Dorkly Bits Holidays Compilation

Dorkly Bits Holidays Compilation

Luigi: Mario? I was wondering uh, could I have a tomorrow offWell of course, you can. wow, really? Thanks mario You can take in the next week off, you can have every day off because you’re fired if you’re not in tomorrow But it’s a koopsmas… I can have you replaced like that, Tails would kill to be my sidekick. It’s true. I would… I will Okay, Mario. See you tommorrow… Marioooo W-Who’s there? It is I, the Boo of Christmas past-AH You’re the Boo of Christmas what now? WOULD YOU STOP LOOKING AT ME? What are you even doing here? I don’t know I didn’t… God dammit look away I’m trying to help you. Well whatever you’re doing you’re going to have to at least look at me. Mario, what’s going on? There’s a ghost in here. He’s trying to teach me something, but he’s doing a really shit job. I’ll take care of this No you jackass. I’m trying to save his soul from eternal demise Luigi you saved me. I owe you my life Anything you want. It’s yours. Oh, Okay Can I take a tomorrow off? Of course you can a brother of course you can So Mario gave you the day off. That’s great. Yeah, and tomorrow. And the day after that and… Well and the day after that… and the day after that too… and so on… *cough cough* God bless us everyone! No he does not tiny Luigi. No he does not X step into the capsule, I have left you a very important present I made it myself. Do you like it? Oh definitely! I just-Ah…I was hoping for Dash Boots Oh
I’m sorry are Dash Boots more important than a reminder that there’s someone out there who loves and cares for you? Look I gave one of the reindeers a little Megaman helmet. Yeah, I saw that Well, thanks, I guess What? you’re just gonna take it off? It’s pretty itchy Well I’m sorry crochet is a lot harder than building self-aware ungrateful humanoid robots I just… I can’t wear this okay? All the Mavericks are laughing at me oh, I see what the Mavericks think is more important than the feelings of your dear old creator I ca-I ca I might be dead soon, you know? You’ve been dead for hundreds of years In fact I think this is a pre-recorded message, which makes this conversation really weird Fine fine, I’ll wear the sweater Did you at least make it with, like, laser proof fibers or something? I made it with snuggles and love

67 thoughts on “Dorkly Bits Holidays Compilation

  1. Did you at least make it with, like, laser proof fibers or something?
    I made it with snuggews. And wuv.
    Are those laser proof?
    They are not. So… good question.

  2. Merry duckmus
    Merry sonmus
    Merry metmus
    Merry koopmas
    Merry robmas
    Merry gammas
    Merry donkmus
    Merry animas
    Merry Christmas!

  3. During a loops as carol, Mario and tails walk by in the window in the house scene, after Luigi gets fired, and they jump on a koopa. That was really funny to me for some reason

  4. Lol they say no one wants to be player 2 but every Mario game I gave up player one to be Luigi. Better looking bro here I come

  5. Till the end I actually found the mortal combat one kinda sweet. Sub Zero makin his best bud Scorpion feel better using Christmas? So nice.

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