Documents required for Europe tourist or Schengen visa || when applying from India || Italy visa

Documents required for Europe tourist or Schengen visa || when applying from India || Italy visa

so let’s get into step-by-step procedure
to apply Schengen visa today I am discussing mainly applying Schengen visa
at Italian consulate although the procedure is mostly similar for other
consulates as well so my concentration today will be Schengen visa from Italy
consulate so in India to apply Schengen visa you could visit VFS – Italy dot
code oddly so if you’re from northern part of India then you have to apply it
Italian consulate at New Delhi and if you are from southern India or West
India you have to apply a key detail and consulate in Mumbai
similarly for eastern India you have to apply at Kolkata and this is for Nepal
let’s say you are from West or southern India then you click here so before even
applying for visa appointment you need to know the information about Schengen
visa so this is the page where you get all that information so here you see all
about visas click there and you see the Schengen C type visa click on that you
see the types of Schengen visa so here we are interested in tourist visa so I
am going to click on that so this is the imported page guys so here you see all
the information like visa fees for Schengen tourist visa and then the
documents required so you see this first PDF here it has lot of documents in the
document information and it has photo specifications and then application form
so you could just download the application form form from here so once
you know all the information about Schengen visa that’s the time to
schedule an appointment so you schedule and click on scheduled appointment here
so you see there are two ways to schedule one is you could call the call
center and book your appointment the other is the
take on this link where you could book your appointment online so when you
click on this link it’s gonna route it to this another website which is VF s VF
s global appointment booking system so this is if this is your first time you
have to register as a new user here so you have to click on new user and then
create your account and then register once you register you can schedule an
appointment let’s look into the documents needed for Schengen visa for
applying at Italian consulate the the main important document is first
imported document is passport and then you need visa application you could
download the visa application from BSS BFS website then you need photos
generally for Italian embassy you need 35mm by 45mm and you should make sure
like your photograph should have 70 to 80 percent of your your sorry your head
should fill 70 to 80 percent of your entire photo so the extreme right
photograph is the correct one in this case and financial status so you should
prove like you have enough financial you are financially strong to support your
trip so for that you could submit three months bank statement and your income
tax return statements for the last three years make sure your bank statements are
original with Bank State Bank stamp and signature and let’s say if you are a
owner of your own business in that case you could submit your company bank
statements for the last two months and you could submit your company
registration certificate etc and if you are a retired person right then you
could submit three months pension statements or proof of income generated
by ownership of property or business let’s say if your children is sponsoring
you in that case you have to submit your children’s financials
like their bank statements their passport copy income tax returns etc
Michael insurance this is one of the most important thing so most of the
Schengen countries we need you to cover medically so so they need the coverage
of 30000 euros so there are a lot of private companies which can where you
can buy your insurance from so you should carry this insurance eight
tickets so you should have a return ticket that’s the most important thing
so I have your return ticket submit this as the proof that you are related
returning back and also you should have the tickets or the reservations to
travel within the Schengen area let’s say if you are travelling countries by
train or car you need to submit those bookings as well travel like nutty or
complete stay details let’s say if you are staying in photos for all your
vacation then you need to submit the hard copies of the reservation
confirmation from all the hotels if you have a sponsorship then submit an
invitation letter from the sponsor but if you are travelling your groups with
the tour company then your tour company will give you some documentation
basically it has two or package details like a name date of birth and tough but
number etc let’s say if you are working then you need a leave sanction letter
from your employer just mention the dates of leave sanction and on company
letterhead and your name designation you know things like that next thing is
covering letter so covering letter is something which
you are writing to the visa officer it’s a letter to the visa officer explaining
what is the purpose of your trip and what way you will be in what is your
itinerary looks like so it should have your name who all are traveling with you
and the itenary what you are doing and what you what tourism you are doing on
the unrealized nari and who is going to bear your ex bear your expenses and
purpose of it is it’s it’s very detailed purpose of your trip the checklist
it’s basically a paper where you need to take the documents submitted to the visa
officer but the previous page so there is an option to track your application
here so you click on this and you’re gonna read you get routed to this
another page when you could enter the reference number and your date of birth
you’re gonna get the status of your application also sometimes so especially
when you need your visa passport urgently then you will be a little
nervous and you might need the cover by our information so in our case what we
did is we know that VFS generally sends the package through view dot so here you
could enter the reference number so we entered the our passport number here so
it was giving us updates like powered by our updates so this is one of the way to
know where your passport is at that moment so that you get a little peace
knowing like your passport is on the way that’s it guys

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