Hi sister! James Charles here and welcome back to my house! Oh my God! Come in! Come In! Come in! okay You guys, for today’s brand-new video We’re going to be doing a sister sanctuary tour – but you guys know about two years ago now, I officially moved to Los Angeles to pursue make up as a career and *thank god* it has really really taken off! And when I moved here, I moved to downtown LA Because, a lot of the work I was doing was in Hollywood, But my really close family and friends were all in Orange County and Whittier, So, it was kind of right smack dab in the middle. Now, Downtown was really really good, and fun, and fresh for about… Five days? & then after that it made me want to… Die, every single day! Um, you guys have seen the constant mental breakdowns over the sirens, over the loud noises, Over the scary people going out late at night, And also the internet issues have really affected my YouTube channel growth this past year!
It’s been… An issue, to say the least – but regardless the issue is now over because I’ve been saving all my money from all my sister sponsorships, and… [Excited exhale]
I have a house! Ohhh my god. We are obviously in the moving process *right* now, I just kissed my downtown apartment…
[Blows kiss] Goodbye! Sister sayonara, never going there, EVER again, but it *was* empty, there were so many amazing memories to be had there, but now we are here! We are *clearly* in the middle of the moving process, the house is… Very much empty right now, and the movers are outside getting ready to move everything in! But I thought before we do that and start really getting set up, I would just do a little bit of an empty house tour for you guys! I definitely did plan on doing a finished house tour, and kind of a little bit of a decorating series as well, because you guys know I really, really love interior design. So, I thought it would be actually really cool to do an empty house tour and a finished house tour, so you guys can really see the before, the planning process, and the after – a little… [CLAPS] HGTV moment, they are shaking! So… I guess I’ll show you guys around! So when you first walk in, you get this beautiful, and bright, and black, and white Which are obviously my two favourite colours in the entire world! I just love how like neutral, and open, it all feels! Definitely really great for decorating, one of the biggest issues in my downtown apartment was the brick! Although I loved the rustic brick, it made decorating… SO hard, and I always had to make them black and white in instagram selfies! First world problems – to say the least!
[GIGGLES] So right here over to the left is just a big, open kind of living room area, There were couches and a seating area here before, and there’s this beautiful fireplace! I think this room’s just going to be like a little chill area, and I think I’m gonna put a couch in this…
[GESTURES] General vicinity somewhere, and there’s gonna be a grand piano *right* there in this corner, but OH my god, you guys know Obviously music plays a huge role in my life, and I do play the keyboard by ear But I’ve been wanting a grand piano since I was a little boy. We could never afford one as a family growing up, and I remember saving and I remember saving up for a little keyboard from Amazon for *months* as a child. So, buying myself a grand piano has been a huge goal of mine, I don’t know, that may sound a little bit weird but it’s gonna be… [HIS FEET HIT THE WOODEN FLOOR]
Right here! As soon as I get that, I’ll be like… [IMITATES PIANO MELODY] And then I can play over the speakers
[PAUSE FOR GESTURE] in the ceiling, That’re all hardwired so I can listen to my bops – anywhere in the house! All day long. Really good and fun and fresh! Next door to the living room we have this dining room area, and I think it’s SO cool because there *is* a brick wall in here, but it’s white brick! Which is exactly what I wanted to do in the original house to begin with, I think it’s just gonna be really cool to kind of bring a little nostalgic element from the downtown apartment back here to this new house, and I think it’s just gonna be really, really beautiful. I definitely want to get a huge table for right here underneath the chandelier – well, I don’t really like this chandelier! Probably gonna have to… Go. Swing from it like a real one like Sia, and probably take it down ’cause it’s a little bit ugly, but… There’s gonna be a dining table right here! I honestly don’t really anticipate using this room very often, it’s probably gonna be one of those rooms that are very much… For show, all my eating will probably be happening in my bed or on the couch in the living room, which you guys will see in a second! Or, at the kitchen counter because it’s *huge*. Moving on to right over here, and this is a big, open, foyer area. This door leads to the garage, which I’m not gonna show you right now because all my friends, and family are in there, helping me unpack everything right now! I’m going to be helping them in a few short minutes, do not worry!
