Dream Office / Studio Setup Tour! (2018)

Dream Office / Studio  Setup Tour! (2018)

– Yo guys, Jonathan here. Finally, it is time for
the 2018 Office Tour. (upbeat music) So first up is the entertainment center. You guys might have caught this in my color-change setup video, but to give you a recap,
the centerpiece here is an 85-inch 4K TV from Sony. It’s not OLED but I
think it looks amazing, more importantly, it fills the wall, which is surprisingly hard to do. I’m not sure if it comes off
through video, but it is giant. So below that is this really
clean minimal media console from AllModern, I dig the looks of it, kinda keeps that white, kinda minimal look going on with the TV,
matches the wall perfectly. On top of that, yes,
those are dual HomePods. Those are really more-so
used for listening to music. As far as actually watching TV, that guy is dedicated to
the MartinLogan Vision X which is an amazing sound bar. So behind the TV, behind the console, got Philips Hue everywhere. Honestly that’s my favorite
way to add some spice and some flavor to a set up. Below that inside the console,
we got that Mac mini Server, all the way back from 2012. Fingers crossed that
they update it this year. Tim Cook, please man, we need an update. So next to this honestly I
was looking for something to hide this ugly power
cable outlet behind this and this worked out amazing. Found it on Amazon. Really dig the white and blue vibes, kinda matches the simple clean look of the entire setup in this office. This plant, I think I found it at West Elm but honestly they’ve copied it everywhere. So I’m sure if you look at IKEA, Target, you’d probably find something similar. Next to that we got the
infamous little Homer Buddha guy that you may have seen
from video to video. You’ve probably also seen
his little twin gold brother, that guy makes a cameo here and there. I actually just picked up this little Deadpool box from Amazon. It was kind of like this loot
crate almost mystery thing. Honestly, I was a little disappointed but I got this guy in the end
of it so can’t really complain So as this initially set out to be more of a way to hide cables I actually really like how this turned out. They come in a few
different colors so if you like this I will make sure to link this along with everything in
this video down below. Now, one thing I didn’t show off in the color changing set up video is the couch-not a hundred
percent sure on the name; I know it’s from Macy’s
but it comes in a blue. This is gray I think it
matched this set up better. Hanging out with my buddy
Rich, he’s monitoring audio; and we got a special guest,
little Zelda, Hey doggie. So shout out to Dom, AKA Mac Mixing, AKA the owner of Zelda for stopping by. Check him out and her out down below. Aside from that, we got this
little roller cart stand thing that kind of just houses
the remotes, the keyboard, the mouse, and this lamp is from Target. Thanks Zelda. So next up is the desk. All across the office got
uniformed desks from Artifox. They’re a little on the
pricier side but honestly, they’re my favorite tech desk right now. They’re compact so it’s a small footprint but you can customize and
tweak these any way you like. So, this is my desk this
is my desk buddy, Rich. Go ahead and comment below on
who has the better desk setup. Both are rockin iMac Pros, Rich has the slightly different approach with the monitor stand. I actually like and
prefer no monitor stand, but I’m also weird where
ask anyone in this office, they’ll know when I sat in a chair because it is the lowest possible profile, and there’s a reason for that though I actually like to have the
speakers kind of lined up with my ear so I don’t
care how I’m sitting as long as it sounds good
and that’s the reason why I will screw up any chair in his office. Now for my desk alongside
the iMac Pro, these are still to this day my favorite speakers period: The Adam Artist 3, they’re
really hard to find. They might even be discontinued but they’re still active
I’ll drop a link down below; For the size, the price, there
is nothing that sounds better to me they sound amazing,
that’s not like me exaggerating they are my
favorite speakers like period, and it’s gonna be hard
to change these from me or take them away from me. So, across the desk got
the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 in Space Gray, the iMac Pro
Edition magic keyboard also in Space Gray, and,
you guys be proud of me finally upgraded from the Magic Mouse, got the MX Master here
which is miles better. Now the speaker stands those
are actually customizable from ArtiFox so if you
want that set up you can go for that or if you want a
simple minimal setup like Rich you can ditch those altogether. These down here are probably
