DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – My Summer Car Gameplay Part 2

DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – My Summer Car Gameplay Part 2

>>James: We’re going back in to this motherfucker?>>Bruce: Yeah! I love My Summer Car!>>James: It’s not summer anymore.>>Bruce: We’re waiting for the- Well, wait,
by the time we finish this it will be summer. Lawrence, so we did- Finally
built the engine, I think. Right?>>Lawrence: Uh… Yeah.>>James: Did we? No, I don’t
think we even built- came close to it.>>Lawrence: No…
>>Bruce: Are we ain’t finished yet? I thought–>>James: No!>>Lawrence: A lot of the pieces were in… Not in that. I mean, there are- There’s like a
big chunk of engine over here that’s… Look! Look at this big ol’ thing.>>Bruce: That’s pretty good!>>Adam: You built that.>>Bruce: Look at that!>>Adam: Look at that piece of trash.
>>Bruce: We could just drop that right in the car.>>James: Are you sure about that?
There’s a bunch of wires just there.>>Bruce: Oh, yeah..>>Lawrence: Yeah, those were supposed to- Whoa!>>James: It’s just electrics.>>Bruce: Electrics?>>James: You just plug those in anywhere.>>Lawrence: It plugs into the god damned spark plugs!>>Bruce: Oh, he’s got it! The alternator,
does that attach to the engine?>>Lawrence: Of course it does.
>>Bruce: Oh, it does! It just popped right on!>>Adam: Are those brake lights or packets of meat?>>Lawrence: Hmm…
>>Bruce: Uh…>>Bruce: Wait, we don’t have to
build the transmission, do we?>>James: Yeah. Of course we do. [dramatic violin]>>Bruce: You know that apparently it’s harder to build to build a transmission than it is an engine.>>Lawrence: Yeah, it is.>>James: Yeah.
>>Lawrence: It’s very–>>Bruce: Fuck. Me.>>James: This is how a transmission looks inside. More complex than the human heart.
Did you know that?>>Bruce: No, I didn’t know that.>>James: Human beings built something more complex than what’s inside us.>>Adam: We’re smart.>>Bruce: Just like that movie I, Robot.>>James: He would’ve killed, uh, Babe’s dad if it wasn’t for the fact that the other robot was gonna take over, so he’s still, technically, was
only breaking a robotic law to save humanity.>>Bruce: That’s pretty awesome.>>Del: I’m gonna miss the good ol’ days.>>Lt. Bergen: What “good ol’ days”?>>Del: When people were killed by other people.>>Bruce: I’m gonna be honest with you.
I, Robot’s one of the best movies ever made. [Lawrence scoffs]>>Adam: I’ve never seen it, but I agree with you.>>James: You should watch it. It’s actually–>>Bruce: It’s pretty good, actually.>>James: It’s actually pretty ok.
>>Adam: Ok.>>Bruce: Yeah, it’s not bad.>>Adam: Who directed it?
Is it the guy who did I Am Legend? ‘Cause if it’s not, I’m out.>>James: Is it Alex Proyas?>>Bruce: It might be it. For some reason I think–>>James: I think it might be, right?
>>Bruce: Yeah. It might be.>>Adam: Once again, I haven’t seen
the film, but I disagree with you.>>James: Will Smith gets into a fight with a giant machine, who’s sole job it is to eat houses. [Bruce laughs] That’s a good scene.>>Bruce: What?!
[laughter] [Announcer speaking]>>James: So, it takes so much time destroying houses,>>Bruce: Yeah.>>James: They solved that with this giant robot–>>Bruce: A house-eater?>>James: & it’s a house-eater robot.>>Babe [crying]: I want my mom. [all yelling]>>Lawrence: I know. I knew it was around here somewhere. Eh…>>Bruce: I saw it.
>>James: There!>>Lawrence: Bap!>>James: Nice!
>>Bruce: Bink! Perfect!>>Lawrence: Oh, that turns that. Ok.>>Bruce: Now it’s timed perfectly.>>Lawrence: Well, now I’m gonna need a belt that goes from there to there.>>Bruce: Oh…>>Lawrence: That’s a suspension.>>Bruce: Oh, that’s sus- That’ll be easy.>>Lawrence: Yeah, brakes & suspension. No problem.>>Bruce: The brakes & suspension are easy!
There’s only 2 pieces!>>Lawrence: Uh…
