Emergency NINJA CAMPING shelter | Stealth camping like a wilderness boss

Emergency NINJA CAMPING shelter | Stealth camping like a wilderness boss

Hey folks check this out my name is Norseman
and in this video we are going to build a ninja shelter so if you are new here consider
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miss a thing and its free so how cool is that this is SURVIVOLOGY 101 so lets go I said
lets go what are you waiting for come on so let me ask you a question have you ever been
in a situation where you had to have a shelter right now no time to waste no time to fiddle
around with cutting down trees and building any elaborate structures but you had to get
out of the weather now well that’s what this shelter was designed for so about six years
ago I put together a video called the ninja shelter and I didn’t make any claims to the
actual triangle shelter that structure has been used a lot but what I did do was I developed
the way to pack it down and carry it with me everywhere I went I kind of improved it
for my needs and at the time my needs were lightweight and packable as a backup so since
I released that video I have seen a lot of different versions and they all call it the
ninja shelter that’s awesome but that actual video isn’t that great so I thought that I
would come out here and put together another video and show you some other options for
it so that you too can have a ninja shelter packed away and ready to go in the last minute
in case of any kind of an emergency so the first step in this process is to find a suitable
location you have got to have a sturdy object a tree a telephone pole I have actually done
it off the mirror of a motorcycle the ground should be relatively flat now this tarp is
a Jervin Fjellduken from Norway I picked it up in Norway but Ill show you later that you
can do this with any tarp not just this one the second step is to secure your main line
and since most of these tarps aren’t perfectly square you will want to lay it out flat and
figure out which side you want the long edge on and which side you want the short edge
on what I have are all these pieces of nano cord in every eyelet on my tarp they stay
there permanently and they have a series of knots tied in them so I can adjust where exactly
I want to hook it up without giving it too much thought so once this end is secured the
next point is to follow this eyelet down to the opposing corner and stake that one in
once that one is staked down we follow it up on the opposing corner sides
and now the shelter is complete alternatively you can move the pin on the far side and close
it up and make a much smaller shelter with one vertical wall so this is one option for
the layout and while its not absolutely necessary it is beneficial if you take an extra tent
stake and stake that line out so it gives you just a little bit more ground cover so
one question I get asked whenever I teach this method is why did I call it the ninja
shelter well I’m gonna tell you there is a small sub culture of people who just kinda
crash camp roll off the side of the road crash out in the bushes get up before the sun and
keep rolling either on bicycles motorcycles cars whatever it is just a free way to travel
when in certain circles that’s called ninja camping hence the ninja shelter the point
is you can put it up in under a minute at last light you can take it down in under a
minute at first light and be gone before anybody knows you were there so another question I
sometimes get asked is when would you use this shelter and the answer is anytime that
you would want to use a shelter because of the elastic cord its real stable in high winds
it has full over head cover rain and snow its low to the ground its very easy to camouflage
if that happens to be your thing and its quick and efficient so what about the winter time
I recently had my two friends Robert Manilla practical survivor and Mikhail Merkerov from
Emberlit up here for a winter camp and Robert Manilla did something interesting and he built
a ninja shelter but he also turned it into a super shelter so it was like a ninja super
shelter and he got it to the best that I can remember about eighty degrees on the inside
when it was negative twenty on the outside so you cant really argue with that kind of
detail so in this bag are some additions that would make this a really good start on a warm
winter shelter you want to take the roof off and fold it over the backside to give you
room to work and then you build the liner in the same way you built the shelter in the
first place so in order to put our space blanket into use on the inside of the shelter we are
going to need some small smooth pebbles and our four cords before you can build the liner
you have to secure your Indian buttons on all four corners in some cases you want to
attach an extra hank of nano cord to one of the corners
now I am gonna use the little bungee cord and the three extra pegs that I have to set
up the liner so of course this bungee cord can be replaced with just a piece of cordage
or anything you can find if you don’t happen to have one we have already set up the ninja
shelter we set up the liner for it and I hope that you see with the combination that especially
the way that we set up up the liner you can take any piece of anything that you can find
that will work as some sort of tentage that’s big enough to cover your body it can be a
piece of scrap plastic it can be a painters tarp it can be an old curtain anything and
maybe a pair of boot laces and you could set up a shelter practically anywhere in no time
at all so I have one final question for you do you see any improvements that we could
do to it to make it better stronger quicker if so put that down in the comments maybe
we can experiment with it and maybe we can make it a better shelter than it already is
I hope you all enjoyed that let me know what you think if you try it you can connect with
me here in the comments or on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and I will see you on the next

