78 thoughts on “Dominican Republic rolls out new safety measures after tourist deaths

  1. This is not New though why is it News now! That 93 Trillion dollars to P.R got spread around maybe some to the media! Good investment make the Tourist go to
    Puerto Rico!???

  2. America has some beautiful places to visit, vacation here. Stay safe. Dominican is lying about safety measure 120 Americans have died since 2005, that 9 a year

  3. Doesn't Hillary's brother own a gold mine there? I'm pretty sure that prostitution is legal there too. I wonder what the extradition laws are.

  4. If someone wanted to get elected, would they have the motive to cause a massive economic catastrophe for the incumbent party?

  5. Visit Saint Lucia. One of the best Caribbean countries I’ve been to. It’s like Eden there. And the people are wonderful and the water is from the fresh springs. Very safe. Or, vacation in the USA. We got a ton to enjoy here too. I’ve been all over the world and to many states and I love the USA the most. Sometimes you gotta leave to know what you have.

  6. Don't go it's not safe and this killings been going on for a long time. They don't like America or Americans especially African Americans.

  7. We’ve put up with terrible customer service, disgusting food, rude Dominicans, but once you start killing us we’re gonna start going somewhere else.

  8. Suicide by vacationing in Dominican Republic. This report proves approximately a quarter of people are really just too stupid for their own good!

  9. ● I suspect Falco was murdered in the Dominican Republic. I hear his autopsy reports kept changing. Does anyone know anything about this matter? Falco the "Rock Me Amadeus” guy.  Falco – Johann Hölzel – Born – 19 February 1957 Vienna, Austria.  Died – 6 February 1998 (aged 40) Between Villa Montellano and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

  10. Maybe old Bill is the one poisoning people—he has a long trail of mysterious deaths tied to him, and we know why he likes to go to DR.

  11. There’s already been numerous articles from NY post and USA Today reporting that the DR tourism has already started to recover. And this was from like 2 weeks ago.

    I love how the media picks and chooses what to report.

  12. Lol people are haters! And jealous of the DR. If Trump has property there and investments you think you’re “too cool” to vacation there? Ever wonder why Trump hasn’t said anything against the DR??

  13. Can’t wait to go out there! DR is beautiful:) at least no flesh eating bacteria out there like Florida.

    And I’m from Orlando Florida

  14. This is one step forward in the right direction for the Dr. Hopefully the authorities will get to the bottom of the mysterious deaths.

  15. How many Americans have died in Mexico? It’s the same thing. Most who have died in the DR, died due to heart-related issues, that they came in the country with. Y’all dragging it. The DR doesn’t want tourists like you anyways ?. Y’all acting like no crime goes on in the United States.

  16. I live in Switzerland and a lot of people get murdered here including one of my friends 8 years ago. But no Media will write about it cause they don't wanna risk weapon-deals with us…….. Sooooo….start thinking and don't stop travelling because of such reports.

  17. US citizens are just not welcome anymore no matter in which country (except for the US of course). No wonder after all the wars their government startet.

  18. DR can't be trusted. Too corrupt with government/resort business.
    Oh, you can now add another….cost rica, unless you like shot of methanol in your rum

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