[laughter]>>Adam: It’s this wacky professor who’s building the car.>>James: [silly voice]: “Don’t mind if I do!”>>Adam: [silly voice]: “There’s only 2 pieces!”>>Bruce [silly voice]: “There’s only 2 p–” [laughs] Did you screw in those screws like I said?>>Lawrence: No, I didn’t actually.>>James: If you’re gonna think it’s all built together, & then he’s gonna fuckin’ put it in the engine, & it’s not gonna work!>>Lawrence: Yeah.>>Bruce: Well, I know, but that’s the thing. You gotta troubleshoot it. [laughs]>>James: By putting the whole thing in
& going, “Didn’t start”? [Bruce laughs]
>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: Even if he finds the belt–>>Lawrence: Oh!>>Bruce: Why did it sink into the table?>>Lawrence: Turn that screw a little hot- a little hard. [clacking]
Ooh!>>Adam: Ooh, hey.>>Bruce [laughing]: It shakes a little bit. [ ♪ music with engine clacking ♪ ]>>Bruce: You gotta screw it. That’s the timing.>>Lawrence: It’s not timing, its’–
>>Bruce: It makes the car faster. [laughter]>>Lawrence: It’s the tension of the belt.>>Bruce: When it comes to these sorts of really large tasks, you have to have an optimistic attitude.>>Lawrence: That’s right. Thank you, Bruce.>>Bruce: You gotta always look forward, look ahead.>>James: My vision’s fine.>>Adam: I wear glasses now.>>James: Elyse wants us to get laser eye
surgery this year, but–>>Adam: Together?>>Bruce: Laser eye surgery is for chumps.
You just eat carrots. [Adam laughs]>>Lawrence: Ah…>>Bruce: There’s a bel- There’s a hactivel belt! [Adam laughs]>>Lawrence: Wait, what?
>>James: What?>>James: What did you say?>>Bruce: Try… You can try glitching the van, but you’re gonna fail, & then–>>James: & then you can go to the store & buy a belt. Wedge. Wedge. Lean in.>>Adam: Yep.>>James: Keep going. There you go.>>Bruce: Oh, you know what?
You have to push the clutch in,>>Adam: Ah.>>Bruce: when you start it. Remember.>>Lawrence: You have to put the brake- Yeah->>Bruce: Clutch. Put the clutch in.>>James: Clutch. It’s auto-clutch, though.>>Lawrence: & it’s in Neutral,
so I don’t need to put the clutch in.>>Bruce: I don’t know what that means. [engine trying to start]>>James: Come on, baby.>>Lawrence: A little gas. [engine revs] [clapping]
>>James: There ya go!>>Bruce: Alright!>>James: Alright. Turn the radio on.>>Lawrence: We’re outta here! Oh, wait.
The handbrake has to go off.>>James: There ya go.
>>Lawrence: It’s 2nd gear.>>Bruce: No, no. Not 2nd gear. You gotta go to 1st.>>Lawrence: There!>>Bruce: What did you do? What did you do?
>>James: There we go!>>James: It wasn’t letting him click on it.>>Lawrence: My door is closed. Ok!
>>James: Alright!>>Adam: We’re free!
>>James: Let’s go to town.>>Bruce: Wait, do you know where you’re going?>>Lawrence: Nope!>>Adam: There you go.>>James: & don’t forget how to get back. [all yelling]>>James: Oh, shit.
>>Adam: Go the other way. [smash] [yelling & laughter]>>James: Oh, what happened?!>>Bruce: What?!>>Lawrence [laughing]: Jesus Christ. [laughter]>>Bruce: Oh, you’re like the Hulk!>>Adam: Slow down!
>>James: Careful! Careful!>>Lawrence: You got that wind in your face.>>Adam: Yeah, I mean, that’s all you get.>>Bruce [laughing]: “Wind in your face”.>>Lawrence: Alright.>>Bruce: Go drink beer before you die! & eat food, too.>>Lawrence: I don’t want bugs to get in my car.>>James: You’re still mortal.>>Lawrence: Yeah.
>>Bruce: You may also want to, uh…>>James: Shower.>>Bruce: Shower. [clattering]>>James: Careful! Don’t break those!>>Lawrence: I don’t remember how to…>>Lawrence: I don’t remember.
>>Adam: “Enter”? [clattering]>>Lawrence: There we go.>>Adam: Yeah. That’s how it works.>>James: Yeah.>>Lawrence: Oh! [Bruce laughing]
>>James: Keep a cold one in the fridge. [clattering]>>James: Are you bringing the beer?>>Lawrence: No. Yeah. [laughter]