one of my favorite features on the Artifox desk: the hooks so you can hang headphones, backpacks, I’m kind of terrible with backpacks so this really helps keep the office clean. Now, kind of finishing up Rich’s desk, he’s got that Hypebeast Kith Mug. Rich loves his mugs, pure vodka. Next to that while Rich isn’t sipping his, I’m just kidding he doesn’t drink, Please don’t think rich
drinks at the office. He’s also got an MX Master
that’s kind of the mouse of choice until you see Matt’s desk. This is the Herman Miller sale it’s been a while, but that came back to me,
these so far, Herman Miller can get a little crazy
as far as the price goes this is kind of like the mid-level tier so not gonna completely break
the bank, just a little bit, but these are kind of like
the best bang for the buck plus they look amazing. Rocking the Herschel
backpack this little handy accessory holder this is also from Artifox so if you wanna throw
keys, change, pencils, [Jeopardy Music] snacks. Next from there we got the
man, the myth. the legend, Matt AKA Matt’s Macintosh Desk. You guys watch the Kevin
Kenson channel, him and Kevin along with Rich and Andrew are
the masterminds behind that. Most of the editing goes down here so for the crazy gaming shots
this is where it goes down. He is also rocking an iMac Pro I think he probably
has the classiest setup out of all of us here. If there was a word outside
of classy that I would use for this desk it would be tasteful,
just pure (kissing sound) If you look closely there’s
an underslung red mag reader which is a little bit of
a call-out and shout out to Dream Desk absolutely
love that implementation, and I think it’s all safe to say that Matt has not one
ounce of Hypebeast in him and that’s amazing. Cake Boss, I’m kidding. Next up is the man, the new
man, Mr. JD coming all the way from sunny humid Florida all the way to California which is also equally as hot. Shout out to anyone in
Southern California right now who is dealing with this heat wave. it’s about like 100 degrees
right now the air is off because better audio and, I can’t breathe. Breathing or not though, we
got to show off JD’s desk Now this is also rocking an Artifox we got some little sweet cute, adorable mini speakers right here. This is actually a non iMac Pro which is amazing for the money no
problems here as well. It’s a very clean kind
of matches the setup with the Magic Trackpad the keyboard white with the silver, although
I do prefer Space Gray, and like everything else aside from Matt, he is also rocking an MX Master. Next from there kind of moving over from the Pride Lands to
the Elephant Graveyard it’s getting a little darker,
a little more eerie over here this is kind of like was
Kevin’s desk but he never operates at a computer so it kind of just turned this into
the MacBook Pro setup so anyone who wants to come in here dock their MacBook, this is where it’s at. Kinda also Has doubled as a
little bit of a storage area We got the case to the DJI
Ronin 2 all the way back there. Below here, you guys
might be surprised to see what’s under there on this channel. Got a couple of gaming
PC’s: Acer Predator Core I9. Let me know if you guys
want to see a video on that. Now this isn’t new, this is
the TLD One Million Subscriber gold plaque but what is new is the Kevin Kenson Silver Play
Button 100,000 subscribers, but since then he has
crushed that nearing 400,000 so if you haven’t checked him out definitely head on over there probably I’m a little biased but
the best gaming videos on the internet. Now kind of completing this desk setup we got the Blackmagic eGPU, honestly, still haven’t had time to test it out so if you guys are curious on
seeing how that performs let me know with a comment down below, we got some beeping devices
going on in the office but that’s okay we got to continue. Take a look at this PC madness. This is truly the
Elephant Graveyard I think Scar would use a PC right? Like Scar is definitely
a PC dude, for sure. This is what my guy Dave
2D would call THICC. Maybe not even 2 C’s I’m
going 3 C’s on this guy: The Acer Helios 500. I bought this and had this delivered. This just show up today, I
have no idea where it came from so if Acer if you sent this, thank you. This is the baby brother,
like the less thick so this is 2 C’s 3 C’s, the Helios 300 and it’s just like the PC
master-race heaven over here. The HP omen which i think is coming to a Kevin Kenson channel near you
soon, stay tuned for that. So we made it out of
the Elephant Graveyard the PC master-race and we are
on to the “Home Improvement Tim the Tool Man Taylor”
section of the office. We got the husky big guy behind, we’ve got thick boys, we got husky just all kinds of like big
boned-ed beautifulness. This actually is the MVP of the office. We got so much accessories
and batteries and tools and if this weren’t here it
would be complete chaos. Now I have like zero handyman in me, not ashamed to admit that so
I’m not sure what this exactly is called but I’m just gonna
