Emily Blunt Praises Husband John Krasinski’s Work in ‘A Quiet Place: Part II’

Emily Blunt Praises Husband John Krasinski’s Work in ‘A Quiet Place: Part II’

That’s Emily Blunt In
A Quiet Place: Part II. OK. So what is– first of all,
you’re not driving, clearly. No. And so– I mean, I’m really
proud of John for that shot because it was
choreographed for two weeks. That is not a CGI bus. That is a real bus. John Krasinski, her husband,
wrote and directed this one. Both the first one,
and now this one. Yes. And then, there’s a stunt
driver on top of the car. And so really, my life is in– Wow. –his hands. So I said to him before,
I looked up at him, and I went, well, I hope
you’re good because my life is in your hands. And he just lent down and
he went, I’m the best. And he really was. But it’s sort of terrifying. I’ve never done a
stunt like that. And I sort of questioned whether
John might love me at all. Had he changed the wheel
recently or anything? That’s so interesting. I’m gonna check on that. I think he was sort of
hoping for a slightly closer confrontation
with that bus, but. So what can you tell
us about this one. What’s happening? So there’s a great bus story. Oh, OK. We heard that. What else? I can tell you nothing. Really? Nothing. I mean– really? I mean– I mean, there’s a
bit of that going on, so. Yeah. Still quiet? Yes. You still got to be quiet, yeah. There’s a bit of that. And then, there’s a bit
of that walking around. And there’s a baby now. There’s a baby now. So good luck with the baby. Where’d the baby come from? The first one. I had it in the bathtub. [LAUGHTER] It hasn’t grown up? [LAUGHS] No, it is a
direct continuation. Yeah, I see. OK. You see. All right. I was told that you’ve
brought me something. Missed your birthday. Sorry about that. So I wanted to
bring you something. This is really
elegant, isn’t it? As I sort of just
turn around to– yeah. [LAUGHTER] Well-placed, lads. This is for you. Happy birthday. So this is our creature. Hasn’t actually come out yet. So you get the first one. Wow. I know. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Terrifying. Yes. That’s for you. And this I’m quite
excited about. This is from the first movie. Do you remember the child on
the bridge who got wiped out? I sure do. At the beginning of the film? Yes. This is the actual space
rocket that he was holding. So– I know. Poor kid. It was over for him as
soon as he turned that on. So you can have a bit of
fun with just the lights. But then if you really
want to run the gauntlet and potentially die– [ROCKET SOUNDS] Right? Wow. Remember this? Yes. Yes. That’s for you,
from me and John. It has a little
basket to sleep in. It has a little sleepy basket. A sleeping basket. But I really thank
you because you’ve been so amazing about
the movie and the movies and so supportive. And we love you and thank you. Well, first of all, my pleasure. And y’all are both so
talented individually. And then, I love that
you’re doing this movie– Thank you. I love scary movies, anyway. I know. I was sure you were
gonna scare me today. So I was slightly on edge. Mmm. Don’t say it. Please don’t. Is there someone in here? No. No. I mean, how does somebody
even fit in these things? Yeah, well. Oh-oh-oh. Well, they’re gonna ruin your
present if they leap out. They’re gonna– no. Come on. Don’t. Come on. No. All right. I’m gonna give you– we have a little idea. So I’m gonna give you a
chance to redeem yourself with Chris Martin. Yeah. OK? Yeah. I just feel particularly bad
because I really actually love Chris Martin’s music so much. I’m obsessed with Coldplay. So I feel like there’s just
sort of a way I can make it up to him. All right. All right. After the break? At some point after the break. After the break– Yeah. –you’re gonna
make it up to him. Big time. Yes. We’ll be back.

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  1. I was waiting for them to mention Cillian Murphy. Give him some credit people he deserves it. I mean he is a big part of A Quiet Place 2.

  2. She’s absolutely delightful! Please share how Ellen gives Em chance to make amends vis-à-vis Chris Martin as we don’t get latest episodes r side of the globe … ( we r little behind)

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  4. This is a great gift…as in an incredible gift….and I doubt that Ellen would value it as much as a regular fan from the movies . 😒

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  7. The toy rocket 🚀 was an iconic part of the movie. I believe it was the first sound we heard in the movie. It gave me chills listening to that sound again. Yep, I don’t think Ellen watched the movie. That’s an awesome gift.

  8. I remembered when i watched it. There was only 2 of us in the theater (random person), it's 12pm and it was sooo quiet. After the movie, i got up and i saw him running behind me hahahhahaah

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    And its being gifted to Ellen who clearly haven't watched even the first movie trailer!

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