Double Trouble at the Club 👊 ‘Sneak Peek’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Double Trouble at the Club 👊 ‘Sneak Peek’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

[inaudible]. Yeah. You’re …
You’re nothin’, baby. Let’s go. Homeboy wants to go.
Let’s go. What a … loser. I’d love to go … a homeboy up. Let’s go. I have so much going on
in my life. I’m about to release it
on this … cheech right now. He had hit from … I’m dealing from Miami, Vegas,
Atlantic City, the Shore. He’s getting …
all kinds of …. Let them go. Where’s he going? Let’s go. Come on. You’re a …
loser. I will … drop you bro. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God. Let them leave. Let them leave
the establishment. Oh my God.
You’re a …. Where’s he at though? He’s over there.
Oh my God. Homeboy wants to go. You can call me fat,
you can say my tan sucks, you can call me short.
But don’t … touch my chain and call me baby,
unless you my girl. Angelina’s a whore. There’s his girlfriend. Go get your boy. … her.
You a bitch. Where’s your pussy boyfriend? Who? That one? This guy’s not coming out,
but yet his girl’s around. And the girl’s like talking …
to Angelina. I guess she has beef with
Angelina from way back when. Angelina. Go suck a … You’re a stripper. Bye. Bye. That girl’s such a trash bag.
She stalks my life. She’s obsessed with me. Wants to … bang every guy
that talks to me. She’s a stripper
and she’s a piece of … Other than that,
she’s a really good person. You wanna go and do …
Come on … She just kept running
her frickin’ mouth and I’m not gonna take
somebody talking … about me. Get the … outta here
you prissy … Dumb bitch. I will … you up.
You stripping bitch. Come over here. With your ugly ass titties. … you, you …
Dumb bitch. No. Enough. You done? .. bitch. I will …
Stupid bitch. With your ugly ass titties.
… Go away. You ain’t gonna do … Come on.
… whore.

100 thoughts on “Double Trouble at the Club 👊 ‘Sneak Peek’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. I want SAMMI TO COME BACK… i miss her plus that would be really good tv. Not the same without her but i must say i am loving that Angelina is back!

  2. I love how Snooki like told that girl to go away that was cute because you can tell she was looking out for her but back then on season 2 it would have been a different story 😂 I like this new Angelina Better 😊

  3. ◄ Exodus 20:7 ►
    "You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name."

  4. lol angelina is all like “other then that shes a good person”. I love angelina 😂 she’s literally me. a clown

  5. Ronnie was ready to unload a few years of aggression lol. guy didn't know what was about to happen to him if he fought ron.

  6. If someone is bothering you, just ignore them and they will stop and as you can see Angelina got upset because another girl running her mouth calling her names

  7. Angelina probably thought that the other girls were gonna jump in and have her back sorry Ang your not there yet lol

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