I’m gonna put it in the back of the truck, so we–>>Adam: This is what cool bros do.>>Bruce: Yeah, this is exactly what you did in college. Drink beer & drive.>>James: That way you don’t get thirsty while you’re driving somewhere.>>Bruce: You have to go buy food.>>Adam: I guess we don’t have time for a shower.>>Lawrence: No, we don’t.>>Adam: Here, just put that in the passenger seat.>>Bruce: Wait, what are you doing with the beer? No, no->>James: He’s throwing it in the back.
In the passenger side.>>Bruce: Oh. Ok. Alright.>>Lawrence: Oh, I’m just waving a little bit,>>Bruce: They call those road savers. Did you know that?>>James: Oh, yeah?>>Bruce: Yeah.>>Adam: I like how you opened
the door when you could’ve just thrown it through the
front windshield that’s not there.>>James: Alright! Now we won’t get thirsty on the road!>>Bruce: & you can–>>James: No one has thought of this ever before.>>Bruce: & you can go in the carpool lane! [laughter] Stay on the road this time.>>Lawrence: Oh. [Bruce laughs]>>James: Uh oh. Don’t let the beers go out! Oh, wipers! Oh, wait…>>Bruce: Oh, you can’t see anything. Alright, please don’t die.>>James: There ya go. [laughter] Alright, stick to the road.>>Lawrence: No problem.>>Bruce: Is that the store? Wait, what is that?>>Lawrence: I just get to keep my-
If I keep my mouth open–>>James: What is this? A neighbor?>>Bruce: Is that a fire station?>>Lawrence: Oh, that’s right! I had a delivery I could’ve- Oh. I don’t want that falling out.>>James: Yeah, I know. You gotta close that door.>>Adam: I don’t think the physics work that way.>>Lawrence: Can’t… reach it.>>James: Damn bugs!
[Bruce laughs]>>Bruce: The flies are everywhere!>>Adam: Following you.>>Lawrence: Oh. Ohhh…>>Adam: Stay on the road.>>James: What are you lookin’ at?>>Bruce: Look at the road!>>Lawrence: I’m worried about the beer!>>James: Don’t worry about the beer!>>Adam & James: They’re fine!>>Lawrence: We’re stopping this car, & I’m gonna save that beer if it falls out.>>Bruce: I think his dirtiness is going down though, ’cause he’s getting showered on.>>James: Yeah. Absolutely.
>>Lawrence: Yeah. I think you’re right, actually.>>Bruce: Yeah. Geez.>>James: IT’S FINE!>>Lawrence: LOOK AT IT!>>Bruce: He’s driving only in 1st gear, by the way. [laughs]>>Adam: Yeah, feel free to shift at any point. [laughter]>>Lawrence: I forgot about that.>>James: Hold on. Hit the brakes. Hit the brakes. Oh, boy… [laughter]
>>Adam: Oh god, no!>>Bruce: OH! CAREFUL!>>Lawrence: We’re fine. We’re fine. Oh, it’s getting bumpy.>>Bruce: Oh! Oh! It’s sliding out! [laughs] It’s sliding out. You gotta–>>James: Stop the car!>>Bruce: Stop hitting the bumps!>>James: Stop the car.>>Bruce: Your hunger is going up, & you’re going to die if the hunger is not–>>Lawrence: Eh, the beer’s in the way.>>James & Lawrence: There we go.>>Bruce [laughing]: You hear it slam?>>Lawrence: Bop!>>James: We’re heading towards…>>Bruce: Go to Ry- Rykipo- Rykipoia.>>Lawrence: Yeah, it’s closer.>>Announcer: Learn to read with Hooked on Phonics.>>James: Boy. Careful! Careful!>>Bruce: Oh! Now you’re more confident in your abilities.>>Lawrence: Ramp it up.>>James: Careful! CAREFUL! YOU’RE ON THE EDGE! [laughter] STOP! JUST SLOW DOWN! [laughter]>>Lawrence: Ok. I got it.
[laughter] Oh, boy. That was close. I can’t see. I can’t–>>Bruce: He can’t see when he puts the beer–>>James [redneck voice]: “Dang beers! Always in my way when I’m tryin’ to see!”>>Adam: You’re going over 40km per mirn-arr>>Bruce: I don’t know. Yeah, Adam, what does that mean?>>Adam: I don’t know.>>James: Can you roll down the window?>>Lawrence: Mm!>>Bruce: You don’t need to. The windshield is not there!>>James: Oh, I see the town up ahead.>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: Oh! Door’s open. [laughter]>>Lawrence: Shit. The door won’t shut! [talking over each other]>>Bruce: DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! [laughter]