[CHUCKLES] but there’s going to be a car park there eventually, you guys know obviously I Uber everywhere! and I… think it’s time for me to get a car, now that I have a house. I get asked this a lot, but I actually do have my license. I can drive, I’m just really… … Not good at it?
So if you find out about a 19 year old makeup artist crashing his G-Wagon sometime soon in the news… You’ll know exactly who it is!
[LAUGHS] So, walking over here into this first room, this is bedroom number one! Really good echo in here, perfect for singing. This is probably actually going to be my office for myself, my team to work hard in(?) Although I did start off my YouTube channel being just myself, I do now have an amazing group of people that work with me every single day to make this Full video process possible, and I wanna make sure they have a really really comfortable, and beautiful, and bright place to work! That’s probably going to be happening… Right in here! So coming out of the office we have this *beautiful* huge staircase, Which obviously leads to the second floor! I’m gonna take you guys upstairs in a few short minutes, but I just want to finish the first floor… First. Duh! So, moving over here we just have a little storage closet. In here is just a cute little powder room for any guests that are over, I love the little um… Sink things, too. Like, this is so cool. It looks like a fire hose! Love that! So water, so vintage!
Then in here, this is actually supposed to be… The office space, it’s just literally a white box But in my opinion this is way too small, if I were to be working here I would probably get really… Stressed? and like cramped and claustrophobic and that is not good. I don’t really know what’s gonna be in here. I also thought of the potential of like a recording studio, If I started taking music more seriously, that could be really fun, but… I don’t know. For right now, it’s just really good acoustics. So, coming out of the Sister Studio/potential exercise room/white box that I can lock Ian in if he’s being annoying… [PAUSE]
Oh, that got deep fast! [LAUGHS]
Whatever THAT room may be, back to the foyer! This is my favourite wall of the entire house And this is obviously a wine cellar! You’re probably thinking, “Wow James, why is your wine cellar your favourite wall in the entire house?” Let me tell you why it’s my favourite wall in the entire house – because guess what’s not going to be there? Wine! Guess what’s gonna be there instead?!
Coca cola! Because I, am an addict! And I’m not proud of that, but I *am* proud that it’ll be on my wall because it’ll probably be really Cute, and fun, and fresh for an Instagram picture! And I also will probably drink all of them within the course of… A week! Or… Maybe two if we’re really lucky, so. So, walking in this way from the foyer, I love how everything is so open concept Obviously I need my house to be very very lively, beautiful and not cramped, The opposite of the last apartment! We have…
The kitchen and living room, and oh my god. This area just makes me feel SO happy! SO inspired, I don’t even know why because literally, I don’t cook. Okay? The second I turn on that stove in this house, It’s gonna burn down. So, guess who’s not gonna be turning on that stove? Me!
[LAUGHS] But it still looks really, really beautiful! I really really love the white counter tops and the black cabinets, It’s very just minimalistic and plain, which may sound crazy to you guys but That’s very much my interior design style. We have these two pendant lights floating over the top, which are probably the only two lights that I’m going to be keeping in this house. I really really love these, I think they are SO beautiful and kind of add to like the rustic farmhouse vibe, Which is definitely what I want to go for! I’m gonna have a coffee machine probably in that corner over there! We have a microwave for all of my ramen when I’m getting too lazy to cook, or postmates and a huge, beautiful refrigerator which I will probably keep very little in! It’s there to look beautiful and to maybe serve a few purposes, but not a whole lot, let’s be real!
[GIGGLES] Next to the kitchen, there’s this little breakfast nook, once again with this huge pendant over the top. This is definitely going, I will tell you that right now!
