Does vacation make you more productive? | CNBC Explains

Does vacation make you more productive? | CNBC Explains

We typically think of vacation as a time to tune
out and put work on hold or at least try to. But is it possible that vacation actually advances
your career and makes you more productive? Here in Europe it’s normal to take a couple of weeks,
maybe even a month, of holiday during the summer. Shops close their doors and some
factories even stop production. It’s a tradition that dates back more than a century when it was more efficient for factory-line workers to all go on holiday at the same time
instead of at separate times throughout the year. Factories used the summer recess to do maintenance
on machines and give workers a much-needed break. Fast forward a couple of decades and Europeans
are still taking advantage of long holidays. The European Union entitles workers to at least
four weeks of vacation time per year. That’s a lot more than
most countries in the world. Some European countries like France, the UK or Norway
even mandate extra paid holidays on top of the 20 days. In fact, the U.S. is one of the only countries that
doesn’t have mandated vacation time. You might think that all this time off means European
workers are less productive than Americans. But it turns out nine of the top 10
most productive OECD countries measured by GDP per hour
worked are in Europe. The United States ranks sixth. And a recent report found U.S. workers
who took 11 or more vacation days were more likely to get a raise or a bonus –
compared to workers who took 10 or fewer. More productive and more
likely to get a raise? I’ll take another one of these, please. Studies show there can also be
health benefits like lower stress, better mental health and even
less likelihood of a heart attack. Time away from the office
can also spark creativity. Starbucks, Instagram and Hamilton the Musical
were all ideas inspired on vacation. But it’s not all paradise. A lot of people have a hard time disconnecting
when they’re supposed to be off. And the stress of getting work done before leaving
can just be too much to handle for some people. Almost half of workers in one survey
said they didn’t go on vacation because they don’t want to come
back to a mountain of work. In fact more than half of Americans
leave vacation time on the table. Cost is also a big factor holding
people back from taking time off. But studies show that even taking a day or two away
from the office can have a big impact on productivity. So maybe it’s time to sit back and relax. And who knows? It could help you get that promotion
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  1. I feel as an American that we should by law in each state to give residents paid holidays off with tax deductions.

  2. The reason why it induce payrise / promotion might be because, the company felt losses and realise their importance when the employee is on a vacation

  3. hahahahaha mots of the WORLD have gained PAID vacation (30 days) BUT in most of them ONLY the government institutions comply that rule. Most o the private entities don't coz they don't allow their workers to do it.

  4. If they all went on vacation at the same time..where they stay, who cooked, who drove. Someone had to serve these vacationers

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