Double decker RV – full interior tour

Double decker RV – full interior tour

Between 2011 and 2016 I made an RV out
of a double-decker bus and I showed that in a video. If you haven’t seen it yet,
be sure to check it out. To my surprise that video got millions of views and
thousands of comments. In that comments you wanted to make me another video – you
wanted a tour of everything – a more detailed tour – a tour of the interior – a
video tour – a detailed video tour – an RV house tour, or just plain more. Well,
on a beautiful day I started the engine and we drove to a beautiful spot in
Amsterdam to shoot this video. In this video my wife will show you how to open
a hatch. Oh well we’ll get back later on that. She will show you the kitchen, the
front of the bus, the bathroom and the bedroom.
But first let me introduce you to my wife. Her name is Byke you pronounce that Byke. Much like biker, but without the rolling
R. Later I’ll tell you more about this spot we are parked on in Amsterdam, but for now,
let’s start with the tour! 4 burner gas hob lots of cabinets provide lots of storage space mugs with buses – Volkswagen T1’s 🙂 24 volts fridge with freezer hey Byke, what’s with the hatch? I see.. we’ll get back to that first stairs (front) these front seats are great! more about this spot: statue of the painter Rembrandt, next to the Rieker mill at the shores of the river Amstel hatch isn’t open yet? … nope, guess not… what was that?? does that help? small dishwasher takes 7 liters water per wash yes we have a small microwave too – these only work with external power here we keep the 10 m hose of the vacuum cleaner giant storage space under the bed one proud woman 🙂 can she close the roller insect screen too? she did it! we’re very happy with the BIG windows and during the daytime nobody from the outside can look in demonstration of the lock of the bathroom doors closing both doors that switch activates the magnets that lock both doors switch it off and you can go out again then it became dark TV does DVB-T, satellite and USB where you want to read you can plug in one of these they are beside every bed and the couch double USB, so you can charge your phone at the same time! upstairs is a nice place to read too time to go to bed, boys! showing off another roller blind honey..? yeah..? you left the lights on.. YOU left them on YOU came to bed last! is that so? never mind, I’ll put them off Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed
it as much as we did, making the video. If you did, be sure to subscribe and we’ll
see you in our next video.

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  1. For everyone curious how much the project cost me, in my latest video (the one about the 2019 season with the bus) I added all the costs up. Watch it here: .

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