Drone Footage Of Grey Whale Mother And Calf Playing With Tourists

Drone Footage Of Grey Whale Mother And Calf Playing With Tourists

COMM: Two female grey whales and their calves perform a water-borne dance off the coast
of Baja, California, New Mexico. 00:32
COMM: It’s the closest most of us will ever get to these domestic creatures. 00:43
COMM: But in February 2015 these tourists were lucky enough to enjoy a hands on experience. 00:54
COMM: Each year grey whales migrate almost 5000 miles between their summer feeding grounds
and the arctic and breeding lagoons here. When they arrive boats take people out to
meet them. 01:17
COMM: The mother, estimated at forty foot, proves a gentle giant as she allows herself
to be petted. 01:34
COMM: And even her curious calf can’t resist a scratch and a tickle.

100 thoughts on “Drone Footage Of Grey Whale Mother And Calf Playing With Tourists

  1. Whales: We were told this was the barnacle removal station. This kind of cuteness isn't free. Get to work humans.

  2. Que bonito si acá en Costa Rica se pudieran tocar a las ballenas jorobadas pero esta prohibido rotundamente ya que vienen acá exclusivamente a parir a sus crías y apariarce es un momento muy íntimo entre ellos y no se puede acosar a las ballenas se pueden lograr ver desde una cierta distancia pero hasta hay…

  3. Thats pretty amazing for the mother to allow these people to touch her & her baby….just goes to show you that Captain Ahab deserved what he got killing these precious animals

  4. Nice!!! Have a look at the same spectacle next to Livingston island (Antarctica) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEL9A8HotLc

  5. it's so sad that these creatures are so lovely and we treats their home like our own personal garbage and now they're dying with plastic in their stomachs the human race sucks we should have stayed in the damn trees…..

  6. The caption said the whales "perform a water-borne dance off the coast of Baja, California, New Mexico" !!! Wow, I guess it's time to snap up some oceanfront property in New Mexico.. Who knew?

  7. It is truly such a blessing from above to be able to experience that. I know some will say just go there and no big deal but the connection between humans and these big sea creatures is just special…very different from having to play with land and flying animals.

  8. We, as a human which called Homo sapiens ( The wise man), see an ant, then we decide to step on it. The whales see human, with the horrible history they had, come to us with peace to communicate. It makes me wonder which one is the wise one?

  9. That's amazing. To help Gray Whales for future generations, donate to Wildlife Conservation Society at 2300 Southern Blvd in Bronx, NY 10460.

  10. People always ruin this type of interaction by touching the wildlife. Keep your hands to yourself, please. Keep a respectful distance.

  11. What a beautiful experience I'm sure by I hope these animals don't learn to trust just anyone. Maybe they have a sense about people. Intuition. That would be good but we are also dangerous sometimes because of our boats and nets and things….when the animals get too close they risk getting in trouble with this kind of thing. We also may be able to make them sick with bugs that their immune systems are not equipped to fight. I love these animals and I wish desperately that we could always interact safely with them? But I think that's a hard thing to do.

  12. I consider myself lucky to see this on video…in person it be a blessing..all animal life is extraordinary..sometimes savage but still..at least animals do it to eat

  13. That is God Creation. Waoooo. We should learn from this and start love each person no matter race o colors

  14. Baby whale : "Ma, they are so cute!. Can we keep them?".
    Mama Whale :" no dear, 2 legged best be free in their habitat"

  15. It's best not to be friendly to wild animals. They might then think all humans are friendly, which is highly untrue for them. The wrong belief may make them trust hunters/poachers and eventually they will end up risking their very self, life.

  16. F- that !!! Talk about playing with your food !!! One little bump and you become a whale snack .😆😆😆

  17. I would luv to do something like that, but I have no idea where to go. I live in Virginia Beach, Va. If anyone can help on where I could go and try this, I would appreciate it very much.

  18. Wow!! I remember the first time I saw whales….swam under the boat and along side. They were amazing and VERY big!! 👍🐋🐬

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