Dokrichanchra Ghumar Waterfalls Kalahandi Historical Tourist & Picnic Place

Dokrichanchra Ghumar Waterfalls Kalahandi Historical Tourist & Picnic Place

This time we were on Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi tour And today our journey is towards Dokrichanchra waterfalls Which is in Kalahandi District And while going on the way We noticed a Beautiful Small Lake The watterfalls from Dokrichanchra Dokrichanchra waterfalls is the water source of this Lake This is near Kaligarh Village But the place looked Beautiful Here these birds enhancing beauty of this scene See How they are flying in unit It reminded me Lake Chilika However as it’s Winter Season and Birds come from different places May be they are from them Then we continued our journey through these Jungle way you can see how dense forest this is it felt adventurous sometimes And sometimes it was scary.. that we may face any wild animal I meant Bear by wild animal Though Tigers are very rare to see now a days But we are really scared of bears Because we have seen many times while travelling Specially in these types of Jungle and Mountain areas But nothing happened like that… and finally When we reached the village we saw There were people Then we started exploring this place Hey..Guys welcome to TravelSG..This is Santanu here With the cameraman Hari Today we came to dokrichanchra waterfalls And this place is about 70km from Bhawanipatna And about 131km from Koraput. Approximately and this place falls under kalahandi district and very beautiful gorgeous place Natural place As you would have seen the drone shots or about to watch the drone shots now Ahead.. Very gorgeous beautiful place this is Natural place with lot of greeneries lot of jungle here You will get to see a lot of trees plants here This place is famous for picnic specially in new year time When New Year time begins A lot of people come here for picnic, celebration spend weekends with families However you can see there is not so much water in this river as it should be as it’s winter going on Rain is over I feel while rain or monsoon season was going on at that time there may be a lot of water here now there is not much water But scenery is astonishing and there is abyss down there you’ll feel dizzy if you see down there and I would suggest take selfies but with cautious and there may be a way to go down there We don’t have that much time to explore that’s why we took shots by drone as much possible there are two temples up there Ram Temple and another one is Dokri maa So let’s watch the temples and know the details But we thought before covering the temple lets move towards waterfalls first shoot that because it’s about to dark and we started our journey from Koraput in the morning and we traveled about 130km that’s why we got late then we decided first shoot the waterfall and later come back to the temple so let me give you some information about this place on the way This river name is behera river the place name dokrichanchara is derived from Maa dokri devi goddess as we heard this waterfalls is called by two names the long waterfalls from the down side that is called dokrichanchra and there is a waterfall on the upside that is also called ghumar waterfalls the ram temple here was built about 80 years ago and every year ram navami is very grandly celebrated here a lot of tourist a lot of people come here and this place gets very crowded that festival is eye catching here because as per myth when lord Ram was on exile and residing in forest he also visited this place while on exile this is the temple I was talking about let’s get inside this is Lord Ram temple before we go and get sight of Ram let’s first visit and get sight lord Hanuman the temple is closed now you can see the scriptures here the temple may remain closed at this time let’s see the surroundings apart from this Ram temple there is also statue of goddess Maa Dokri though there is no temple it’s situated openly and worshiped to come to this place you need to come to any nearest major city like Nabarangpur Umarkote Bhawanipatna Titlagarh these are the nearest major cities from where it’s a bit easier to get to this place this is all about dokrichanchra and temple you saw today video was not so long but hope it was entertaining and you liked it and because it was not rain season so not much water in the waterfalls if you come in monsoon time then you may get to see more water and bigger waterfall this is the starting point of winter season anyhow scene was good place is very peaceful and natural a lot of greenaries and jungle it’s full of oxygen you’ll enjoy coming here specially in new years picnic time but one thing I want to suggest come in picnic time but don’t ruin this place by spreading garbage or junk please maintain the cleanliness as it is now if you bring food with you enjoy it but take the trash junk with you and dispose it somewhere outside this is implore from us to you all so that’s all for today’s video see you next time with another interesting video until then it’s bye for now…

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