Just drive!>>Lawrence: Ooh!
>>James: Ohh! [laughter]
>>James: Did you see the beer go flying?>>Bruce [laughing] Oh my gosh!>>Lawrence: Ok. Oh shit.
>>Bruce: Oh, there’s a car. There’s a car!>>Bruce: You have to pull over to the side.
>>James: What?>>Bruce: Look out for the car!>>Lawrence: Maybe, they’ll let me–?>>Bruce: NO! NO! NO! MOVE!>>Lawrence: GOD DAMN IT! [laughter]>>James [redneck voice]: “GOD DAMN FINNISH!”>>Bruce [laughing]: He’s shaking his fist.>>James [redneck voice]: “YOU ALMOST MADE ME SPILL MY BEERS!” [laughter]>>Bruce: It is getting pretty dark, by the way.>>Lawrence: Well, that’s no problem. That’s when I do my best driving. We’ll go to… Lenton- Lentek- Lentonketta?>>James: Sure.>>Lawrence: That’s- It’s on a major road. It’s got a big sign.>>James: Slow down! Slow down!>>Bruce: Oh, that’s a left. Yeah, that’s–
>>James: Jesus Christ… [Bruce laughs] [Bruce laughing]
>>Lawrence: Um… Now what do I do?>>Adam: Go left!
>>Bruce: James, you’re- [laughing] You’re gonna be a great dad, whenever you- With your son in the car.>>James: He’s flying towards this–
>>Bruce: “Jesus Christ”! [all exclaiming]>>Bruce: Oh! What’s that?>>James: Is that a little… cottage?>>Bruce: C’mon. A little cafe, maybe?>>James: Yeah, yeah. Maybe. Nope, it’s a bus stop.>>Bruce: Wait, there’s a guy. There’s a guy!
>>James: Who’s that guy? Pick him up!>>James: Go talk to him.>>Adam: Maybe he has food. Mug him.>>Bruce: He must have some food.
>>James: Can you park? You should park.>>James: Get this bad boy off the road. [burp]>>James: Where is he?>>Bruce [laughing]: He drank a beer!>>James: Where did he–?>>Bruce [laughing]: Where did he go?
>>Adam: Oh no!>>Bruce: Is that a man?>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: It’s definitely a man of some sort. I see legs.>>Bruce: So maybe you- You can’t talk to him.>>Adam: Yeah.>>James: Maybe that’s you.>>Bruce: Oh, wow! In the future? Or the past?>>James: It’s like Twilight Zone. Imagine if you had turned off the engine. You would never find that fuckin’ thing again. [laughter]
You would never find that fuckin’ thing again. You’d be stuck out here in the dark all night. [Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: You remember if it was back this way? Oh!>>Adam: That’s your beer.
>>James: What’s that? Is that a candy bar?>>Lawrence: Yeah, I think it might be the beer.>>James: Oh.>>Lawrence: Alright, we’re back!>>James: Didn’t signal. Didn’t signal.>>Lawrence: Ooh, I didn’t signal. You’re right. I didn’t even check my blind spots either.>>Adam: Yeah. Is this a parking lot?
>>James: What is this?>>Lawrence: Uh…>>James: Is this a runway?>>Bruce: It’s a runway!>>James: [laughs] You made it to the airport?>>Lawrence: Oh, I bet this is where you go to test out your car. Like if you upgrade it & stuff, you can drive it here & test->>Adam: Or it becomes My Summer Plane.>>Bruce: You need Hung- You need food. Badly.>>Lawrence: I agree.>>James: The autopsy will reveal an empty stomach,>>Lawrence: Mhmm.>>James: a full bladder, [laughter] & an open heart. [laughter]>>Lawrence: Oh. Perajarvi is that way.>>Girl: I learned to read with Phonics.>>James: How far away?>>Bruce: It doesn’t say.>>James: You better go to Perajarvi.>>Lawrence: I should piss first though, right?>>Bruce: Yeah. Also, you’re gonna run out of gas.>>Adam: Yeah.>>Bruce: & then when you run out of gas, you’re really fucked.>>Lawrence: Let’s piss. Uh…>>James: “URINATE” is “P”.>>Lawrence: That makes sense.>>James: Oh, hitchhike!>>Bruce: Ohhh!>>Lawrence: Who wouldn’t want to do that?>>James: So hitchhike. Hitchhike.
