Good morning guys and welcome back to Vagabrothers. – Today we’re cool hunting in the Irish capital. It’s 2015 which is the year of Irish design so to kick things off we gonna go meet up with Michael from Le Cool Dublin to do a walking tour of the city’s creative porter.Let’s hit it! Hey man! Marko. Good to see you. How do you get along? Nice to meet you. Welcome to Dublin. So we gonna mosey around at some of the creative quarter, bump into few interesting characters. Look at the scene, look at the coffee scene, look at the creative scene, look at the design scene of the city. And get a flavor for what is going down in Dublin at the moment. Let’s do it! Sounds fun. Maybe some coffee to start it off? I’m Chris Keegan and I’m the owner of Kaph speciality coffee shop and we are on Drury street in the great quarter in Dublin. Lots of independent ateliers, artisans shops, recording studios, music stores All within 3 streets of this. 10 years ago this was really the back water of the street. Very little going on. Come up from the last 5 years as the area for this sort of business in Dublin. Tourists wander down here, but not in their droves there’s no tour buses, no nothing. You have to kind of find us and that’s the way we like it. So good. Flat white gotta love it. America get on the flat white, what’s your problem? Mocha frappucino latte. This is true. With pumpkin spices. Hey the pumpkin spices take it easy man. It’s fall right now. Pumpkin spices is happening. Well we are properly caffeinated and we’re heading across the street to the aptly named Irish Design Shop Hello – Nice to meet you – Hello I’m Marko nice to meet you – Laura How do you guys got the idea to start this place? We are jewelers. We were trying to sell our own things. They were no other venue for us to sell in so we decided to set it up ourselves Here is your shaving soap made from cedar wood and seaweed Ooooh, we’ve been on a seaweed tip lately haven’t we? I know and I’m kind of in need of a shave. I’m going for this 8 o’clock shadow. It comes in a nice little box. Who it is again? Hello Jane! These are awesome. I love these. If you are into bow ties you might want to check these out. Hand woven silk bow ties. Class! We’re gonna head down into Temple bar. Head down towards Indigo and Cloth. So many cool brands in here guys, I love it. And I’ve never heard of any of them. Very cool place. We’re gonna go meet with Garrett who is the owner and founder of Indigo & Cloth and learn a little more of what they’re doing. My name Garrett Pitcher and this is Indigo & Cloth. I run Dyflin which is the old Norse name for Dublin. And we are trying to capture that kind of scandinavian influence of the vikings who originally effectively founded Dublin And with Irish provenance so we work with a lot of Irish manufactures. Designers as well, very collaborative. It’s pretty cool, I like it Thank you so much for everything. See ya bye bye. Take it easy. Step in back on the streets of Dublin with some new style. Now we’re gonna go to Dublin castle where they is an exhibition on the year of Irish design. ID 2015. So we’ve just arrived at Dublin Castle. We’re here to see the ID 2015 exhibition called Fresh talent. And to meet a guy named Alex Milton who is kind of the dude behind this whole amazing project. Let’s go say hello. Hi, nice to meet you.Alex,Hi lovely to meet you. I’m Alex as well. Here is another Alex. I’m also Alex. Triple Alex. Best name ever. Ok well this exhibition is called Fresh Talent and it shows some of the best emergent talent from across Ireland in a whole range of disciplines. And it’s one of the interesting things about Irish design it is not bound by disciplines. Ireland is really famous, I suppose, for telling stories. A lot of the products, the objects here, tell really compelling stories about Ireland but also how Ireland connects to the world. So let’s have a look. Well I will be completely honest fashion and design is not something I know too much about but I definitely appreciated artwork and artistic creations. And it’s really cool to see how many different mediums Irish designers are using. Things like dress designers, fashion, ceramics, jewellery, furniture. This younger generations that’s drawing on older traditions to find something that’s uniquely Irish within our global world. So just seeing all these different styles emerging and fusing modern and traditional local global styles it’s really cool. There is actually an app called Design Ireland. We’re gonna go to a place called Fumbally who is apparently a creative hub get some lunch and then continue our exploration of Dublin. What do we have here? We’ve got a mexican pozole and then just a daily seasonal salad plate. We are a lot farther from Mexico than back home at San Diego but this is good. We’ve just finish up a nice little lunch piled in a car driving outside of