Eat New Orleans – 5 Foods You Have to Eat in New Orleans

Eat New Orleans – 5 Foods You Have to Eat in New Orleans

Hey there fellow travelers mark here with Walters world today We’re in New Orleans, Louisiana here in Jackson Square and today what we have for you are five things you should eat when you come here to New Orleans And the thing is there’s a lot more than five things to eat when you come here And I might stretch a little bit on my five things, but the thing is when you travel You don’t always have time to eat the 100 things you have to eat in New Orleans So I want to give you are the five things you should really focus on when you come here so you make sure you have those you can enjoy some of the fantastic food and Drinking that there is here in New Orleans and the first thing you want to do is hey It’s the morning you want to have something sweet and tasty to start off with the first thing you have and the super touristy thing To have but it’s so good. You don’t care our beignets. Beignets are basically French doughnuts. It’s a puff doughnut You know dough thrown in the fryer fried up nice and greasy all hot it comes out drenched in powdered sugar And right over there. It’s Cafe Du Monde. That’s where you want to go to have it yes There’s lines to get in and yes, it is touristy, but dang it They’re so good. The other thing is beignets. You can get them all over the city It’s not a problem your hotel if they have a breakfast they might have them there, too But Cafe Du Monde go in there and have your cafe au lait and your beignet That’s like a quintessential thing you have to do when you are here, so it’s a tourist thing and a tasty thing That’s why it’s our first thing to have here the second thing to eat when you come to New Orleans is have the seafood Specifically I say have the oysters the chargrilled oysters. Oh my god, if their oysters You know would open grilled on the on on a grill. There’s like a little parmesan little crust on top with some garlic butter. Oh my god. It is so good, but it’s not just the oysters I mean you want to oysters on a half shell or the grilled ones whatever. There’s tough fried oysters There’s always use moisturizers, okay I’m gonna get I need to step back and let you know there’s more than always to sort of come to seafood Okay You might wanna have crab or the gulf fish that you can get out here is really fantastic and the thing is since you have the Gulf right there in the river you have all kinds of catfish you have all kinds of really good seafood and river food I guess you’d say that comes in here, and it kind of integrates into a lot of the dishes And that’s why the third thing I want to say to have for you is have a cup before you eat What I’m talking about is have a cup of soup Or a side dish cup of something before you have your main meal and the four main cups I want to talk about they should have really can be eaten as a meal or as a cup I usually get the cup to start off with so that I could have some more seafood or something else as a main dish But anyway the four ones you should try one there’s gumbo seafood gumbo Oh, it’s a it’s it’s a stew some rice in the bottom. Oh my god. It’s so good You have a similar thing etouffee which is also another stew it you can have when I get at etouffee I recommend getting the crawfish Etouffee that’s the way to get it That’s that’s the best kind then you have jambalaya And jambalaya is like a spicy Spanish rice kind of thing have you ever been to Spain it kind of? Reminds of a paia kind of thing you’ll have that maybe with some sausage in andouille sausage. Oh my god It’s so good You have that also then there’s the other Southern tradition of red beans and rice Any of those four have that cup you will be happy. You’re welcome here. I would say gumbo is usually my favorite the Natsu Pha like a side if you’re gonna go for a whole meal I usually like the etouffee as a whole meal Versus a cup for that way if you were looking at that kind of thing alright now The next thing you won’t eat when you do come here is have a po-boy a po-boy is just a sandwich It’s like a submarine sandwich, but here when you have a po-boy I recommend getting the oyster po’boy Which is fried oysters on a baguette sandwich with salad and tomatoes and stuff and especially you know like sauce on it Oh my god It’s so good, but the thing is when you go around the US and you have a po-boy it has a certain connotation It’s like a spicy mayonnaise, and it usually has to be like fried catfish or fried oysters Or fried shrimp in it here in New Orleans a po-boy is any kind of sandwich like sub sandwich So what I say is if you’re getting tired of having the fried oysters and shrimp And all these kind of things be like look I would have a sandwich that Doesn’t have that in there go to mothers and have their special there because it’s got ham And then it’s got roast beef they put it on there with the azu on the bottom of it. Oh my god It’s so good You want to have one of those things? But have a pole boy um or if you want a different sandwich if you’re down here And you look at the line at Cafe Du Monde And it scares you walk farther down to the central grocery you can go there and have muffuletta which is It’s an Italian cut is a bunch of Italian cold cuts with an olive paste on top have that easy to go Sandwich to take they have them already ready walk in take it go enjoy Jackson Square Or go to the riverfront and take a yoga the streetcar somewhere It is one of those things you can have the fifth thing I’ve got to say you have to have when you do come here isn’t of food. It’s a drink You have to have a hurricane when you’re here look a hurricane is a super sweet rum drink, and it is very strong Okay, I’ve run into a bunch of Tours here like man They gave me this red drink But who I think it was too much for me look it can be hurricanes are super super strong But you’re gonna have one go to Pat O’Brien’s yes It’s a touristy place because they invented it, but actually they have a nice bar there that the bartender’s are quite knowledgeable They’d other stuff there too, but have a hurricane okay That’s the one drink you should have now I will give you a bonus here Cuz if you’re not into you know drinking and stuff like that because you don’t have to just drink here It’s not just French corridor Mardi Gras time all the time here at New Orleans. Okay, so if you’re looking for a sweet tooth I’ll give you a little dessert here. I guess our sixth thing I have is have something sweet, and that would be Bananas Foster, okay? Well you see what it is you have the bananas and then they? flambe them with it with the sauce of the caramelized sauce and they Flame it up with you know with the alcohol and stuff like that with a little ice cream on it. It’s fantastic Another thing is bread pudding this very popular down here too. So that might be a little dessert for you anyway I know you don’t have a lot of time here in New Orleans cuz you want to go and have some drinks and have some fun and eat eat eat eat eat Look don’t come here on a diet because these five things you can have that in one sitting and you have that every meal you Can put on I’ve moved a few loops in my and my belt I’ve been here ok, so enjoy that have a great time here in New Orleans if you want to learn more We’ve got a video on 5 things you love and hate about coming in New Orleans We’ve got the don’ts have come to New Orleans you notice. I keep saying New Orleans because that’s how you say it It’s not knowledge. It’s not New Orleans. It’s New Orleans ok we have all done on our website at Walters, WorldCom Also, if you check on our YouTube channel you can find it there, too Anyway, we have a great time here in New Orleans I’ll see you later and have a tasty tasty meal because you will here in New Orleans Probably the best place to eat in the world not just in the US but in the world the food is fantastic Bye