>>Adam: Don’t hitchhike!>>Bruce: “O”, “O”, “O, “O”. [laughter] “O”! “O”! “O”! Hitchhike!>>James: Fuck you, asshole!>>Bruce: Oh, damn it.>>Lawrence: Come on! [laughter] [laughing] There’s fucking bottles– There’s one wedged behind the seat. [laughter] Adam: This is usually what you come upon in a murder scene, but it’s your car.>>James: “Officer, it’s not what it looks like.” “I was drunk driving.” [laughter]>>Bruce: I heard that in small places,
like Montana or Finland, you can drive drunk. It doesn’t matter ’cause there’s nobody on the road.>>Adam: Right.
>>James: ‘Cause there’s no one to hit.>>Adam: It’s just dinosaur bones.>>James: What’s that say?>>Lawrence: That is…>>Adam: That’s your food!>>Bruce: That means city.>>James: Alright. Next stop, the Big Apple.>>Bruce: There it is!>>Adam: Oh.>>Lawrence: Aww, we made it.>>Bruce: The “Big Apple”. Perajarvi!>>Adam: You need petrol?
[Bruce laughs] You need Kinder Bar?>>Bruce: You need– [laughs]>>Adam: Uh…>>Bruce: You need lots of stuff.>>James: Turn off the engine. [ ♪ ♪ ] [laughter]
[ ♪ ♪ ] Stupid.>>Adam: You’re gonna hear this song before you die. [James sings]>>Lawrence: Ok. FUCK! But you can hear him in there.>>James: What is that pla- No, it’s got–>>Lawrence: It’s not the pub.>>Adam: Go to the pub.>>Lawrence: Can we take this guy’s car? No.>>Bruce: Can you steal it?>>James: You can piss on it.>>Bruce: Wait, can you steal his car?>>James: Oh, there’s bros in here!>>Adam: Yeah.
>>Lawrence: Yeah. Hey, broooos.>>James: Hello?>>Adam: “Sorry, we’re closed.”>>Lawrence: Damn it!>>James: See if you can wedge in.>>Adam: Yeah. Lean in. Lean forward. There you go. Now talk to him.>>James: “FOOOOD!” [laughter]>>Lawrence: Just shove my head through the window.>>Adam: I think you’re in. Almost.>>Bruce: No, he’s not.>>Lawrence: Take that.>>Bruce: You gotta go to sleep. A beer’s not gonna do it.>>Adam: Well, it’s gonna–>>James: He’s gonna die of hunger in the night!>>Lawrence: I don’t think you
can force to go to sleep though.
>>Bruce: No, that’s not true.>>Bruce: You don’t die of hunger in the night. [laughter]>>James: No one’s ever died of hunger.
>>Bruce: You just wake up hungrier. [Adam laughs]>>Adam: Click & hold.>>James: Fuck. Did they lock it?>>Bruce: Oh, you know what? You may not be able to get gas ’til it’s 3 in the morning.>>James: Shit!>>Lawrence: Don’t want anyone putting sugar in my tank.>>Adam: They won’t. You could eat that sugar! [laughter]>>Bruce: Hop right in there.>>James: Climb in there.>>Adam: Sweet dreams!>>James: There ya go.>>Bruce: It’s a lot warmer than it looks.>>James: It’s actually colder.>>Bruce [laughing]: I know that’s– Can you not go in there?>>James: No, he’s going in. [laughter]>>Adam [laughing]: What the fuck?>>Lawrence: Aaaand slooowly…>>Bruce: Is there a sleep button?>>Lawrence: No.>>Bruce: Is there no way to pass the time in this game?>>Lawrence: Yeah. Well, I mean–>>James: We’re doing it. [Bruce laughs] You go out, you get drunk, you go for a drive.>>Bruce [laughing]: You’re hungry.>>Adam & Bruce: Oh! You’re locked in.>>Lawrence: I think- Oh.>>Adam: You kidnapped yourself. [laughter]>>James: You just have to survive the night.>>Lawrence: Yeah, I think the idea is you just have to be at home to go to sleep.>>Bruce: I’m so glad you brought the beer! There’s probably a bed in one of these houses.
Let’s go find one. Is that a fire station? You could sleep there.>>James: It’s like a homeless shelter. [Adam gasps] [laughter]>>Lawrence: I can live in here.>>James: Oh, there we go. This is our new home.>>Lawrence: Yeah.
>>James: Alright. We’re in.>>Bruce: What’s back here?>>Lawrence: Just curl up in the corner. [laughter]>>Bruce: Go to the other–>>James: Just sit & wait. Sit on the stoop, & just put your head in your hands.>>Lawrence: Maybe I could lean in & grab somethin’?>>Adam: Yeah. Keep trying. Keep trying.>>James: Does he have beer in here? He’s got flour.>>Adam: You can make beer. [laughter]
