Elon’s First Moon Tourist is Another Eccentric Billionaire

Elon’s First Moon Tourist is Another Eccentric Billionaire

Yusaku Maezawa please come forward. Space X’s first moon tourist, the 43 year
old Yusaku Maezawa, is an online retail tycoon in Japan. He’s also controversial, often portrayed
negatively in Japanese media for flaunting his wealth on social media. And he likes to dabble. He’s a punk rock drummer… turned entrepreneur
billionaire… turned art collector… turned moon tourist. And his secret to success: Work Less. This is how Yusaku Maezawa made billions by
dodging cultural norms in Japan, grabbing publicity through outrageous purchases and
stunts. Maezawa’s recent purchase got him international
attention for the first time: A round trip ticket to the moon on Space X’s
new rocket called “Starship”, which is being designed to colonize mars. He is, I think, the bravest person and most
willing to do so. Although he wouldn’t disclose the price
he’s paying for the ride, Elon Musk said Yusaku is funding a material percentage of
Starship’s estimated $5 billion development cost. At some point he began to talk with Elon Musk
about traveling to outer space. We don’t know the exact timeline, but he is
the first passenger, he will be the first private citizen to fly. Dubbed the dear moon project, Yusaku says
he will take artists and musicians of his choice to, in his words, “inspire world
peace.” I do think this a really big publicity stunt
for Zozo. Zozo is Yusaku’s online clothing company. It’s what’s made him a billionaire in
his mid-30s. Maezawa has said publicly, that he wants to
become one of the top brands globally. He expects to quintuple his market cap right
now, to 50 billion dollars, within ten years. And a lot of that will be driven by global
expansion. These ambitious plans are in contrast to his
humble upbringing. His dad was an accountant and his mom a housewife. In a country known for conformity, Yusaku
Maezawa has always sought to stand out. It started in high school where he saw gloomy
white collared workers, called “salarymen” in Japan, commuting to work. I always saw salarymen looking so unenthusiastic
on the train. That made me disheartened. He
skipped college, spent time in California and later joined a punk rock band called Switch
Style, which became popular within Japan. When asked why he became a drummer, he said
it’s not so much that he loved playing on the drums, it was just easier to join a band
as a drummer, because drummers were in higher demand. You gotta start to see a pattern emerge that
he’s a commercially, kind of transactionally driven person, even from an early age. Shortly after joining the band, he started
his company “Start Today” which sold imported records via mail order in Japan. Start Today became quite successful in selling
records, and then moved on into clothes. Yusaku was able to choose good music and good
clothes to sell online, which is how the business began to take off. The online clothing website, called “Zozotown,”
is now Japan’s go-to site for online fashion shopping. In 2010 when profits started to really, really
go up, and the company was approaching a billion dollar market cap, he came out to an earnings
press conference, in front of analysts and investors, and he was dressed like a giant
mushroom. It was one of his first times to kind of grab
the spotlight. And his attention grabbing stunts have been
getting increasingly controversial over the past few years. His social-media feeds are full of French
wines, private jets, supercars, a Pablo Picasso painting he purchased, and record-breaking
works from American street artist Jean Michel Basquiat. The local media here is pretty relentless
in how they attack him. They say that he shows off his money, he stands
for all the things that traditional Japanese values, do not stand for. Younger people generally love him. They like someone who’s open, they like that
he’s extremely active on social media. Anytime I make a purchase, people just talk
about the price and that I have so much money… but in fact i’m buying the passion and the
history. Yusaku said he plans to make Zozo a leading
global clothing brand within a decade by revolutionizing how people buy clothes online, beginning with
this year’s debut of a body-measuring outfit called the Zozosuit. The Zozosuit has allowed Maezawa to collect
measurements of millions of people. He says he can now predict the perfect clothing
sizes from their sex, age, height and weight. He plans to use that to become a world-leading
clothing brand. I mean not even Amazon has released anything
like this, and they’re the global e-commerce leader and what better what to promote it
than to jump on Elon Musk’s rocket around the moon so that everyone in the world knows
who Yusaku Maezawa is? In order to stay ahead of the curve, Zozotown
is offering tech talent salaries of up to 100 million yen which is an unusual move in
Japan, where workers often take lower pay in exchange for secure employment. He’s also encouraging employees to condense
work and spend more time outside the office pursuing all kinds of intellectual and artistic
pursuits. I think Yusaku’s secret is that he knows what
people want. He just kind of gets it. Whether Zozotown’s new technology revolutionizes
the way we shop online or not, the world will have its eyes on Yusaku and Elon Musk in 2023,
which is the estimated travel date for the first ever tourist trip to the moon. As far as me going, I’m not sure… Maybe we’ll both be on it.

