Elders React to Hot Girl Summer (Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj)

Elders React to Hot Girl Summer (Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj)

– What is this
Hot Girl Summer? – She thinks that’s hot? ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – “Meg said it’s a hot girl summer,
so guess what I’m doing all summer long?
Cutting up.” She looks like a hot girl to me. – Well, I’m not sure what
cutting up means in modern slang or urban slang.
Put some clothes on, honey. – For me and my generation,
I think the outfit’s a little risque,
but she’s got a good body. – (FBE) What do you think
this could be? Have you heard of this?
– “It’s a hot girl summer.” I don’t quite know what
they mean by that. I guess girls are in this summer.
Hot girls are in this summer. – I have been hearing about it,
yes. This is kind of a time where
a lot of young ladies are feeling empowered
and feeling maybe a little like bad girl, wanna cut up. – (girl) You have not been having
a productive– – “Hot girl summer, right?” – (girl) Ah, ah. – She thinks that’s hot? – That is not hot. – (girl) That’s not how
Megan would do it. – Who’s Megan?
Who is Megan? – (girl) Ah.
Yeah, I’m in my bag but I’m in his, too.
That’s why you see me with a new pair of shoes.
– What is she doing? – I don’t think I’ve seen
Meghan Trainor do any twerking. – She moves well.
I don’t know what they do with these, but I’m impressed. – (girl) All right,
this is deuce day. – I don’t know.
This is very unusual. – (girl) My knee’s not strong
like yours. – Oh, what a narcissistic world
we live in now. – (girl) One time.
♪ (singing) ♪ – Oh my God.
That is hilarious. I think I’ve seen one of them
and I don’t know if this is supposed to be
a Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, trying to be them. – Selfie stuff is just–
and Instagram is just so narcissistic to me.
I don’t need that much information about people. – “I heard that it’s a hot girl–”
So it’s a hot girl summer something theme. – “I heard that it’s
a hot girl summer.” Okay, girl standing there
in a bikini. – What is this
Hot Girl Summer? – Obviously, they think that
sexy, interesting girls are the hot thing this summer
is all I can come up with. Where are the hot guys? – She’s a hot girl.
She’s having a good time. It’s a good thing.
I think it’s actually kind of a chance for women
to express themselves in a way that they have not
been able to really do in past years. – “Hot Girl Summer is still
in effect.” – I guess it’s the thing
this summer. I’m not even gonna try.
I’m way past that. I’m too old to be hot. – I like this outfit.
I like the picture. I like the way she presents herself.
I’m not gonna say it’s wholesome, but I think it’s appropriate. – When I’m dressed up,
I put my picture on Facebook. I don’t put it on–
I actually just opened a Twitter account,
so I got all dolled up last week and I posted the picture
of me all dolled up, so I guess it’s catching up
with me too. – (FBE) So we have more
to show you in just a second, but those posts all fall under
that hashtag #HotGirlSummer. – Okay. – (FBE) What do you think
Hot Girl Summer means? – Looking your best
in the summer, I suspect. – The weather, sexy,
good time to meet Mr. right. – That you have to look hot
the whole time and not in the sense
an old lady does like me, but hot like sexy hot. – (FBE) We have a video
to show you next that explains what
Hot Girl Summer is. – Okay. – (Megan) Hello,
it’s a hot girl summer. – Oh, that’s Megan Thee Stallion,
yeah. – (Megan) It’s a hot girl summer.
– Yeah, what is it? – (Megan) So it’s just basically
about women and men just being unapologetically
them, just having a good-ass time. – Well, I think that’s–
we should be that way all the time. – Well no one’s as hot as her.
I mean, she’s amazing. – (Megan) Hyping up
your friends, doing you, not giving a damn
about what nobody gotta say about it.
– Yeah. – (Megan) You definitely
have to be a person that can be the life
of the party and just a bad bitch.
– What kind of language is that?
Why can’t she just say be yourself? – I like her.