>>James: Oil.>>Bruce [laughing]: Brew beer.>>Lawrence: In the back of my van. Man, this is it. Final beer.>>James: Oh, shit…>>Bruce: Now, you’re out of beer.>>James: You gotta get in. Look at all those beer in there.>>Adam: It’s almost morning.>>Lawrence: Beer in there.>>James: Oh, shit.>>Bruce: You just shatter the window with your empty beer bottle. Alright, so there’s a big house over there. There’s gotta be a bed.>>Adam: Oh, a church!
>>James: Oh! Is it a church?>>Bruce: They have a bed!
>>James: Sanctuary!>>James: & they have to be open 24 hours a day.>>Lawrence: They have to. Yeah. God never says no.>>James: Worst case scenario, they’ll just have some place to bury you. It’s gotta be open. It’s a church!>>Lawrence: Uuuuuuuuuugh.
>>Bruce: Church is always open.>>James: “Jesuuus, there’s only one set of footprints in the saaand.”>>Bruce: “Where are my hotdogs, Jesuuus?”>>Adam: You just break in. Drink all the wine. Eat all the crackers. Pee on the church.>>Bruce: You definitely can’t get in.
>>James: You might as well.>>Lawrence: Give ’em a little squirt.>>Adam: Yeah.>>Lawrence: Sorry god.>>Bruce: Oh, man…>>Lawrence: This is your fault. [Lawrence sighs]
>>James: I say you just sit outside of that thing.>>Lawrence: So hungry!>>Adam: The sun’s coming up.>>James: Once very minute, maybe give it a knock.>>Bruce: I’m not sure how much longer he’s gonna last.>>Lawrence: I don’t know, man. I’m wavering. I don’t know if that’s the fatigue or the beer.>>Adam: Yes.>>James: Oh, damn it!
>>Bruce: No. It’s not open!>>James: Pub. Pub. What about the pub?
>>Bruce: What does it say?
>>Adam: He’s just staring.>>James: Why doesn’t something tell you when it’s gonna open? God damn it. Even Shenmue told me when it was gonna be open. Sun’s out!>>Adam: YES!
>>Bruce: I hear birds!
>>James: Get in!>>Lawrence: No, the car’s still there. Uh.>>Bruce: It’s gotta be open now, right?>>Lawrence: See? No problem. [all cheer]>>Adam: Eat chips!
>>Bruce: Alright. Get in there & start eating.>>James: Eat chips! [voice talking]>>Lawrence: Shut up!
>>Adam: Shut up, robot!>>James: You need chips!
>>Bruce: You don’t need it, it’s sugar!>>Bruce: Eat the chips!>>Adam: Buy all of this.>>Lawrence: Yeast.>>James: No, you don’t need that shit. Canned foods.>>Bruce: You need stuff that you can eat.>>James: Canned foods that’ll last forever.>>Adam: Oil.
>>Bruce: You don’t need oil.>>Lawrence: Don’t need it.>>James: You’re gonna need more gas, too.>>Lawrence: AH! The belt!>>Bruce: Alright. & we got a belt!>>Lawrence: That was a fan belt. I don’t know if that’s really–>>Bruce: Don’t buy more yeast.>>James: Stop. You don’t need this. You’re not gonna make bread.>>Lawrence: Ok, you’re- That’s fair, that’s fair.>>James: What is this? What is the stuff he’s got behind the counter? [clattering] Alright, eat it all!>>Bruce: Just open it up outside, & start eating. [laughs]
>>James: Go in the back of your van & just–>>Lawrence: How do I-? What do I-? OH!>>Bruce: Alright, there you go. Just leave it there. It’s ok.>>James: I would’ve put that bag in your van first.>>Lawrence: Oh, boy. There we go.>>James: Ok. Alright. You’re full.>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah. I gotta put the shit–>>James: What the fuck? Why wouldn’t you put that shit in your van?>>Bruce: I know. Now he has to
carry it over individually, too.>>Lawrence: Wait, where did all the cases of beer go? Oh, no…>>Bruce: Does there- There are cases over there. There’s an empty case.>>Lawrence: No, these are the ones I bought.>>Bruce: No, I know but there’s an empty case in front of the car, & you might be able to put the chips in.>>Adam: Bring the car around.>>James: You’re carrying it.>>Adam: Get gas. Get gas.>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah, yeah. Good idea. So, yeah, I’ll just back the car up.>>Bruce: Oh, man. It’s a whole new game.>>James: He’s still dying of fatigue though.