Dublin tourist attractions | Destinations/places to visit outside Dublin Ireland

Dublin tourist attractions | Destinations/places to visit outside Dublin Ireland

On this episode of Traveling with Krushworth Sit with me by the River Liffey Then stop off for a pint in one of Dublin’s
hundreds of pubs Before setting off into the city’s
medieval heart. Impressive Dublin Castle looms high over the core. Once the seat of England’s power in Ireland
until 1922 History shows that a castle has been on this
spot since the 12th century. Live it up in Temple Bar district A place of artistic culture during the day
and a party scene by night. A visit to the city is not completed without
taking in the atmosphere on game night. Oh hi, welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth This year I’m in Ireland and I’m currently
in Dublin I can’t wait to show you more of this amazing city But first, I’m going to spend some time
in this quaint park I found Built in 1592, Dublin’s Trinity College
is one of seven ancient universities in Britain and Ireland. Stroll the grounds, knowing that thousands
have trod there before over the centuries. Today, the Old Library houses 200,000 of the
site’s oldest books. One in particular, the 9th century illuminated
manuscript The Book of Kells beckons to people from around
the world. Originally constructed north of the River Liffey During the late 11th century to serve an ostracized
Viking population The current St. Michan’s church survives
from the late 17th century. Climb down into the darkness of the centuries
old stone crypts And learn the church’s eerie secret. Constant temperatures, rising methane gas And limestone walls have preserved the bodies
lying in the open air Those that are between 400 and 800 years old. I’m going on an adventure to Brendan’s cafe. It’s one of the most talked about breakfast
spots in town. I can’t wait, but I’ll show you my adventure
along the way. See you later. If you couldn’t tell, I found my breakfast spot. It’s absolutely wonderful and I can’t
wait for my food. The National Museum of Ireland holds some
of the nation’s greatest archeological treasures Including the Broighter gold hoard, one of
the finest examples of Iron age Celtic goldsmithing. A fascinating exhibit, Kingship and Sacrifice,
takes travellers back thousands of years Theoretic research connects the notion of
early royalty, sovereignty and human sacrifice. Be face-to-face with our ancestors, the Celts
who were killed and ritually sunk into bogs. Located in the region that is the Boyne River Valley The Hill of Tara is the ancient ceremonial
seat of the Celtic High Kings of Ireland Who ruled hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. One hundred and forty two kings were crowned
at the Stone of Destiny Each one hoping for lightning and thunder
to signify their right to prehistoric kingship. The feasting halls and triumphal processions
have long since returned to the Earth But a sense of mystery, and heritage echoes Through the landscape while one walks the
earthen ramparts. After defying the Druids in the early fifth
century with his easter bonfire St. Patrick preached Christianity to the High
King at the Hill of Tara. You caught me at the Neolithic site of Newgrange
here in Ireland. It’s a UNESCO heritage site built 5,000
years ago Almost 500 years older than the pyramids of Giza. It was built back around the time of 3,200 BCE I’ll show you more as I’m walking around. Bow your head as you enter the low passage And make your way back through the centuries To the ancient chamber inside. It’s here where the ashes of Neolithic people
were kept. These ancient engineers built the inner sanctum To be illuminated by the first light of the
Winter Solstice. Stone on stone, without mortar, the tomb is
one of Earth’s archeological wonders. To follow me to Portmagee and Skellig Michael,
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