Do’s & Don’ts – Curvy Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Outfits! Curvy Girl Hacks for Summer Fashion!

Do’s & Don’ts – Curvy Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Outfits! Curvy Girl Hacks for Summer Fashion!

Hey guys, it’s Sierra and welcome back to
my channel! Today I am bringing back the ever-so popular
Curvy Do’s and Don’ts series. We are going to be taking a look at some popular
summer styles that I’ve been seeing a lot for summer of 2017. And then, I’m going to be showing you guys
a more curvy friendly version of that outfit to help flatter your figure. Quick little disclaimer, I am not saying that these
are can and can’ts. You absolutely can wear anything that I said is a “don’t” Wear whatever makes you feel confident and
comfortable this summer. These are just some of my tips on how to flatter
a curvy figure with some more trendy styles. If you’re new to my channel, I would love
if you click that subscribe button. I make new videos twice a week all about curvy
girl style and DIY and lifestyle! If you want to see the behind the scenes of
this video and other videos like it, make sure to check out my vlog channel. But, enough about that! Let’s get into these curvy do’s and don’ts
for summer. Shorts in the summer are a must! They’re cool and comfy. These are actually my current favorite pair
of shorts. But, if you style them with the wrong top,
the outfit can quickly become a don’t. This shirt is just too long! It doesn’t do my curves any justice. Instead of letting the high waisted shorts
do their thing and flatter my figure, this shirt just covers it up and makes me look
a little bit frumpy. Instead, switch it up and go tight on top,
loose on bottom. If you have seen my other curvy do’s and don’ts
videos, you know that one of my curvy girl fashion guidelines is to balance between either
loose on top, tight on bottom. Or, vice versa. For summer shorts though, stick with tight
on top. Shorts like this let your legs be relaxed
and show off the curves of your waist. Try wearing high waisted shorts with a bodysuit. This will smooth and flatter your figure and
contour to your curves. If you want to wear a flowy top, try tying
it at your waist or go with a crop top! So, it’ll still show your curves and give
your body definition! You can also, add a kimono like this one and it’ll give your legs and arms a little more coverage and add a fun pop of color! So, this don’t is a little bit complicated. Unlike the other don’ts, I actually think
this romper is super cute and I would totally wear it. But, it does illustrate these don’t points
perfectly. First, it’s a halter style. Which is just a side boob problem waiting
to happen. It does have definition at the waist, but
it’s a little bit above my natural waist. Which makes it not quite as flattering as
it could be. This high neck style also doesn’t fit my chest
quite right and causes the fabric to stretch right there. This romper, on the other hand, takes the
issues with the first romper and fixes them. Making them flattering and cute. The elastic waist folds over itself, so you
can pull it up and adjust it and make it hit your natural waist. No matter how high or low it is! The tie up v-neck is a much more flattering alternative
than the halter style neck, but still doesn’t show any cleavage. Even though I do like that first romper, something
like this is a much more curvy friendly option! Shapeless dresses are comfy and fun! They’re easy to throw on for a summer day,
but with big boobs they tend to just hang off you like a tent! I usually recommend going for a dress with
an elastic or tie waist. But, sometimes you find that perfect dress
and it just doesn’t have that! It doesn’t have to be a don’t! All you have to do is add a belt! This belt easily transforms this outfit from
a don’t into a do in a matter of seconds! It cinches my waist and allows the dress to
give my curvy body some definition. While still keeping that loose summer feel. Another big don’t in this outfit is the bra! The back of this dress cuts a little bit too
low and exposes the whole back of my dirty old bra! The spaghetti straps also don’t allow for
much coverage in the front or on the sides. A neutral colored cami can cover up the bra! Or, try a bralette! It’ll still show, but it’s a much more aesthetically
pleasing option and kind of integrates itself into your outfit! Peasant blouses have been super in this summer. But, some are definitely more flattering than
others! This peasant blouse doesn’t have elastic at
the bottom to cut it off. So, it creates a similar problem to the first
outfit! Too long of a shirt and no definition of the
waist! It’s covering up my curves, so it’s gotta
go! Switch it out for a peasant blouse that is
either a crop top or has elastic at the bottom! Create some definition in your figure. So, even though this peasant blouse and flows
shorts combo “technically” breaks that tight on top, loose on bottom rule. The elastic at the bottom of the peasant blouse
creates a much more crop top like look and exposes a bit of my tummy in the middle and
keeps me from looking like one big blob. I love the cropped peasant blouse because
it isn’t too tight to my figure like a lot of summer crop tops tend to be! It’s loose and flowy! But, because of it’s length and the elastic,
it’s still flatters my figure! Thank you so much for watching, I really hope
that you enjoyed this video! If you liked it and you want to see more daily
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pretty much every day! If you want to see more curvy girl videos,
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up and I can’t wait for you all to see them! If you have any suggestions on types of curvy
videos that you want to see me do next, you can leave those down in the comments! I pretty much get all of my curvy girl outfit
ideas from you guys! It’s not just my channel, it’s our channel
and I want to make sure that I’m doing content that you guys love and that you guys want
to see! I love you so much! Thank you for watching
this video! Don’t forget to be confident and love your
body and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Do’s & Don’ts – Curvy Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Outfits! Curvy Girl Hacks for Summer Fashion!

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  8. Most importantly, wear something you feel comfortable and confident in, because that is when you look your best.

  9. I couldn't even get through your first don't. Wearing a tank top tucked into your shorts when you have a belly doesn't look good. I'm not saying wear baggy unflattering shirt, but looser fitting will hide the fat rolls. Fat rolls when you sit are never sexy. Also, if you opt to wear shorts that have a wider leg and with no pockets you will look leaner and not so big in the hip area. With any skirt, shorts etc, wearing a heal will always make your legs look longer and leaner. Wedges are adorable with shorts.

  10. I disagree on A LOT of those “tips” I am just here to say there is no right or wrong in clothes choices! And I really don’t want fat girls to use those tips because those tips or not for everyone and I don’t thing they make your fat body look better than normal

  11. Girl, I’m sorry your not curvy, just fat. Curvy means a small waist and big chest, and wider hips. If anything your thicc be proud of that instead of trying to force yourself to be “curvy”

  12. Girl, I’m sorry your not curvy, just fat. Curvy means a small waist and big chest, and wider hips. If anything your thicc be proud of that instead of trying to force yourself to be “curvy”

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