100 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson Travels with a 45,000-Pound Gym

  1. Nobody going to talk about how he takes all his gym equipment with him and HOW INSANELY HARD THAT WOULD BE TO ACCOMPLISH! He must of hired the boulder.

  2. All these liberals worried about the climate while all their hero liberals are using 50 billion times more carbon than the average person. Hilarious.

  3. For all the millions paid to talk show hosts, can't they get a talent somewhat close to Bryan Cranston? I'd watch a show like this with a host that has natural charm rather than the sniveling monologues and forced chemistry celebrity butt-kissing of James Corden.

  4. Jack Black doesn't mind being an out of shape fat-ass, good for him, but at least he could try to have some composure. Dwayne Johnson isn't sitting there all sprawled out, even though he could pull it off and look great. No. He's humble and polite. That's courteous and respectful.

  5. Altho I like Jack Black, he really needs to find a different position to sit it. Obesity isnt something to be 'proud of' You can be proud of your body but not if its unhealthy. just sayin

  6. Meanwhile all the social justice warriors are guilting us peasant's for driving to the grocery store. What a joke

  7. So glad "the Rock " is comfortable, but I guess he's doesn't care much about what impact transporting all thous pounds off equipment has on the environment. Couldn't he just rent an entire fitness center wherever hes at instead?

  8. So here's a guy that says he's proud of his Samoan heritage. Samoa is threatened by increasing sea levels due to global warming. Dwane travels around with tons of equipment because he likes to train on his own, so his carbon footprint is massive. Logically, he doesn't give a shit about Samoa.

  9. Y’all say commute to work and drive electric while people like the rock takes 4 18 wheelers to bring his gym equipment because he doesn’t want to work out at a public gym.

  10. I like jack black but the way hes slouched here with his gut out repulses me. Have some respect man. Please dont become a sleezy and obnoxious James corden

  11. if jack black was a girl and they were making those comments, it'd be in the news and all the talk shows for months, there'd be a new movement for fat shaming etc

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