Eating a Finnish picnic for dinner including Salmon, Rye bread and Beer in Kimito, Finland

Eating a Finnish picnic for dinner including Salmon, Rye bread and Beer in Kimito, Finland

Tonight for dinner we’ve decided to have a
simple Finnish meal – a do it yourself meal. We went to a Finnish grocery store and just
loaded up on a whole bunch of different goodies. We’re going to have a small little feast. I have really been enjoying eating lots of
black rye bread with salmon and dill on top. I think it is the best meal ever. I personally like to alternate between a hummus
spread and a cream cheese spread. Those are my two favorite spreads and salmon is my favorite
fish. This is just an amazing little snack meal. I’m going to miss this so much when I go back
to Thailand. When we were in Helsinki last week I tried
a pear cider. Now that we were in a supermarket, I noticed the same brand but with a pomegranate,
so that is what I’m drinking right now. It is so nice and fruity. I’m really thirsty.
She’s going to get drunk like a skunk. Hey. I’ve got some beer and I’m assuming it is
Finnish beer. I don’t really know. It could be Swedish or something else but I’m guessing
it is Finnish because of the Nen. I’ve noticed a lot of Finnish words and especially last
names end with that. Let’s assume it is Finnish beer. That’s good stuff. This is also really good. It is like a potato
salad. We’re too lazy to get our own plates, so we’re just eating right from the container. Having a do it yourself Finnish picnic is
a great way to save money while having a delicious meal. We’re just having our meal here on the porch
of the guesthouse that we’re staying at here. It’s got fantastic views. Check it out.

20 thoughts on “Eating a Finnish picnic for dinner including Salmon, Rye bread and Beer in Kimito, Finland

  1. It's some of the best I've ever had! I love how healthy it is as well; it's such a nice change from the bread I typically find in Asia.

  2. FAZER is really good! I've been eating Fazer chocolate almost every single day. We started in Helsinki and moved to Dalsbruk (a small town located in The Finnish Archipelago).

  3. you guessed correct with the beer, it's Finnish the -nen ending is a telltale feature. Used to be deminutive ending, meaning small version of the basic meaning. Now it's like -y or -ley in English, making adjectives. I'd use the -ley to give like old flavor to it. Sininen actually means.

  4. That beer you're drinking looks like maybe the most finnish beer ever because the can is blue and white (flag colours) also the name of the beer means blue, lastly the beer is described as domestic lager-beer. Good choice 🙂

  5. Actually you should put that potato salad on the salmon and bread, that beer is a LIGHT beer and a little bit too "watery" for finnish taste, but actually good beer 😉 that potato salad isn't necessary but next time, try to put some raw red onion rings and dill on the salmon 😉 it is the more traditional and tastes MUCH better 🙂

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