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  1. I've actually had Bananas Foster before, at my college. I'd like to try an oyster sandwich. I love seafood, but my boyfriend hates it. Anything from the sea he absolutely hates, so he'd probably like those ham sandwiches.

  2. I just came back from New Orleans last night after spending 3 days there. I highly recommend commend Dr Gumbo Food and Cocktail Tour . You get to sample food like gumbo, alligator boudin, crawfish beignets and many more plus you get to drink 4 full sized cocktails like the daiquiri
    , The French 72, The Hurricane and the Sazerac. It's a four hour walking tour but it's worth it.

  3. I’d say do Cafe Du Monde for the touristy thing and then go to Cafe Beignet for the really tasty beignets. Du Monde’s were hard but the ones from Beignet were so tasty.

  4. Was going to visit, but after reading the comments and seeing just how rude the natives are with non-locals, how anal they are about the pronunciation of FOOD PRODUCTS, and how dangerous others are saying it is for tourists, it's probably best we keep going and don't stop to eat! Geesh!

  5. Where is the place for grilled oysters? I don't eat them but those looked delicious and I want to try when I visit in two weeks!

  6. I'm a Mississippi gulf coast native and am an hour from Nola. I can get the same food here without the crowds and crime.

  7. Word of warning, when you're ordering benegets, prepare yourself for a lot of powdered sugar, it's not optitional. I once asked for light powdered sugar at cafe du monde, and i got laughed at by the lady working

  8. Best eatery, one of them anyway…I went to was recommended by a local I no who lives there. It’s on Decater my spelling might be wrong but it’s a reasonably priced eatery an the food was so good an they have a variety of dishes and salads and soups and platters an po boys muffuletta etc.. we ate there like 4 times and I go there to eat when I visit.. it’s MsSparrows. My spelling might be off so here it is phonetic spelled.. miss-sparrows.. it’s a family eatery and it really is reasonable prices an good fresh food.. I highly recommend it ..