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  1. Japan is way ahead of its time . They work 100 hours and I can see why Elon musk is partnering with him. What can be done in 12 months can be done within 4 months with 100 hour work week . Elon is the new innovator . I put all respect out there for Elon

  2. Whats the problem? The most billionaires/millionairs show their whealth on social media. At least he helps to advance new technology

  3. I don't understand why this US media is butthurt i don't see anything wrong with him there are hundreds of US billionaires who have committed crimes yet no US media talks about them.

  4. I love at the end how Elon Musk is so awkward when speaking his facial expression as he goes to speak but they're already applauding him

  5. So he’s eccentric because he’s Japanese?
    Maezawa is a genius fool, you people have no idea what you’re talking about.

  6. These 'Rich' folks have tons of money to waste on such things but they're least bit bothered about the problems, like Climate Change, that Humanity faces today. What an irony?
    Instead of buying a ticket to the Moon had he invested in ideas to save Earth it would have been a lot better?

  7. Definitely he had some connections to Yakuza? Well probably…i can't deny that 🙂 been in Tokyo,lived in Tokyo and experienced Tokyo…

  8. Whatever happened to the product on sharktank that your own phone can measure your entire body for clothing fitment just by placing it on the bottom of your mobile phone? Feel like that products better and more efficient than the new zozotown product.

  9. He is fucking smart, his workers work all the fucking time. Think about it. They come to work just to put those ideas on paper.

  10. Can't wait for the explanations of the flath earth society. I bet he's getting brainwashed right now so he's not going to tell the truth.

  11. It's his money… Who are you to question him? He's helping humanity anyway. Just mind your own business… "Gloomberg"

  12. Get the fuck out of here man. Wasn’t Richard Branson sending people too the moon and Mars 10 years ago. What ever happened too that.

  13. gonna be eccentric twice over when he's fainting and puking his way around the moon, along with his team. people think that once we start migrating to space or other planets (if that ever happens) it will be fun and excitement. truth is, travelling and living in space is mostly a nightmare.

  14. I look for an investor Inline Bob. The business areas racing & tourism entertainment worldwide.
    the market is 200-300 million per year. Investment 2.5 Million €

  15. Oh no….He bought an expensive painting and took a picture to share with the world!? Private jets, cars!? How horrendous. Even moreso than some politicians who didn't earn for all these things in the first place.

    He's a mixture of Elon's eccentricity and Cuban's business-oriented mindset. What's not to love?

  16. Let's see…

    His motto for success is "work less" (my interpretation is work smart)
    Is comfortable displaying his wealth
    Doesn't try to fit the mold

    I can see why he's not well liked in Japan.

  17. Elon musk is not genius he is just a dick rider with lot of money he sold a company that created in the Internet boom, he was just lucky been in the perfect place at the perfect time thats all

  18. When Yusaku finally sets foot on the moon, he should do a pose and exclaim "final flash" ! Just for the heck of it .

  19. do u think he didn't work at all and made billions? he did worked hard, he just don't want to share it. Because people easy fall for these things, we all know we want everything quick and easy. He just making market out of lazy people who believes what he says.
    Remember "What comes easy won't last, what lasts won't come easy"

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