[LAUGHS] But I want to put a cute little table here, for more casual eating! And a few chairs just, around. And over here, Is the… Living room! [EXHALES AS IF SATISFIED]
I love this space! There’s obviously those cabinets, and once again the white brick I just think it’s *so* beautiful! You guys know that in the last apartment I had my projector screen, and that was really really great for watching movies at night, but one of the main issues with it is the projector’s obviously based on light, meaning I can never watch anything during the day, which is usually pretty good for me I was able to really keep some self-control and to get my work done, But, there were definitely some lazy days where I wanted to be able to watch Netflix, so I’m gonna put in a *huge* TV right smack dab in the middle right here, using these shelves for some decor pieces, and there’s definitely going to be a huuuge, huge huge L-shaped sectional right here. So, myself, my family and my all best friends can sit and relax and chill. So you’re probably noticing, “Oh my god, this house is so bright and beautiful.” and just like my last apartment, there are windows ALL over which I absolutely love. and next to the living room, is a huge sliding glass door and obviously, there’s a tonne of people outside these are all my family and best friends! They’ve been helping with my moving process, but I’ll show you guys the little back yard moment! Tati’s dogs are also here too – they will not be staying unfortunately, But me and Ian definitely do plan on adopting a puppy as soon as we get in and get settled, I am so beyond excited! So as soon as you get outside, there is a huge TV and fireplace, which I think is actually so, so, so, cool! I wanna to put a cute little seating area here, so me and all my friends can chill out during the cool summer nights. and then we have the beautiful back yard! So, the grass area is definitely not as big as I would want it to be, I grew up in upstate, New York And I’m used to having a ton of property. I think the house that I grew up in was literally five acres, which is any nature-lovers dream! Which may come as a little bit of a surprise to you guys, because I’m very much an inside home Internet kid But I definitely do love nature and the rocks, and so my next house that I move into will have a *huge* backyard I’m promising myself that RIGHT now, but I think I’m just gonna put a hammock over here, Maybe some lawn chairs next to the pool, and I’m probably gonna fix this dead grass patch because it’s not looking the best. Here lies the careers of everybody in the makeup industry.
[GIGGLES] Over here we have this little concrete and grill area, similar to the kitchen, I’m probably not gonna get a whole lot of use out of this. But, I do have a lot of best friends and a lot of their husbands love to cook and grill. My best friend Laura, her husband Victor loves grilling, so will definitely be cooking lots of good and fresh big, beefy meat.
[TAPS GRILL] Right here.
We do have a huge, beautiful swimming pool which I am SO beyond excited about. There IS a waterfall that comes out of this little thing but I’ll show you in like, a final little house reveal. We’ll take a video! I am so excited to have a swimming pool to be able to jump in on really really hot days. It gets SO hot outside. I’m literally sweating from being outdoors for literally like, 30 seconds that has taken us to film this clip no So that’s… Good(!) and we do have a cute little hot tub as well, so we can chillax on the colder nights during the winter. So that is pretty much the outside and the bottom level all done, So I want to take you guys upstairs, to show you the rest of the house where all of the magic is going to be made! [GIGGLES] So I have this big, beautiful staircase to take us up to the second level, and a HUGE industrial chandelier over the top. I actually really like this light, I think this going to be another one that I’m going to keep. and I definitely want to put some cute prints on the walls leading up the stairs! So this house is actually five bedrooms, which is SO lit! My last apartment was technically three, but one of those bedrooms was my walk-in closet, and the other one was my filming space, and the loft was mine! So, even though I had three bedrooms, there was only really one that was being used, and Ian always had to sleep on the couch when he was over, So did all my friends when we had sleepovers, which was… Really only not fun. So I’m really excited have a lot of space for everyone to sleep, and hang out. I always have friends over no matter what day it is, I’m very very close to a lot of the people in my life, and I like to just make them feel at home, and make them feel comfortable so.
This house is gonna be perfect for that! Walking over here we probably have my favourite room of literally the entire house which is going to sound *crazy* to you, but it is… a laundry room!
and do you know why I’m excited about this? Because I have a washer and dryer, and I’m going to be able to do my *own* laundry! “Why are you excited about that James?”
You’re asking? Let me tell you. If you guys have seen a few episodes of Brother and Sister, Me and Ian have talked about how the laundry room in my old apartment building was SCARY. It was in the basement, it was dark, *All* the machines were broken almost every single time, I literally left loads of laundry in there and came down like, five minutes before my local machine was going to be done, and I literally had people taking my clothes out of the machine, because they wanted to put theirs in instead. Like, that is… It’s scary! So I’ve been working with a laundry service recently to actually make sure my clothes were clean and not gross, But… I’m so beyond excited to be able to actually get my laundry done myself, make sure it’s done right, and to do it SAFELY. Sounds so stupid, but I’m just really excited about it!