I’m really a believer in just be yourself. – I like that,
’cause that’s exactly what an elder–
advice an elder would give. In the long run,
‘aint gonna make one damn, so just do whatever you want,
whatever makes you happy, as long as you don’t
hurt someone else or break the law. – (FBE) So, that was rapper
Megan Thee Stallion, who has been branding
herself as hot girl or hot girl Meg
as far back as 2017. – Uh-huh. – I heard that name, yeah.
She looks hot. – After releasing her mixtape Fever
in May, her fanbase quickly evolved the hot girl term
into #HotGirlSummer where on social media,
you’ll see hot girls graduating college,
travelling the world, and so much more.
– Well that’s good. Then I guess you can devise
your own hot girl summer. – I certainly am going
to go to my Twitter account and do hot girl tag
on my own picture. – (FBE) Next up are some
more examples of the hot girl summer
along with some of the memes that came out of this.
– Okay. – “Anyway y’all, hot girl [bleep]
isn’t just a summer thing. It’s a lifestyle.
Like hot girls not just hot girls in the summer, boo.” – “They are hot girls
in the summer, spring, winter, fall.
It’s an energy you encompass.” Basically, be yourself year round. – Agreed wholeheartedly.
We’re all gonna get old and all our hot looks
are gonna fade. Who are you?
Who are you to your friends? Who are you to your family?
Who are you at the party? Who are you? – I’m 66 years old
and I came up through a lot of different phases.
I remember hot pants, I remember all the things
that came along and people were trying
to express themselves. This doesn’t seem any different
than that to me. I think the big difference
is that the publicity that comes up.
You get a lot more exposure nowadays because you got
such a wide open venue. – “My boyfriend cancelling
my hot girl summer.” – He didn’t care.
Just turned the lights off, went out for booze. ♪ (rap) ♪ – I guess he had enough of her.
I’m sure she’d be doing that 24/7. – That was great.
He’s probably sick and tired of it. – “Tom Hanks said
hot girl summer.” – I love him.
He’s got the best sense of humor, doesn’t he? – I see Tom, my man.
He’s got his hot girl summer thing going on.
Got the shirt tied. – Tom Hanks is always hot,
’cause Tom Hanks is too great a person.
That’s hot. And he’s a great actor
and that’s hot. He’s being himself
all the time. – (FBE) There was no prior
lyric or song with the exact term
“hot girl summer” but the virality of the term
and its self care definition led Megan Thee Stallion
to release the Hot Girl Summer anthem with rap superstar
Nicki Minaj and rapper Ty Dolla $ign.
– Oh, nice. – Now there is a song.
Of course there is. ♪ Real ass [bleep]
give a [bleep] ’bout a bitch ♪ ♪ It is what it is
this some five star [bleep] ♪ – Are they gonna be
drinking, right? Oh my God, her boobs
are falling out of that. – Oh, her breasts are moving up–
I don’t know about this. – Her boobs.
I’m sorry, it’s very funny. ♪ Who gon’ handle me?
Thinkin’ he’s a player ♪ ♪ He’s a member on the team
He put in all that work ♪ ♪ He wanna be the MVP
I told him ain’t no taming me ♪ ♪ I love my [bleep] equally ♪
– Oh. – Oh, wait a minute.
Stop it. No she didn’t. ♪ Who a hotter B?
Who got a lot of D? ♪ ♪ Who poppin’ like a P
when he be hoppin’ out the V? ♪ – Somebody needs to go
back to school. Major in English. – It’s a good tempo.
Not necessarily the rap song type. ♪ Who unfollowed me?
Like who don’t follow me? ♪ ♪ ‘Cause even in your new bitch,
I can see a lot of me ♪ ♪ And honestly I’m honored
’cause that [bleep] be comedy ♪ ♪ You ain’t put me in no brands
but I see you proud of me ♪ – I wish they didn’t have
to be so gross. I just wish you could have
lyrics that just weren’t gross and rude and demeaning. – I think we better stop
the train and go back to the station.
This is 2019 and I know things are different,
but I’m kinda in an Elder React,
Elder Generation and it’s hard for me
to get out of that when I see words like that. – Some of what’s in there
is really interesting to me. It’s like, don’t mess with me.
Don’t take advantage of me. I could see where people
would be offended by some of that,
but I kinda know what she’s saying. – (FBE) So the Hot Girl single
has already broke the record for being the first female rap
collaboration in history to hit number one
on iTunes in the US. – Great. – Really?