>>Bruce: Yeah, you’re gonna die.>>Lawrence: Well, I’ll just drive home. It’ll be fine. I won’t pass out.>>Bruce: It’s 3km.>>Lawrence: It’s fine.>>James: There we go.>>Lawrence: Bmpf.>>Adam: You’d just standing there.>>Bruce [laughing]: I know! He’s totally gonna pass out as he’s driving home, & he’s gonna die. [engine starting] [all exclaiming]>>Bruce: Purring like a kitten!>>James: Oh. Oh, boy.>>Bruce: Don’t- Easy!>>Adam: It’s ok. We’re good.>>James: Watch your chips!>>Bruce: You see- You can’t- There’s no rear view mirror. What’re you doing?>>Lawrence: There we go.>>Adam: Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.>>James: Alright. There. That’s good enough. That’s close enough!>>Lawrence: It’s fine. It’s fine.>>Bruce: You ran over all your chips.>>Lawrence: No, no, no. They’re fine, they’re fine, they’re fine.>>Adam: You’re gonna throw it in the passenger seat?>>Lawrence: I’m gonna level it out perfectly…>>Bruce: What are you doing?>>Adam: He’s trying to back up into it.>>Lawrence: Yeah, I am.
>>Bruce: Lawrence, you’re fatigued.>>James: Just put it- Yeah, just put it in the back.>>Bruce: You gotta hurry it up.>>Lawrence: Look at this! Hyuh!>>Bruce: Oh, I love when it does that. [laughs]
>>Adam: Hmm…>>Bruce: Oh, yeah, this is really efficient.>>James: You see, all he had
to do was keep it in the bag.>>Bruce [laughing]: Fan belt.>>Lawrence: Oops.
[Bruce laughs]>>Adam: So what does the shop owner see right now? [laughter]>>Bruce: Nice.>>Lawrence: I’m thirsty!>>Bruce: You gotta top yourself.>>Lawrence: Ok.>>James: Those are your beers, too.>>Adam: “Back from whence you came!”
[Bruce laughs]>>James: Put one in the passenger seat so you have it.>>Lawrence: Just have emergency road beers. [Bruce laughs]
>>James: They call that passenger beer. Alright, we’re good to go! We could live on the road for another 100 years!>>Bruce: Look at his fatigue & dirtiness!>>James: It clearly doesn’t matter!>>Bruce: That’s not true. He’s gonna pass out, but we don’t know when.>>Lawrence: Wait.>>Bruce: Oh, you got a windshield back!
>>Lawrence: The windshield came back.>>Adam: Good job. [smash] [laughter]>>James: Throw it in his shop.
[laughter] [laughter] Fair trade! Clicks for clicks.
[laughter] Check out his meats. What does he got here?>>Lawrence: Oh. Oh! Sausages!>>Bruce: That’s what you had before, is sausages.>>James: Macaroni. Pizza!
>>Bruce: Pizza!>>Lawrence: Yeah, we’re gonna eat some pizza. Alright.>>James: Yeah, that’s good. Keep it in the bag.>>Lawrence: Ok! Can we make it home before I pass out on the road?>>James: It doesn’t matter!>>Bruce: This is so stressful.>>James: No! You’re good! You’re good. You’re good.>>Bruce: Oh, man. It really makes me nervous. Alright. You’re coming up on some berms
over here so be careful. [laughter]>>Lawrence: Aw, shit.>>Adam: High beams!>>James: Flash him! Flash him!>>Bruce: No! No! No!>>Lawrence: I’m tryin’ it! Damn it! Fuck.>>Bruce: Just go. Just go. Just go. Just drive!>>James: Throw a beer at him & drive!>>Bruce: I really hope you can make it to your bed.>>James: You’re fine! If something was going to happen it would’ve happened already. [agreeing]>>Adam: Yeah, you probably have to fill up 3 meters.>>James: He’s past the point of no return.>>Lawrence: Yeah. I got my 2nd wind.
Catch some air here.>>Bruce: Your “2nd wind”. [all yelling] [character yelling]>>James: All you had to fuckin’ do, was not fuckin’ fly over the hills! GOD DAMN IT!>>Lawrence: We’re 16. Which in Europe means we can buy beer & buy a car. So let’s get over here & road trip! You need to build the car. So you have a lot of parts to start, & then you build your own car.>>Bruce: Sorry.
>>James: Ok.>>Lawrence: & hopefully it’ll run.>>Bruce: If anybody’s the expert of summer cars, & my first car? It would be me.>>James: Didn’t you have, like, a Volkswagen? Or like a–

