Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi temple Hassan Tourism Ancient Hindu temples of Karnataka tourism

Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi temple Hassan Tourism Ancient Hindu temples of Karnataka tourism

we are at a very special place known as Doddagaddavalli its in Hassan district, the Lakshmi temple here is very special temple it feel that how much ever we know about this it is less so many specialties are there these specialists come let us see with halebidus Guide Mr H M Amaresha from Hassan when going towards Belur or Halebidu this board will be visible if you go in the road next to this board, you will reach Lakshmi temple it is hardly 2.5 kms from here if you come 17kms from Hassan this board will be visible ahead 15 kms from here is Halebidu and 21 kms to Belur it is time for this board to be changed yet this is visible on to your left side Doddagaddavallis this Lakshmi temple was the first temple built by Hoysalas it is said the main attraction of Doddagaddanavalli the Mahalakshmi temple was built during the time of Hoysala Ruler Vishnuvardhana in the year 1114 this is a chatuskuta temple(four shrine temple Goddess Kali, Maha Lakshmi, Shiva linga and Vishnus statues are there 40 years ago the main Vishnu statues was stolen luckily the Kalabhairava statue is still present here this being a place of worship is under the protection of Indian Archaeology department in 1958 the place was declared as a national monument the temple is open from sun rise to sun set time Since similar to the Kolapur Lakshmi temple this was called as Abhinava Kollapura Hoysala Architecture style, this is a four shrines temple the lakshmi temple here was during King Vishnuvardhanas time a diamond merchant named Kullanna raout along with his wife Sahaja devi, got it constructed , it is said As per the inscriptions found here the person who constructed this temple is a artisan known for his workmanship Malloja Maaniyoja it is mentioned in one of the inscriptions next to the Kali temple there is a seperate temple of Airava in there is a graghagraha and an open place the main statue of the garbhagraha is not there now behind the lakshmi temple is a beautiful lake filled with water this temple has a total of nine Shikaras and it is a chatuskuta temple( Having four shrines) in that the Shikara above the Lakshmi temple is in Chalukya style and the remaining ones are in Kadamba Naga style in this temple the specialty is the beautiful the nine Kalasha carved above the nine shikaras the other specificity is that above this temple there are nine shikaras out of which eight are intact in original form in Veshara style the shikara above the lakshmi temple is in Dravida style , that is a specialty this is a unique temple built as per vastu this cannot be seen in any other temple in our country that is one of the main attraction of this temple In the gopura is the Hoysala Kingdoms emblem Sala fighting with the lion has been carved, this too is a specialty Here you can see the calm form of Kali other than here Kali is found in aggressive form in Kolkata in this temple infront of Kali in order to calm her, Vishnu has been installed Infront of Kali is Vishnu in the same manner, to keep shiva calm in front of shiva linga to keep him calm in front of him Lakshmi has been installed, this is a uniqueness in our state as well as in our country such vastu complement temple is not found anywhere else generally in front of Vishnu will be lakshmi In front of Shiva will be Parvathi but here In front of Kali is Vishnu the same way infront of shiva is lakshmi they are brother and sister they are siblings to clam their aggressive form their siblings have been installed here the important part is in Kali temple generally there are no dwarapalakas (Door guards) but here are beautifully carved 7foot long dwarapalakas, Bethalas(large demonic living corpses ) have been carved they are totally nude dwarapalakas, standing facing each other their scary tongue sticking out in their right hand is large knife, in left hand they are holding a severed head this unique state is very rarely seen in Hoysala temple this Bethala (large demonic living corpses ) statues are the main attraction of this temple see this is Maha Kali temple the two large demonic living corpses are infront of the Kali temple they are the dwarapalakas see his tongue sticking out, disheveled hair big ear rings in his ears He is holding the severed head of a Rakshasa notice the detailed carving of the eye lid, mustache beard, the ear rings have been carved so clearly look at his side this bethala is totally nude notice his hair is long his tongue, his big ear ring here notice the ghost holding knife another holding a Jacket you can see four ghosts Here is the Calm form of Kali Bow, arrow and trishula Khadga, damaru and Himapasha held in the hand on the forehead notice the sreechakra in her calm form the Shambo nishamba rakshasa is being killed other than this the one at Kolkata is the aggressive form of Kali all around here are the betas and carved on the pita is boothagana as per locals the ones seen here are Shakini and Dakini along with them are 6 bethalas dancing on both side notice the bethala playing the rudra veena this is Nagakanye (Snake lady) this is vishaKanye (Poison lady) notice the scorpion on the Visha kanye As Mahakalis body guards are the 7 feet tall Bhootanatas it is said that the Bhootanatas breathe from here both bootanatas hairstyle is also different here in front of goddess Kali is this small Natya(Dance) Mantapa it is also know as navaranga Queen Shantala devi, wife of King Vishnuvardhana when Mahakali takes on the aggressive form to calm her she used to come and dance here through dance she would offer her devotion and calm the goddess, this claim is also there up you can see shiva playing the rudra veena In Kubera corner, is Kubera on a horse along with wife riddi has been carved in Ishanya (North-East) direction you can see the paada of Mahakali the same way in Ishanya (North-East) direction is the Mahakali lake here is Shiva and parvathi sitting on Nandi above here is Airavatha above Airavatha are Indira and Sachidevi to identify it as Airavatha they have carved two pairs of tusks, that is total of 4 tusks holing in his hand is the vajra danda the rudrakshi bead is also visible elephants bangles are also visible Here is the standing beauty of Maha Lakshmi gadhe, chakra and shanka is also seen here another such statue is at Kolapur , Maharashtra previously this place was also known as Abhinava Kollapura this is Nataraja in the hand are bow, arrow and trishula damaru and murdanga the dancing Nataraja the specialty of this temple is installed in front of Lakshmi is Shiva that is in front of brother the sister is installed when shiva takes the aggressive form to calm him Lakshmi statue has been installed here in Agni corner, along with agni god is his wife svaha devi on their vehicle, which is the tagaru (Raam) they traveling on Mesharashi has been carved in the southern direction is Yamadharma but the carving is damaged here originally was vishnu statue but now is the Kalabhairava statue to signify that the statue was of Vishnu, on the pita (Base) his vehicle garuda is carved Here the carving is of gajalakshmi below gajalakshmi is yoga narasimha in front of Vishnu is installed the statue of Mahakali in South-west or Nairuthya direction is Nairuthi couple travelling along with their son these are the damaged Astadigpalakarus statues here above carving is of gajalakshmi in the garbhagudi is Shiva linga in front of shiva in standing beauty is Lakshmi in western direction is God Varuna along with his wife varuni riding on Makara rashi this Makara has lions legs peacocks tail, monkeys eyes ears of cow, crocodiles mouth and elephants trunk in North-west or Vayuvya direction is Vayu deva along with his mother Anjana devi travelling on Deer this is Pradakshina Mantapa here above was the carving of Bhuvaneshwari but is damaged now here one is not supposed to do Sastanga Namaskara only pradakshina needs to be done the one who does prakashina here can see gods statues in all four directions it is said that this temple was attacked once the specialty of the temple is in front of Kali generally we find shiva or birava but here vishnu is installed because when kali take aggressive form to calm her siblings, they are siblings same way in shivas temple in front of shiva is Mahalakshmi Mahalakshmis specialty is in standing posture and calm nature in kolkata you can see her aggressive form lakshmi his sibling when shiva takes on the aggressive form to calm him her statue has been installed this is chatuskuta temple beautiful chatiskuta temple this was built first in hoysala kingdom and so vastu compliments temple can be seen no where else in the whole of our country

