feel so stupid.

48 thoughts on “Do We Want An Endless Summer For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 106

  1. I'm sitting watching the Show and all I'm wearing is  a Pair of  Shorts ! You can keep that Cold? Rain and Snow/Sleet. Endless Summer riding for me. I was born in l London came here in 72

  2. I live in cairns and here it is summer all year round but one weekend it will be raining the next it will be dry as

  3. I now live in the Phillipines having lived in the UK most of my life, so I have experience of loads of sunshine, 300 days a year ,and also the opposite, 300 days a year of rain in the UK. I do miss the rain and mud but not that much. Planning a ride and knowing it's going to be Sunny is something you never get tired of…

  4. #ASKGMBN I just bought a new entry-level enduro bike and look forward to doing some races this summer. Any training tips to help train for enduro?

  5. Winter is a boot camp. After all that mud, rain, snow, ice, dry summer rides are many times more enjoyable!

  6. Regarding the box one shifter I was going to say that plate that moves back and forth on the push push lever would jam with dirt in no time! But you say they made it a cinch to clean so that takes care of that, very cool.

  7. #ASKGMBN Just went over to tubeless on my rear wheel and everything sealed great except for one spoke and I reinforced the tape but still air leaked from that single spoke, i ended up sealing the outside of the spoke with glue with good success but any tips?

  8. To the Technology question. We now have digital shifting. I can imagine Anti-Lock-Digitally controlled brakes. Just grab the lever and sensors control the front and rear modulation. Predictive braking in case of impending crashes? No more OTB's?

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