Dream Jobs: HBO’s GIRLS Tour ft. Sasheer Zamata

Dream Jobs: HBO’s GIRLS Tour ft. Sasheer Zamata

[ ♪ music ♪ ] [Madison] Hi, my name’s Madison and I
give Girls tours in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where we show different locations
from the revolutionary show Girls. [DREAM JOBS] I started doing this April 15, 2012
right after the show aired. I saw Lena Dunham cross
the street at Bedford Avenue and I developed a heart murmur
[laughs] So now I have a robot heart. Cafe Grumpy is where Hannah works
and they have a drink there called The Hannah. It’s an $8 cup of coffee. Grumpy is to Girls what
Magnolia Bakery is to Sex and the City. Watching Sex and the City is like
a cupcake. It’s so rich and indulgent. Watching Girls is like a cup of coffee. You can do it alone and
just think about your life. Just like Lena and Hannah, I also
graduated from Oberlin College and I majored in Dunham Theory. Put #girlstour on there.
It’s for promotional purposes. [male] Okay, no problem. [Madison] All you need for this job
is an HBO Go account, a love of groundbreaking television,
and knowledge of the G train. I’m actually the only
tour guide for this tour. I used to have my friend Monica
do some tours but she would keep getting lost in Bushwick.
One time her group got mugged. This is the trash can that Hannah used
to illegally dump Cafe Grumpy’s trash in. I touched it last week and I haven’t
washed my hands since. I met a guy at a warehouse party in
Bushwick and I thought he was my Adam but then I just realized that
he was really into heroin. I got in the bathtub with my friend
last week and I was like, Oh my god, we’re just like Hannah and Jessa. She was like, Oh my god,
get out of the bathtub. I like to think of myself as
the fifth girl in the group but I don’t get any screen time
because I’m so busy. I’m like dominating all over the place.
I’m a businesswoman. [Female] You are the worst.
>>[Male] Girl. [Male] Girl.
>>[Female] Do you even know my name? [Male] Sha… uh… Minda? [Female] Are you kidding me?
>>[Male] Just let me finish please. [Male] Barack
>>[Female] Obama? The President? [ ♪ music ♪ ]

22 thoughts on “Dream Jobs: HBO’s GIRLS Tour ft. Sasheer Zamata

  1. Wow! Sasheer is really funny! I can't wait to see her do more character work on SNL, I feel like her roles on the first episode were very abundant yet introductory (which was probably purposeful). It's going to be great to see her kill it in the future!

  2. "i got in the bathtub with my friend last week and i was like omg we're just like hannah and jessa and she was like omg get out of the bathtub" lol my favorite

  3. This girl sucks. And Girls sucks too, how is that ground breaking television, it's just about a bunch of dumb whores

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