100 thoughts on “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – My Summer Car Gameplay Part 2

  1. I came here to watch a gameplay on a car building simulator, but it turns out I apparently was watching a PSA about drinking and driving(?)

  2. that clip from babe fucked me up i had to go watch the whole scene to feel better and im still crying because im fucken weak

  3. The sudden unintentional windshield smashing is great. The intentional smashing of the magically repaired windshield is even better.

  4. Rykapohja, pronunced the way Bruce did was like Rica Polla. That in Spanish means "Tasty Dick". We all knew that at this point Bruce 😉

  5. lol james was right about the director on I, Robot (Alex Proyas) but wrong about the director of I am Legend (Francis Lawrence)

  6. I love the progression in this video. From building a car, to drunk driving, to homelessness, to banging on a church door at 3am begging for shelter, to breaking into places to steal food, to stooping over bags of chips in the street like a ravenous goblin trying not to die from hunger.

  7. I can imagine James walking in the dark trying to find his car waving his hands around.
    And Lawrence peeing on everyone through walls

    When he smashed the window with his fist when they saw it was back i lost my mind

  8. as a mechanic coming back to watch theese transmissions (especially manual ones) are extremely simple it's just a handful of gears and a few bearing shafts.

  9. Shouldn't harm or kill bugs/flies. Research shows they think and feel like any other creature. Even if they didn't they are still living beings and should be treated with care and respect, not harmed or killed. Ironically repellents, which when used properly are harmless, are actually the most effective way to stop infestations and so on, too. Also just take them outside carefully without hurting them.

  10. Hitting Dinosaur bones is fuckws up though as it's disrespectful. Also even in small places you shouldn't drive drunk because a lack of humans doesn't mean a lack of other creatures. Hitting Animals and Trees is just as bad as hitting humans.

  11. not gonna lie, they say when you make games realistic they get boring but this looked kinda fun. maybe because funhaus can make any game boring and any game fun

  12. I live in Montana. I know a few to many people who have abandoned their vehicle after totalling it drunk, and claiming it was stolen while talking to the police still piss drunk. It works way too well

  13. The attempt to grocery shop turned out to be so much more.
    Drunk driving

    Public urination
    Attempted hitchhiking
    Attempted B&E
    Attempted shoplifting
    Hit and run
    and…. death.

  14. Update: They didn’t finish by summer like Bruce jokes. It’s been almost 3 years now and they have made zero progress. Bruce has also left the company. A lot has and hasn’t happened

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