Well then I like it. – (FBE) Although Hot Girl
Summer applies to anyone, it seems to be a term
enjoyed largely by women and a term that originated
with black women. The trend is full of body
positivity, self care, and self love.
– Cool. – That’s so important.
For too many years, it’s been if you’re over
a certain weight, you’re just, ew.
And that was true in my day too. – (FBE) As an elder,
why do you think this message resonated
so well with the younger generation of social media
users? – Because they are using
social media and they’re very anxious to post
things about themselves and they all think
they’re hot and they wanna show everybody
their stuff all the time. – It’s not necessarily
representing a certain group, a certain type, body type.
This way, I think it will be well received from different
type of girls. – Young girls, white, black,
whatever, are struggling with their identity
and feeling bad about their bodies
and about themselves and so this was an interesting
underlying message about like, don’t get taken
advantage of, really love yourself. – Its message resonated
with a younger generation because confidence.
No matter who you are or what you look like
or how tall you are, short, or what color, race,
you have to have confidence in yourself.
If you can feel good about yourself,
if you feel good about your body, you’ll do a lot better. – It’s a gesture of self confidence
for the one who posts it. It doesn’t–
I know it’s hard to believe when you’re young,
but it doesn’t really matter what other people think
and that’s been the whole problem.
Now that people are happy and are more comfortable
in their skin, whatever it is, and they’ll post it,
it’s a step forward for them, so I just applaud it.
It’s great. – (FBE) Some have also
pointed out that the trend has a bit of a feminist
tilt to it in the sense that women, through
this challenge, are celebrating having sex and making money
without having to feel the shame that society sometimes
puts upon women, but activities that men
have been able to do without criticism.
– Absolutely. – (FBE) Growing up,
do you think a trend like this would have taken off
and become a cultural moment with the youth in this way?
– No, it would not have done and I–
even today, with all of this, I don’t see why women
want to be equal by becoming as crass
as men can be. – If my father saw me
take a picture like that, I’d never leave the house again.
You were supposed to be modest and then grow up
and then get married. This was not acceptable. – When I was growing up,
people didn’t even talk about sex. Growing up in the ’50s,
’60s, I don’t even know if any of those things
would ever have been discussed. – It couldn’t have
because the limited amount of public airspace
they weren’t giving to this. In today’s world, you have
your own outlet. You don’t have to wait
for someone to come calling to give you that spot. – There’s some kind of
little bit of relationship during Elvis Presley
and listening to the music and the words and seeing
him gyrate on the TV, you felt a little freedom
and you could feel good about yourself and not feel
so restricted by morals with your family and relatives
and so forth. – I think there were times
that this did happen in the past.
It came up when we were hippies.
Woodstock, the whole thing. There was a lot of–
burn your bra. In the African American community
when we started wearing naturals and the style
of clothes– I can’t tell you, I had
five or six dashikis. What we’re seeing now
is another one of those moments where a particular kernel
of information has now blown up into something
that was all part of the progression all along. – (FBE) So finally, how are you
going to celebrate the rest of this year’s
hot girl summer? – Hot girl summer.
Well I can tell you I love to read,
I love to travel, I love to hike.
Just being outdoors, seeing flowers and things,
that would be hot girl summer for me. – I got so many TV shows
I want to watch. I love to watch old movies
and old TV shows like Perry Mason. – Just going to the old folks’
home and playing checkers. That’s all I wanna do.
Just check. Checkers, there’s not much–
I only got a few good months left, guys. – My goal right now,
I’m gonna get certified as a reading tutor
for first and third graders and that’s how I’m gonna
spend my summer. – I’ve been a hot girl
all summer, ’cause I’ve been doing
what I want and having a good time.
You gotta be yourself. Don’t care what
other people think. I dropped that at 50.
I didn’t think I’d ever make it to 50,
so now I’m like, [bleep] y’all.
Take it or leave it, this is it and it’s made life
much easier and happier. – Thanks for watching this
episode of Elders React. – Shoutout to World
of Highlights. – Subscribe and hit the bell
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