Documentary on Sharan Expedition Naran Kaghan Valkey Pakistan Tourism Part 2 of 2 HD

Documentary on Sharan Expedition Naran Kaghan Valkey Pakistan Tourism Part 2 of 2  HD

sometimes we faced extreme and
unforgettable wild beauty of the forest all the way had become off-track due to
heavy snow which created small glaciers the incredible features of the nature
provides soothing effects breaking trail in heavy snow was a hard and different experience, snow had covered everything after 12 hours of continuing there a dramatic landscape everywhere sometimes we met with extreme winds in
the forest which drove to the flakes from the tree and had different impacts
but we continued our journey towards the destination never before us any outsider
came in the forest in this season visiting the forest in winter is a
unique experience how it is hard to cross the forest in winter but everybody was happy this was my first experience in breaking
trail which is very hard work in fresh snow we prepared tea in the evening everyone
was enjoying this beautiful evening view evening brought more beauty in the
forest specially when clouds had covered the maximum view range finally we got the exclusive night
trekking in extreme weather every member was fully enjoying the night trekking in
extreme snow falling these are incredible moments Hey, very enjoyable. Sir how you are feeling? “In the name of Allah” Thanks Allah who given us beautiful day and as much we enjoyed in the day, now you can see how amazing is the night? this is very fantastic view and amazing night trekking in very extreme weather i think this is big success of our team, “Thanks Allah”. “Allah willing” that we met with extreme weather in wild area in forest during trekking all of them
all the peoples are enjoying thank you thank you thank you so much Assalam O Alaykum, how are you friends? all the day Allah blessed us with very beautiful weather and we enjoyed a lot night has become more pleasant than the day, as we enjoy the night more today it is rejoice in wilderness and everybody is getting pleasure and enjoyment In the name of Allah, first of all i am very thankful to Allah that he given us a very beautiful chance and we are travelling this time night weather is very beautify and continue snow falling and we are doing continuously trekking and we will continue our trekking at night we all are very energetic and working hard, and we will go as far as we can maximum, thank you we finally reached at Chinar Hotel bright shiny morning brought new look of V Shape valley superb view was touching the heart form hotel gallery, that was the place from where we can see the valley This is chamber peak which has covered by the clouds Valley presented us unforgettable landscapes the valley is also global player against global warming Makra Peak is 3080 meter and below is the paye meadows you can see a babusar pass from this
location team is descending towards paras
village while crossing beautiful snow carpeted valley wonderful dancing time this little population has stuck into
their houses due to last day’s whether we got little refreshment after descending
of three hours local villagers were surprised to see us in this area because they never saw any outsider in this area in winter season before. this is the end of the trekking point, the beautiful valley was spreading winter colors to everyone’s heart this is last point of our trekking, we were on the trek for the last 3 days. but that was a very fantastic and adventurous trek which ever i have seen in my life i think that it was amazing point and amazing trek to view different places and the mountains, we got a jeep from Bela village because
snow level was acceptable for driving there everyone was happy and thankful to
Almighty Allah on completing the successful winter survival expedition in
sharan forest smiling faces were telling the story of their success, after taking
the lunch in Paras village we started our journey towards Mansehra. mostly
all the way was covered by the heavy snow showers many buses and other vehicles were
stuck due to this unexpected weather but the winter beauty was exceptional

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