Easiest chair you can make in about an hour. Great for camping! | MERE MINI

Easiest chair you can make in about an hour. Great for camping! | MERE MINI

I’m gluing together half-inch plywood to make
one inch thick boards. I’m going to make the seat one third of the
way up. And I’ll make that cutout the same thickness
as this board. Now I can mark out where this long tenon goes. This is the part I’ll cut away on the band
saw. And that’s all there is to the two-board Viking
Chair. It’s super-simple to make and You can build this in about an hour. Here are the dimensions I used, but you can adjust them however you like.

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  1. I was so scared when I saw your hand rocketing toward the bandsaw.  It didn't occur to me until after that the video was sped up there, haha. 🙂

  2. My uncle who is interested in the Civil War made one. He said they used similar chairs in camps. He made his out of 2x12s.

  3. Really like this and pretty colors too!  I wonder what the weight limit is…I would need three boards glued together.  lol

  4. I thought it was going to snap off when you went to sit down and you'd go flying all the way back.  That would have been funny.  You should have made one with a cut in it so you could make that happen as a joke 🙂

  5. We called these bucky chairs.  Mine are out of 2×6 and I'd prefer 2×12, oiled or urethaned, and a sheepskin tossed over it.  Perfect at an outing.

  6. hi, i have a problem, i like draw but i don't have a table for that.
    you can make a video on how to make a table to draw?

  7. A perfect chair for those times when you have more people over than you have seats for.  Easy storage.  Super little project Steve, and I love the color's. Can you say scrap plywood? 

  8. Whilst reading all these awesome comments, I noticed something. What happened to proper punctuation in the popular English language. I mean, many times people will be writing about something then suddenly change subject without leaving a comma.

  9. Great idea Steve, I noticed you sat down rather gingerly, I have a feeling I might end up on my back, amongst a pile of matchwood!

  10. If you make the small cuts on your bandsaw first, then the long cuts, you don't have to drag the board so far back with the blade inside the cut. 🙂

  11. Kool…  thanks…   I saw one of these on an  Astronomy-campingTrip about 25 years ago.  I made one with a 2×10  plank.  I taylored it to have a tall back, I am a tall guy
    and wanted to support my head as I used my  larger  binoculars to view the nite skies.   'Clear Skies'…

  12. Whoa I just made a miter saw station in those exact same colors!  Awesome!  Then I realized it looked like an homage to the Denver Nuggets, which is not as awesome.

  13. Warning! Making this chair might make you prone to invading Ireland and stealing the treasure of Christian monks. 

  14. I am thinking a little through inlay work on the top layer of of plywood? And an open scroll sawed border. Anybody feeling me here? Potential full length video? No? Well anyway … a friend of mine has a chair like this, it held me up though the last Superbowl at 245lbs.

  15. This is awesome! I'm totally gonna make one of these. But just like Steve Carmichael mentioned, I might have to make mine a little bit thicker.

  16. Seeing this two-board seat reminds me of an idea for a series.  Five-board benches are a popular pattern to make these days.  I've got a pattern from an older magazine for a four-board version.  I made one in high school shop class that was a seven-board bench and could easily be altered to a six-board version.  I have an idea for a three-board bench with two-by stock and massive dovetails.  Then there is this two-board seat.  I suppose a single log would finish off the series.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-board seating.  

  17. You know that first long cut on the band saw? If you make the short cut first, you won't have to pull the wood all that way back out from the blade after the long cut. Just sayin'….

  18. You are fired from my shop for not making the short bandsaw cuts first, and pulling backwards on the bandsaw blade through such a ridiculous kerf.

  19. You need to cut notches for leggs…All ground (Lawn or camping) is rough and need legs to be more stable !!

  20. lovely job there Steve but you got the angle wrong where they slot into each other, its not a 90 but more of a 75 degree cut using the jigsaw, keep up the good work

  21. It is actually an african birth chair.;-) But they are really comfortable espescialy in bigger dimensions. Great project Steve!

  22. As a Norseman that goes Viking (Viking is a verb!), there's nothing Norse or Viking about this chair. 😉 It's a boy scout design I believe.

  23. I see almost all of your videos and I think I can do this project! 
    I'm 90kg, think I need some reinforcement in the structure?

  24. Use the pieces you cut off as cleats on the back to hold the two parts together for carrying and storage

  25. Plus if you are dismantling something from outdoors, (say an outdoor wooden swing set)  With just a drill driver, you probably won't be able to dismantle it if it's been outside more than a couple of years.  with the impact driver, you will probably succeed.

  26. First project I've made ( as I am new to woodworking) it's bigger than yours but thinner plywood took me 23 mins without paint

  27. I love your crazy California colors that you paint everything, but I have to ask, do you order those colors, or just buy off the "oops" rack?

  28. Great Chair! I will be making one of those in a few minutes.Just wondering what the weight limit on this chair is. Will it hold  BUBBA?

  29. Eres una maquina !!! Ojala tuviera sitio y todas esas herramientas para hacer todo lo que haces !!! Sigue así un saludo desde España !!

  30. It's also called a Bog Chair. The seat is referred to as "the Spoon". Examples have been found in Scandinavian countries as well as Ireland and Scotland in varying sizes and degrees of decoration. If you're curious, Google Image Bog Chair to see the many ways this simple seat can be customized.

  31. This would be perfect for playing guitar. Most chairs have arms that get in the way. I need one of these for my deck. Thanks Steve!

  32. That's a very simple and interesting version of the chair most house framers make from pieces of 2×12.

  33. hey Steve ur videos r just great n simple to follow …. I am niks from india n a regular viewer of almost all your videos …. thanks for such great videos… hope to see more n more from u always… God bless tc

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