E- Tour Budapest Hungary ?? – Turn the city into a playground | Day 3

[Music] so guys day number three here in Budapest and what is not the most best thing to do and discover Budapest is discovery Buda bus piety by let’s go [Music] we add the hero square right now one of the most important places in tourist attraction here in Budapest when the monument was originally constructed Hungary was a part of the austro-hungarian Empire on the right colonnade and on the left colonnade you have many sculptures about the Kings who govern it Hungary that time [Music] and now we arrive in one of the other attractions here in Budapest it’s the budapest muggier museum castle and actually there’s some kind of festival here we can eat traditional Hungarian food here some traditional folklore music enjoy your time here [Music] whadya who at castle sorry when i pronounced it wrong is a castle in the city park of budapest hungary it was built in 1896 as a part of the millennia exhibition which celebrate the 1,000 years of hungary since the hungarian comcast of the caribbean basin in 895 the castle was designed by Enoch ALPA to feature copies of several landmark buildings from different parts of the kingdom of Hungary as the castle contains part of the buildings from various time periods it displayed different architectural styles for monastic gothic Renaissance and Baroque style originally it was made from cardboard and woods but it became so popular that it was rebuilt from the stone and brick between 1904 and 1908 today it housed the Museum of Hungary agriculture the biggest agricultural museum in Europe [Music] [Music] after writing a little bit we arrived here at the Hungarian Parliament here behind me the parliaments construction from the winning plant started in 1885 and the building was inaugurated on the 1000 anniversary of the country in 1896 and completed in 1904 about 100 thousand people were involved in the construction during which 40 million bricks a half million precious stones and 40 kilograms of gold were used [Music]

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