Ecoturismo en Canarias con GuiaNatura Ecotourism – presentación Coworking

🎼whistled language of La Gomera: Silbo Gomero🎼 At the end of this presentation, I will tell you what this message means more clearly. The logo you see at the top of the screen represents me. I am from Brittany, a Celtic country. For this reason the triskell in the center of the logo. With a master degree of local development, I worked with companies, administrations … … and after an experience in Africa for a NGO in Burkina Faso … … coming back, I decided to devote myself to the foundations of local development : … Conservation of the environment. That’s why I started to work like guardian in this magnificent ornithological reserve … … to preserve the only Dougall tern colony of France. It was a really nice experience. But, a bad experience, a sentimental rupture forced me to fly away … … like the bird I was protecting. I followed this bird in its migration by guiding me from the stars … I then arrived here in the Canary Islands. Arriving here, I did not imagine that I was going to fall in love of this very pleasant and magical land … … that are the volcanic Canary islands. Here, I found a wonderful and authentic culture … … and a unique nature. Sure, when I arrived, I was a little afraid … … I cried seeing this (urban tourist area). But I realized that it was not just that. Did you know that the average of tourists coming to the Canary Islands … … is more than a million people a month? Did you see them go by? Do you think there is a positive impact … … of this tourism, here on the local population? When these tourists arrive here in the Canaries, … … the offer they get is … … a massive offer. They are lost in this mass. But they want something else. They want a unique experience … … making sustainable tourism … … tourism experiences, in another way. But they do not find it. That is why I come today to present: GuiaNatura EcoTourism We work with official tourism guides. Our activity is legally declared as: Tourist intermediary We work with specialists in their field: Biologists, astronomers, geologists, etc. Ornithologists as well. We carry out practical workshops … … so that they can approach our culture … … in one way or another. And people like that kind of experience. They love it. That’s why they come back. And they ask us for new experiences. We do not have a packaged excursion. Simply put, we offer an “à la carte” product. That’s why our customers are willing to pay the price. This is also why they recommend us … … and come back with us. Here you can see two pictures: Below, a picture I took from La Gomera to Tenerife. And the other, of Felix. Felix, whom you see here, … … is a colleague, who has his own business. And here he is leading two American customers … … for GuiaNatura. What I mean is that … … we are in a so good relationship … … that we are giving work to each others. The objectives of GuiaNatura for the next few years: 1. Get a vehicle to lead our customers to the experiences 2. Get 80% of the direct requests from private customers … … against 20% per agency. And, as our customers call us back and tell us: … “I would like to do an activity but on another island.” 3. Create a network … … of conscious guides … … and ecotourism activities … … all over the archipelago of the Canary islands. Sorry. Here is a video that should start alone. As it does not start. No problem. It is simply an experience you can … … share with GuiaNatura: an whalewatching activity. I invite you to contact us in the next three days. We offer you 30% on a whalewatching activity. (vidéo sound) What I was just telling you : if you contact us in the next three days … … we offer you 30% on whalewatching activity … … on the day of your choice. Thanks to the Coworking program and its team of professionals … … we were able to develop a web page where people can find us. And now as promised … … I will leave you with a whistled message … … with better quality than mine and its meaning. Aaaaaaaa Bienvenidos (Welcome) a (to) Canarias (the Canary islands) la (the) aventura (adventure) empieza (begins) ya (now).

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