call it this awesome tool chest (tool chest opening) Husky! I like this because it’s got
magnets, Jesse would be proud. And then here is kind of
like the battery kingdom, so everything from the Reds to
the Sony’s to the small HD’s to the MixPre-D’s, everything
here alongside this random Google Home Mini, not an ad,
is hanging out here. (laughs) Rich, Rich, Rich you try it
(Rich yelling in background) Rich hid this. I get enough flak for being a fanboy. Rich is hiding Google Home Mini’s in here. They’re gonna roast me now. It’s gettin a little
dark in here, not bad. Here we got this beautifully labeled out I’m terrible with organization so shout out to rich and Andrew for making this work so well we got battery banks, cables, miscellaneous chargers, batteries, nail screws, anchors, gloves, bead square, what’s a speed square,
cable management tools, adhesives, labeler Dremel,
the extension cords, power strips, section, and
then finally shipping supplies. So much is going on in here
and then this guy next to it is an upgrade from that old IKEA wardrobe thing we used to have. This is like this official
locker kind of setup. I think he was from Home
Depot again don’t yell at me if I’m not a hundred
percent sure where it is but again, everything like
every other setup tour you’ve ever watched link down below. So this is kind of like broken down into tons of mini sections again this is like Andrew and Rich at their finest because if it was me, I just shove it in there and that’s kind of how it would work but, we got lens modifiers blowers, this is a blower for
you perverts out there, monitored cables, this is
kind of where these Sony stuff lives up, we got lens heaven
over here, so every lens that we use is in here but
it’s also a little empty right now because we’re filming this video and also simultaneously,
Kevin Kenson is making video game magic down the hall. We got some drones, we
got some microphones, shout-out to the blue snowball
which is like the go-to starter YouTube microphone, 50 bucks, you cannot go wrong with this. Lense modifiers ND
filters, and just kinda all the miscellaneous film tools we would need to run our everyday operations. Now from there, we got the
Linus Tech Tips Kitchen. Everybody needs a Linus Tech Tips Kitchen. Shout out to the old
school Linus Tech Tips. I’m not gonna really go over
that we got lots of like kale chips and proteins and hemp seeds and not that kind of hemp. Shout-out to the plant-based
people out there, though. This is kind of like where
we huddle where we meet, where we pretend to do important
things this is kind of also our charging station so we
got USB-C we got lightning, we got some micro USB occasionally for when someone needs that but luckily, for the most part everything
is USB-C these days. Finally from there
behind this water bottle, we got one more HomePod, we
got Rich doing a masterful job on modern audio and this… I covered it in my bag tour,
this has kind of become the tech YouTuber go-to
light The Aputure 120 D with the light dome, it’s
dimmable, it’s portable, and honestly it’s become my
favorite light for the money. Also quick shut up to the Chicago Bulls they’re looking like they’re not gonna be so terrible this
year, at first I was like “Oh my God what are
you doing” but I’m like mildly excited for Jabari Parker. Now this, I want to point this out. I don’t know which is which,
one is a real Herman Miller, and then one is like this
knockoff from Amazon. To the naked eye they look
the same, but I will say, over time the Amazon
knockoffs do kinda wear down to where you might have actually
had to like throw one away because it started to break down so, they work great but just be weary if you’re gonna pick these
up treat them with care, because the knockoffs are
a little more sensitive. Moving back around the
office this is the Kessler Fancy Slider 5,000 with the CineDrive. Now for those who watch the
videos and see kind of those parallax shots, no it’s not
the Kee-ruh or the robot like you said on MKBHD,
that’s this guy right here. So it’s wide, it’s motorized
you can program moves and that gives you complete
flexibility to do those woosh-ey beautiful shots. Next to that we got a
C-Stand and this is kinda like the Swiss Army knife for filmmaking. You can stick lights on
here you can stick a flag so in this case we got like a
really harsh skylight that comes up there so that’s
gonna do a great job of like blocking that out so
if you own light stands and they’re a little flimsy
definitely try to upgrade to a C-Stand with a sandbag,
that’s like the safe way to go, and definitely just much more
durable and reliable than like those flimsy light stands. Last but not least you guys
didn’t think I would forget This is the brand new Hypebeast display. Shout-out to Joe LaPuma
we about to do some complex sneaker shopping
in the TLD offices. [Pop Music] Now I think this came out amazing and all the props and credit