  9. As a born and bred “New Orleanean”, I’ll give this video thumbs up. Only issue I have is with Cafe Du Monde. It’s not what it used to be. A complete and utter tourist trap. Us locals leave that trash for the tourists. Lol. There are better places for beignets just a few blocks away.

  10. I Was very disappointed you did not talk about our king cakes.. You can get him year round.. My favorites are Haydel's Bakery.. Randazzo Bakery.. And they come in many different flavors fillings… I'm glad you showed Our original pecan purlins

  11. I went to NOLA last April. Had a po’ boy, gumbo, etouffee, chargrilled oysters, the beignets from cafe du monde, and a few more meals. Was really anxious to try it all and enjoy it there. I loved it! I’m dying to go back again and do it all over again! And a place I recommend on canal street, “we dats chicken and shrimp” delicious! And if you drink and love beer, huge ass beers?
    I live in central Florida and there’s a New Orleans style dish restaurant called “Harry’s” is actually really good! They have Oreo stuffed beignets lol sounds bizarre but they are so good! Must be very hard for NOLA natives to stay on diets lol I could never

  12. We live in SE Texas just past the Texas Louisiana border. We have a lot of cajun food in our area that can rival just about anything you can eat in New Orleans. In fact, I make a great seafood gumbo and chicken and sausage gumbo. Last year when were in New Orleans for my son’s wedding I was actually disappointed with the food. I felt like I was eating mediocre Cajun food that you can get from some of the mediocre restaurants in our area. Of course, if you don’t know what really good Cajun food tastes like everything you eat over there is magnificent.

  13. Surprise you didn’t recommend trying the NOLA signature cocktail.. the sazerac. Also a visit to the carousel bar at hotel monteleone

  14. Po-boys are made specifically on authentic French bread. The bread is crispy yet very light and airy. And traditionally it comes with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

  15. A few things. 1 the food is very rich if you are not use to eating like that it will upset your system. 2 start with the muffaletta 3 Have the blackened fish, done right it is not salty or overly spicy.

  16. The chargrilled oysters are the best in the world! Had them for the first time in December and I'm craving them ever since. There's nothing like them. Even my seafood hater husband liked them. They are the bomb!

  17. Yall better get with someone local in a hurry if you wanna save $$$ & get quality plus quantity…"Po-Boys" ain't real unless you get overstuffed ones…meaning when you unwrap it meat falls all out the sides enough to dam near make another sandwich…please venture out the quarters…lol

  18. I'm on Keto but I'll probably cheat big time during Mardi Gras this year. I can't beleive anyone would go to New Orleans and not have fried chicken, especially if you plan on eating red beans & rice. It just goes together like Jazz & New Orleans

  19. Great list! Only thing I would change- mothers is overrated. Best po-boys ever are at Verti Marte on the corner of Royal and Gov. Nichols. They had a fire and closed down for a couple of years, but they were re-opened when I was there in Jan. 2018. Nothing fancy, just a to-go deli counter, but no kidding, one $6 po-boy (and the selections are numerous) will feed 2 people. Ask for it dressed (all the fixins), get some Abita to wash it down with, walk back down to Decatur st, find a picnic bench in the French market, and pig out!

  20. What to eat in New Orleans? This video should have taken thirty seconds. The answer is EVERYTHING. haha (I'm going next week….again)

  21. Get your hurricane and go sit in the piano bar at Pat O Briens!! The Piano Bar is a great place to take a seat and relax, it’s so much fun!!

  22. Being a Louisiana native, I can confirm that we do have great food here! Your top food suggestions are spot-on and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you talk about them. Lol! Great tips!

  23. Next time you're in NOLA, try Angelo Brocato's Ice Cream & Confectionary on N. Carrollton Ave. just on the lake side of Canal Street in Mid-City, their Italian ice cream and cannolis are fantastic!

  24. Pro Nola native tip: Do a little research into best local food places. Thats where you find best food treasures! Oh and the sandwich is pronounced (Mu-Fa-Lot-a)

  25. My family and I are going to New Orleans in October and I have to say I am super excited about trying all this amazing looking good ?

  26. Chargrilled Oysters at Acme Oyster House, Debris Po Boy at Mother's and Muffaletta from the Central Grocery are the bomb!

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