Dublin to a place called Makers & Brothers. Makers & Brothers is bringing together a lot of the Irish design scene in one place. I think they have 60% of their stuff comes from 40 Irish designers. Most of this stuff sold online but we’re going to “The Shed” which is a physical space available by appointment only. So we are at where it says it is. This is it. They must have some kind of Harry Potter invisibility charm. I guess this is what an online store looks like. Well this ball just bounced out from this fence and we’re gonna follow it to see where it leads. I think we found it. Ohh you just want to play don’t you? Hello? Hey! Marko. Nice to meet you. Come on in My name is Jonathan Legge and we are in the shed of Makers & Brothers. Makers & Brothers is a project I started with my brother. Kind of felt there was a lot of interesting makers out there making really beautiful stuff around Ireland but nobody was really representing them in a way we thought they could be represented particularly online. The recession produced a different way of people thinking. People were looking for a different place of life, looking for a bit more meaning and depth in what they surrounded themselves with. Which I think is important for us at Makers and Brothers that we want to sell objects that can kind bring that meaning and depth to the domestic environment. The origin of everything we stock is really important to us, to know where it’s from. It think of all the things we’ve found today I’m really really impressed with all this Irish tweed How like these bow ties here are from the Aran Islands And the way they are able to like take something super traditional and make it into something cool again. I think that’s really impressive. These bow ties are calling my name, they really are. So right now we are with Brendan Joseph, he hand weaves super cool bow ties, scarves and shawls. And we’re gonna get a little bit of insight into what he does. It’s styling, it’s super comfy. Yeah it kind of matches the shirt. So a lot of guys will literally take your bow tie out of its box and unclip it at the back and reclip it time in time out So I wanted to get a reward if they learned how to tie it or they already know. So when you untie your tie and put it on your neck and retie it you don’t just have one tie you have choice of 3. Can you show me how to tie a tie? Yeah I will. You nearly there keep it. Ha haaa Now it is actually a perfectly tied bow. Couldn’t quite poor the Guinness yesterday but bow tie is on point. You’ve got a new bow tie. Hey i actually tried to tie one and Mr. Brendon Joseph was kind enough to give me a little gift here. So if you see me wear that bow tie in the future you’ll know where it came from. I’ve got the bow tie I’ve got the rain breaker and now I’m gonna look for the final element which is the tweed jacket. This time I’m going classic not trendy going for the traditional Irish tweed. The place I’m going is closed but the man has agreed to keep it open half an hour extra late for us. Hi I spoke on the phone with you. How is it going, i’m Marko nice to meet you. Ok cool, nice. We have your Irish tweeds, made in Donegal. Some of them will be hand-woven, some of them will be done on machines. Well as we learned this week at the Tweed Project, Donegal tweed is the tweed of Ireland, it’s the good stuff How’s that look? Looks good? Yeah. Well at the end I went for it We’ve been travelling, filming non-stop for two and half months I’ve not got a souvenir so after seeing this beautiful country I knew I wanted something, a gift that would last a lifetime for myself. Make an investment on some tweed and hopefully when I’m like an old man, my cane, still rocking that Donegal tweed. Thank you so much.You’re welcome. Have a good day. And you. Alright guys, that was a great way to end a really incredible week here in Ireland. Seeing all of the creative talents in this country specifically here in the city So..I think. Not to mention your new tweed. Yeah, we got styled out, some amazing souvenir when we’ll be back home. Definitely but guys we’re curious to hear what your favorite moment was from the trip. I mean I’m not gonna lie this was amazing for us we got right off the plane…surfing and then heading down the wild atlantic way check out Galway, the Aran islands all the way down to Cork. The food oh my god! I’m still stuffed from that day in Cork. But yeah guys if you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed the series make sure you give it a thumb up! Share the series with your friends and subscribe to Vagabrothers if you haven’t already. And don’t forget if you haven’t seen the other episodes there are links in the description box so go them out as well and in the meantime stay curious keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace!


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