16 thoughts on “Emergency NINJA CAMPING shelter | Stealth camping like a wilderness boss

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  2. I use the same setup with a DD 10×10… For a ground pad I use an old German army folding mat. Whilst it's thin, it can be doubled up to give you a thicker mate under your core. And it's so tough it can withstand being placed on top of pine boughs etc on off set fire helps alot too. And if positioned correctly the tarp shields the glow of the fire when Stealth camping.

  3. Attaching a different color para cord to the long ends might help speed the process a bit instead of having to lay it out first to find them. Really enjoy your vids brother ,keep'em coming !!

  4. Really like the idea. The only thing I think I would change would be where the bungee goes on the tree. I would feel better with another sustem. After time bungees wear and break especially after being expose to rain and sun. Really liked the space blanket liner.

  5. I think one of those reusable space blankets wouldbe a good add on. I ve camped in this shelter using one and it was great

  6. Instead of or in addition too the Mylar sheet, tape the sheet to a big enough piece of plastic to enclose the space under the tarp. Provide a gap on front edge to allow some ventilation. It will reduce convection.

  7. Ninja shelter? i get the idea of fast set up, stealth and camping though its not dark blue – readily blends with darkness/shadows than any other color including black, also a "ninja's" first shelter is their clothing – sitting upright with a rice weave hat or other substitute , that's it. if anything else is needed one would search or sought a natural cover in dense brush growth, beyond that one would keep moving until free from any form of human activity resting in open space between brush without manipulating the environment,

    i forget the name of the tool but a true ninja/shinobi would have on them a a pipe like device (metal or wood) that has small hole(s) on two ends (not along the shaft) to keep and store hot coals while in travel or when seeking shelter as described above. when they would make camp they would seek either high ground or low ground, high ground for sight advantage, low ground for vegetation advantages, also if one has to manipulate the environment for stealth one would transplant vegetation to provide natural cover where such is not available without manipulation.

    everything beyond that was not in practice by shinobi warriors and rather their enemy counterparts, if needed to be reminded the ninja's of old were either deserted samurais or the average militant citizen, their tactics provided means for them to need not hide other than in plain sight (they wore mask to conceal their identity with many more being of standing to be within comfort of village and castle dwellings ( saboteur).

    just providing insight on the word usage of "Ninja" clarifying that ^^^this is what was typical for a Shinobi warrior, not saying your word usage is wrong or anything like that just simply providing clarity for those whom may be interested in what an actual ninja would use/do.

    liked the video and subscribed, keep the good work coming

  8. So for an improvements on this shelter, I can suggest people to use a wedged tarp shelter if taking down the camp quickest is neccessary. Any trees would work if you have a trekking pole. I can also recommend for the people who are beginning to camping with this shelter is to have a brightly saturated tarp. However creating any variations of cover is useful. Its how your create insulation and both protection from an environment. Also fun fact, shinobi used to carry a 7×7 furoshiki coated in the wax as a hasty shelter? The wax/oil coating ideas were bought from an europe at first because of the canvas technology.

  9. I've found a great addition to this setup is construction trash bags. They are a light and small additions to your pack, can be used for ground cover, filled with leaves/pine needles for mattress/ground insulation, split open for additional "tarp-age", ponchos,  etc.  The list goes on and on.

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