goes to JD he put this together like literally concept
to finish in about a day. We next day-ed the parts from Amazon, I’ll link all these down below, I think it’s a 3-pack
for like 20 bucks maybe but they worked out perfectly
for displaying shoes. [Pop Music] So this is kind of turned
into like the office tour and tour of my shoe collection
all at the same time. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a
little bit of an Adidas fanboy, not sponsored but I would
happily be sponsored by Adidas, Wex, call me. So moving across the bottom row this is kind of like Pharrell Human Race NMD land. On the far left, we got the
new trail these are my favorite the original Human Race design. If I had any favorite pair of shoes this would definitely be it and as far as colorway ,I’m
gonna go with the TLD blue, but also, that yellow’s
nice and the green just like sneaks up on you it’s awesome as well. Moving up the lineup we
got the lone Human Race in the Oreo colorway
probably from this lineup it’s my favorite aside from the Nerds, but those are like
crazy, crazy up there so for now those will do. this is kind of like Yeezy land but I’ll be honest I’m getting a
little bit off the Yeezy train more-so just because I don’t really think I’m cool enough to rock those. Next to that we’ve got
some Ultra Boost 1.0’s. These are kind of ones
that stand out to me. These are the reigning champs,
these are special to me. These are one of my favorite
pairs of shoes that I own. They’re clean, they’re comfortable, and I have this like love between the Ultra Boost 1.0’s and also the 4.0’s I think those are my
two favorite versions. Next to that, we also got a pair of 1.0’s. These are the Creams which
look nice and creamy. Moving up from there, mid-level
is kind of like Ultra Boost 4.0 land, again those and the
1.0’s I think are my favorite. There is one lone wolf here, this is a Lux Sneakers and Stuff collab that
Rich rocks from time to time and these are also one of my favorites along with these custom Ultra Boost. We got the white, the red
laces, the red bottom. I’m a little surprised that
I’ve kept them this clean so far because usually I am
terrible with white shoes. Also quick shout-out to
the 4.0 Triple Blacks, those are kind of like the greatest like everyday just you’re gonna beat them up not worry about messin ’em
up or gettin ’em dirty. Those are like the workhorses. Above that from the second to top this is kind of like the random misfit aisle where there’s not really rhyme or reason Got a pair of off-white Converse
that made its way in here. These, just like spoke to me,
I used to rock converse a lot, could not say no to these
they just look amazing. Next thing I got a custom pair
of the James Harden Volume 2 in the TLD white, blue and silver. Shout-out to Josh and Nike
for sending out the KD 11’s, really excited to hoop in those. Got a pair of white 3’s, a couple EQT’S, some of the Pharrell hues which are more on the low-end but they’re
extremely, extremely comfortable one of my favorite pairs to
rock like on a daily basis. Finally, all the way towards
the top is like NMD land. I would say if there were
any favorites out of here it’s got to be the Glitch
up here, like these, for a long time have been
one of my favorite pairs they just look unique,
they pop, they stand out. I think I prefer the
body and look of NMD’s but once you kind of step in
Ultra Boost there’s no denying how comfortable they are and
it’s kind of hard to go back once you go Ultra Boost. Now big shout-out to Stock X for helping complete this collection. I’ve actually teamed up with them to give you guys a chance to
win $1,000 worth of shoes. Now with kicks like the Human Races or stuff that was limited I
get a lot of questions asking where can you buy those,
and you definitely can’t buy them online because they’re sold out, you also don’t want to pay too much, and you definitely want to
beware of fakes so Stock X is the place where not
only can you sell shoes but you’re gonna make
sure to buy them authentic and for a fair price. Now what I like about Stock-X is they’re not just limited to sneakers but whether it’s clothing, accessories, they got pretty much everything. You can check them out online
and browse all day long like Rich pretty much does here, or you can download the app and I will say it does get a little bit addicting but the good news is you
got a chance to win $1000 worth of shoes, details
on that are down below. Thank you guys very much for
watching this office tour. Hopefully you enjoyed it, if you did, make sure you guys go Hypebeast, Yeezy, whatever you want on that like button! Thank you guys again
very much for watching. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later. So we got thick boys we’ve got husky boys, all kinds of thickness going on but this [People Laughing And shouting]

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