Please stand in your starting position CHENLE, when we performed
‘Without notice, tab, tab’ part, you were standing too close to me If you stand too close to me like that,
I have nowhere to go After CHENLE, JISUNG is the 6th Thank you We can change our positions The positions will be in disorder All right, let’s try if you’re ready When do we start? This is our last move This is the last move for 3 of us All right, 1, 2, 3 Thank you 1, 2, 3 Can I have an interview with you? JISUNG, tell me what happened
while preparing the concert I’m worried now About what? About everything Which song worries you the most? Probably the intro? The first performance?I see From here to here It’s not that much Are you worried about
the whole programs? – Yes
– It’s only a piece A piece? Yes… What? You know, the stage lift,
the stage setting What worries me the most is changing my costumes I agree I totally agree with you HAECHAN Hello What worries you the most
in this concert? CHENLE’s piano playing part Why? Why are you worried about it?
It’s my business Because I emphasize with you That part worries me the most,
to be honest What if you make a mistake? Well, then I’ll clear my mind and start over Star over? From? Yes From the opening performance? Do it alone Go for it! I was in sleep The most important part is left – I’m RENJUN of RENJUN CAM with 0%…
– Let’s go home, guys I’m the emcee, RENJUN Today’s rehearsal went well My show’s viewer ratings are 37.6% Come out if you have your own CAM Rock, scissors, paper Paper Oh, no I’m HAECHAN of HAECHAN CAM
with 37.5% viewer ratings We’ve finished the final rehearsal Right Are you excited? Yes, we are Just bring yourself and enjoy the show – Bye
– Turn it off because it’s yours I’m HAECHAN of HAECHAN CAM
with 37.5% viewer ratings Thank you so much for watching, bye Today is the concert day We’re going to have the final rehearsal This is the final Over there I’m so nervous, I can’t believe
today is the day! I woke up this morning and thought,
‘Today’s the concert day’ I’ll do my best during the rehearsal Which emoji should I draw? Now, this is for Nana It’s difficult to autograph on
the surface of a ball Because it’s too soft Who’s going to win the prize? I don’t know, either I’m not nervous now But you know how I feel As soon as I see
the green light on the stage, my heart will flutter wildly Where are NCTzen? – Where are they?
– Where are they? Where are they? What’s up? We followed today’s dress code Hello It’s funny that
you followed the dress code This looks like an IV, but it’s
actually a beverage I won’t buy it It’s 5000 won I won’t buy it, come on Go for it Go for it 1, 2, 3 Thank you A lot of things happened, but it finished well CHENLE, you did a good job Shed tears talking about
DOYOUNG tomorrow, got it? I’ll look up the video You should be grateful to me and DOYOUNG
because we shouted ‘Encore’ You did? I’m kidding Did you see how enthusiastic JOHNNY was? Give him a big hand It’s all right Come here Let’s go I have a puffy face today because
I cried a lot last night They’d make fun of me for a year Hi, I’m RENJUN of RENJUN CAM
with 0% viewer ratings My guest is this mandarin orange I’ve invited it because it’s winter Do you think mandarin oranges
became tastier in winter? It said, ‘They’re still sour
and not tasty’ But why did you choose orange color of all colors? It said, ‘Because I can’ All right, then, see you later It’s 5:19 pm, right before the concert I cried a lot in the first concert Ha… I was very touched because my fans
comforted me saying, ‘It’s okay, you can cry’,
instead of ‘Stop crying’ I can’t believe tomorrow is the last I love you Hope you enjoy today, will you? Let’s go It’s done You did a great job,
the second concert is over Thank you for your work Thank you for your work I’ve changed my clothes The second concert is over The second concert is over, everyone You did a great job today Take a rest and see you later Bye Thank you for your work ‘The person came the latest should
arrive tomorrow the earliest’ That’s what I said, but we’ll come
here anyway together (‘Stay together forever for each other’) Let’s go Great job, everyone Tomorrow is the last day, everyone Go for it! Tomorrow is the last concert Thank you for your work Great job HAECHAN is here, too See you tomorrow Hello, everyone Because today’s the last concert day,
I’ll do my very best It feels like I had
a great party with you I liked when we were performing
Hope you enjoy the concert, thank you Let’s go to NCT DREAM’s green room This is what HAECHAN’s sister
gave him yesterday The concerts is going to
start in an hour 1 hour…Today’s the last concert day 1 hour left I can believe it Today’s the last concert day I’m nervous the most in the first
concert and I feel better in the second And I feel relaxed in the third concert Why do you have a puffy face today? Well…I know I felt the same, too What happened? That’s how JISUNG keeps
the swelling down I’m not going to show my abs today I was nervous before I did it, and I felt so embarrassed after I did it Then I’ll do it today Really? I was a bit embarrassed We’re going to have the last concert Guys? Wait for me The last DREAM SHOW We’re going to bring
the event to an end Now we’re ready to shout ‘Yo Dream’ This is the last performance
of the concert Let’s shout ‘Yo Dream’ together Let’s go Happy birthday to you Thank you Above all, we, NCT DREAM members are deeply grateful to our fans Hope we can see you for a long time Thank you Thank you for giving me great memories that
I’ll never forget in my life I was happy to see you happy I hope to get a lot of love and support
from you, thank you Shall we take a picture together? 2, 3 Thank you Get home safely Thank you NCT, thank you

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