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  1. Wow Sudeesh. Idu tumba Sundaravada Devasthana. Naanu tumba sari ee maargadalli Odadiddene aadare ishtu Sundaravada Devasthana Nodiralilla. Namma Ooru Hassana. Ivatte Bheti nidutteve. Devasthana Veekshane Madisidakke Tumba tumba Dhanyavadagalu.
    Big Like for Temple.

  2. wife of kubera is Kuberi, Riddi is the wife of Lord Ganesha. Riddi and Siddi are his two wives. Kuberi is also called Bhadra, Yakshi, Charvi etc

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  5. Good video….in last November I visited Beluru Chennakeshava Temple for second time.Travelled from Hassan to Beluru. I did not observed this board on road. I missed it… time I will visit. Thank u

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  7. Adbhutha! Bhoothanatha, Lakshmi, Vishnu vigraha, kambagalu, pradakshnapatha, ellvu athi adbhutha, thanks Kottikal sir for the upload

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  10. Hi Sudeesh Kannada Rajyotsava wishes to you and thanks a lot for exploring many forgot places. We definitely prefer to visit this place.

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  12. Excellent narration Sudeeshji..very informative and the type of the temple has been explained beautifully
    உங்கள் விளக்கத்தையும், கவின் கன்னடத்தையும் கேட்டுக்கொண்டே இருக்கலாம்..thanksji..????????

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  15. Really wonderful work by you …along with the wonderful temple built by those people. There are so many such beautiful intricately carved temples which many of us not aware..Thanks for showing.

  16. Sudheesh, what a great temple. I can't sleep now without thanking you immensely. Great work, great narration. Keep it up. ??

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  18. Hi Sudeesh I like all your videos. I am from Hassan, please make a video of Lord Lakshmi Varadaraja swami sculpture which is 18 feet tall a Hoysala style of architecture. This comes under Archeological Survey of India. There is nothing to capture the temple architecture but the sculpture is very very beautiful. It is located at Kondajji village, 17 kms from Hassan (In between Hassan and Halebidu, this road is mentioned as Salagame road from Hassan City). Video is allowed there. Please visit that place.

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