Ellen’s Summer Visit with the Royal Baby

Ellen’s Summer Visit with the Royal Baby

I am so happy to be back. I missed all of you. Did you have a good summer? [APPLAUSE] I did. I did as well. I had a great summer. I spent most of it getting
ready for a big trip to Area 51. [LAUGHTER] Portia and I did take a trip. We went to Amsterdam. It is beautiful there. If you get a chance, it
is–isn’t it gorgeous? There are canals everywhere we
walked through the Red Light District and it turns out it is
not where they make the traffic lights. That’s what I thought, I
would see some factories. Seriously, I am from
New Orleans so I thought I’d seen everything. But actually, it
turns out I had not. But now I have. Jesus forgive me. Also, we flew to London. Did some sightseeing. Or as they call it, we took
the whirlybird to do some lookie-m’loos. And here’s a sentence I
thought I would never say. But I spent the afternoon
with Prince Harry and Meghan. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] I just want to say it was an
honor for them to meet me. Seriously, they are so amazing. They’re the cutest couple
and so down to earth. And I just hate it, I see them
get attacked and it’s not fair. They’re just two
of the most down to earth, compassionate people. They’re doing so much
good for the world. And Portia and I talked to
them about all the conservation they’re doing for wildlife. And they’re doing all this
work in Botswana for elephants and I love that. And they like what I’m doing
for the gorillas in Rwanda, so we’re going to all
do something together. And umm yeah, so– I mean, I can’t tell
you how sweet they are. But the most
important thing is I got to hold little
Archie, the baby. [AWWS] I fed Archie. I held Archie. Not like that. I knew how to hold him. Like that. He weighs 15 pounds, which
the exchange rate, I believe, is $17 here. Do you want to see
a picture of him? Yeah. I was hoping you’d say no. I don’t have one. I didn’t think it was right
to go, can I get a picture? But I did draw a picture
of what he looks like, and he looks like Harry. He has a body but I just
did the face for y’all. He actually has a
perfectly circular head. He looks just like Harry. And he had more hair
than I did at the time. I spent a lot of my summer
growing my hair out, but I’ll tell you
about that tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you, Ellen, for supporting the Duke and Dutchess. I'm sure you understand better than most of us how it feels to have strangers commenting on your life. Hope you and Porsha enjoyed your summer.

  2. Welcome to season 17
    Love you Ellen am looking forward to this season hope I will get some tickets for this season

  3. Love you Ellen ❤❤❤❤❤❤Love your work you are doing really amazing and congratulations on your 17th season ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I'm sure she has a picture but will never release it to the public. Every one knows that you can't release private images or conversations of HRH Harry and Meghan to the world without there approval. That's a no no and you would be immediately cut of from there circle.

  5. Please have Nate and Landon the smart boys on the show again, and keep having them there every 3 months maybe 2 ,monthly basis would be most preferable, please they are the best, remember how Nate helped the gorillas, please have them on the show again I really want to see how they are doing, if not then I will be sad, Thank you.

  6. If you are a friend to Harry and Meghan, keep your mouth shut about their personal business and life. You are only looking to boost your own status by saying you met with them. Shame on you!!

  7. I wish she took a video of her with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! That woulda been the best. Two amazing couples!! ❤️❤️

  8. Mam ellen as i kept on watching your shows i found hope..hope that wud change my families life..my mothers bday tom i just want to give her a little surprise but i am so far away from here..i want to let her feel special and give her love..pls ellen my family is at the liwest poverty and your kindness might help us..God bless u mam ellen God bless you

  9. I hope God will give you more healthy life..you inspire us that life is beautiful no matter what..you may not know me mam but i am also Gods creation asking for your help ..i dont have any access to reach you..i hope you can reply on my wish..pls mam..

  10. Maam ellen i watched ur shows and the people you are helping and it gives me hope to continue fighting dor poverty..specially my mother pls help mam

  11. Hello from a South African living in Singapore 😊 Please come and say HELLO on my CHANNEL 🎉 Happy Tuesday everyone!❤️

  12. U are great Ellen,i love u lady, beautiful women great person has great show,she is Ellen DeGeneres,she is genious,i love u lady

  13. Thanks for the sussex support, they treat them like children in the step mother's house… But time pass, this also will pass… Forever Love..

  14. Dear Ellen, I dare you to visit other beautiful places and provinces instead of Amsterdam next time you're in the Netherlands. There is waaaaay more than just Amsterdam and definitely worth seeing and experiencing it lol 🤣

  15. I live in the Netherlands and went to Amsterdam many times this summer. I also did a cruise in the Baltics. I wish I could have seen you in Amsterdam or some other place in Europe, even if it was from a distance. I always wanted to see you in person <3

  16. WOW! Thanks for doing your best to save wildlife ❤️ on our planet. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is my favorite couple because of their good deeds💯%.

  17. U are one of kind in entire world, u keept on saying for the other but u ellen u are amazing with a beautiful heart…just stay blsd because we need u more dan u can imagine.😍😘🙏

  18. Emy estuve. Donosty. Alo. Cuchi. Esto leyendas del pop. Mundo. Nos bien radio TVE revistas. Prensa así uy que mirame aqui estoy. Yo di gracias. Con sin gracias te. Call me espage. Despega gracias mundo así saludos.

  19. At least, when you see Archie pictures during their visit to Desmond Tutu, you know Ellen wasn’t telling a fairytale… he really looks like Harry even if he obviously had mommy’s eyes too…

  20. Animal Hunting Private Jet Flying Environmentalist Harry loves killing many species of animals for fun and flying several private jets a month for holidays. Golddigger Meghan went to a dating service to find a rich man. Meghan calls Africans her 'sister' even though she would never live among the peasants and will return to her 5 star lifestyle. Ellen likes them because she is a sycophantic loser who owns a collection of mansions that could be home to countless refugees but she would rather give 0.001% of her wealth to charity and complain about Trump's refugee policies.

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