East Coast Beach Camping – RV & tent camping on or near the beach

East Coast Beach Camping – RV & tent camping on or near the beach

Today we’re looking at beach camping on
the eastern shores of the United States. How’s it going, welcome to the Campendium YouTube Channel where it’s our hope and our goal to provide you with the the
motivation and the resources to get out there and camp. So if you haven’t already,
please hit that subscribe button because today, we’re talking about beach camping
on the eastern side of the United States. Now on the Campendium website we have a great article with tons of information about beach camping so I’m gonna put a
link in the description for that but there is three things I want to cover
with you today. Number one being safety. You want to be aware of the situation
that you’re you’re going into, so I like to download a tide app, like a tide chart
is what it gives you and it’ll show you what the high tide and the low tide is
gonna be. You want to be aware of what those levels are going to be. And then
also weather, weather it is going to be key, because bad weather can mean a lot
of bad things when you combine the bad weather with high seas, it can be
disastrous. So know your information, know your tides, know your weather and even
check with maybe some of the officials there at the park or Park Rangers to see
if there’s any cause or concern with the the weather and the tides that are
coming for where you are camped. The second and third thing I want to go over
is if you’re actually going to be camping on the sand there’s some great
locations where you can camp on the sand, but you want to be prepared for that. So
a few things you can do is you want to scout it out before you drive on the
sand to see how firm it is, to see if it’s safe to drive on that sand. If
you’re if you determine that it is safe to drive on it, you can air down your
tires so you can gain more traction not sink in the sand as easily, but if you do
that you want to make sure that you have an air compressor to be able to air your
tires back up after you leave the beach. It’s also a good idea to have a shovel,
tow strap and all that good stuff. So now that you have those tips down, let’s dive
into some of these amazing locations. So we’re gonna start on the eastern side of
the States for this video and we’re gonna start up in Maine. First on the
list is Cobscook Bay State Park. This place looks beautiful.
Along with Schoodic Woods Campground. CamperManDan said “This is a keeper! Spectacular! This was our first time visiting this park and Boy what a gem. The sites were huge and fairly level. Quiet and easy access and location was great for visiting the area. It’s a 10-10-10 park.” Moving on to Winslow Park and Campground, Linda says “We arrived at this amazing park without reservations and were met with gracious
smiles and a warm welcome before being given our filtered sun site number 76.
This park is absolutely gorgeous with spacious sites.” Let’s move on to Lobster
Buoy Campsite where Tomp says “Off the beaten track and the real Maine and the
center of what Maine was 50 years ago.” Searsport Shores campground looks
amazing and Island Girl Walkabout said “This was one of our all-time favorite
campgrounds. The location is lovely. As with many privately owned campgrounds it reflects pride of ownership. Our campsite was one of the prime spots on the water
overlooking a fantastic tidal pool area.” Moving down the coastline to
Massachusetts is Race Point Beach camping. Tiger nomads shared these picks and said this camping is literally on the beach, feet from the ocean. The permit costs $75 for seven nights of camping. Not a bad deal for being right on the
sand. It looks like New York has a couple of great options for beach camping.
Montauk County Park where you can drive on the beach and Shinnecock East County
Park. Now in Virginia, we have First Landing State Park. Watson’s Wander say
“We spend a week here enjoying our site. Long walks on the beach and some great
hiking and biking trails.” Now let’s dive into some Carolinas. Now North Carolina
has some great options. Flanners Beach Campground looks amazing
along with Cape Lookout National Seashore. We had a comment from DoggoneRV about Carolina Beach State Park “Did I just dream this trip? This campground was a dream, the sites are huge, treed and fairly level compared to other
campgrounds I have stayed at.” In South Carolina we have a Edisto Beach State
Park MB says “If you like all the commercial atmosphere like Myrtle Beach this is not for you, but if you like to just relax listen to the waves and pick up shells this is your spot.”
Moving on to Florida they obviously have some amazing beach camping. There’s
Peter’s Point Beachfront Park, Fort Clinch State Park, Margaret said “Great
beach camping. This was our second time here and it was just as wonderful as the
first. The facilities are immaculate and the beach is quite beautiful.
Then there’s Anastasia State Park. bbvanlife gave it five stars and said “We
were lucky to snag a site here for two nights.” And one of the last sites we want
to share with you today is Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreational Area. People
say it’s a beautiful beach site “one of our favorite spots ever” and “glorious
beachfront camping” well I hope this list gave you some ideas and some motivation
to get out there and camp if you’re on the eastern side of the United States I
know for for me and my family we’re dying to get to that side of the United
States and check out some of these amazing locations. So as always we want
to remind you to hit that subscribe button, to keep exploring and to travel
safe. We will see you next time.

18 thoughts on “East Coast Beach Camping – RV & tent camping on or near the beach

  1. Loved the video and recommendations. We live in Georgia so have easy access to some of these. We once had reservations (for the month of January) for Anastasia State Park & Gamble Rogers Rec Area. Unfortunately, Yoly had an unexpected required surgery and we had to cancel. Both of those places require reservations at least 6 (or more) months in advance for any of the winter months.

  2. You skipped all the beach camping in Maryland and Delaware.. top one asseateague island. Both state pRk and national seashore. Which is on the beach with three hundred wild ponies. Truly the best beach camping in the USA esp on the east coast. 20 mins from ocean city, md. There is also cape henelopen in de. And janes island in maryland.

  3. Some of these parks are limited to county or state residents. Read their respective web sites for the details.

  4. Nice info! I’m a res of Va and the East Coast and have been all my life…I didn’t even know I could camp on the beach ..and I’m dying to get to the west coast to see Arizona and be a snowbird with RTR…tfs, just Found your channel and I subbed…happy trails ???

  5. Cape Henlopen state park and Delaware Seashore State park both great beach camping in Delaware. Assateague Island state park Maryland

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