[LAUGHS] So walking over this way we have this big storage unit on this wall, Not exactly sure what I’m gonna put here yet. You guys obviously know I get a whole lot of makeup every single day, and the beauty room which I’m gonna show you in a few short seconds, is not the actual biggest room of the house! It’s really gonna be focused on production rather than make up storage, because you guys know I don’t really switch up my products that often. So I can actually use this entire storage unit to store and access makeup! and then walking in from here, We have bedroom number two! And I think this room’s actually going to be Ian’s room, It is in the corner of the house and it’s really beautiful and bright, and I think he’ll really really like this space! There’s also a pretty big walk-in closet in here for Sister Ian as well, which I’m really excited for him for, obviously Ian really, really loves fashion a lot, I know he wants to be a menswear blogger or do fashion videos on YouTube one day, if he ever actually decides to post! Couldn’t tell you! I’m gonna be on him when he comes here, I promise you that! But he’ll be able to use this walk-in closet to store all of his pieces in here, to look beautiful for his videos! I’ll obviously let Ian show you guys his bedroom, once the final house tour video is done – but let’s go ahead and move on to the next room! So walking right out over here, we have a bedroom number three! And this one is probably going to be once again, y’know Ian’s room if he wants this one instead, or a guest room. This is just a super plain, and simple, and cute room! There’s a walk-in closet over here, that we’re going to keep their clothes(?) and there’s also this en-suite bathroom! So as of right now, it’s probably only going to be me and sister Ian living in this house together, But we are gonna get a dog, and you guys heard me say that my team was here almost every single day working, which is really really fun! I do eventually want to have a third roommate, I’ve been trying to convince my best friend Drew to move in with us. No luck so far! So you guys should all go and leave comments on his Instagram telling him to move in with me! [LAUGHS]
But, if he was to move in one day, either this room or the other room would be Drew’s room. but if not, this would just be a perfectly fine guest room for when my family or best friends come to sleep over. So we move right along over this corridor, we have bedroom number four and this, is going to be my favourite bedroom – that is not the master – of the ENTIRE house because THIS is going to be…
[JUMPS ON TO THE WOODEN FLOOR] The beauty studio! I really really just love this room, because it is SO bright and it is SO big! the ceilings are actually folded as opposed to flat, which really just makes the space feel like… A million times larger, and it just feels very very open, and it just gives me like good vibes for production. You guys know that I definitely work really really hard on my videos, and it can be really easy to get into a bit of a creative rut. So for me, if you can get a space that makes me feel happy, and alive, and awake, it is super super important! I do want to use that space outside because the closet in the makeup room isn’t actually the biggest, which *may* be an issue later on, but like I was saying, I do always make sure to go through my collection and just donate everything that I don’t want! I was actually able to make a HUGE donation of unopened and brand new makeup products, That I’d gotten from PR or had just never actually used, to a local women’s shelter which meant so, so, so, much to me! They were all so grateful, and so thankful, and it just means a lot to me because obviously you guys know I get makeup sent to me all the time, and although I am so thankful for it there is just no way that I’d ever be able to try out that much makeup, So it just warmed my heart to be able to give that stuff away to people who are definitely going to get an amazing use out of it. and would be so, so, so appreciative of it. So that’s pretty much actually the entire beauty space, obviously there’s going to be all the equipment and production stuff in here very, very soon, which I’m so beyond excited for! I’m actually working with a really amazing producer to set everything back up, and I was also going to ask you guys too – definitely leave me a comment down below if you’re interested in learning about like, the production of beauty videos, and what goes into the full-on set up! If you want to know about cameras, equipment, lenses, lighting, like, For me personally, I find that stuff very, very, very interesting, but I’m also a YouTuber that’s always trying to make my content look a lot better, so let me know if any of you guys out there are aspiring content creators, or aspiring influencers and you want to know about like, beauty and lighting, because I feel like I could make a really cool video about the documentation of creating a film studio, and organising the beauty room so, definitely leave a comment down below if you want to see that! So those are all the bedrooms all complete, but… [CLAPS]
We do have one more Sister Space, obviously you guys know I had to save the best… For last! And if we walk right back across this little balcony up here, We have the iconic… [JUMPS ON TO WOODEN FLOORS]
Double doors, to the Sister Sanctuary where all the magic is gonna happen! I can’t even make that joke, there’s not gonna be much happening in here at all, let’s be real but… [LAUGHS]
If we open up these doors, we have… The master bedroom! [SINGS “HALLELUJAH” OVER A CHOIR] I’m SO excited about the space. Oh, my god it is literally, *so* big! Like, so good! So as soon as you walk in, there are two *huge* walk in closets and I think this is technically like, ‘his’ closet, and this is the, ‘hers’ closet? But since it’s just me, it’s going to be the Sister and Sister’s closet, which I obviously love!
