Dooars Tour Plan | 5 Nights and 6 Days North Bengal Tour Package

Dooars Tour Plan | 5 Nights and 6 Days North Bengal Tour Package

Dooars are the foothills of eastern Himalayas
in North East India. The Place is the gateway to Bhutan from India. Famous for natural beauty it is one of the
most popular tourist destinations of West Bengal. In our opinion it is better to start your
journey from Rajabhatkhawa. Rajabhatkhawa is considered as the gateway
to Bengal Dooars. How to reach Rajabhatkhawa. By train reach New Jalpaiguri station or Alipurduar
Junction first. By air reach Bagdogra airport. The distance of Rajabhatkhawa from NJP is
171 Km and from Bagdogra is 183.4 km. It will take around 3-4 hours to reach Rajabhatkhawa
from NJP or Bagdogra. Car rate is around Rs 2500. From Alipurduar the distance of Rajabhatkhawa
is 14.3 Km and it will take 30 mins to reach Rajabhatkhwa from Alipurduar. Taxi fare is Rs 250 approx. So it is better to avail a train that directly
reaches Alipurduar. In that case instead of NJP you will get down
at Alipurduar. After NJP the trainmoves through the forests
of Dooars to reach Alipurduar. This is one of the best train routes in India
and needs a special mention here. In our opinion book kachankanya from Sealdha(Kolkata)
to experience this fascinating train route. Online Ticket Booking
To book your train tickets online, please log on to irctcwebsite. For flight booking log on to various online
flight booking websites. Day-1
On day 1 go for local sightseeing around Rajabhatkhawa. The main places to visit are:
Buxa Tiger Reserve Spanning over 759 sq km area this giant reserveforest
is a home of endangered Bengal Tigers. You can avail morning or evening safaris that
last for 3-4 hours each. Morning safaris start from 6:00 AM and evening
safaris start from 3:00 PM. A jeep safari will cost about INR 800. Buxa Fort
This centuries old fort came under the British India after 2ndDooars war 1865 between the
Bhutan and the British. Jayanti River
15 km away from Buxa Reserve, this place has the magnificent Mahakal caves and the Jayanti
Riverside. Both are famous for natural beauty. Chilapata Forest Safari
Chilapata is a dense forest near Jaldapara. It houses one horned rhinos, elephants, bisons,
deer, leopard, cheetah, sambar and barking deer etc. You can avail a guided jeep safari in this
forest. Day-2
On day-2, early in the morning go to Suntalekhola by car. On your way visit Samsing. Suntalekhola is a small picturesque village
on the foothill of Himalayas. Both Samsing and Suntalekhola are famous for
scenic beauty. You can enjoy fresh greeneries here. In the afternoon go to visit rocky island. 2 Km away from Samsing, this is a beautiful
location on the banks of river Murti. Enjoy the freshness of nature here. Car fare for whole day trip is around Rs 3000. Spendthe night at Suntalekhola. Day-3
On 3rd day go to visit Murti. Murti is the place beside the beautiful river
of DooarsMurti. The place is popular for scenic beauty. Here you can enjoy a walk around the river
Murti, a beautiful place surrounded by green forests. Day-4
On day 4 go to visit Jhalong, Bindu and Jaldhaka river. Car fare is around Rs 3000 for a day. Jhalong
Jhalong is a place with surreal beauty on the banks of river Jaldhaka. The place is situated near the Indo Bhutan
border on the way to BinduRiver. Bindu
Situated at an altitude of 2000 ft on the Indo Bhutan border, Bindu is a small quiet
village famous for natural beauty. The place is also popular for its cardamom
plantation in dooars and north Bengal. It is the last village of West Bengal Region. Day-5
On day-5, go to Lataguri. Upon arriving lataguri, go to Jungle safari
at Gorumara National park. A jeep safari will be of 2 hours duration. Gorumara National Park is closed on every
Thursday. Day-6
On 6th day go to NJP or Alipurduar station for departure. Where to Stay
In all places of Dooars there are WBFDC cottages. The room charges vary from Rs1600 to Rs2200. For Online booking log on to their official
Website. Other than the government accommodation there
are multiple private hotels and resorts with all modern facilities. Room charges vary from Rs 1600 to Rs 3000. There are various online hotel booking sites
are available for hotel booking in Dooars.

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  1. Cheetah! In Dooars? Really? Sorry if I sound rude but you need to do thorough research buddy. Also that bison you showed isn't from India.

  2. what will be the total cost for group of 7 people if we go there, and what will be the cost for a single person,

  3. I am not sure if u are aware of difference between cheetah and leopard. Asiatic cheetah is only found in Iran and India is trying to get from but they said not until we give them asiatic lion. In india cheetah is extinct because of over hunting and I think u are talking about Gaur not bison.

  4. Madam Government accommodation now cost 2400 to 3900 plus gst.extra ..kindly update or mention…we having booking in December 2019 …only govt resort charges for 5 days costs 20000 plus excluding gst

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