Dog Spent Entire Life On The Street Until A Tourist Spotted Her

Dog Spent Entire Life On The Street Until A Tourist Spotted Her

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  1. UPDATE: Helen has been adopted!!! ❤️ After so many years spent on the street, sweet Helen finally has a wonderful home with a family to love her forever: . Many thanks everyone for watching and sharing the video and helping Helen find her perfect loving home! ❤️ To support our animal rescue work please visit: . Thank you!!!

  2. What's with Romania? I see so many horror stories about animals from there. Do the people just not like animals there?

  3. I don't think this dog was on the streets for years… But if she was then there was at least some person that came and hung out with her and.gave her baths once a.month and fed her decently cuz she wasn't dirty at all and she wasn't really REALLY skinny like most street dogs . I could be wrong but my guess is she slept in Streeta but some person or family tried to take care of her while she was on the streets maybe they couldn't have dogs or something…. Just my opinion though

  4. I watch these videos of our furry friends suffering and it just tears me up inside, even though so many people see me as a Tough Guy. But it melts my heart to know that not only Helen found her Forever home, but so many like her have been so lucky. I hope to one day adopt one and give them the good life and forever home they deserve. Thank you for all the good work you and others like Howl of a Dog do each and every day. ?

  5. India has million dogs on streets and no body cares about them.There are hundred to one dog lover who try to help them.Dont know why goverment doesnt take action .

  6. you guys are incredible persons and a huge heart , saving this por dog gives you ghuys a lot of points with god and us who follow your stories

  7. So glad to see they're still good people in the world and for those that walk by never offered any help I feel sorry for them in the end

  8. This make me happy and sad at the same time , sad in a good way ! God bless those people and all the dogs around the world that dosent have a home or dosent know how to feel loved , Nice vid ! This makes me happy ! Bless the dogs soul wish the Cute dog all the best and hope she Will have a very Nice life with lots of love ❤️❤️

  9. I could never live in a neighborhood like some of these… Shitty places and see strays daily without doing something about it. You have some of these countries that allow strays to roam the streets daily like it's second nature and don't do shite about it.

    And places like China that just love torturing and eating animals alive. They have no law against animal cruelty. What kind of a place is that? Garbage. I've seen that shite. Sorry but it's facts.

    Places like Japan, Africa, Romania, Russia, etc who most don't give a shite about animals.

  10. Va urmarim cu mare drag si cu tot respectul pentru munca dumneavoastra. Iubim si noi calni din tot sufletul si ne doare inima cand vedem asa ceva. Sa va dea Dumnezeu sanatate si multa putere de munca caci ceea ce faceti ie rupt din Rai.

  11. Helen is so a beautiful dog that look in her eyes was priceless when she was taken off the streets. Well deserved.

  12. A message to everyone who watches and appreciates these videos. Don't stop with Helen. Let her be the first of many stray, homeless animals, from this, and many other rescue organizations to find a loving, furever home with people who are missing that something extra that a furry companion can bring. If more people rescue and adopt, fewer animals will be on the streets, and in shelters. It CAN BE DONE! You won't regret it.

  13. This is heart breaking,she is so cute ,unfortunately abandoned on the streets for so long. Hopefully someone will adopt her,she is so gentle. What you guys are doing is amazing, a wonder for sure!

  14. This is so sad… I'm originary from romania, but living in spain almost my entire life , and I realize trought the years that Romanian people have a very concrete opinion about stray dogs or not pure breed dogs, and it's that they don't deserve to be loved and cared about like the breed ones ( there are exceptions , of course).. but it's something that hits me really hard, because I have a 4 legs-babyfur ( mixed breed) and when I see so many stray dogs being neglected there when I go on vacation breaks my heart to the point that I don't feel like going back there very often anymore. I wish I could really help all of them and I'm so thankfull that people like you are starting to take care of these little angels and not just ignoring them like most people do. I'm not judging people from , it's just something I have learnt by experience.???

  15. Loving the moment this 4 legged being petted kindly, ?, proud baby ❤️ girl. So beautiful has a dance in her footsteps. Thank you.

  16. Watching her sleep like that broke my heart, all dogs deserve someone to love on them, and I really think they need someone to LOVE as well.

  17. Any person who mistreat and abandons animals deserves the upmost brutal beating of their life I've seen many dogs abandoned in eastern Europe I'm from bosnia. God gave us animals like dogs to remind us of what it's like to love, cause a dog loves you more than it loves itself don't ever forget that.

  18. She looks like"I can't believe this and that and oh that feels so good and ahhh peace while I sleep". Happy adventures Helen.

  19. Shes adorable. I wanna hug her. She's only on this planet for about 10 years. May the rest of her years be wonderful. Life is tough. I workout and the best protein is from animal sources. I drove by farms last week and I saw all the pigs and cows grazing. I wonder how miserable their lives are from birth to slaughter. I care about animals but these dogs get our best treatment. It's hard to understand.
    In China,they love cows and eat dogs. I guess that's just how the world is.

  20. Cuidar desses anjos é a missão de TODOS nós aqui na Terra. Aquele que não cumpre essa missão divina, está perdendo uma excelente oportunidade de aprender a verdadeira lição do que é amor.. ❤❤
    Meu sonho é poder um dia sair de minha casa e não ver esses anjos abandonados nas ruas..

  21. Rich in Romania dont
    Care just one dog on street dont love giving they should save dog have house live not always on street thanks somebody took him place live norma life as dog

  22. When i saw her video
    Tears drop. In my cheek nobody care this dog if only i can go there bring shelter
    Or howld for dog helping her helen is cute dog beautiful she's

  23. Young lady good b ig heart helping dog on street God bless. You save the dog howl dog recurring those dog on street

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