Just like my makeup, I actually went through and donated probably like, fifty percent of the items that I never wear anymore, so I’m really looking forwards to reorganising the entire closet space! This… Is the master bedroom, and it is sooo incredibly beautiful. I am so excited to be… Just existing in here! and to be sleeping in here, like I can just tell I’m going to be able to get a beautiful, calm, peaceful – with no sirens – night’s rest! Once again just like the beauty room the ceilings are folded which makes the space feel *so* incredibly large! It just feels very very open, very very alive, and it is SO bright as well as you’ll have noticed! Over on this wall I definitely plan on keeping my bed, I just ordered a huge, four poster cube bed online and I am SO excited for it to get here! I pretty much have my entire master bedroom planned completely out, that’s the only room that I like have inspiration photos pulled from, Like downstairs, we actually have another fireplace in the master bedroom which I am *so* beyond excited for! And once again tying into the brick walls, this just makes me feel so much softer, like I am *right* at home, and I’m so excited to be able to lay in bed and to watch TV right about here, and to have the fire lit, and just to feel so incredibly cosy during the winter time, or just more chill nights! Hopefully with a boyfriend – one day! But that doesn’t sound too promising, so… Next, we have probably my favourite space in the entire house: [WHISPERING] The master bathroom! Brace yourselves – okay, ready? [FOOTSTEPS] [WHISPERING] So good! [EXHALES] Like, literally this room is so good I don’t even have words for it! Oh, my god!
This bathroom is so… Beautiful! [EXHALES] Hello? Okay, first of all, you’ll notice as soon as you walk in there’s a counter top – and it’s not just any counter top, there’s a LARGE counter top and if you watch my last episode of brother and sister with Ian, you would know that I have a *major* issue, with small counter tops! We have the most big, Sister shower I’ve ever seen in my entire life!
Now I get to give really good and beautiful concerts, in this amazing white marble shower! Like, hello? How gorgeous is this? And we have a huge, beautiful white soaker tub here as well, actually I actually have not taken a bath in probably like, four or five years now. [SMALL GASP]
I shower every day, I swear! I’m really looking forwards to sitting here, popping in a bath bomb or two, and just relaxing watching the sunset and just listening to music in the speaker system, and just [SIGHS] Living my best fantasy! With all that being said that completes the master suite, And I think… That actually completes this empty house tour! Oh my god you guys! that actually did not take too long at all, I have a lot of people here to help me to start this moving process So, I’m gonna end off this video pretty quickly! With all that being said, thank you guys so much for watching this video today! I’m a 19 year old kid that now owns a house in Los Angeles, California!
And three years ago, I never in a million years of imagined that this is my life, but… It is now, and it’s all because of you guys and I will never ever stop being so grateful for that, you guys have truly changed my life for the better and I’m so excited for this new journey that this house is going to bring. Alright you guys, there’s a huge truck outside with a whole lot of furniture, a whole lot of makeup, and a whole lot of my favourite people that mean the absolute world to me! So I’ve gotta get started on this moving process, but thank you watching! I love you and…
Welcome home!

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